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Brilliant yellow light radiated from Spirit Lord Huang Liang's Nascent Soul, and the small green sword in its hand abruptly shot forth.

Green light flashed, and the small sword transformed into a peculiar spirit beast with the head of a falcon, the body of a horse, and a pair of azure feathered wings. The spirit beast opened its mouth before pouncing toward the giant with ferocious might.

The Nascent Soul then pointed a finger at the massive white seal that was hovering in the sky.

In response, the seal began to rotate rapidly, transforming into a white smoky projection at the Nascent Soul's behest.

All of a sudden, countless rays of light of different colors converged toward the massive seal, making its already astonishing stature expand even further. In just the span of a few breaths, the seal had swelled to several times its original size, seemingly filling up almost the entire sky.

Huan Tianqi also stopped several hundred feet away from the giant. He raised both hands and two balls of grey lightning surfaced at once amid a burst of rumbling thunderclaps.

A massive grey blade several tens of feet in length then abruptly appeared.

It didn't appear to be anything special, but the difference in power between this blade and the blade Huan Tianqi had employed earlier was night and day.

Huan Tianqi glared coldly at the giant before suddenly waving a hand toward the massive moth that had been hovering above him this entire time.

The moth immediately spread its wings, transforming into the streak of iridescent light that disappeared into the giant blade in the blink of an eye.

Immediately thereafter, a cold sinister light began to emanate from the giant blade, following which he slowly slashed it toward the giant's waist.

A mesmerizing thin line shot forth in a flash.

Even though the giant wasn't very intelligent, it could sense that it was in grave danger from these two devastating attacks unleashed by Spirit Lord Huang Liang and Huan Tianqi.

It tilted its head back and let loose an almighty roar as white light abruptly flashed from its eye. A glistening white ball shot forth from within, transforming into a ball of white light that managed to keep the peculiar azure-winged spirit beast at bay.

Immediately thereafter, crimson light flashed and a burst of powerful light erupted from its eye, clashing directly with the oncoming vibrant thin line.

A peculiar scene then ensued!

After the thin line and the crimson light came into contact with one another, no explosive boom erupted as a result. Instead, the clash was completely silent before the two became locked in an intense impasse.

In response to the massive white seal crashing down from above, the projection of a small mountain appeared around the stone club in the giant's hand, and it hurled the club directly at Spirit Lord Huang Liang.

It then clenched its hands into massive fists, causing the anacondlike veins beneath its skin to bulge as it lashed out at the massive seal in the sky in a vicious strike.

It was going to rely on its insane strength to take on the gargantuan seal with its bare hands.

An earthshattering boom erupted, and incandescent light erupted from the seal. Even Han Li couldn't help but close his eyes in the face of such scintillating light as he spectated from above.

He then felt an astonishing wave of energy surging toward him, causing the air around him to churn violently and threatening to sweep him away.

Han Li's heart jolted with shock as he immediately circulated his magic power to stabilize his body.

When he opened his eyes again and looked down, he was flabbergasted by what he saw.

A dense yellow cloud had appeared beneath him, completely obscuring the three combatants within.

Han Li hesitated momentarily before slowly releasing his spiritual sense into the cloud. He could hear the enraged roar of the Cyclops Giant intermingled with the deranged cackles of Huan Tianqi ringing out from within the cloud. This was interspersed by bursts of resounding explosions, and the entire cloud itself was also churning and surging violently.

Spirit Lord Huang Liang remained silent throughout this entire process. Perhaps he was at a critical juncture of preparing a technique and couldn't divert his attention or simply couldn't be bothered to speak as he believed that this battle was already won.

Han Li's heart stirred as he cast his gaze toward the transparent shadow in the distance, only to find that it had disappeared.

A contemplative look appeared in Han Li's eyes as he directed his attention to the yellow cloud down below again.

A resounding bloodcurdling cry erupted from within the yellow cloud, following by an earthshaking thump that made the entire valley quake violently, as if something absolutely colossal had fallen to the ground.

All of the sounds within the cloud abruptly cut off.

A peculiar look flashed through Han Li's eyes as he made a hand seal and began to descend from above.

At the same time, Huan Tianqi's triumphant laughter erupted from within the yellow cloud.

"It's a good thing that this idiot didn't have much intelligence. Otherwise, we wouldn't have been able to take care of it so quickly. That Spirit Tribe traitor must've been devoured by it; let me slice open its body and see just what the Spirit Tribe traitor was carrying with it."

"I'll leave you to it, then, Brother Huan. I've restricted that Setting Sun Crystal as well, and I'll be handing that over to you shortly," Spirit Lord Huang Liang replied.

The yellow finally gradually receded to reveal everything that was taking place down below.

The Cyclops Giant's body was riddled with wounds, and it was lying in a river of green blood. An arm and a leg were lying beside it, seemingly having been forcibly dismembered.

Its massive head had also been completely pulverized, and less than half of its remained.

There was also a gargantuan hole at the center of its chest, the edges of which had been entirely charred black. It appeared that it had been struck by some kind of Yang-attribute treasure, destroying its heart in one fell swoop.

That was most likely the lethal blow.

Huan Tianqi had already reverted back to his human form, and aside from the fact that his face appeared a little pale, he didn't appear to have been wounded at all.

