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Before the mountain had even descended onto the coral reef, a resounding boom had already rung out, and the massive commotion naturally alerted a certain hidden cave abode beneath the coral reef.

Moments later, the seawater nearby parted, and two balls of demonic Qi, one blue and one red, suddenly emerged. A furious voice sounded from within one of the balls of demonic Qi.

"Who dares to wreak havoc in front of our cave abode? Don't you know that the Lord of Treasured Light resides here?"

Han Li didn't even bother to give a response as he pointed a finger at the mountain down below in a casual manner.

The grey light beneath the mountain immediately swept forth, ensnaring the two balls of demonic Qi. Following a few flashes, two howls of anguish erupted from within the grey light.

The two demons within the balls of demonic had self-detonated and disappeared as a storm of blood.

They were only a pair of sixth grade sea beasts, so Han Li naturally wasn't going to pay them any heed.

In the next instant, the mountain finally struck the surface of the ocean.

A massive vortex with a radius of around 500 meters immediately appeared due to the power of the Divine Essencefused Light, and the surrounding seawater roared as if there were a gargantuan demon lurking within its depths.

The entire region of the ocean was cast into complete turmoil as countless fish and crustaceans fled for in shock and horror, and there were also a dozen or so sea beasts with bodies that were over 10 feet long among them.

Han Li's antics finally drew a roar of fury from deep within the ocean. Immediately thereafter, five bursts of black Qi erupted from the edges of the vortex, and the burst of black Qi at the forefront surged to reveal a burly man with fleshy bulbous growths on his head. He wore a suit of blue bone armor and was wielding a pair of large black war hammers.

A cold smile appeared on Han Li's face, and before the demon beast had a chance to say anything, he made a hand seal and the Divine Essencefused Mountain tremored before vanishing on the spot.

Almost at the exact moment, the armored man felt as if the sky above him had dimmed significantly, and he hurriedly looked up to discover that the Divine Essencefused Mountain had already appeared over their heads, and was crashing down with devastating might. Before it had even reached them, just the fierce gusts of wind it was sweeping up was making him unsteady on his feet.

The man's expression changed drastically as he immediately hurled his war hammers toward the massive mountain. At the same time, he transformed into a blue wyrm that was over 100 feet long and fled into the distance.

Following two dull thumps, the two black war hammers expanded to several tens of feet in size, but they weren't able to leave so much a single mark on the Divine Essencefused Mountain. Instead, after being swept up by the Divine Essencefused Light, both of the war hammers plummeted uncontrollably out of the sky.

As for that blue wyrm, it was unable to get far away, either. It had only flown just over 300 feet before a streak of grey light flashed toward it, following which it was completely immobilized.

At this moment, Han Li pointed a finger at the mountain in an expressionless manner.

The massive mountain rotated in mid-air before a burst of enormous power instantly erupted from its bottom. The blue wyrm within the grey light only had a chance to let loose a cry of sheer horror before its body was crushed into mincemeat, leaving only its giant head unscathed.

Wyrms were among the demon beast with the most powerful bodies, but an eighth grade sea wyrm was naturally unable to oppose the might of the Divine Essencefused Mountain.

Throughout this entire process, the wyrm didn't even get a good look at Han Li before its physical body was destroyed.

However, its soul had managed to survive in the head of the wyrm, and it unleashed some kind of secret technique to transform the wyrm head into a ball of piercing blue light, which managed to struggle free from the grey light before hurtling away as fast as it could.

Right at this moment, a silver Fire Raven whistled forth, flying so quickly that it crashed into the wyrm head in the mere blink of an eye.

Another howl of anguish rang out, and a miniature green wyrm rushed out of the wyrm head, attempting to flee for its life, but the silver flames instantly incinerated it into nothingness. Thus, only the wyrm head remained hovering in mid-air.

It had only managed to survive as Han Li had intentionally held back on the power of his Spirit Engulfing Heavenly Flames.

As for the four other sea beasts within the balls of black Qi, in the instant that the Divine Essencefused Mountain began to rotate, they had been reduced to swaths of blood mist without being able to offer up any resistance whatsoever, and even their souls had been completely destroyed.

After killing all five demon beasts, a faint smile appeared on Han Li's face as he waved a hand through the air. The wyrm head was immediately drawn toward him, and he carried it in his hand as if it weighed nothing.

After inspecting the head through narrowed eyes for a while, white light flashed from his hand and the wyrm head disappeared, having been stowed away into his storage bracelet.

He then thrust a palm toward the Divine Essencefused Mountain from afar, and the mountain blurred before reverting back to a projection, the finally disappearing without a trace.

After stowing away the mountain, Han Li turned and prepared to leave.

However, he then glanced at the massive vortex down below that hadn't yet disappeared, and after a brief hesitation, he suddenly changed his mind.

Azure light erupted around his body as he flew into the vortex as a streak of azure light.

The seawater parted in the face of the azure light, and it only took Han Li moments to arrive at an underwater mountain below the coral reef.

