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An earth-shattering boom erupted, and only a small section of the black mountain managed to sink into the grey powder before being stopped cold in its tracks, as if it were being obstructed by something.

Han Li was truly quite stunned to see this.

There was naturally no one more aware than him of just how heavy the Divine Essencefused Mountain was. At the very least, he wouldn't have been able to hoist this mountain up prior to reaching the Spatial Tempering Stage. Even after reaching the Spatial Tempering Stage, he was still only barely able to withstand the mountain's ridiculous weight after activating his Provenance True Devil Arts to strengthen his body.

However, the giant moth had been able to accomplish such an incredible feat.

Despite the shock surging through his heart, Han Li immediately made a hand seal, and the golden projection overhead instantly swung its six arms through the air. All of a sudden, balls of golden light shot forth before transforming into a gust of fierce golden winds that swept forth in a frenzy.

Prior to reaching the grey powder, five blades of wind suddenly emerged from within the gale-force winds, and all of them disappeared into the vast expanse of powder in a flash.

A string of dull thumps rang out, and all of the blades of wind struck something, but they seemed to have inflicted no damage to the giant moth whatsoever.

Han Li's eyes narrowed, and the golden winds whistled through the air at his behest, instantly sweeping aside the grey powder to reveal what was hidden beneath it.

Han Li focused his gaze on the giant moth up ahead, and his expression changed drastically.

The giant moth had undergone a dramatic transformation. A layer of palm-sized dark green scales had appeared all over its body, and a serpentine tail that appeared to have been forged from iron and steel had emerged from the underside of its body. It had also grown a pair of strange arms that were as thick as water tanks and also covered in green scales. These arms were currently raised up into the air to keep the descending Divine Essencefused Mountain at bay.

Han Li's eyelids twitched upon seeing this. The transformation that the moth had undergone wasn't all that surprising to him, but how had it managed to attain such enormous power?

Even while hoisting the Divine Essencefused Mountain above its head, the creature was still showing no signs of strain, thereby indicating that its strength exceeded even that of Han Li.

A cold light flashed through Han Li's eyes upon seeing this, and the pulverized fragments of his flying swords suddenly flashed with azure light, then transformed into 72 azure threads again before hurtling toward the monstrous moth.

For some reason, Han Li's instincts told him that following the giant moth's transformation, it no longer possessed an immortal body. As such, he immediately conjured up his flying swords again to try and kill this beast once and for all.

A loud hiss suddenly rang out from the serpentine head's mouth, following which a series of transparent shields appeared over its green scales. All of those shields were hexagonal in shape and appeared to have been constructed from a crystalline material, forming, essentially, a suit of armor that covered its entire body.

The azure threads struck these transparent shields, only to be repelled amid flashes of white light, completely unable to damage the giant moth's defenses.

Han Li's expression darkened even further upon seeing this. He was scrambling for another course of action when the giant moth suddenly straightened both of its arms, and an earsplitting boom erupted as the massive black mountain was flung into the air.

Immediately thereafter, all of the crystalline shields all over its body flashed in unison before exploding to form balls of scintillating white light, all of which converged to create an artificial white sun.

The white light was simply far too bright; even after activating his spirit eye ability, Han Li could still feel his eyes throbbing with pain. However, that split-second was enough for him to identify what lay beyond the scintillating barrier of white light, and his lips twitched in response to what he saw.

There was nothing beyond the vast expanse of white light; the giant moth had disappeared without a trace in the instant that he'd closed his eyes.

However, with Han Li's extensive battle experience, he certainly wasn't going to give his opponent an opportunity to land a surprise attack on him. As such, he rustled his sleeve almost in the exact same instant that the giant moth had disappeared, and five white skulls shot forth from within. The skulls revolved around Han Li before blasting forth bursts of five-colored flames in unison, encompassing an area of over 1,000 feet.

All of a sudden, a monstrous cry erupted several hundred feet away from Han Li, and a black figure that was around 70 to 80 feet in size abruptly appeared within the five-colored flames.

It was none other than the monstrous moth that had just disappeared.

The moth had shrunk down to less than a tenth of its original size, and it was moving extremely slowly within the flames, appearing as if it had been trapped within.

Han Li was ecstatic to see this, and he immediately opened his mouth to expel a ball of silver flames and a small azure cauldron at the same time.

The silver flames transformed into a silver Fire Raven that was around a foot in size, and it immediately hurtled through the air.

Meanwhile, the small azure cauldron began to emit a faint buzzing sound before its lid flew off of its own accord. A clump of azure threads then shot forth from within before immediately vanishing on the spot.

