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Liu Zu nodded and asked, “Although he still isn’t very proficient, his might is unquestionable. He’ll be able to destroy the Infernal River restriction. However, when I saw his casting, I also saw how he was able to avoid divine lightning backlash. When Fellow Daoist Han originally refined the Golden Lightning Bamboo magic treasure, was your magic power also several times greater than your peers?”

Already landed on the ground, Han Li said with an amazed tone, “That’s right. I’ve long ago cultivated a strange technique. Although my cultivation speed was a bit slower, my cultivation was deeper than my peers. Could it be because of this that I don’t suffer divine lightning backlash?”

Liu Zu calmly explained, “Although it isn’t solely due to this, it is the most important factor. After all, magic power is the basis of all abilities. When similar abilities are displayed by those of differing cultivations, the ability’s power is different as well. With magic power far exceeding your realm, you were able to control your Divine Devilbane Lightning and suppress your lightning backlash. In addition, Fellow Daoist Han previously learned a different lightning controlling technique, reducing the odds of backlash even further.”

“From your words, it seems that backlash is still possible in the future,” Han Li said with a changed expression.

Liu Zu continued with a calm voice, “Maybe not. In addition to your dense magic power, it is possible you’ve stayed safe until today because you consumed a worldly treasure, have another strange treasure in your body, cultivating some wondrous technique, you’ve been able to suppress backlash. At the very least, there is some reason why you’ve never shown signs of backlash. I won’t say anything about the future, but you have no need to worry about it with your present cultivation.”

Although Han Li didn’t dare to completely accept his words, his expression turned unsightly nonetheless.

Even if he currently had no problems, after his cultivation progressed, he would no longer be able to restrain the divine lightning backlash.

When the beautiful white-haired woman heard Liu Zu, her eyes narrowed and suddenly turned to the woman in the black light and coldly asked, “Little Sister Mu Qing, since you’ve had us gathered here, it can’t be only to show Fellow Daoist Han’s lightning. What else do you have to say?”

Mu Qing briefly paused and soon chuckled. With no intention of hiding her plans, she leisurely said, “That’s right. Since Brother Liu Zu recognized the power of Fellow Daoist Han’s Divine Devilbane Lightning, I believe in two years, Fellow Daoist Han won’t need to visit Elder Sister Lan again. For the remaining years, have him properly practice the lightning control techniques in my cave. How do you feel?”

The white-haired woman’s expression sank and imposingly said, “Even if Han Li has a grasp over the lightningwield technique, there are differences in the lightning control techniques we understand. Why can’t Fellow Daoist Han learn under me for two years? Besides, we’ve already come to an agreement on this. I won’t accept your changes.”

Mu Qing chuckled and casually said, “Elder Sister Lan’s words are wrong. We only want to borrow Fellow Daoist Han’s Divine Devilbane Lightning to eliminate the restriction on the Infernal River. Why is there a need to do so much? As for the agreement, since the circumstances have changed, a few temporary changes should be acceptable.”

The white-haired woman no longer addressed Mu Qing and turned to the other two, saying, “Brother Liu Zu, Fellow Daoist Di Xue, what do you think? Will you approve of Mu Qing’s words?”

One of the crimson-robed men chuckled and casually declined, “I don’t understand a single aspect of lightning control. I’ll leave it to you to decide.” It seemed he didn’t wish to involve himself with this dispute.

The white-haired woman was stunned at Di Xue’s response and wore a puzzled expression. She then turned to the mysterious Liu Zu.

Shrouded in his black cloak, he lowered his head in thought.

Liu Zu eventually raised his head and said, “Both of your words are reasonable. On one hand, Fellow Daoist Han’s control over his lightning is sufficient, and Fellow Daoist Lan’s tutelage is no longer necessary. On the other, this matter was already decided in advance and it would be unfair. How about this? I view that the two years are unnecessary. How about Fellow Daoist Lan only instructs Han Li for a single year, and for the remaining time, he can stay at his own residence?”

When they heard this, the white-haired woman frowned and Mu Qing grew silent.

When Liu Zu saw they were silent, he said with a cold tone, “I know you two are unwilling to accept these conditions but don’t forget what’s important, entering the infernal river. If you harbor resentment and make a mistake during this matter, then all your pettiness will cause you to lose everything. Could it be that you truly wish to renounce your once in ten thousand year opportunity?”

