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The giant wasp nodded upon hearing this, and despite the fact that it didn't seem to have issued any verbal instructions, the hundreds of wasp avatars around it converged into an azure cloud before disappearing into the sea of mist.

Wu Qi's trio then conversed with one another through voice transmission for a short while before finally following the swarm of wasps into the mist.

After flying for a certain distance, the wasps up ahead transformed into azure flowers that shot forth in all directions.

Meanwhile, the giant wasp itself wasn't moving very quickly, to the extent that it was even lagging behind Wu Qi and the yellow-robed man.

However, these two devilish beasts seemed to have already grown accustomed to this, and they weren't fazed at all.

This Thousand Wasp Avatar Technique was a very powerful and versatile technique, but after unleashing it, the giant wasp's cultivation base would be reduced by half, so it was naturally proceeding with extra caution.

The devilish wasps searched through the entire nearby area before slowly continuing onward.

The entire sea of mist only extended for under 100 kilometers, so it really wasn't very large. After just 15 minutes, the three devilish beasts had almost reached the halfway mark, yet they still didn't discover their target.

As time passed, Wu Qi's expression gradually darkened, as did the expressions on the faces of the other two devilish beasts.

After a while longer, just as the swarm of wasps was flying toward a patch of relatively denser mist, a streak of golden light suddenly flashed within the mist from several hundred feet away, slicing one of the nearby devilish wasps in half in a flash!

Immediately thereafter, a golden shadow emerged from that patch of mist, then fled in another direction at an astonishing speed.

The giant azure wasp was elated to see this, and it immediately yelled to its avatars, "There he is! Get him!"

A loud buzzing sound rang out from the nearby area as all of the wasp avatars transformed into countless azure flowers that hurtled through the air.

Meanwhile, Wu Qi and the devilish falcon exchanged a rather peculiar glance with one another, but they also quickly flew through the air.

A gust of black devilish winds erupted into the heavens amid a resounding boom, and it also set off in pursuit of the golden shadow in the distance.

As for the giant wasp, it was still flying on ahead at its normal speed.

Thus, both the golden shadow and the gust of black winds disappeared mere moments later.

The giant wasp blinked its compound eyes upon seeing this, and it suddenly stopped on the spot, looking as if no longer wanted to continue onward.

Right at this moment, a streak of golden light suddenly erupted from the grey mist above it before piercing through the air rapidly toward its head.

The golden light was extremely bright, and even before it reached the giant wasp, a burst of astonishing spiritual pressure came crashing down upon it.

The azure wasp was the weakest among the trio in terms of cultivation base, and this disadvantage had been significantly exacerbated after it had unleashed its Thousand Wasp Avatar Technique. Thus, a hint of fear flashed through its eyes at the sight of the oncoming streak of golden light.

However, strangely enough, the devilish wasp remained completely still, displaying no intention to take evasive measures.

Just as the golden light was about to puncture the azure wasp's head, spatial fluctuations suddenly erupted, and a white bone spear abruptly appeared before it.

A layer of black flames surfaced over the entire length of the bone spear, and it repelled the streak of golden light amid a crisp clang.

The golden circled around and revealed itself to be a shimmering golden spear.

Immediately thereafter, a ball of yellow light appeared before the azure wasp, within which a humanoid figure could be seen.

It was none other than the yellow-robed man who'd clearly already gone on ahead.

He raised a hand and waved it through the air, drawing the bone spear into his grasp in a flash. Meanwhile, a golden buckler appeared in his other hand, and he held it before his body.

At this moment he was staring at the cloud of grey mist where the golden light had shot forth from with a peculiar look on his face.

All of a sudden, black light flashed in the air above the cloud of grey mist, and two round-table-like black shadows abruptly appeared before crashing down with ferocious might.

Gale-force winds swept through the air as a loud boom rang out.

The black shadows flashed past, and the space in its wake twisted and warped as if it were about to be torn open.

A burst of invisible had also instantly dispersed the mist down below, revealing a humanoid figure that was emanating faint golden light.

The humanoid figure seemed to be panicked by the fact that its location had been exposed, and it hurried launched a pair of golden fist projections through the air toward the black shadow up above, then immediately fled the scene as a streak of golden light.

"Where do you think you're going?" A deafening roar suddenly erupted, following which the two black shadows abruptly crashed down from above. They pulverized the oncoming golden fist projections, then swayed and revealed themselves to be a pair of massive black war hammers.

The two war hammers rotated in the air, and two enormous bursts of suction force appeared out of thin air, encompassing an area in a radius of over 200 feet down below.

Thus, the golden humanoid figure only managed to fly through the air for just over 100 feet before it became extremely slow and sluggish.

At this moment, the yellow-robed man abruptly swept an arm through the air, and the bone spear in his hand shot forth as a streak of black light, hurtling through the air like lightning.

At the same time, the giant wasp's abdomen suddenly twitched, and an azure thread shot forth from its tail-end.

