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Certain that Han Li was a Tian Peng being, Feng Xiao didn’t hide his plans and calmly said, “Regardless if it is true, we’d best quickly return to our clan. The Chi Rong Clan was able to attack us once. They could try again. With your grand powers, I fear we’ll need to rely on your strength!”

The other two looked at Han Li with expectant eyes.

Han Li’s abilities had been truly powerful. If they had a clan member of such vast power, they didn’t need to worry about the path ahead of them.

Han Li muttered to himself for a moment and answered, “Alright. Since I’m most likely a Tian Peng being, it is only natural for me to provide my fellow beings with some strength.”

Since this would grant him a good opportunity to enter the Tian Rong clan, he definitely wouldn’t refuse.

Feng Xiao repeatedly thanked him and said, “We’ll have to trouble you! After we return, I will certainly report your merit to our elders.”

The other two smiled in response.

When Han Li heard the word ‘merit’, he appeared indifferent. When he looked at the blue net surrounding them, he smiled and said, “Let’s not linger here any longer. I’ll get rid of the Devil Trapping Net.”

With that said, Han Li pointed to the net in the distance and the silver firebird that was circling him immediately let out a melodic ring before shooting towards the net in a ball of flame.

A light pop sounded and the silver flame directly struck the blue net, immediately creating a person-sized hole.

Afterwards, silver flame quickly spread through the net.

The huge blue net was destroyed in the span of several breathes as it turned to ash underneath the grey flames.

Under the Spirit Engulfing Flames, the net burned like paper.

The three Tian Peng beings blankly stared at the scene.

When they saw this, they viewed Han Li’s abilities with even greater importance.

“Alright, let’s go!”

With that said, Han Li formed an incantation gesture and silver flames condensed into a ball, forming back into a firebird. It then vanished into his body without a trace.

The party of four then set off over the horizon.

For some unknown reason to the three Tian Peng beings, Han Li remained in human form, so the three hadn’t transformed into their bird form either. They simply crossed the sky in balls of silver light.

Han Li was greatly interested in the Flying Spirit Tribe’s ability to change forms, but he didn’t rashly pursue the topic. He simply used the excuse of having always cultivated overseas to indirectly inquire about the Flying Spirit Tribe and the Tian Peng Clan.

These matters weren't a secret, so Feng Xiao and the two readily answered him.

As such, not only did Han Li come to understand much about the Flying Spirit Tribe and the Tian Peng Clan, but he also came to know that the younger two in the party were brother and sister, an elder brother named Bai Lei and a younger sister named Bai Ning.

Of course, the three Tiang Penb beings also asked Han Li a few questions, but Han Li always answered that he rarely encountered others because of his dedicated and secluded cultivation.

Seeing that Han Li was unwilling to divulge this information, Feng Xiao and the others were unwilling to pursue the topic.

To them, it was enough that Han Li was a Tian Peng being.

Afterwards, Feng Xiao brought Han Li across a land of hills, then flying across grasslands and several forests, before arriving at an endless mountain range.

This had taken place over the span of a month.

During this time, they hadn’t encountered any more Chi Rong beings, but they did come across many low-grade Tian Peng beings.

However, it was a pity that these members seemed ignorant of any internal clan happenings.

As such, Feng Xiao and the two felt somewhat relieved.

It seemed that the Chi Rong being’s words were false. Even if the higher-echelon of the Tian Peng Race sealed off this information, that meant they could preserve order over their clan.

Once they entered the mountain range, they began encountering Tian Peng beings in far greater number.

There were those flying in both their bird and human forms.

Han Li took note that although the shape and style of their wings were completely the same, the color would often be different.

Most Tian Peng beings had azure and white wings while others would have silver wings like the three in his party.

There were even those with gold and black wings. However, these Tian Peng beings were very rare. He only saw two of each on their journey.

Those with the three majority colors didn’t have anything special about them, but those with the two rarer colors were entirely different.

Despite the lower cultivation of the golden-winged Tian Peng being, Feng Xiao and the other two appeared very respectful and took the initiative to greet them. As for the two black-winged beings, the three wore stiff expressions. They simply ignored them as they flew past.

