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The whale-like sea beast was naturally extremely stunned to see this.

The ball of blue light that it had unleashed didn't appear to be very noteworthy, but it was an extremely powerful defensive ability that drew on the essential power of water, and it had saved its life on countless occasions in the past.

As such, it was quite alarmed by the fact that the three pillars of golden light were able to pierce through it so easily, and it was immediately struck by a sense of foreboding.

The damage inflicted on its body by the golden light wasn't a cause for concern. The sea beast merely shook its mountainous body, and the sea around it tumbled and surged, following which countless specks of blue light emerged from the seawater before instantly filling its wounds.

Following a flash of spiritual light, the puncture wounds on its body were completely healed.

Han Li's eyes narrowed slightly upon seeing this.

Meanwhile, the other three pillars of golden light also struck the layer of crimson light, and even though the latter was once again vanquished with ease, the golden pillars of light had somehow become a lot thinner and weaker than they originally were.

The pillars of light struck the crimson prawn's exoskeleton amid three dull thumps, and the prawn's massive body shuddered before it flung off the rock that it was perched on.

However, only three indentations that were several inches deep had been left in its exoskeleton, and it hadn't been punctured by the golden light.

Han Li was quite surprised to see this, but that didn't stop him from continuing in his assault.

Right after the crimson prawn was blasted away by the three pillars of light, the small black mountain was already crashing down toward it.

The massive prawn's two front claws suddenly glowed with crimson light before expanding to several times their original size, and it hoisted them up into the air, preparing to use its immense strength to withstand the descending Divine Essencefused Mountain.

It was no wonder that the beast would be so complacent. After all, its massive body was around 2,000 feet in length while the small mountain was only just over 1,000 feet tall, so theoretically, there was no reason why it wouldn't be able to keep the mountain at bay.

However, as soon as its massive claws came into contact with the underside of the black mountain, grey light flashed, and a couple of crisp cracks sounded.

The pair of giant claws shuddered before being snapped into four segments by the enormous force of the descending mountain. The giant claws were completely shattered, but the black mountain continued to descend before crushing half of the prawn's body against the massive rock beneath it amid a rumbling boom.

The entire rock tremored violently and sank several tens of feet further into the ocean.

The crimson prawn roared with shock and fury while thrashing with all its might, but the black mountain was completely immovable, as if it had fused as once with the rock down below.

The giant prawn had been completely immobilized by Han Li in a matter of mere moments.

A hint of fear flashed through the whale-like sea beast's eyes upon seeing this, and it immediately slapped its massive tail onto the surface of the ocean.

Countless water spears that were each around 10 feet in length instantly shot forth from the ocean, hurtling directly toward Han Li like a torrential storm.

At the same time, more specks of blue light began to emerge from the nearby ocean before enveloping the entirety of the massive sea beast, causing its body to flash erratically.

The beast could see that Han Li was far too powerful an adversary for it to engage in battle, and it immediately threw up a smokescreen before attempting to unleash its water movement technique and fleeing the scene.

A peculiar look appeared on Han Li's face upon seeing this, and he swept a sleeve through the air.

A vast expanse of grey light surfaced before him, forming a grey light barrier that was several tens of feet in size.

The grey light barrier revolved in mid-air, and all of the water spears that struck it disappeared without a trace like moths throwing themselves onto an open flame.

The Divine Essencefused Light was the bane of all powers of the five elements, so it destroying these water spears was naturally a simple task for Han Li.

However, Han Li didn't even take a single glance at these water spears. Instead, his gaze remained firmly fixed on the whale-like sea beast.

At the same time as he unleashed his Divine Essencefused Light, he had also silently activated his sword art.

Just as the giant sea beast's body was beginning to blur and it was preparing to get away, balls of azure spiritual light suddenly appeared in an area with a radius of several thousand feet around it. These balls of azure light flashed before forming 72 fist-sized azure lotus flowers, and these lotus flowers blurred before manifesting several hundred more identical lotus flowers.

All of the azure lotus flowers revolved before expelling bursts of azure light that instantly combined as one, thereby forming an azure barrier of light.

An extremely rich burst of wood-attribute spiritual Qi appeared within the light barrier, completely ensnaring the sea beast within it.

All of this had been conjured up in the blink of an eye.

However, the sea beast had been able to survive for so long despite the extensive efforts made to hunt it down, so it naturally possessed an extremely high level of intelligence.

As such, it immediately realized that it was in a dire situation, and the blue light around its body abruptly exploded to form a dazzling ball of spiritual light.

The sea beast's body then swayed before disappearing amid the ball of light like a giant bubble.

In the next instant, a burst of scintillating blue light suddenly erupted from one section of the azure light barrier, following which a low roar rang out. Immediately thereafter, a miniature whale that was only around 10 feet in size appeared within the blue light, clearly having been impeded by the azure light barrier.

The sea beast was naturally extremely shocked and enraged that its water movement technique had been obstructed.

