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He discovered that the colossal pillars that had appeared on either side of the pond were merely fingers on the hands of the two gargantuan creatures that had just appeared. Now, a pair of those enormous hands were slowly extending upward from within the soil.

The water in the Scorching Light Pond had somehow disappeared, and at the center of the pond, a giant eyeball around 20 feet in size appeared. The eyeball slowly rolled around before emitting a sinister light.

Han Li shuddered upon seeing this, and his face immediately paled as he recalled a vastly renowned race within the Spirit Realm.

He immediately sped up, flying up into the air without any hesitation.

However, he was unable to fly all that quickly anyway due to the limitations of his incomplete High Zenith Invisibility Talisman.

The young woman and the three identical young men hadn't noticed all of this yet, but they were also struck by a sense of indescribable peril.

The young woman harrumphed coldly before opening her mouth to expel a crimson handkerchief. She then raised a hand, and an azure wyrm of light that was around 10 feet in size appeared before circling around her body. It was an extremely profound azure flying saber.

The handkerchief rose up above her head, then transformed into a red barrier of light that shielded her body within.

Meanwhile, the three young men made hand seals in unison as faint silver light emanated from their bodies. The three balls of light then combined as one to create a large ball of silver light that inundated all three of them at once.

After adopting these defensive measures, the four demonic cultivators were immediately greeted by the sight of the ground down below in a radius of close to 10,000 feet splitting open at once amid an earthshattering boom.

The massive eyeball at the bottom of the pond blinked, following which the Setting Sun Crystal in mid-air descended rapidly before disappearing into the eye.

A mountainous creature then slowly sat up from the ground.

From his vantage point, Han Li was able to see everything.

The gargantuan creature was several thousand feet tall, and most of its body was covered in greyish-yellow soil as it raised both arms into the air. It was an unfathomably massive living being!

If it weren't for the fact that Han Li had seen demon spirits like the Rahu and the Heavenroaming Kun Peng in the human world, he would struggle to believe that something so massive could exist in this world.

The giant was only wearing a loincloth made from some type of unknown beast hide, and it had a single gargantuan eye on its head.

The eye was slightly caved in on the giant's face, and it was none other than the depression created by the eye that had given rise to the pond.

Aside from that, the giant had a hideous nose and a long mouth that extended almost from ear to ear. As it opened its mouth, sharp white teeth could be seen within.

The giant hadn't completely stood up. It had only sat up while the lower half of its body was still buried deep in the ground.

It was looking at the four demonic cultivators in the air with no hint of expression whatsoever in its single eye.

"Impossible! This is a primordial giant! Run! This is not something we can handle," the young woman immediately exclaimed after finally realizing what they were dealing with here.

She finally understood why City Lord Lan had fled without any regard for Tou Tuo's life. He must've identified the signs in advance and fled for his life.

The young woman immediately made a hand seal without any hesitation. The red light barrier around her body rapidly rotated before shattering into shards of red light, while the young woman herself abruptly disappeared.

However, her lithe and graceful figure resurfaced in the air 500 to 600 feet away amid a flash of red light.

The three young men were also stunned by the sight of the giant, and only after witnessing the young woman escape did they return to their senses, preparing to unleash a movement technique that would take them away from this terrifying creature.

However, right at this moment, the cyclops giant suddenly opened its mouth, and a strange sound rang out from within its throat as a burst of enormous suction force erupted from within. The three young men could feel themselves being sucked toward the giant's mouth, and they hurriedly made hand seals as they tried to resist with all their might.

Unfortunately for them, this was a fearsome being that even Deity Transformation cultivators like the young woman and City Lord Lan had to flee from, so three Nascent Soul cultivators were certainly not going to be able to resist its power.

Thus, the three demonic cultivators were forcibly drawn toward the giant's cavernous mouth, and only then were they truly struck by shock and horror.

One of the young men immediately transformed into a massive silver wolf that was several tens of feet in length.

The wolf let loose a desperate howl, and the other two young men immediately flew into its body as streaks of silver light.

Azure and red light immediately began to shimmer on either side of the wolf's head as a couple of smaller azure and red wolf heads emerged.

The three wolf heads let loose a long howl in unison, following which silver, red, and azure light erupted from their respective mouths, instantly infusing themselves into the silver protective light barrier around them.

Even though their momentum hadn't been completely arrested as a result, they managed to slow themselves down significantly.

In the face of such a dire situation, the three demonic cultivators had finally combined once again to revert back to their Cerberus wolf form.

Han Li's heart stirred slightly as he witnessed this from up above, and the image of a graceful figure suddenly appeared in his mind. However, he heaved a faint sigh to expel this image before focusing his attention on the events unfolding down below again.

Seeing as the pond was a product of the giant's eye, then it was very likely to be the case that the Spirit Tribe traitor had already been devoured by the giant.

