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The female cultivator frowned and said, “However, the space here was very stable before. It previously showed no signs of eruption. How can a spatial storm suddenly appear? Who is the cultivator reading in the nearby area?”

The man twirled his beard and calmly answered, “What is so strange? Small scale spatial fluctuations were always hard to predict. The Gold Court Boat may be wondrous, but they can’t predict them all. As for the master of the area, the land was recently acquired by a Deity Transformation cultivator. He should be a dark azure guard.”

The woman held a sparkling spell plate in her hand and fiddled with it a moment. Then with a frown, she suggested, “The Foreign Spirit Plate didn’t acquire the aura of any foreign tribes. It seems there aren’t any hiding here. Should we call the nearby dark azure guard and interrogate him? He might have something to do with the spatial storm.”

The cultivator shook his head and spoke with a solemn expression.“Why is there any need to go through the trouble? So long as a foreign being isn’t here, it has nothing to do with us, even if the spatial storm is suspicious. Don’t forget that we have many other tasks to attend to. The Yin Yang Plate anticipates a large-scale spatial storm occurring in another area.”

After some hesitation, the woman giggled and agreed, “Brother Ma’s words are reasonable. I was too attached to this matter. Let’s go.”

The man nodded in satisfaction and flew back to the Gold Court Boat in a yellow streak.

The woman looked around her and soon boarded the boat.

A short moment later, the Gold Court Boat blurred and vanished. A teleportation formation of light briefly appeared underneath it before scattering.

Unbeknownst to Han Li in his cave residence, two Spatial Tempering heaven guards had examined the storm in a short amount of time. They even hurriedly left without interrogating him.

For the sake of carefulness, he immediately sealed his cave residence once it returned and temporarily halted monitoring on all of his Myriad Dragon Beads to avoid any expert from seeing through them.

Afterwards, he headed straight to his secluded chambers and began to research his newly acquired bone hand.

Although the bone hand was peculiar as if it had been refined in a method he hadn’t seen before, Han Li didn’t pay much attention to that regard.

Instead, he bluntly spat out a golden sword that was several inches long.

The small sword trembled and fine golden lightning quickly coiled around the bone hand. The hand’s thumb was then silently split into two.

The inch-long jade badge appeared from it and it trembled before flying off of its own accord.

Han Li already anticipated this and easily grabbed at the air, activating an invisible restriction and firmly trapping it in his grasp.

With the pure white jade badge in his hand, he began to examine it with flickering blue eyes.

There were silver rune characters on the jade badge that reminded him of when he first made contact with the path of tool refinement. It contained knowledge that undermined most of what he understood about tool refinement and it greatly captured his interest.

However, the silver runes greatly differed from ordinary ancient script. Were it not for his diligent study of the half page, he wouldn’t have been able to understand anything about the true spirit runes.

As a result, Han Li promptly entered the seclusion room with the outer page of the jade book and spent three days studying it before obtaining a general understanding of it.

In addition to an elaborate introduction to tool refinement techniques, its primary contents detailed a technique by the name of the Hundred Meridian Refinement Mantra.

This technique used the person’s meridians, flesh, and bones as a base, refining them into different magic treasures of inconceivable abilities.

Were it not for the tool refinement techniques he read from the half page, he would’ve believed what he read to be nonsense.

Additionally, the passage on tool refinement preceding the passage gave him flashes of new insights, leading him to gain more confidence in this technique.

Besides, from the bone hand he managed to acquire, it was clear that it was a product of this technique. How else was a bone hand able to escape a spatial storm of its own accord?

According to what the jade book said, those cultivating this ability would be able to forge their bodies into treasure entirely at once, or could slowly cultivate the ability bit by bit. But regardless of the method, the final product will have one’s body completely refined into a Buddhist Impervious Vajra Body.

After that secret technique was completed, regardless of one’s own cultivation, their limbs would possess world-shaking abilities and their bodies would approach near immortality.

Although the jade book described the completion of this technique in a few simple words, Han Li was able to perceive deeper information it contained and felt his breath turn cold.

Even if the text was exaggerated, the abilities were as fearsome as one could imagine.

Naturally, this method to cultivate one’s body into treasures also required nearly inconceivable requirements.