Han Li took an indifferent glance at the mountain before flicking a finger toward it. A streak of golden sword Qi immediately shot forth before disappearing into space in a flash.

Following a resounding boom, a ball of golden and blue light exploded. A layer of blue light then appeared, but was instantly shattered amid a loud explosion.

A white coral gate appeared halfway up the mountain.

A smile appeared on Han Li's face upon seeing this. This was most likely the Lord of Treasured Light's cave abode.

Another streak of sword Qi flashed past, and the coral gate was pulverized amid a flash of golden light. The interior was devoid of seawater, and a corridor-like azure passageway was revealed to Han Li.

Han Li's eyes flashed before he strode into the cave abode.

The passageway was rather long; extending for close to 1,000 feet. When Han Li slowly emerged into a hall that lay on the other end of the passageway, his eyes immediately lit up.

This hall was around 500 to 600 feet in size, and it was extremely luxurious and grandiose. The entire floor was paved with pristine flawless white jade, and there were glowing thumb-sized phosphorescent beads embedded into the walls at regular intervals of roughly 10 feet.

On the ceiling of the hall hung a piece of coral that was as crimson as fire. It was emanating faint hints of warmth, completely eradicating the humidity that one would expect in an underwater cave abode.

Han Li was rather surprised by how lavish this cave abode was, but he soon turned his attention to a greyish-white stone block situated on one side of the hall.

This stone block was very crude and seemed to be made from the most ordinary stone material. If it weren’t for the fact that it had been placed in front of an extremely intricately crafted jade table, one could easily mistake it for a flat slab of stone.

However, in a hall where everything was so dazzling and eye-catching, this stone block stood out like a sore thumb.

Han Li cocked his head to the side in a brief moment of contemplation before making a grabbing motion toward the stone block, trying to draw it closer to him for a more thorough inspection.

However, an unexpected scene then ensued.

In the face of the enormous suction power being exerted by Han Li's palm, the stone block remained completely unmoved.

Han Li's heart stirred upon seeing this, and following a brief hesitation, he slowly strode forward before placing a fingertip onto the stone block.

An icy cold sensation flowed toward his arm first, yet before he had a chance to withdraw his fingers, the frosty sensation was replaced by a scorching one.

Han Li was rather surprised by this development. He placed his entire hand onto the stone block, and sensation emanating from the block interchanged between hot and cold, then converting into a warm feeling in his arm that was very pleasant and comfortable.

After internally inspecting his arm with his spiritual sense, Han Li wasn't able to notice anything amiss.

He furrowed his brows as golden light radiated from his body. He then clenched his fingers to try and pick up the stone block.

However, even though the stone block was only several feet in size, it refused to budge so much a single inch in the face of Han Li's immense strength.

Han Li was finally starting to become quite astonished now.

He placed his other hand onto the stone block as well, and one hand turned a glossy black color while the other took on a pristine and translucent white hue.

All of the joints in Han Li's body popped and cracked as he exerted an incredible amount of force directly onto the stone block.

The entire halls tremored violently amid a dull rumbling, and the stone block finally budged slightly, but then immediately fell back to its original spot. Countless cracks suddenly appeared on the ground with the stone block at the center. All of the nearby jade bricks underfoot were reduced to powder, revealing the black and rugged ground down below.

"Profound Fine Iron!"

Han Li was able to immediately identify this material, and his face was full of surprise.

However, he then immediately withdrew his gaze and focused his attention on this mundane-looking stone block.

At this moment, a small section of the stone block had sunk deep into the black ground down below, making it appear as if it naturally grew there.

This stone block was definitely no ordinary item. Setting aside everything else, it was by far the heaviest object by volume that Han Li had ever seen.

Even though he hadn't completely activated his Provenance True Devil Arts just then, the fact that he was unable to move it with his body in conjunction with the Hundred Meridian Refinement Mantra indicated that this block was most definitely close to 10 tons in weight.

If he recalled correctly, the heaviest of all precious materials was the legendary Profound Heavenly Heavy Metal. A fingernail-sized chunk of Profound Heavenly Heavy Metal could flatten a strong grown man.

Furthermore, even though Han Li was unable to determine its weight for now, the material of this stone block was certainly not lighter by volume than Profound Heavenly Heavy Metal. In fact, it was most likely even denser and heavier.

With that in mind, Han Li continued his examination. Golden light flashed as a streak of sword Qi came crashing down toward the stone block. The streak of sword Qi was vanquished, but the stone block remained completely unscathed.

Han Li didn't find that to be all that surprising. If such a mysterious material couldn't even handle a single streak of sword Qi, then he was going to be quite disappointed.

However, as a result of that experiment, Han Li's interest was piqued even further. He flipped his hand over to produce a small sword that was several inches in length. Golden light flashed once again, and the sword elongated to become a golden longsword that was around a foot in length.

Han Li held the sword in one hand before bringing it down upon the stone block without any hesitation.

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