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The green wyrm naturally sensed what Han Li was doing, and its brows furrowed as it suddenly asked its disciple a few questions.

After hearing the answers to those questions, the green wyrm's expression darkened even further.

Right at this moment, a swath of golden light skirted around from another direction, appearing beside the green wyrm after just a few flashes. The golden light then receded to reveal the fatso, as well as the miniature humanoid figure, who was hovering above his head in a calm manner.

"Brother Ming, are you really going to let that brat go? If he reports what we were doing here to the Heavenly Guards, it could prove to be slightly troublesome to us," the miniature humanoid figure asked.

"It's just as you say; the situation in that case would only be a little troublesome for us, so why would I go to so much effort just to rid myself of a minor inconvenience? Searching for treasures on the Spirit Land of others isn't a big deal anyway, and we were only keeping this a secret beforehand due to the resounding reputation of Master Thousand Treasure. Besides, we haven't even found any treasures, so what we did here matters even less. Unless there's a conflict of interest involved, I have no intention of making those ascended cultivators my enemy. Furthermore, I heard from my disciple that this brat is familiar with Zhao Wugui. Heavenly Guard Zhao himself isn't much to fear, but his master is Lei Luo the Enlightened from the panel of elders. Hehe, if you don't want to let this brat escape, I'd be willing to lend you a hand, though," the green wyrm said in a cold voice.

"I have no vendetta against that brat, so why would I do that? Seeing as there are no treasures here, I'll be taking my leave now. I'll be sure to visit you in person when I have some spare time," the miniature humanoid figure replied with a sly chuckle.

He then cupped his fist in a parting salute before transforming into a streak of golden light, sweeping up the fatso and disappearing into the distance without so much as a second glance at the spatial storm.

"Hmph, that old bastard was clearly swindled by that brat and was forced to take him. Now, he's trying to coax me into killing that Han brat so he can use me as a weapon. Does he think I'm a naive child? Hmph! Let's go, my disciple. Seeing as a spatial storm has appeared here, the attention of Deep Heaven City's enforcement squad would definitely be drawn to this place. Even though they won't be able to get here so quickly from Deep Heaven City, it's not entirely impossible that there could just so happen to be Heavenly Guards nearby. It'll be quite troublesome if we were to bump into them. Not only did we not secure the treasures we're looking for this time, this avatar of mine has sustained some substantial damage; what a stroke of ill-fortune!" the green wyrm harrumphed coldly after the streak of golden light disappeared into the distance.

The wyrm's body then elongated before flying toward another direction as a streak of green light.

His disciple hurriedly followed suit as a streak of blue light.

After those two streaks of light also disappeared into the distance, there were no sounds to be heard in the surrounding area aside from the rumbling erupting from the spatial storm.

At this moment, Han Li was situated within the hall of his cave abode, inspecting the silver screen of light before him with his arms crossed.

After verifying that the two Spatial Tempering cultivators had indeed left his Spirit Land, he heaved a long sigh of relief.

Now, there was only a massive yellow speck of light flashing erratically and incessantly on the silver screen.

That speck of light as naturally none other than the spatial storm detected by the Myriad Dragon Beads.

Han Li's situation was different from those of Old Devil Ming and the others; those people could just leave without a second thought, but he had to stay and monitor this spatial storm in case it destroyed his plot of Spirit Land.

Thankfully, he had accumulated extensive experience in such areas from his journey through the spatial node, so he knew that spatial storms of this nature generally wouldn't rage on for too long.

As expected, after about two hours, the speck of yellow light on the light screen gradually began to dim. After another 15 minutes, it had completely disappeared.

Han Li heaved a long sigh of relief upon seeing this.

He then cast a final glance at the screen of light, yet just as he was about to deactivate this formation spell that expended a vast number of spirit stones, he suddenly caught sight of something, and his expression changed drastically.

At the spot where the yellow speck of light had disappeared, a grey speck of light had replaced it.

This speck of light was far smaller than the yellow one and appeared to be extremely feeble, as if it could fizzle out at any moment. However, as soon as the grey speck of light appeared, it immediately began to move toward a certain direction.

Han Li was astonished to see this, and he couldn't just sit still and watch any longer.

Could it be that a wisp of that devil's soul escaped from the spatial storm? Even though he wasn’t sure just what this Jadebone Humanoid Devil was, the fact that even Spatial Tempering cultivators were scrambling to get away from it was a clear indication of just how fearsome it was. If it were still situated somewhere nearby, then there would be no end to his troubles.

From the speck of grey light on the silver screen, Han Li could tell that the thing that had escaped possessed extremely feeble spiritual pressure, which indicated that it was severely injured. As such, it shouldn't be very difficult to kill.

With that in mind, Han Li had arrived at a decision. He rose to his feet and left his cave abode as a streak of azure light, heading directly toward the location where the spatial storm had disappeared.