At present, he was manipulating a white flying saber to slice open the giant's gargantuan lower abdomen.

Meanwhile, Spirit Lord Huang Liang was fiddling around with a white crystal ball, wearing a faint smile on his face as he did so.

The crystal ball was none other than the Setting Sun Crystal within the giant's body, but Spirit Lord Huang Liang seemed to have cast some used some kind of technique to shrink it down dramatically.

"Back when we were last in the primordial world, I recall that we'd slain a Two-Eyed Giant. That one was much more difficult to kill than this one. Direct confrontations with primordial giants really should be avoided if possible. They're not like other ancient beasts or heavenly spirit beasts; even with such massive bodies, there's nothing useful to be procured. Killing one expends a lot of energy, but you gain nothing from it," Huan Tianqi sighed as he continued to slice through the giant's stomach.

"Of course. Under normal circumstances, we certainly wouldn't go around provoking giants in the primordial world. However, it may not necessarily be correct to say that we'll gain nothing from killing giants. I recall that Divine Wolf Celestial Kui of the seven Demon Monarchs once slew a Seven-Headed Giant and found a small clump of Myriad Dawn Soil, thereby allowing it to refine the Myriad Dawn Demon Tower on the Chaotic Roll. Only then was it able to become one of the Demon Monarchs," Spirit Lord Huang Liang disagreed with a shake of his head.

"That's true. Primordial giants like to devour just about anything, so it's indeed possible to find some valuable treasures within their bodies. However, the chances of that happening are far too low; who would fight a giant in the primordial world just to enter a lottery? In particular, primordial giants are normally pack-dwelling creatures. Have you forgotten that after we slew that Two-Eyed Giant, we were almost forced to jump into the ocean to escape the Three-Headed Giant that came after us?" A wry smile appeared on Huan Tianqi as he recalled those memories.

Spirit Lord Huang Liang also chuckled upon the recollection of these past events, and he didn't say anything further.

After slicing through a certain section of the giant's body, a pile of stuff suddenly fell out.

Everything else was already completely dull and lusterless with the exceptions of a blue jade bowl and a translucent red vial, both of which were still radiating rays of spiritual light.

The blue jade bowl was emanating a layer of faint blue light that just so happened to be shielding the small vial within.

"This should be it." Huan Tianqi immediately identified the blue jade bowl as the true body of an Artifact Spirit Tribe being.

However, the spiritual nature of the bowl had completely faded, clearly indicating that the Artifact Spirit Tribe being had fallen.

The Spirit Tribe traitor had clearly given his life to protect that small vial, so it was most likely the object that they were looking for.

An elated look appeared on Huan Tianqi's face, yet just as he was about to reach out toward the small vial, Spirit Lord Huang Liang's expression suddenly changed drastically as he yelled, "Look out!"

Huan Tianqi was an immensely powerful being in his own right, and he sensed an extremely well-concealed sneak attack aimed toward him from the shadows almost at the exact moment that Spirit Lord Huang Liang had cried out.

In a fit of shock and rage, he didn't have time to do anything other than stomp a foot violently into the ground, catapulting himself straight into the air while a streak of crimson light glanced past the soles of his feet.

A humanoid figure that was around a foot in size suddenly appeared nearby before abruptly reaching toward the small vial.

"Don't you dare!" Spirit Lord Huang Liang let loose an enraged roar as he flicked his 10 fingers rapidly toward the humanoid figure.

A dozen or so yellow streaks of sword Qi immediately swept forth, but he was clearly too late.

The humanoid figure gave a triumphant laugh before sucking the small vial into his grasp. His body then swayed, and he flew away as a crimson cloud.

"Xu Tian! You're not getting away!" Have just barely evaded that attack that would've sliced him in half, Huan Tianqi circled around in mid-air and was furious after identifying his assailant.

Spatial fluctuations suddenly proliferated from above the crimson cloud as a massive moth around 10 feet in size appeared at his behest. The moth's green eyes flashed as it immediately flapped its wings downward without any hesitation.

A burst of seven-colored mist immediately descended toward the crimson cloud.

The cloud seemed to be extremely wary of the colorful mist, as indicated by the fact that it was unwilling to come into contact with the mist, skirting around it instead as it fled toward another direction.

However, during this split-second delay, the dozen or so streaks of yellow sword Qi unleashed by Spirit Lord Huang Liang were already upon him. Spirit Lord Huang Liang himself was also charging toward him as a streak of yellow light.

Xu Tian's heart jolted upon seeing this.

Right at this moment, a familiar voice suddenly sounded in his ear. "Master Xu Tian, give the divine blood to me! I'm using a concealment technique, and I'll be able to get the divine blood out of this place!"

Xu Tian faltered slightly upon hearing this, but he was quickly overjoyed.

The one who had been spectating the battle with him up above was indeed Shi Yan!

Xu Tian had an ability that allowed him to fainty detect the presence of one of his brethren nearby, but he couldn't be sure if there was actually someone there, and nor was he able to determine who it was.

However, the familiar voice answered all of the questions in his heart.

He raised on hand to defend himself against the oncoming streak of sword Qi, while the small vial appeared out of nowhere in his other hand amid a flash of spiritual light.

He flicked his wrist through the air, and the small crimson vial shot forth toward the direction where the voice had come from.

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