It opened its mouth, and a loud thunderclap erupted as it blasted forth a shimmering blue arc of lightning that struck the azure light barrier with ferocious might.

However, the light barrier only rippled slightly before falling still again, having remained completely unscathed in the face of that attack.

In its urgency and desperation, the top of its head suddenly opened up, and a ball of red light flew out from within.

There was a square red brick enveloped within the ball of light, and it was as smooth and translucent as jade.

The brick instantly swelled drastically to several feet in size, and it struck the light barrier in flash amid a thunderous boom.

A ball of crimson flames erupted before intertwining with the azure light, but the result was still the same.

The azure light barrier merely rippled and tremored slightly, but withstood the attack with no issues whatsoever.

This time, the sea beast was truly starting to panic.

Its body swayed, and it expanded to its former mountainous size once again. Immediately thereafter, brilliant blue light flashed from its body, and crashed directly toward the azure light barrier.

A faint smile appeared on Han Li's face as he looked on from above.

"This Spring Dawn Sword Formation truly is quite extraordinary. It relies mostly on illusionary techniques, but it's even more effective than the Aureate Sword Formation when it comes to restricting all types of movement techniques. This sea beast's water movement technique has mutated slightly, but it's still been completely ensnared within this sword formation."

Seeing as this beast had unintentionally fallen into the sword formation, then its fate was already sealed. Furthermore, this was a good opportunity for Han Li to test out the powers of the sword formation.

With that in mind, he immediately made a rapid string of hand seals while chanting something in a low voice.

A series of peculiar fluctuations then radiated from the azure light barrier in the distance, following which the barrier began to blur slightly.

At this moment, the mountainous sea beast crashed into the light barrier, and an astonishing turn of events unfolded.

In the instant that the sea beast's massive body came into contact with the azure light barrier, it was able to plunge directly into the barrier without any impediment, as if it had crashed headfirst into empty air.

Thus, the entire giant beast appeared to have been engulfed by the light barrier. At the very least, that was how it appeared to Han Li as he looked on from above.

All of a sudden, azure light flashed, and right after the giant beast disappeared, it suddenly rushed out of another section of the light barrier.

The sea beast faltered slightly upon seeing this before immediately changing directions and crashing into the restriction again.

However, the same process merely repeated itself over and over again, and the sea beast finally stopped as the dire nature of its situation dawned on it.

Right at this moment, Han Li activated the power of the sword formation, and the azure light barrier suddenly flashed before shattering into countless pieces.

Immediately thereafter, green light flashed, and a floral scent wafted through the air, striking one with the feeling that they had been teleported to a natural paradise.

In the sea beast's eyes, it was currently situated within a lush forest that was so life-like, it was impossible to tell whether it was an illusion or not.

However, there was a burst of killing intent rising up from the glorious forest around it.

Only after the sea beast looked down in a perplexed manner did it discover that a massive azure lotus flower had appeared beneath it. The lotus flower was close to 1,000 feet in size, and its petals were flashing with shimmering azure light.

The giant beast's heart jolted with shock, yet before it had a chance to do anything, wisps of azure light suddenly surfaced in the air around it. The azure light revolved around the sea beast's body, following which it was instantly struck by an immense burst of power that completely immobilized it.

In the next instant, azure light flashed, and several tens of azure pythons, each of which was as thick as a large bowl, pounced directly toward the giant beast.

The azure pythons opened the mouths to reveal sets of sharp fangs, creating quite a sinister sight to behold.

Half a day later, a streak of azure light rose up into the air before disappearing into the distance in a flash, leaving behind a placid stretch of seawater that showed no signs of the battle that had just taken place.

Only the giant rock that had sunk several tens of feet deeper into the ocean acted as a reminder than the battle had indeed taken place.

Two years later, a piece of monumental news spread through the entirety of the Flame Coral Islands.

The teleportation formation that had been in disrepair for thousands of years had been repaired, and there were already people using it to travel to the Thunder Continent.

All of the more powerful cultivators on the islands were ecstatic to hear this, and they all rushed toward the teleportation formation for a chance to travel to a land rife with cultivation opportunities.

Han Li's eyelids fluttered open, and he took a moment to recover from his rush of dizziness before he assessed his surroundings.

He was quite relieved to find himself situated within a hall that was over 1,000 feet in size, and there was not a single person to be seen in the nearby area. However, there was a faint white restriction flashing from the walls of the building, as well as a stone gate that was firmly shut.

There was a stone pillar that was several tens of feet tall situated in each of the four corners of the hall, and there was an unidentifiable glowing rock embedded onto each of the pillars to illuminate the entire hall.

Han Li looked down to find that he was standing atop a massive teleportation formation.

Thus, he made his way out of the formation without any hesitation and strode directly toward the stone gate.

He pushed the gate open to find that it was virtually completely weightless despite its hefty appearance, and he was immediately greeted by a set of lively and bustling scenes.

Han Li was caught completely off guard and slightly startled by this development.

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