To start cultivating this technique, one needed a body like Han Li’s, which went through the completed cultivation of the Vajra Arts. If he wanted to continue cultivating this technique further and acquire the abilities that were described, he would need to strengthen his body even further.

If he attempted to continue cultivation while his body couldn't endure, his body would crumble.

After all, refining one’s body into treasures was a freakish matter bordering on heresy.

As he stroked the jade pendant, he spent a long while deep in thought.

Han Li sighed and muttered, “It seems I won’t have to look for any other techniques. I’ll need to choose a dual cultivation technique.”

With the appearance of the Hundred Meridian Refinement Mantras, it would push his body to its limits.

Originally hesitant on choosing a cultivation technique, he finally resolved himself and planned on using the set of revised human and demon techniques for dual body magic cultivation.

He stuck a restriction talisman on the jade page and placed it away in his storage pouch. He then took out a faint red jade slip.

When Han Li acquired Man Huzi’s Heavenbearing Devil Arts, he duplicated entirely on that jade slip. After leaving it alone for such a long time, he nearly forgot about it.

“Since this technique is split into three portions and are all unique, I may as well call them the Provenance True Devil Arts.”

As Han Li swept his spiritual sense past the jade slip, he softly muttered to himself and struck the jade slip on his forehead and he shut his eyes, earnestly comprehending the technique.

The last time he was at Deep Heaven City’s stone pagoda, he already attempted to cultivate this devil arc slowly, but without the aid of medicine pills, he didn’t acquire many results.

As a result, in the following months, Han Li spent a majority of his time in his secluded room. He did take some time to tend to his spirit medicines and began to refine Clear Jade Pills.

The pill was indeed for Deity Transformation-stage. After using an astonishing amount of spirit medicines and a good number of attempts, he was only able to produce three bottles.

Han Li didn’t mind this result by much.

He would gain more skill by refining it more. With enough time, his success rate will increase.

The amount of medicine he refined would be enough for him to cultivate.

Of course, while he cultivated the Heavenbearing Devil Arts, he would also find some time to comprehend the Hundred Meridians Refinement Mantra.

As such, his rest period was concluded in the blink of an eye.

During this time, no one else had come to bother him. It appeared that without any benefit, those Spatial Tempering eccentrics had no reason to waste their time on him.

Han Li was satisfied with this result.

With the half-year rest period almost finished, an azure streak shot out from the gorgeous miasma and it circled in the air before heading back to Deep Heaven City.

He needed to take part of the three month patrol assignment before he could return to his cave residence and continue cultivation.

Three months later, Han Li returned without incident.

He immediately returned to his cave residence and began seclusion once more.

With half a year of cultivation, he emerged once more.

Time slowly passed by in this manner, and eventually sixty years proceeded in a blur.

This amount of time didn’t amount to much for a cultivator, but this time, there was a hidden undercurrent flowing through the spirit realm. The higher echelons of various clans frequently gathered together in discussion. These clans were normally well informed and could predict when something disastrous was about to occur, but they still remained apprehensive as they began to put safeguards in place.

As the frontmost area for the human and demon races, Deep Heaven City was able to sense any strange changes. At the very least, the cultivators patrolling on the outside could sense this vast chance as well.

One day, floating above a swamp, a squad of cultivators were slowly flying forward.

An old man with a short beard wore azure armor flew among them, leading the group of ten black-armored cultivators.

Be the old man or the black armored guards, they all wore heavy expressions. With the Foreign Spirit Plate in hand, they continued to look around them as if they feared something could attack them at any time.

The squad didn’t see anything after carefully flying for two hours, but then one of the guard’s plates began to drone.

Despite its soft sound, everyone immediately looked at it with shock.

A large man with the fierce expression looked at the white light shining on his companion’s Foreign Spirit Plate and couldn't help but shout, “We’ve discovered another foreign being! This happens too frequently. What tricks are they up to? Do their spies not fear death to come onto our border. Two of our members already died in the last battle.”

A middle-aged woman shorted and coldly said, “We’re still better off. I heard that half a year ago the fourth squad encountered a being from the Cave Hollow Tribe. As a result, most of them died, including their captain.”

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