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A peculiar look appeared on Han Li's face as he looked at the silver Fire Raven, and he murmured to himself, "Should I call you Shi Yan or should I call you the Greatyin True Flame? You've already absorbed the Puresun Flame Essence, and now, you've devoured the soul of that Spirit Tribe cultivator named Shi Yao. So be it, I'll call you the Heavenly Spirit Devouring Flame. I'm lucky I converted all of my Purple Apex Flames into Greatyin True Flames while I was still in the human world. Otherwise, I would've been in a lot of trouble there."

It turned out that after Shi Yan had infiltrated Han Li's body, he was unable to devour Han Li's spiritual sense. Instead, as soon as he entered Han Li's body, the massive influx of fire spiritual power immediately awakened the Greatyin True Flame, which had temporarily gone dormant within Han Li's body due to the lack of magic power.

The flame possessed the ability to devour all things, so it immediately engaged Shi Yan in battle within Han Li's body without even necessitating an instruction from Han Li himself.

If it was just this Fire Raven alone, then it naturally wouldn't be a match for Shi Yan, who was comparable in power to a Deity Transformation cultivator.

Unfortunately for Shi Yan, Han Li was also a Deity Transformation cultivator. On top of that, he had cultivated the Great Development Technique, which made his spiritual sense even more powerful than the average mid-Deity Transformation cultivator.

As such, Shi Yan naturally stood no chance after entering Han Li's body.

Just as Shi Yan was engaged in a fierce battle with the Greatyin Fire Raven, Han Li unleashed his spiritual sense to forcibly bind Shi Yan's spiritual sense, thereby allowing the Greatyin Fire Raven to devour him alive. Even the crimson bead treasure that was his true body had been absorbed into the Greatyin Fire Raven.

This was engulfment in every sense of the world. Not only had his soul been absorbed, even his memories had been completely taken by the Fire Raven, thereby allowing it to become the Heavenly Spirit Devouring Flame that it currently was.

As such, Han Li was able to use the Fire Raven to imitate Shi Yan's aura and voice to perfection after the Spirit General's soul was devoured.

Of course, through absorbing Shi Yan's memories, Han Li also learned about the Spirit Tribe's objective for coming to the Setting Sun tomb, as well as the existence of that Spirit Tribe traitor and the drop of divine blood.

He was ecstatic upon making this discovery.

He couldn't care less about that Spirit Tribe traitor, but the so-called Spirit Tribe divine blood was something that he was very interested in.

This blood was a type of mysterious liquid that would be produced by the soul of a Holy Spirit level Spirit Tribe cultivator following death by natural causes.

If the blood were to be dripped onto any sentient object, the latter would develop intelligence and evolve to become a low-grade spirit.

Of course, the Spirit Tribe wasn't entirely created by such a method; most of them evolved on their own to become low-level spirits.

However, this divine blood was still an extremely important tool for the Spirit Tribe in their quest to maintain their population. As such, it was something that they guarded as secret treasures.

However, on this occasion, an Artifact Spirit Tribe being somehow managed to steal a vial of divine blood right under the noses of the guards before immediately contacting the human race, seemingly to offer an exchange.

If that was the extent of the story, then Han Li would be rather surprised, but he wouldn't pay much heed to it. What was tempting to him was that aside from its miraculous ability to create low-grade spirits, it also possessed many beneficial effects for human cultivators and body refinement warriors.

Cultivators could use this divine blood as an ingredient to create a type of spirit medicine known as the Blood Yang Pill. Consumption of this pill could enhance one's cultivation base to the same extent as what could be achieved by a Nascent Soul cultivator through over 100 years of arduous cultivation. For body refinement warriors, smearing this blood all over one's body could allow one to attain a secret technique known as Blood Crystal Armor.

It was said that this secret technique could enhance one's body even to an even greater extent than complete mastery of the Vajra Arts could, allowing a body refinement warrior to take no damage from any attacks below the Spatial Tempering Stage for a period of time.

However, this armor was a disposable tool that would disappear once its energy was completely exhausted.

Furthermore, if this divine blood were to be consumed by a high-grade body refinement warrior, it would be able to stimulate their spiritual sense, giving them a very high chance of immediately breaking through a cultivation bottleneck.

Of course, directly consuming divine blood was a rather risky endeavor. The lower the level of a body refinement warrior and the weaker their spiritual sense was, the greater the chance of death due to backlash from the power within the divine blood. If a body refinement warrior intended to consume this blood in order to facilitate a breakthrough, they would normally find pills like the Heavenly Heart Pill to bolster their spiritual sense before daring to ingest the blood.

Even so, it was still quite a dangerous affair. However, Han Li was ecstatic after discovering this information from Shi Yan's memories. He possessed Deity Transformation Stage spiritual sense, yet he was cultivating as a body refinement warrior, so the divine blood was perfect for him.

Han Li was confident that he would be able to eventually master the last layer of the Vajra Arts on his own, but he had no idea how long it was going to take.

Furthermore, he didn't know when his minor heavenly tribulation was going to strike, so it was naturally best for him to recover his magic power as quickly as possible.

The other reason why he decided to venture into the Chaotic Valley was because he had temporarily recovered his ability to use magic power.