In the next instant, spatial fluctuations erupted from above the giant moth's head, and the azure threads emerged out of thin air before dispersing and instantly enveloping the giant moth's body.

However, the crystalline shield reappeared all over the moth's body, thereby keeping the azure threads at bay.

Only then did the silver Fire Raven reach the massive moth.

Han Li stood in mid-air in an expressionless manner while chanting something, and the silver Fire Raven opened its mouth to blast forth a thin golden and silver thread.

This was none other than the wisp of Revolving Evil Spirit Light that the Spirit Engulfing Fire Raven had devoured no long ago.

The thin thread flashed through the air and completely disregarded the crystalline shields as it punctured the month's chest with ease, then emerged on the other side.

A thin puncture wound appeared on the monster's chest, but the edges of the wound were completely charred, and there was no blood dripping out from it. If this were a normal demon beast, having its chest punctured would at least be a grievous injury if not one that would kill them on the spot.

Right at this moment, the thin thread that had just punctured the giant moth swerved back and prepared to punch another hole into its body.

On this occasion, it was aiming for the moth's head.

However, layers of piercing light suddenly appeared over the monstrous moth's body, and it tore through the restrictive five-colored flames around it with its enormously powerful arms. It then slammed its palms together in front of its chest, and an earthshattering boom rang out, following which soundwaves that were visible to the naked eye instantly proliferated in all directions.

All of the five-colored flames in the surrounding area were swept aside by these immensely powerful soundwaves.

At the same time, the giant moth suddenly turned around to appraise the oncoming thin thread with a cold look in its golden eyes.

All of a sudden, two streaks of golden light suddenly shot forth from its golden eyes, and they combined as one before striking the oncoming Revolving Evil Spirit Light with unerring accuracy.

The two clashed, and the Revolving Evil Spirit Light transformed into a ball of golden and silver light before exploding into nothingness.

Only then did the Spirit Engulfing Fire Raven spread its wings and hurtle directly toward the giant moth.

However, the massive python head suddenly opened its mouth to blast forth a ball of black liquid that temporarily trapped the Fire Raven within.

Immediately thereafter, the giant moth abruptly whipped its massive tail through the air, and its body twisted around before flying toward Han Li like a speeding arrow. The space in front of the moth then twisted and warped, following which it suddenly disappeared.

Han Li immediately laid a finger on his own glabella upon seeing this, and black light flashed as his Law Destruction Eye appeared.

Streaks of black light then shot forth in all directions from within the eye, all of which disappeared into space in a flash.

A resounding boom rang out as one of the streaks of black light disappeared into space over 100 feet above Han Li, forcing the giant moth to reveal itself as it stumbled out of thin air.

In the instant that the monstrous moth was forced to reappeared, it fixed an intense gaze on Han Li, and two streaks of golden light shot forth from within its golden eyes.

The moth also swung its serpentine tail toward Han Li with devastating might, leaving a trail of afterimages in its wake.

At the same time, the giant moth swung its powerful arms directly toward the top of Han Li's head.

Having been wounded by Han Li on several occasions, the giant moth was at the height of its rage, and it was engaging Han Li in close-quarters combat so it could tear him apart with its bare hands in order to vent its fury.

Instead of being alarmed by this development, Han Li was quite elated that the giant moth had voluntarily closed down the distance between the two of them.

The golden projection above his head suddenly flashed before disappearing into his body, and in the next instant, he let loose a loud cry. Immediately thereafter, shimmering golden scales appeared all over his body, and four golden arms also sprouted from his back. At the same time, a golden weapon appeared in each of his hands, and they consisted of a saber, a sword, a staff, a ring, a pestle, and a mace.

His Law Destruction Eye then flashed as a thick pillar of black light shot forth to strike the two oncoming pillars of golden light.

After that, he swung his six arms through the air, and two of the golden weapons were swung toward the moth's gargantuan tail while the other four manifested into a vast expanse of golden projections that formed a barrier above him.

The serpentine tail clashed with a pair of Han Li's golden weapons amid an earthshattering boom, and Han Li was knocked back a few steps by the force of the collision. At the same time, the six golden weapons in his hands also crumbled before vanishing without a trace.

However, the giant moth certainly hadn't gained the upper hand during that clash.

Not only was its serpentine tail repelled away, its two monstrous arms had clearly been severely wounded and reduced to masses of gorey flesh and blood.

This monstrous moth perhaps possessed slightly superior strength to Han Li, but its body was nowhere near as stalwart, and the small crystalline shields it had conjured up didn't appear to be very effective against attacks from actual weapons.

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