With that said, the women’s expressions stirred, and they couldn't help but exchange a glance.

The beautiful woman’s expression stirred and her lips stirred, sending voice transmissions to Mu Qing.

Once Mu Qing heard this, her expression vastly changed. After a while, she eventually said, “What you say is true, but are you willing to hand it over to me?”

The white-haired woman replied, “Little Sister Mu should understand. With my ghost body, the object isn’t worth much to me, even if it were more wondrous.”

“Then I agree to your conditions.” The white-haired beauty seemed to hold something extremely important to Mu Qing and promptly persuaded her.

“Good. I hope Little Sister Mu Qing won’t be going back on her word.” The white-haired woman sweetly smiled and rose into the air in a Yin wind, then flying off in a grey streak.

The two crimson-robed men paused when they saw this, but Liu Zu showed no surprise and simply watched the white-haired woman fly off.

Mu Qing grinned and said, “Fellow Daoists, I’ve already settled things with Elder Sister Lan. Fellow Daoist Han won’t need to head over to her. For the remaining time, let’s have Fellow Daoist Han live in his own residence and practice controlling lightning. What do you think Fellow Daoists?”

With an ordinary expression, one of the crimson-robed men let out an odd laugh and said, “I did say I’d leave it to you. I won’t interfere.”

“So long as it doesn’t affect the important event, I have no objections,” Liu Zu coldly said.

Mu Qing was overjoyed.

Han Li originally stood in place and sighed.

Not knowing anything about the circumstances, Mu Qing and the white-haired beauty had come to an agreement. This caused him to feel sullen and apprehensive.

Not long after, Liu Zu and the two blood-robed men departed.

When Mu Qing called out to Han Li, he followed her back into the hall.

Sitting on a huge golden flower, Mu Qing calmly said, “Fellow Daoist Han, you should’ve heard us. Now, I will explain a few things to you and resolve your doubts. You may ask me three questions. Take note that you only have three. I will not answer anything past that. But in exchange, I will require you do help me with something after we enter the infernal river region.”

Han Li felt his heart tremble and he cautiously asked, “Do what?”

Mu Qing stared at him and slowly said, “In these two years, I’ve given you much instruction on cultivation. With the addition of these three questions, I’m not asking for much.”

“Of course, but I...” Han Li forced a smile, thinking of something to say.

But Mu Qing then raised her hand and explained, “Don’t worry, I won’t have you do anything outside of your abilities. In the end, I only want to borrow your Divine Devilbane Lightning. Why else do we hold such a favorable attitude towards you?”

Mu Qing’s expression turned sullen.

Han Li felt his heart relax. After a moment of thought, he asked, “Since you’ve said this, I won’t decline. So long as it's within my abilities and there is no danger to my life, I will agree to help you with this one matter.”

Mu Qing darkly smiled and held his arms behind her back, “You sure are covering your bases, but that is no matter. Go ahead and ask your questions.”

Han Li raised his head and looked at her, asking, “I wish to know what is the infernal river area. Also, what dangers are there?”

Mu Qing found Han Li’s question unsurprising and gravely explained, “The infernal river is something we unintentionally discovered in the deepest layer of the earth abyss. It is an independent space, containing Yin Qi filled with various ghosts and harmful spirits. It contains countless dangerous. Let alone ghost monarchs and demons on par with our strength, there are some places that are dangerous beyond our capabilities. That is to say, there were originally five demon monarchs in the earth abyss. During our first venture into the space, one of us perished. Admittedly, we didn’t understand much of the space at the time and hadn’t made many preparations. However, it is dangerous as one can imagine.”

When Han Li heard this, his heart sank and he curiously asked, “This infernal river region was something you named. There must be a reason why you call it this place.”

“Hehe, Fellow Daoist Han, is that your third question?” Mu Qing said with a sweet laugh.

“Of course not. My third question is...”

As Han Li pondered about this third question, Mu Qing stopped him with a laugh and slowly said, “It doesn’t matter. I’ll answer your question for free since it doesn’t amount to much. The space is shrouded in a dense bottomless screen of Yin Water. If someone enters the water, a myriad of souls will immediately engulf you and turn you into a Yin corpse eternally flowing in the Yin Water. That is why we gave it that name.”

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