Moments later, he had arrived in the air above where the spatial storm once was.

As expected, the spatial storm had indeed disappeared. The small mountain had also disappeared along with it, leaving a massive crater over 1,000 feet in radius in its place.

Han Li skirted around the crater for a couple of laps but didn't detect anything amiss.

His brows furrowed as he stopped and hovered in mid-air before closing his eyes.

He released his powerful spiritual sense, which was not inferior to that of a Spatial Tempering cultivator, to encompass the surrounding area in a radius of over 500 kilometers, carefully searching through every single inch of land.

After just a short while, Han Li abruptly opened his eyes as a peculiar look appeared on his face.

After a brief moment of contemplation, he let loose a long cry, upon which brilliant azure light erupted from his body. He then shot forth toward a certain direction as a streak of azure light.

The azure streak of light only traveled for close to 200 kilometers before stopping in the air above a lush forest.

The light receded to reveal Han Li standing in mid-air with his hands clasped behind his back. Blue light then flashed through his eyes as he cast his gaze downward.

All of a sudden, he harrumphed coldly before grabbing the air down below with one hand.

An azure hand of light appeared beneath him, grabbing down toward a certain spot in the forest.

The hand emitted bursts of ringing sounds and even though it was only around 10 feet in size, it encompassed an area of over 100 feet down below, creating quite an intimidating sight to behold!

A streak of grey light suddenly shot forth from the forest beneath the azure hand before fleeing toward another direction.

Han Li seemed to have anticipated this, and he quickly raised his other hand to flick his five fingers toward the grey light.

Five red threads immediately flashed forth from his fingertips before disappearing into space.

In the next instant, the red threads reappeared before rapidly binding themselves around the ball of green light.

The grey light immediately began to swell and shrink erratically as if it were trying to break free. However, Han Li had already made a hand seal as scorching crimson flames erupted from the five fiery threads, completely engulfing the grey light.

Anguished cries erupted from within the grey light and it seemed to be very feeble as it was completely eradicated by the crimson flames, revealing a pristine white object.

Han Li raised his eyebrows as he waved a hand downward expressionlessly. The flames on the surface of the object immediately receded, and it was forcibly drawn into Han Li's grasp.

Han Li focused his gaze on the object to find that it was a white bony hand with golden runes faintly shimmering over its surface.

He could tell from a single glance that this was one of the Jadebone Humanoid Devil's hands, but it was only at the size of a normal hand now.

Han Li carefully inspected the bone hand with his spiritual sense and his Brightsight Spirit Eyes, and the discoveries he made were quite astounding to him.

His spiritual sense revealed to him that this object was a treasure, and quite a powerful one at that. Meanwhile, his spirit eyes informed him that this as indeed the skeleton of a human hand.

This was a peculiar treasure that had been refined using human bones!

The grey light that was adhered to the surface of the treasure was a hint of spiritual nature, but it had been easily eradicated by Han Li's Fire Spirit Threads.

As such, this treasure was now nothing more than an inanimate object.

Most importantly, there was a white jade badge around an inch in size hidden within the thumb of this skeletal hand.

There was silver light shimmering on the badge, and there were also many glimmering silver runes carved on its surface, all of which were in the beveled silver text.

Han Li was able to quickly ascertain that this was one of the 72 outer pages of the Golden Jade Tome. Furthermore, it was a complete page, rather than a half-page like the one already in Han Li's possession.

Upon rough assessment, Han Li was able to decipher that this page seemed to include information regarding tool refinement.

Even though Han Li appeared to be quite calm and collected, he was ecstatic that he had stumbled across such a treasure.

However, now wasn't the time to carefully inspect the page of the Golden Jade Tome.

Spiritual light flashed several times in quick succession within Han Li's hands as he plastered a few restriction talismans onto the skeletal hand. He then carefully placed it into a jade box before immediately departing from the scene, returning directly to his cave abode.

Unbeknownst to Han Li, he had made an extremely wise decision in departing from that area so quickly.

Not only after he had snuck back into his cave abode, a formation suddenly appeared out of thin air above the spot where the spatial storm had once raged. Brilliant white light flashed as a shimmering golden ark emerged.

The ark was carrying two golden-armored Heavenly Guards, one with bushy brows and a cloth crown on his head, while the other was quite slender with a pair of thin delicate brows.

They were, respectively, a middle-aged man and a beautiful female cultivator.

"This is definitely the location that showed up on the All-Encompassing Disk. From the looks of the residual spatial fluctuations, the spatial storm appeared to have been quite a small-scale one and could've just been the result of a rare natural phenomenon."

"Hmm, it did indeed appear to be a rather small and relatively harmless spatial storm, and it seemed to have only lasted a short time. Otherwise, it would've done more than just raze that small mountain to the ground." The male cultivator nodded in response while examining everything in the surrounding area with his spiritual sense.

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