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In her desperation, she let loose a delicate cry as she opened her mouth to blast forth a swath of crimson light.

However, before the crimson light could even reach the fan, the latter suddenly shattered into countless shards of jade before disappearing on the spot.

At this point, the silver flames had already devoured all of the crimson flames in the air.

An expression of shock and fury immediately appeared on the woman's face.

That crimson fan was no ordinary treasure, and the crimson flames it was capable of unleashing was an extremely devious type of Yin flames. For ordinary beings, coming into contact with just a single wisp of those flames would result in them immediately being afflicted by Yin poison, even if they were wearing protective treasures. As such, there was no good defense against these flames, and they'd won her many battles in the past.

However, on this occasion, these flames didn't even manage to get close to Han Li before they were completely devoured by the strange silver flames that Han Li had unleashed, and this was quite astonishing to the woman in the palatial dress.

Furthermore, due to the fact that this was her bonded treasure, she also sustained damage from its destruction, and she threw up a mouthful of blood essence as her face paled even further.

However, she didn't dare to take it easy and nurse her injuries as at this moment, the silver Fire Raven had withdrawn all of its silver feathers and was hurtling directly toward her.

The woman wiped the blood from the corner of her lips before raising an eyebrow as she slapped a certain object hanging from her waist.

A ball of crimson light immediately shot forth before transforming into a palm-sized red gourd.

This was none other than her other most powerful treasure.

Immediately thereafter, she began to chant something, and brilliant crimson light erupted from within the opening of the gourd.

All of a sudden, waves of crimson liquid gushed forth in a frenzy, sweeping toward the silver Fire Raven like a massive wave of blood.

The crimson wave was emanating a foul odor of blood and gore, and there were wisps of black Qi in there that were emitting a frosty sinister aura.

The Spirit Engulfing Fire Raven was rather wary of this crimson wave, choosing to refrain from allowing its body to come into contact with this liquid. Instead, it opened its beak, and a burst of white light swept forth.

Thus, the white light and the crimson liquid clashed, and as they intertwined in mid-air a strange sizzling sound rang out. Part of the crimson wave was immediately evaporated into white steam that dispersed through the air.

The white light was formed by none other than the Golden Crow True Flames, and due to the fact that it contained extremely pure Yang-attribute power, it was very potent against this crimson liquid, which possessed Yin-attribute properties.

White light surged forth relentlessly from within the silver Fire Raven's beak, just as there was seemingly no end to the crimson liquid gushing out from the gourd.

This was a battle of stamina to see whether the white light would evaporate all of the crimson liquid in the gourd, or if the crimson liquid would drown out all of the white light the silver Fire Rave had to offer.

Thus, an impasse ensued.

However, Han Li only took a cursory glance at the woman before immediately shifting his gaze toward the elderly man and the green-haired being. In the end, a cold light flashed through his eyes as he focused his attention on the green-haired being.

All three of these beings were at the pinnacle of the Spatial Tempering Stage, but it was quite clear that the elderly man possessed the most feeble aura, while the woman seemed to be the most powerful being among them. Thus, the green-haired being was stuck in the middle.

If he could kill this being first, then their three-way alliance would be broken.

With that in mind, Han Li immediately took a deep breath as a loud thunderclap erupted from behind him. A pair of translucent wings then appeared on his back, and at the same time, golden scales surfaced all over his body amid a flash of golden light.

He flapped his Thunderstorm Wings, and he abruptly disappeared amid a flash of azure and white lightning.

At the same time, the azure lotus flower that Han Li was standing on transformed into over 100 streaks of azure sword Qi, splitting up into two groups that shot forth toward the elderly man and the woman in the palatial dress.

Both of their expressions changed at the sight of the oncoming streaks of azure sword Qi, and a silver disk immediately shot forth from the old man's body, before transforming into a dozen or so shimmering silver light barriers that kept the oncoming sword Qi at bay.

Meanwhile, the woman in the palatial dress opened her mouth to expel a plume of crimson threads, which transformed into vibrant red needles that were as thin as strands of hair.

Loud clangs rang out in rapid succession as the thin needles clashed with the other wave of sword Qi, and red and azure light flashed incessantly.

Thus, both the woman and the elderly man temporarily distracted by the streaks of sword Qi, thereby preventing them from being able to focus their attention anywhere else.

In the instant that Han Li had disappeared, the green-haired being had already been struck by a sense of foreboding. As such, he immediately made a hand seal, and brilliant yellow light erupted from his shoulder as a yellow copper halberd appeared in a flash.

Almost at the exact same moment, a thunderclap rang out above him, and lightning flashed as an azure humanoid figure appeared. The humanoid figure extended a pristine white palm out of one of his sleeves, then abruptly thrust it downward.

Five-colored flames surged forth in a frenzy from the fingertips of the white hand, instantly forming a massive five-colored hand that came crashing down with violent force.

At the same time, a rumbling boom suddenly rang out from within the Heavenvoid Cauldron in the distance, following which a plume of azure threads shot forth, then immediately disappeared as soon as they left the cauldron.