Furthermore, according to what he knew about primordial giants, all of them possessed extremely low levels of intelligence and took pleasure in devouring any being from other races, so there was no way that it would be able to identify divine blood. As such, the vial containing the divine blood was most likely contained within the giant's body.

That was very troublesome.

Even though primordial giants were severely lacking in intelligence, once they grew to maturity, they'd attain abilities comparable to that of early-Spatial Tempering beings. Furthermore, with their brilliant aptitudes, they could even stand up against a Body Integration Stage being.

It was said that there was a legendary breed of Thousand-Eyed Giants that could even hold their own against true heavenly spirits like dragons and phoenixes.

Han Li was feeling rather hesitant, but he was also quite reluctant to give up on this opportunity.

At this moment, the three heads of the Cerberus wolf blasted out several treasures to try and break free from the suction force.

However, as soon as those treasures emerged, they were swept into the giant's cavernous mouth by a series of silver runes, rendering them completley useless.

Thus, the Cerberus wolf could hold on arduously by expending its own magic power, but its body was still slowly traveling toward the giant's mouth.

Even though the giant wolf was blasting out three-colored light with all its might, it was still unable to escape this suction force.

Even so, the giant was still getting rather impatient. It suddenly raised a colossal palm before swatting at the Cerberus wolf as if it were taking a swing at a fly.

A massive black shadow fell from the sky, enshrouding the body of the demonic wolf. Before it had even reached the wolf, the winds being swept up by the gargantuan palm were causing the barriers of light around the wolf demon's body to quiver and waver, threatening to destroy the barriers at any moment.

If the fearsome palm were to actually strike the wolf, the latter would definitely be crushed into mincemeat.

Unfortunately for the demonic wolf, it had been completely immobilized by the enormous suction force acting upon its body.

Despair appeared in the eyes of all three wolf heads. Just as the gargantuan hand was about to grab onto the Cerberus wolf, an abrupt turn of events suddenly struck.

Yellow light flashed near the massive wolf, and a thin and frail figure appeared from thin air before immediately throwing his fists through the air.

It was none other than Huan Tianqi, the young man from the demon race.

One of his fists was aimed at the oncoming massive palm, while the other had been thrown directly at the Cerberus wolf.

Piercing spiritual light erupted from his fists, following which two balls of yellow light shot forth.

A couple of resounding booms erupted as one of the balls of light clashed the gargantuan palm, but was only able to slow it down minutely before the ball of light was destroyed. Meanwhile, the other balls of light struck the barriers around the demonic wolf's body, forcibly launching it through the air like an arrow, thereby allowing it to escape from the insane suction force emitting from the giant's mouth.

At this moment, the giant's hand came crashing down with devastating force, but Huan Tianqi's body merely swayed before disappearing from the spot.

In the next instant, he reappeared several hundred feet away right in front of the Cerberus wolf before gently pointing a finger toward the demonic wolf.

Specks of azure light appeared out of thin air, forming a massive azure mirror with a smooth and translucent surface in the blink of an eye.

The demonic wolf's massive body crashed into the mirror, sending ripples surging through its surface before the former was slowly rebounded away.

The demonic wolf shook its three heads to shrug off its dizziness before hurriedly extending words of gratitude to its savior. "Thank you for saving my life, Senior Huan!"

"If you're alright now, then hurry up and get out of here; this is not something that you can handle. I didn't think that there would be a primordial giant here; looks like it must've been lying dormant in this valley before the three human regions were founded. Otherwise, there's no way that it would've been able to sneak into this place."

A ball of white light then flashed in the air nearby, and a white-robed man appeared with his hands clasped behind his back. The man was none other than Spirit Lord Huang Liang, and he looked on with narrowed eyes at the colossal creature up ahead with a solemn expression on his face.

"Hmph, that must indeed have been the case. Otherwise, unless the guards stationed at the entrances to the three regions were blind, there's no way that they would've missed such a gargantuan creature. Thankfully, it's only a Cyclops Giant, and it must have been severely wounded for it to be lying dormant in this valley. If we join forces, we should be able to kill it," Huan Tianqi analyzed.

"How do we split the spoils? I heard that this giant has a massive chunk of Setting Sun Crystal on its body; that's a superb material for refining Yang-attribute spirit treasures," Spirit Lord Huang Liang mused with furrowed brows.

Huan Tianqi seemed to have already considered this in advance, and he immediately replied without any hesitation, "I'm not interested in what the Spirit Tribe traitor has, so I'll take the Setting Sun Crystal."

"Alright, you have yourself a deal. All of you look out as well. Even though those Spirit Tribe cultivators have been forced back for now, we have to be wary of them making a return." Spirit Lord Huang Liang accepted this arrangement before suddenly turning to a few humanoid figures that had just appeared in the distance.

Han Li was eavesdropping in the air above, and he also turned toward that direction.

There, he discovered that City Lord Lan and the young woman from the demon race had returned along with some other humans and demons. There was not a single Spirit Tribe being to be seen.

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