Even though it was only around 60% to 70% of the magic power he had in the past, the density of the magic power he had at the height of his powers meant that this was still comparable to the magic power of the average Deity Transformation cultivator.

After the Greatyin Fire Raven had devoured Shi Yan, his pure fire-attribute spiritual power had temporarily been stored within the Fire Raven's body.

Han Li was currently spreading this spiritual power within his body and using it as his own.

It was just that this spiritual power had been attained through cultivation and was an exhaustible resource that would run out eventually. Due to the fact that it was all fire-attribute spiritual power, he was unable to utilize it as well as he would like. However, his abilities and treasures still placed him above cultivators of the same cultivation base.

Furthermore, even if he didn't use this fire-attribute spiritual power now, it would slowly seep away and disappear over time anyway. By his estimations, he would likely revert back to being a mortal within a month.

Han Li didn't want to squander this opportunity. As such, he decided to take a risk, posing as Shi Yan and following the instructions assigned to him to mingle himself with the humans in the Chaotic Valley.

Now, he had finally made it into the Chaotic Valley, and it was time for him to enact his plan.

Moments later, Han Li pointed a finger toward the Spirit Devouring Fire Raven, upon which the latter spread its wings and disappeared into a nearby rock face.

Meanwhile, Han Li flipped a hand over, and a faint yellow talisman immediately appeared between his fingers. He slapped the talisman onto himself, and brilliant yellow light erupted from his entire body. He made a hand seal, and his body swayed as he prepared to unleash his earth movement technique to burrow into the ground. However, things didn't progress as Han Li had planned.

After sinking around a foot or so into the ground, he was unable to burrow down any further. It was as if there was an invisible resistant force that prevented him from being able to descend any further.

Han Li's heart jolted upon encountering this obstacle.

It appeared that there were some peculiar features in this Chaotic Valley that he had to be wary of.

With that in mind, he hesitated momentarily before pulling out a purple talisman from his storage bracelet. There were a few silver runes shimmering on the talisman, and they were inscribed in none other than the beveled silver text that was rarely seen even in the Spirit Realm.

After assessing the copy of the Endless Sky Beast's insights and observations derived from the half-page of the Golden Jade Tome, then drawing upon his own observations, Han Li had finally managed to create this semi-immortal talisman in the human world after countless failures.

Even though this was only the simplest among the few talisman refinement methods recorded on the half-page of the tome, the materials required were still very difficult to gather in the human world.

Only after many attempts was Han Li able to find some substitute materials, thereby allowing him to refine this semi-completed talisman.

This was a concealment talisman known as the High Zenith Invisibility Talisman, and due to the fact that it was a disposable talisman, Han Li had never tried to use it before.

Now, Han Li was planning to steal the divine blood, and at his current drastically impaired cultivation base, there was no way that he would be able to hide himself effectively using his other concealment techniques. As such, he naturally immediately thought of this talisman.

After pulling out the talisman, Han Li released it from his fingertips and allowed it to flutter in the air before him without any hesitation.

The purple talisman abruptly exploded and several beveled silver text runes surfaced before dancing around Han Li.

The runes then disintegrated into clouds of silver mist that inundated Han Li in the blink of an eye.

The silver mist dissipated moments later, and Han Li had completely disappeared.

Right at this moment, several more streaks of light flew into the valley, heading directly toward Han Li. However, none of them were able to detect Han Li's presence, flying past him in a flash as if he actually didn't exist. Han Li was ecstatic to see this!

He hadn't moved a single step from his original spot, and nor had he taken any extra measures to conceal himself. However, this group of humans and demons were completely oblivious to his presence, and there was even a Deity Transformation cultivator among them. However, his current situation was rather peculiar. His entire body seemed to have transformed into some kind of transparent mist-like substance. It was as if his body had become completely formless and could be blown away by a gentle breeze. He then conducted some experiments to find that he was unable to use any secret techniques or treasures that consumed a lot of spiritual power.

That was rather disappointing to him, but it didn't matter.

He was content as long as he could conceal himself from fellow Deity Transformation cultivators.

After all, due to material constraints, this wasn't even the fully refined version of the High Zenith Invisibility Talismans, so he was already overjoyed by its miraculous abilities.

After completely mastering the content on that half-page and truly refining this talisman, such drawbacks could be avoided.

At the thought of the other types of immortal talisman refinement methods recorded on that half-page, Han Li was struck by a sense of eagerness and excitement.

However, all that would have to wait until he recovered his magic power and transcended his first minor heavenly tribulation in the Spirit Realm.

Hence, Han Li quickly focused his attention back on the task at hand and hovered into the Chaotic Valley, which was only under 100 kilometers in size. The Scorching Light Pond was the center of the entire valley, and its surroundings were completely enshrouded under grey mist. Han Li was aware of the pond's approximate location, but he didn't dare to use his spiritual sense to survey his surroundings in fear of blowing his cover.

After finally arriving at the pond, the discovered that there were already a dozen or so human and demon high-grade beings present, facing off against one another on either side of the pond.

The humans were naturally led by City Lord Lan and Tou Tuo, both of whom wore dark expressions on their faces, while the demons were led by the young woman from the Black Phoenix Race, as well as three completley identical thin young men who appeared to be triplets.

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