The green-haired being had been on high alert this entire time, so he was able to detect Han Li with his spiritual sense as soon as Han Li appeared. At the sight of the five-colored hand descending toward him, he immediately unleashed the yellow halberd he'd just summoned.

The halberd tremored before a burst of piercing yellow light erupted from its sharp tip, it and it rose up into the air as a streak of yellow light, hurtling directly toward the massive hand in a flash.

This copper halberd was a powerful treasure that the green-haired being had obtained from a set of ancient ruins. Not only was it extremely sharp and destructive, it specialized in destroying techniques and abilities. As such, normal abilities would be vanquished by the halberd with ease.

However, this five-colored hand was constructed from Han Li's five-colored glacial flames, so it certainly hadn't been manifested from some ordinary ability.

After the yellow halberd struck the massive hand, the former was only able to pierce slightly into the five-colored hand before it was unable to advance any further.

Immediately thereafter, the five-colored hand swelled drastically in size at Han Li's behest, then closed its huge fingers tightly around the copper halberd.

The green-haired being drew a sharp breath upon seeing this, and he immediately circulated the magic power within his body to try and unleash some kind of ability.

However, right at this moment, spatial fluctuations suddenly erupted nearby, and a plume of azure threads emerged out of thin air. The azure threads then wound themselves tightly around the green-haired being's body in a flash.

The green-haired being was naturally quite startled by this development, and he immediately summoned a layer of scorching green flames over his entire body.

Much to his surprise, the azure threads were completely unaffected by those green flames as they continued to immobilize him, and they showed no signs of being incinerated at all.

A derisive sneer appeared on Han Li's face as he looked on from above, and he flipped a hand over, upon which a small cauldron appeared over his palm amid a clear ringing sound.

He had somehow summoned the Heavenvoid Cauldron back to him from several hundred feet away.

He raised his other hand and flicked a finger through the air, following which a faint sound rang out from the cauldron that was akin to the toll of a bell.

The azure threads around the green-haired being's body immediately began to glow with bright spiritual light, and then tightened by severalfold, thereby making it impossible for the green-haired being to even move a single finger.

As Han Li's cultivation base had progressed, his Heavenvoid Cauldron had also become far more powerful than in the past.

At the same time, the massive five-colored hand came tumbling downward from above, and a burst of enormous power suddenly cracked down upon the green-haired being. All of the joints in his body immediately began to crackle and pop loudly, as if he were about to be pulverized by the pressure at any moment.

He was only able to last this long as he had mastered a special cultivation art that gave him a very powerful body. If a normal being at the Spatial Tempering Stage were in his place, they would've been crushed into mincemeat already.

Even so, the green-haired being was completely unable to take evasive measures, and could only look on as the massive five-colored hand gripped tightly onto his head.

Following a loud thump, his head was crushed like a watermelon, following which all of the azure threads around him disappeared in a flash, and his headless body plummeted straight toward the ground.

After falling for several tens of feet, a muffled thump suddenly rang out from the headless body, following which a ball of green flames rushed out from within. The green fireball then immediately disappeared in a flash.

In the next instant, spatial fluctuations erupted over 300 feet away, and the green fireball reappeared with what appeared to be a miniature humanoid figure within it.

However, before the humanoid figure had a chance to continue in its escape, azure light suddenly flashed before its eyes. Immediately thereafter, a flying sword that was several feet in length appeared out of thin air, then slashed downward in a lightning-fast motion.

The miniature humanoid figure had no time to evade before it was sliced in half amid a howl of anguish, then disappeared as specks of green light.

At this moment, Han Li waved a hand from afar, and the flying sword flew back before disappearing into his body.

After doing all that, he turned toward the woman and the elderly man with frosty killing intent in his eyes.

Both the old man and the woman were scrambling to deal with the barrage of attacks that Han Li had thrown at them, but they naturally still witnessed the green-haired being, who possessed the same cultivation base as them, being slain by Han Li in mere moments.

Their hearts immediately sank upon seeing this, and they exchanged a quick glance, only to see their own shock and horror mirrored in each other's eyes.

Han Li's eyes narrowed, and the small cauldron above his palm rose up as he prepared to unleash another attack.

However, right at this moment, a deafening roar akin to the moo of a cow suddenly rang out in the distant sky.

Han Li and his two adversaries all faltered upon hearing this, then turned toward that direction in unison.

Thus, they discovered that a clear division had appeared between the fiery clouds and the black waves in the distance, whereas just a few moments ago, they'd been intertwined with one another. Furthermore, both of them were surging toward Han Li's trio at an alarming speed.

Han Li's expression immediately changed slightly upon seeing this, as did the expressions on the faces of the old man and the woman in the palatial dress.

Han Li abruptly flipped his hand over, and the small cauldron disappeared in a flash. He then made a hand seal before pointing a finger at each of his two opponents.

In the woman's direction, a dull thump rang out as the silver Fire Raven suddenly exploded and disappeared as specks of silver flames.

Meanwhile, the black mountain that was being kept at bay by the white cloud above the elderly man's head also vanished as if it had been nothing more than an illusion.

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