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“Black Infernal Mist”, a familiar thought flashed through Han Li’s mind.

The black mist that the stone tower emitted was the strange mist that enveloped half of the peninsula he stayed at.

However, the mist from the tower was extremely thin as if it were being strictly controlled.

Han Li felt somewhat alarmed, but since this was a restricted area of the Tian Peng Race, he wasn’t about to provoke anything.

As everyone else did, he flew around the tower.

But as Han Li brushed past the tower, he felt an aura from the tower surge, causing his body to quiver as a cold sensation covered his back.

This is...

Han Li stopped and turned to stare at the huge tower.

He simply saw the huge tower continue to emit Black Infernal Mist. At an unknown time, the mist had become denser with the tower’s talisman marks occasionally flickering with rainbow light. It wasn’t able to completely block the black Qi from rushing it.

Fortunately, the rainbow barrier emitted from the top of the tower completely blocked the black Qi from leaving the vicinity of the tower. But a short moment later, the black Qi caused the seven-colored light barrier to tremble violently as if it could collapse at any moment.

When the nearby Tian Peng beings saw this, they were all dumbstruck and stopped in shock. They all stared at the strange occurrence occurring at the spirit tower.

Han Li then sensed his wings tremble and turned burning hot, creating a scalding pain on his back.

Han Li’s expression vastly changed.

At that moment, an incredibly high-pitched shriek whistled from the tower. When the nearby Tian Peng beings heard this, they began to close their eyes and fall from the sky.

Although Han Li wasn’t as negatively affected, he still felt his spiritual sense become dazed as his burning hot wings immediately lost effect, causing his body to sway.

Fortunately, he could still fly without any reliance on the Thunderstorm Wings. His body promptly flashed with azure light and he steadied himself. Then he looked at the huge tower with horror.

A huge explosion boomed and the crystals on the top of the tower brightly shined, causing the rainbow light barrier to shine as well. At that same moment, overlapping cryptic chants sounded out from the tower as if over a hundred people were chanting a similar incantation simultaneously.

The Tian Peng beings that originally fell then glowed with spiritual light, floating up in the air as a layer of seven-colored light surrounded them.

However, the tower released another piercing shriek and the dense black Qi inside began to roil, forming a kilometer tall huge bird phantom. The hollow figure appeared faintly black. It unfolded its wings to cover the top of the half of the tower and let out a long shriek, causing the black mist to surge several times in size. The surrounding rainbow barrier began to violently warp, exerting a huge pressure.

At that moment, the other Tian Peng beings covered in rainbow light began to shake but otherwise appeared fine. In their fear, however, they began to scatter in every direction.

Han Li originally thought to immediately fly away, but as soon as the huge black bird phantom appeared, his wings trembled. Suddenly, a huge azure bird phantom appeared from a tremble of his wings. It raised its head and cawed in response to the black bird.

Meanwhile, the nearby air became tense and he felt his body grow heavy, suddenly incapable of movement.

In his fright, Han Li emitted brilliant golden light from his body, exerting immense power in his limbs in an attempt to break free. But what immediately caused his heart to sink was in spite of his body’s immense force, he felt the air surrounding him had become as dense as metal. He wasn’t able to even move his finger.

Han Li’s thoughts quickly churned. Just as he thought of using a true devil projection to break free, the incantations coming from the tower changed and became far more clear. The incantation also faintly sounded with booming wind and thunder. Soon after, the strange talisman characters began to appear in the air near the tower and began to float in the black bird’s direction.

As this went on, the huge crystals on the top of the tower ruptured.

A ring of seven-colored suns slowly floated into the air, releasing a brilliant light that covered the black bird phantom.

With the brilliant seven-colored light and the talisman characters restricting the black bird phantom, the phantom could only shriek as it helplessly dispersed.

To the side, the huge azure bird phantom also vanished.

Han Li felt relief at having regained control of his body, but he felt quite bewildered.

Apart from the difference in size and color, the shape from the azure bird phantom and the black hollow phantom appeared exactly the same, like a legendary Kun Peng. Could it be a Kun Peng was sealed in the tower?

As Han Li pondered with shock, he immediately thought to flee from the scene. But when he swept his sights around him, he wryly laughed and decided to stay still.

This was because there were a dozen balls of light that had emerged from the huge tower. In a few flashes, they arrived a hundred meters away from him.

