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These two golden-armored warriors were none other than the two shadow puppets summoned using Han Li's Armor Origin Talismans. The two of them each possessed around 70% to 80% of Han Li's power and abilities, yet even so, they were still certainly not to be scoffed at.

The blood puppet flew into a thunderous rage, but it was too wary of these golden puppets to pursue Han Li. Otherwise, it would only get attacked as soon as it tried to unleash a teleportation technique.

It swept its sleeves through the air, and a gust of putrid crimson winds surged forth, sweeping aside the oncoming giant python and blades of wind.

It then opened its mouth to blast forth two pillars of crimson light which punctured the bodies of the two armored warriors, easily blowing large holes into their chests. However, the crimson puppet's pupils immediately contracted at the sight of what happened next. The gaping wounds on the chests of the two golden-armored warriors healed amid a flash of golden light, and they were back to perfect condition again.

One of them raised its golden spear, and a loud thunderclap rang out as a dozen or so arcs of golden lightning surged forth, transforming into golden lightning snakes mid-flight. Meanwhile, the other golden-armored warrior tossed its twin sabers into the air, and they revolved around as five skull projections emerged within a burst of golden light. The skull projections opened their mouths in unison to expel a wave of five-colored flames.


The surprise in the blood puppet's eyes grew even more pronounced. However, it wouldn't have been fazed even if Han Li had unleashed those attacks in person, let alone the fact that these puppets only possessed around 70% to 80% of Han Li's full power.

As such, it made a hand seal, and specks of crimson light appeared all around its body. Those specks of crimson light then abruptly expanded to form balls of crimson light. The puppet swept an arm through the air, and the balls of light hurtled toward all directions in a soundless manner.

The ball of light crashed into the arcs of lighting and wave of glacial flames amid a dull thump, and the balls of light transformed into balls of crimson flames. The attacks unleashed by the two golden-armored warriors were quickly vanquished, following which the crimson flames completely swept up their bodies.

The two shadow puppets resisted using their weapons with all their might and also unleashed swaths of grey light to protect themselves, but that only managed to stall the crimson flames slightly before they burst through and incinerated the bodies of the two puppets, rapidly melting them down into two puddles of blood.

The blood puppet didn't pause in the slightest as it sped out of the palace as a streak of crimson light. Even though Han Li had already long since disappeared from view, the puppet wasn't fazed by this in the slightest.

As long as Han Li was still somewhere within a radius of several hundred kilometers, it would still be able to easily detect his location with its spiritual sense before hunting him down.

When the crimson streak of light rose up into the air, Han Li was already nowhere to be seen. However, the blood puppet merely chuckled coldly as it closed its eyes before making a hand seal, releasing its spiritual sense toward all directions.

Mere moments later, the puppet opened its eyes before letting loose a long cry and setting off as a streak of crimson light again, heading directly toward the exit of that blue passageway. After just a few flashes, the streak of red light had disappeared into the distance.

At its full speed, the blood puppet truly was astonishingly fast. It didn't take the blood puppet long at all to reach its destination, and the blue passageway was still itact there.

According to the blood puppet's spiritual sense, Han Li had already fled to over 100 kilometers away, so it didn't pause in the slightest before flying into the blue passageway.

Just as the crimson streak of light was about to emerge from the passageway, it was suddenly greeted by a beastly roar coupled with rumbling thunderclaps.

The blood puppet was rather startled to hear this, and it hurriedly focused its gaze up ahead.

There, an Infernal Lightning Beast that was several tens of feet in size stood in the air above the entrance to the blue passageway with silver arcs of lightning flashing erratically around its body.

A loud roar erupted once again as the Infernal Lightning Beast came rushing down with ferocity in its eyes.

"Impossible!" the blood puppet exclaimed in astonishment and horror.

There were already two Infernal Lightning Beasts in the palace; how could there possibly be a third one here?

In the face of this fearsome beast, the blood puppet clearly wasn't going to continue in its pursuit of Han Li. Spiritual light immediately flashed from its body as it summoned a wooden badge.

The wooden badge rotated in mid-air before expelling a swath of light that protected its body within.

The blood puppet then made a hand seal, and clouds of blood mist emanated from its body to create an additional layer of protection.

In the face of an Infernal Lightning Beast, which was a fearsome being at the pinnacle of the Body Integration Stage, it had chosen to unleash its most potent defensive measures.

Only then would it have a chance of withstanding the initial round of ferocious attacks from the Infernal Lightning Beast, then think of a way to flee for its life.

However, just as these thoughts were running through the blood puppet's mind, a burst of buzzing suddenly rang out around it. A series of silver runes then emerged out of thin air, and space was torn open amid flashes of spiritual light. Brilliant silver light radiated throughout the area as a massive silver formation of light slowly took shape. These were none other than the Nine Palaces Heavenly Talismans that Han Li had set up in advance!

He had unleashed some kind of secret technique to activate this trap even from such a long distance away.

