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The woman had already flown into the center of the massive formation, and the buzzing sound emanating from it suddenly intensified by severalfold. At the same time, violent spatial fluctuations appeared around it.

The space enshrouded under the entire massive formation began to warp and deform, clearly indicating the initiation of a teleportation sequence.

In the instant that the demented minions had charged out of the sword formation, it had reverted back to 72 golden swords and disappeared into Han Li's body in a flash.

However, due to the twisting and warping of space, Han Li's speed of flight was forcibly halved.

Han Li's expression changed slightly, and before he had a chance to activate his Thunderstorm Wings, the attacks from the Yaksha Monarchs were already upon him.

The fist that had been thrown from afar had conjured up a massive green fist projection amid a rumbling boom. The fist projection was striking directly below the formation of light, and Han Li was caught right in its crosshairs.

Han Li knew that if he didn't take care of this attack first, there would be no way for him to escape. As such, he took a deep breath and raised both hands up into the air, upon which a dozen or so golden and silver beads immediately shot forth. Only then did he flap his Thunderstorm Wings and disappear on the spot. In the next instant, he appeared right beneath the center of the formation before disappearing into it without any hesitation.

At this moment, the vast expanse of crimson light that was flashing through the air also struck a corner of the massive formation in a violent manner.

At the same time, golden and silver beads also struck the fist projection, and both exploded in unison.

Scintillating crimson light flashed, causing the entire formation to tremor and ripple.

Meanwhile, an earthshattering boom erupted as a massive golden and silver lightning cloud exploded, spreading over an area with a radius in excess of 1,000 kilometers, sweeping up powerful gale-force winds in the process.

The gusts of fierce winds drowned out everything in the blink of an eye.

Spatial fluctuations erupted on the edges of the lightning cloud, and the two Yaksah Monarchs appeared once again. The power of the lightning beads was akin to that of the full-power attacks unleashed by a dozen or so Spatial Tempering cultivators, and even they didn't dare to barge recklessly into the lightning cloud. As such, they could only give up on their plan to teleport over and drag Han Li and the woman directly out of the formation.

During the brief span of time bought by the lightning cloud, brilliant light erupted from the formation in the sky. Following a few erratic flashes, the entire formation crumbled and disappeared.

The two Yaksha Monarchs joined forces to dispel the lightning cloud before appearing at the center of where the formation once was.

At that location, there was only a white formation plate drifting in mid-air, riddled with cracks and completely devoid of spiritual Qi.

One of the Yaksha Monarchs grabbed the formation plate and inspected it for a while with a dark expression before tossing it to its companion.

"There's a hint of true spirit Qi in there; looks like we underestimated these two human cultivators. Who would've thought that they'd possess such an extraordinary long-distance teleportation treasure?" the second Yaksha Monarch sighed after examining the formation plate.

"I didn't expect this, either. However, thankfully, my final attack shook their teleportation formation, so it's yet to be seen whether they can teleport safely away from here. Perhaps they'll fall into some spatial rift and disappear from this realm along the way," Indestructible Monarch chuckled coldly.

Chakravarti nodded with furrowed brows, and replied, "We can only hope for that to be the case. Our top priority now is to find those demented minions. I have no idea where they were teleported to, and it may be rather difficult to recover them."

"It's no big deal. Our demented minions are quite intelligent, so they'll find a way to come back to us unless they were teleported to other continents. We should establish a set of conditions for the united army we were discussing earlier. Otherwise..."

The two Yaksha Monarchs were quite surprised that Han Li's duo was able to get away, but they quickly moved on to more important matters.

Meanwhile, the Yaksha Tribe army that was countless kilometers away from them were still marching toward Deep Heaven City.

Han Li was struck by a splitting headache as well as a rush of intense dizziness. To experience such a severe reaction with his current body indicated that the teleportation he had just undergone had to have been a super long-distance one.

Han Li only slowly opened his eyes after keeping them closed for a long while, then cast his gaze around him to survey his surroundings.

He was currently situated atop a pile of rocks, all of which were of different sizes, but they were all round and greyish-white in color.

There were swaths of grey mist around him, severely hampering visibility.

His head was also ringing incessantly and he found himself unable to expel his spiritual sense from his body, suggesting that there was either a restriction here or he had yet to recover from that bout of long-distance teleportation.

Han Li furrowed his brows as he flexed his neck from side to side, and blue light flashed within his eyes at the same time.

All of a sudden, his expression changed slightly as he made a hand seal, rising up into the air as a streak of azure light before plunging into the mist.

Around five minutes later, Han Li appeared beside a small creek that was several tens of feet wide with his hands clasped behind his back. He looked down at the remarkably clear water of the spring at his feet, and his eyes narrowed slightly.

He made a grabbing motion downward, and a small ball of water was drawn toward him before hovering above his palm.

Han Li examined the ball of water for a while and after ascertaining that it was safe for consumption, he drank the entire thing.