The two black-winged beings also had lesser cultivation to the party.

Han Li took notice of this and found it strange. But from his experience, this likely had something to do with a taboo in the clan. It wasn’t something that he could carelessly inquire about.

As a result, three days after he entered the mountain range, they eventually came across a Tian Peng patrol squad.

The patrol consisted of about thirty members and flew forward to meet them. They all wore white bone armor and held a silver long spear. From their aura, they appeared to be at Foundation Establishment and Core Formation stage.

But in case of a patrol squad, they could be considered an elite group.

The middle-aged man in charge quickly saluted with a smile as soon as he spotted Feng Xiao.

“Greetings Spirit Feng and Lords Bai. Under the elders' command, you three are to report to the Myriad Peng Pavilion as soon as you return. Yi! Who is this lord?” As soon as this was said, he looked at Han Li with an odd expression.

Feng Xiao’s expression changed when he heard this. He then promptly introduced Han Li, “This is Brother Han. He’s cultivated overseas and has returned to the clan. Brother Han, no need to feel awkward. We’ll introduce you to the elders. You should take a rest at the holy mountain first. Given your abilities, the elders will definitely see you.”

Han Li indifferently replied, “It’s nothing. Since this is my first time back in the clan, I plan on taking a look alone. Brother Feng should hurry on.”

After a moment of thought, Feng Xiao gave a wooden plate over to Han Li. “Our Holy City is majestic. I fear you’ll have to spend much time to become familiar with it. Here is my command token. Apart from a few restricted areas, you’ll be able to take a look at the rest of the city without anyone blocking you.” He turned around with a sullen expression and commanded the middle-aged Tiang Peng being, “Send someone to personally guide Brother Han. He is an honored guest.”

“As you bid,” Feng Xiao clearly held a high position in the clan from the Core Formation-grade patrol leader’s response.

“Brother Feng, you’re quite considerate,” Han Li said with a smile.

Feng Xiao regretfully replied, “How? In truth, this is actually quite lacking. When the time comes, I’ll personally guide you through the holy city.”

Soon after, the three in his party saluted Han Li and turned into large silver birds before shooting off.

As soon as Feng Xiao flew off, the middle-aged Tian Peng being waved his hand at his subordinates and pointed at a nineteen-year-old man, commanding, “Hua Yu, bring this lord to the lodge. You must properly attend to him!”

The man with a scholarly appearance immediately bowed and agreed.

Soon after, the middle-aged man uttered a few words and bowed to Han Li. The rest of them then continued the patrol.

Under the guidance of the young man Hua Yu, they headed deeper into the mountain range.

The young man spoke to Han Li with the utmost respect and didn’t speak unless answering Han Li’s questions.

But as a meager Foundation Establishment-grade being, he didn’t know many important matters. He could only give Han Li curt responses.

After following this person for several hours, they arrived in front of a dozen small mountains lined up in a row.

These small mountains had black clouds covering them and sparked with lightning. They continuously boomed and were difficult to see through.

Han Li narrowed his eyes at the sight.

With his exceptional attainments in restrictions, he promptly saw through the dark clouds. They were clearly a formidable illusion restriction.

As expected, Hua Yu brought Han Li up to one of the small mountains. He then unfolded his wings to reveal white feathers and flew into a space inside the small mountain.

A muffled bang sounded.

A small mountain twisted as if it were only an illusion in the water. With several shakes, the small mountain disappeared with a ripple, only to reveal a huge passage of fog.

The youth flew in without any hesitation.

Han Li raised his brow but followed after him in an azure streak.

After flying for a kilometer, his surroundings lit up around him.

He saw a giant city that seemingly had no end.

The city was carved out of mountains and had city walls constructed from huge white bricks. The city walls only appeared to be sixty-meters in length, but they were surrounded by giant verdant mountains.

The walls had no gate, but they had a dense white barrier covering them. There were over a dozen places in the wall that had giant straight pillars erected. The pillars shined rainbow and emitted a faint light.

As of current, there were many Tian Peng beings that were flying through the gap in the pillars to enter the city.

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