A peculiar look appeared on the Infernal Lightning Beast's face, and it suddenly stopped in mid-air directly above the light formation. The blood puppet immediately sensed that something was amiss, but after taking a glance at the Infernal Lightning Beast up above, it hesitated momentarily before plummeting toward the ground.

However, after it had descended for several tens of feet, a pleasant bird call rang out, and silver light flashed as a silver Fire Raven appeared out of thin air.

The bird was only around a foot in size, and it opened its mouth to expel a dozen or so azure beads that hurtled toward the blood puppet. The puppet found those beads to be slightly familiar, and its heart jolted with shock as it realized what they were. It had just witnessed the power of these beads, so it certainly wasn't willing to take on their fearsome might head-on.

However, at such a close range, it was already too late for it to evade.

As such, it could only abruptly spring back in retreat to temporarily open up some distance between itself and those lighting beads.

However, unbeknownst to the blood puppet, what it was doing took it directly into the area encompassed by the Nine Palaces Heavenly Talismans, and the formation immediately took effect.

The puppet saw a flash of silver light before it eyes, and the surrounding scenery blurred before it found itself situated within a vast expanse of murky white mist.

The blood puppet hurriedly surveyed its surroundings, only to be greeted by the sight of tall walls and buildings that stretched as far as its eyes could see in all directions. Furthermore, the sky above had also been obscured by a vast expanse of silver light. The blood puppet was rooted to the spot upon making these observations.

It was naturally able to immediately identify that it had been trapped in quite a powerful restriction, and that it wouldn't be very likely for it to escape in a short time. Meanwhile, outside the light formation.

In the instant that the azure beads were also going to fly into the light formation, they suddenly stopped in mid-air, and the azure light shimmering around them was abruptly snuffed out. The beads then flew back and were calmly swallowed by the silver Fire Raven again.

The bird then flapped its wings a few times and let loose a few cries of delight, seemingly quite elated with itself.

The Infernal Lightning Beast up above also let loose a few ape cries as the silver arcs of lightning around it disappeared. Black light flashed, and the Infernal Lightning Beast quickly shranks down to become a small black monkey that was only around half a foot tall. It was none other than Han Li's Weeping Soul Beast.

Seeing as the blood puppet had been trapped in the formation, the Weeping Soul Beast immediately flew away as a streak of black light.

Meanwhile, the silver Fire Raven circled around in the air a few times before dissipating as specks of silver flames.

Over 100 kilometers away, Han Li was flying through the air as quickly as he could while carrying Yuan Yao and Yan Li in a swath of azure light.

All of a sudden, an ecstatic look appeared on his face.

He made a hand seal before grabbing the air before him, and a dull thump rang out as a ball of silver flames appeared out of thin air before transforming into a silver Fire Raven.

As soon as the Fire Raven appeared, it immediately opened its mouth to expel the dozen or so lightning beads again.

Han Li swept a sleeve through the air to sweep up the lightning beads, following which the Fire Raven also disappeared into his body. A contemplative look appeared on Han Li's face, and he slowed down a little in his flight.

Moments later, a streak of black light approached him from afar before landing beside him. The black light then faded, and the small monkey that was the Weeping Soul Beast sprang onto his shoulder. A smile appeared on Han Li's face as he stroked the little monkey's fur.

Han Li had witnessed the flawless teamwork between the Weeping Soul Beast and the Spirit Engulfing Fire Raven from the wisp of spiritual sense that he'd infused into the bird's body. It was quite surprising that they were able to trap the fearsome blood puppet so easily, but he certainly wasn't going to complain.

He swept a sleeve through the air, and the small monkey also disappeared into the spirit beast bracelet hidden up his sleeve as a streak of black light.

After that, Han Li didn't hold back any longer as he flapped his wings with all his might, and five-colored spiritual light flashed alongside azure light as he streaked through the air as a translucent thread. After just a few flashes, he had disappeared without a trace. Meanwhile, Mu Qing was still trapped within the lightning cloud in the underground palace. In the face of her relentless attacks, the lightning cloud was finally approaching a spent force.

Above the green pond, the white-haired beauty, the crimson-robed figure, and the Purpleblood Puppet were still engaged in an arduous battle against the Five Dragon Chopper. One giant blade after another had appeared in the air around them, and they were unleashing countless streaks of frosty light that had destroyed a dozen or so of their treasures already. Their situation had truly become quite dire, and they were holding on by the skin of their teeth.

The black formation up above was also only just over 100 feet away from them, and it appeared as if it could fall on them at any moment.

The ghostly soldiers that the white-haired beauty had summoned earlier was engaged in battle with the high-grade ghostly being under the crimson-armored puppet's command. After joining forces, the ghostly soldiers held a decisive upper hand, and had completely trapped the high-grade ghostly being.

As for the crimson-armored puppet, it was making a hand seal, but it wore an indecisive expression, seemingly wanting to do something, but also quite hesitant at the same time.

In this extremely chaotic situation, the golden formation over the green pond finally shattered, and the white spirit mist within came surging out again.

A long cry erupted from within the pond, and black light flashed as a tall and broad humanoid figure emerged.

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