The water was very sweet and pure, and Han Li nodded with contentment. Just as he was about to procure some more water from the creek, he suddenly raised his eyebrows before clenching his fist and lashing out at the space behind him.

A burst of enormous power was blasted forth, striking something with a resounding boom and causing the mist to tumble and churn. The sound of stumbling footsteps and muffled harrumphs also rang out immediately thereafter.

Han Li's body blurred and he turned around in a wraith-like manner before sweeping a sleeve through the mist.

A gust of fierce winds erupted from within his sleeve, sweeping aside the grey mist for several hundred feet in front of him, revealing a monster that was around 10 feet tall.

Despite Han Li's vast reserves of knowledge and experience, even he couldn't help but falter at the sight of this monster.

This monster had an extremely peculiar appearance with small eyes and a long mouth. It had the head of a pig and the body of a human with an azure turtle shell locked tightly around its upper body.

The monster was currently lying spread-eagled on its back having clearly just been knocked to the ground by Han Li's punch, and it grunting incessantly as it tried to struggle to its feet with all its might.

However, due to the combination of its bulbous shell and the fact that its limbs were less than half the length of normal human limbs, it was unable to immediately roll over, and it was stuck on its back just like a massive turtle.

Pig Tortoise Demon!

For some reason, that peculiar name surfaced in Han Li's mind, and he couldn't help but chuckle.

The aura emanating from the pig demon's body wasn't very powerful; only comparable to that of a human Qi Condensation cultivator.

Han Li was naturally quite relieved upon making this observation, yet at the same time, he was a little perplexed about how this pig demon had managed to withstand the power of his attack.

He cast his gaze toward the turtle shell on the pig demon's body to discover a fist indentation that was around an inch deep on the abdominal part of the shell.

A hint of surprise appeared on Han Li's face as he made a grabbing motion.

Brilliant spiritual light flashed as a massive azure hand that was around 10 feet in size appeared above the pig demon. The hand reached down and grabbed the edge of its shell to hoist the pig demon up from the ground.

Before Han Li had a chance to carefully examine the turtle shell, the pig demon suddenly withdrew its body in a remarkably agile manner and slipped out of the shell. In doing so, it revealed itself to be a brown boar, and it immediately fled into the mist.

In the blink of an eye, the empty turtle shell was the only thing locked in the grasp of the massive azure hand.

Han Li's lips twitched in a rather speechless manner.

From the agility displayed by the pig demon during its escape, it had merely been feigning clumsiness earlier in order to lure Han Li into a false sense of security.

This pig demon didn't appear to be very smart, but it was very cunning and most likely possessed a high level of intelligence.

However, Han Li naturally couldn't be bothered to chase after a Qi Condensation Stage demon beast. Instead, he began to examine the turtle shell as a hint of surprise gradually appeared on his face.

"This is only the shell of a turtle that's lived for several hundred years; to think that it can withstand a punch from me. What kind of spirit turtle could possess such an extraordinary shell?" Han Li murmured to himself, and after a brief hesitation, he stowed the shell away into his storage bracelet.

After that, Han Li didn't take any risks by venturing elsewhere. He merely sat down with his legs crossed beside the small creek, and closed his eyes to meditate.

The creek beside him flowed in a soundless manner, but the surrounding mist was gradually beginning to thin out. After a while, when the mist had almost completely dissipated, a group of beasts that resembled deers but also resembled horses gathered beside the creek. Some of them began to drink from the creek while a few of the infantile calves that were only around a foot or so in length played with one another.

Due to the fact that Han Li had completely withdrawn his aura and was sitting as still as a statue, the beasts failed to notice him, and one of the calves even crashed directly into Han Li.

The calf seemed to have detected something, and it turned around to appraise Han Li with a pair of beautiful blue eyes. It then waled in a few circles around him before inching its furry head closer to Han Li's face. After sniffing at his face for a while, it stuck out its pink little tongue and took a tentative lick.

All of a sudden, Han Li opened his eyes without any premonition. The calf was quite alert, and it immediately sprang back to try and flee. However, right in that instant, green light flashed and a fragrant pills shot forth from Han Li's sleeve, entering the calf's mouth with unerring accuracy.

At the same time, Han Li's faint voice sounded within the calf's ear.

"Perhaps our meeting was a design of fate. In that case, I'll bestow this spirit pill upon you. As for whether you'll actually be able to attain intelligence, that'll be up to you."

Despite the fact that Han Li had spoken in a rather gentle voice, the small calf was startled into letting loose a panicked sheep-like cry. All of the mature beasts nearby were immediately also alerted to Han Li's existence, and they immediately charged forward, shielding the calves behind them while aiming their sharp horns at Han Li in a wary manner.

However, Han Li merely remained seated on the spot. After taking another calm glance at that small calf, he closed his eyes and paid no further heed to this pack of beasts.

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