The streak of black light and the azure thread reached the golden humanoid figure in a flash, and the azure thread appeared to be quite mundane, but it outsped the bone spear before reaching its target first.

The thread then disappeared into the golden humanoid figure's body in a flash, and the latter shuddered as the golden light emanating from it dimmed, following which a foul odor before to waft through the air.

In the next instant, the streak of black light also punctured through the golden humanoid figure's dantian in a flash.

A layer of black flames instantly erupted over the golden humanoid figure's body, completely inundating it in the blink of an eye.

At this moment, one of the giant black war hammers also crashed down from above and struck the black flames amid an earth-shattering boom.

The Golden humanoid figure was instantly pulverized into nothingness while the black flames were also snuffed out by the immense force of the impact.

Spatial fluctuations erupted in the air several hundred feet overhead, and Wu Qi emerged out of thin air with a sinister smile on his face as he cast his gaze downward.

The yellow-robed man and the azure wasp also wore smiles on their faces upon seeing this.

This was a plan they'd established before venturing into the sea of mist; they were going to expose the enemy using the swarm of wasp avatars, then use the giant wasp itself as bait to lure out their target. As expected, the plan worked splendidly, and they'd managed to slay this enemy with minimal effort.

However, just as the three of them were heaving a sigh of relief, an azure longsword suddenly shot forth out of thin air from several tens of feet behind the azure wasp without any premonition.

As a Spatial Tempering Stage high-grade devilish beast, the azure wasp almost immediately sensed what was happening behind it, and its heart jolted with shock as a poisonous stinger abruptly emerged out of its conical tail-end.

The stinger was around a foot in length, and it tremored as layers of stinger projections whistled through the air to shield its body within.

However, the azure longsword merely flashed past without any difficulty, and the giant wasp shuddered as it was sliced cleanly in half.

The two halves of its body plummeted from the sky, and as of the poisonous stinger it had just summoned, that had also been sliced in half without being able to offer any resistance.

A ball of green flames suddenly flew out of one half of the giant wasp's body, and a miniature azure wasp could be seen within it. As it flew desperately toward the yellow-robed man, who was the closest ally to it, it yelled in a panicked manner, "Save me, Fellow Daoist Ying Tang!"

At this point, both the yellow-robed man with the name of Ying Tang had naturally also discovered what had happened behind him, and his expression changed drastically as he immediately swept a sleeve through the air.

A burst of black Qi swept forth from within, attempting to envelop the soul of the giant wasp.

However, a cold harrumph suddenly rang out from a certain location, and upon hearing this harrumph, the yellow-robed man was struck by a sense of intense agony, as if a sharp spike had been driven into his head. He let loose an involuntary howl of agony, and his body plummeted like a bird with broken wings.

All of a sudden, a loud thunderclap rang out, following which an azure and white arcs of lightning appeared, and a hand that was as pristine as white jade emerged.

The hand flicked its five fingers through the air, and a burst of five-colored flames instantly swept up the yellow-robed man, causing him to decelerate significantly in his descent.

During this split-second delay, the five fingers on the hand spread open and took on a shimmering golden hue as golden lightning erupted forth, surging directly toward the yellow-robed man's chest.

The yellow-robed man immediately turned deathly pale upon seeing this.

Even though his spiritual sense was still throbbing with pain, this was an extremely dire situation, so he repressed the agony and forcibly drew upon a wisp of spiritual sense.

The golden buckler in his hand immediately flashed before swelling drastically to several times its original size, and a dozen or so strange runes of different sizes appeared on its surface.

Having had its powers activated, the buckler completely shielded the yellow-robed man's body behind it.

Meanwhile, the splitting headache that the yellow-robed man had been afflicted by was quickly receding, so if he could withstand this attack and save himself, he'd be able to retaliate with a vengeance.

Just as these thoughts were racing through his mind, golden light flashed, and the golden palm thrust itself toward the buckler without displaying any intention of taking evasive measures.

An earsplitting boom erupted as golden flashed, and the golden palm screeched through the buckler, then punctured the yellow-robed man's chest in a flash before pulling its devilish core out of its body.

Silver light then flashed along the entire arm, and a layer of silver flames swept forth to instantly envelop the yellow-robed man's body.

The devilish falcon's soul only had a chance to let loose a wail of anguish before it was incinerated into nothingness.

At this moment, the azure and white arc of lightning faded, and a winged young man appeared in an expressionless manner before slowly withdrawing his arm.

In the hand attached to that arm was a shimmering black devilish core.

This young man was naturally none other than Han Li, and the soul of azure wasp was petrified upon witnessing this harrowing development. As such, green light flashed from its body, and it immediately tried to escape in another direction.

However, it was already too late.

A derisive sneer appeared on Han Li's face as he swept the sleeve of his other arm through the air.

A burst of grey light immediately surged forth from within to capture the soul of the azure wasp.

The miniature azure wasp let loose a muffled groan before it was crushed into specks of green light by the Divine Essencefused Light, then disappeared into nothingness as well.

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