At this distance, he could clearly see Tian Peng beings through the remaining lights. If he fled now, he would be marking himself as guilty.

As he pondered, he decided to wait and see what they would say.

He quickly swept his sights past the lights and found two late-Deity Transformation-grade beings inside of them. The others were only early- and mid-stage beings. Feeling a bit of dread, Han Li didn’t dare to provoke them and remained still in the air.

With several gusts of wind, the dozen beings unfolded their wings and arrived before Han Li in the blink of an eye, surrounding and staring at him.

Of the two old men in charge, one of them had a pair of white wings, while the other had wings that were faintly gold.

One of them also had a kindly face while the other appeared stern, but like all the others, they were firmly staring at Han Li with an odd look.

Although Han Li didn’t truly fear the Tian Peng beings, he felt somewhat apprehensive at this current situation. He forced a smile and asked, “May I ask why you’ve surrounded me?”

Greatly against his expectations, the white-winged old man respectfully asked, “Brother, what is your esteemed name? Your face is quite unfamiliar. Are you kin that has recently entered the holy city?”

With a few quick thoughts, Han Li answered, “My surname is Han. I’ve cultivated overseas and have only entered the city today.”

Seeing that the Tian Peng beings didn’t reveal any hostile intentions, he decided to give an answer.

“You’re from overseas? And you only entered the city today?” Han Li’s answer greatly shocked the old men, but they soon exchanged a glance and wore an expression of joy.

The stern old man solemnly said, “Good, very good! Regardless of where Brother Han came from, your Tian Peng Qi is quite abundant to provoke the Kung Peng spirit in the tower. You could receive the title of Holy Disciple and inherit the Kun Peng True Blood.”

“The Tian Peng True Blood!” Han Li was shocked.

If it was before, Han Li wouldn’t have understood what they meant, but with the True Dragon and Heavenly Phoenix True Blood in his bracelet, he realized how rare this item was.

Han Li was startled that such fortune had appeared before him.

But with another thought, Han Li felt lacking in confidence.

He wasn’t truly a Tian Peng being. How could he become their holy disciple? Under closer inspection, his disguise would be revealed. He wouldn’t inherit any true blood, but would be provoking the hatred and ire of countless Tian Peng beings.

Han Li dryly chuckled and shook his head, “You’ve made a mistake. I come from an ordinary background. How would I have the qualifications to inherit the true blood? It wasn’t me who provoked the scene at the tower.”

The gold-winged old man seemed to ignore Han Li’s words and smiled, saying, “There is no need for Brother Han to shirk this away. A true spirit projection had appeared from your body. Those of us from the tower had clearly seen it. We weren’t mistaken. Brother Han must see the elders. Being able to become a holy disciple is a matter of the utmost importance.”

Han Li inwardly cursed and looked around. He saw the Tian Peng beings looking at him with excitement and determination.

“I truly am not any holy disciple. It’s fine if you don’t believe me. However, I have important matters to attend to, so I must bid farewell.” Han Li resolved himself and quickly uttered a few words before vanishing in a blur.

He flapped his wings, wanting to use his abilities to fly a distance away, but at that moment, he heard a woman’s voice.

“Outsider, wait! Do you truly plan to leave? If you do, hand over your wings to us.” The voice wasn’t loud but soft and sweet. When Han Li heard it, he felt as if his spiritual sense shook with astonishing thunder and his face turned unsightly.

As soon as those words were uttered, a nearby space fluctuated and a slender figure silently appeared ten meters above him. It was a white-robed woman with golden wings.

Han Li stared at her and felt his blood run cold.

She had an ordinary appearance, but a glistening light was roaming across her body. From her aura, he felt that her cultivation was unfathomably deep. She was a mid-stage Body Integration-grade presence.

Han Li widely opened his eyes.

“We pay our respects to the grand elder!” The Deity Transformation-grade Tian Peng beings respectfully saluted the young woman as soon as she appeared.

This woman was actually the Tian Peng Race’s grand elder.

Han Li felt his mouth dry up.

The woman calmly commanded, “Let me deal with this person. You should return to the tower and strengthen the seal, pacifying the Holy Kun Peng Spirit in turn.”

“As you command!” As a clear display of their respect, they immediately followed their orders and returned.

The young woman then turned her sights on Han Li.

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