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Under the loud orders of Spirit Lord Huang Liang, all of the humans present were made aware of the fact that they were joining forces with the demon race to bring down the Spirit Tribe cultivators. Even though they were slightly surprised by this arrangement, none of them stated any objections.

All of a sudden, the demonic Qi up above tumbled and surged, following which a large horde of sinister-looking demon beasts as well as a dozen or so metamorphosis stage demonic cultivators revealed themselves one after the other.

Meanwhile, all of the humans had summoned their treasures and spirit tools, sending vast swaths of light rising up into the sky. Tian Ying and Huang Shi had been struck by a sense of foreboding as soon as the young man from the demon race had begun to communicate with Spirit Lord Huang Liang through voice transmission. After witnessing the events that had unfolded since then, it was quite clear to them that the humans and the demons had formed a temporary alliance.

Their expressions darkened in unison as they glanced at one another before immediately staging a retreat.

The wooden birds and massive stone giants behind them also retreated rapidly toward the entrance to the valley.

The Spirit Tribe cultivators were retreating without even putting up a fight.

This was a rather surprising turn of events for both the humans and the demons present. However, they naturally arrived at the conclusion that the Spirit Tribe cultivators had to be retreating as they knew that they were no match for their foes.

As such, their morale was instantly given a significant boost as they quickly gave chase. In the blink of an eye, the slower wooden and stone puppets that were lagging behind had been destroyed, and some of the humans and demons who had led the way from the front had already entered the valley.

They had encountered no resistance whatsoever!

The young man from the demon race and Spirit Lord Huang Liang were both rather bewildered by what they were seeing.

They had all waged battle against Spirit Tribe cultivators in the past, and they were well aware of just how resilient the Spirit Tribe cultivators were.

However, these two were simply retreating without offering up any resistance, and that was far too abnormal.

The young man's expression darkened as he hurriedly turned to Spirit Lord Huang Liang, and said, "Tell them to stop! Something's definitely wrong here!"

"Something is indeed amiss!" Spirit Lord Huang Liang nodded before taking a deep breath, then letting loose a long cry to signal a retreat.

However, right at this moment, a vast expanse of crimson light abruptly appeared over the entrance to the valley. Loud thunderclaps then erupted as a crimson lotus that was several tens of feet in size materialized amid the crimson light.

The lotus’ petals were as crimson as blood, and it was rapidly rotating in the air. As soon as the young man from the demon race caught sight of the lotus flower, he exclaimed, "This is bad; it's Profound Spirit Xu Tian!"

Even though Spirit Lord Huang Liang had never seen this crimson lotus before, he had naturally heard of the eight Profound Spirits of the Artifact Spirit Tribe, so he was also quite startled upon hearing this.

However, before the two of them could do anything, the crimson lotus suddenly transformed into a massive crimson waterfall, crashing down directly from above.

Any human or demon who came into contact with the crimson waterfall was instantly reduced to plumes of smoke.

Regardless of whether it was protective demonic Qi or defensive treasures; nothing could withstand the power of this waterfall.

In the blink of an eye, less than half of the humans and demons remained, all of whom had yet to rush into the valley. All of those who were fortunate enough to have survived wore expressions of shock and horror, and all of them had fled in retreat before Spirit Lord Huang Liang even had to let loose than long cry.

After engulfing so many humans and demons, the crimson waterfall seemed to still be dissatisfied. It came sweeping out of the valley and flooding straight toward the fleeing humans and demons.

The young man and Spirit Lord Huang Liang naturally couldn't just stand by idly and watch any longer. Both of them were furious as they sprang into action at the same time.

The young man opened his mouth, and a gust of violent grey demonic winds erupted from within. The grey winds transformed into a grey wind wyrm, flying directly toward the crimson waterfall.

Meanwhile, Spirit Lord Huang Liang harrumphed coldly as he rustled his sleeve, producing a golden Yin-Yang mirror that hovered in front of his chest. He then made a hand seal, and a pillar of golden light as thick as the diameter of a large bowl shot forth through the air.

Following bursts of resounding booms, the wind wyrm and the pillars of light struck the crimson waterfall, resulting in a massive explosion that managed to arrest its momentum.

"Haha, I didn't think I'd encounter two beings of the same level as I am in such a secluded and rural place. My apologies for not coming out to greet you two sooner. The crimson waterfall flowed backward and materialized into a crimson lotus flower again."

A humanoid figure flashed, and a Spirit Tribe man in a set of long azure robes appeared atop the lotus flower with a sharp look in his eyes.

He was none other than Xu Tian of the Artifact Spirit Tribe.

After he withdrew the crimson waterfall, the young man and Spirit Lord Huang Liang glanced at one another before also withdrawing their abilities.

Thus, the grey winds and golden pillars of light immediately disappeared. However, both of them were appraising Xu Tian with dark expressions.

Spirit Lord Huang Liang cast his gaze toward the 100 or so humans who had managed to escape that ordeal, and he discovered that even the two Nascent Soul cultivators who had accompanied him here were missing. An enraged look appeared on his face upon making this observation as he roared, "Xu Tian, how dare you attack those juniors with such reckless abandon as a Profound Spirit? Aren't you afraid that we'll do the same to the juniors of your Spirit Tribe?"

"They're just a few beings below the Nascent Soul Stage; their lives are inconsequential. Is your human race going to declare war on our Spirit Tribe over such a small matter? Besides, weren't you two about to do the same to our two Spirit Generals?" Xu Tian was not fazed by Spirit Lord Huang Liang's vehement accusations in the slightest.

At the same time, spiritual light flashed behind him and a series of other miniature humanoid figures appeared, among which included the likes of Tie Ren and Hua Guang.

The young man from the demon race and Spirit Lord Huang Liang were both surprised by their emergence, and both of them immediately began to calculate the chances of victory for their joint human and demon army.

After a short while, both of them were relieved to find that even though they had suffered severe losses at the hands of Xu Tian earlier, their combined forces still held a slight upper hand.

Spirit Lord Huang chuckled coldly, and he was just about to say something, when the young man beside him noticed that something was amiss.

"Wait, the Water Tribe cultivator from the Five-Elemental Spirit Tribe is missing! They're trying to stall for time here!"

Spirit Lord Huang Liang was immediately enlightened upon hearing this, and the veins on his forehead bulged with fury as he waved a hand through the air. Pillars of golden light shot forth once again from the mirror hovering in front of his chest, and the young man from the demon race also unleashed his grey demonic winds in unison.

As for the other demons and humans, all of them were being led on a collective assault by the young woman in palatial robes and City Lord Lan.

They were not fearful of their Spirit Tribe foes in the slightest.

Spiritual light and sword Qi streaked through the air as those stone giants and green wooden birds rushed out of the valley once again.

The wooden birds flapped their wings and countless green arrows shot forth. Meanwhile, the massive stone giants raised their hands, and balls of light as large as water tanks came crashing down from above.

A fierce battle immediately ensued.

At this moment, the crimson lotus up head transformed into a river of blood once against as it surged into the sky. Spirit Lord Huang Liang and the young man also rose into the air as they hurriedly unleashed their abilities.

In terms of cultivation base, all three were at a comparable level.

However, Xu Tian was a Profound Spirit who had existed in the Spirit Realm for countless years. As such, both his battle experience and abilities were far superior to those of his opponents.

In a one-on-one battle, neither Spirit Lord Huang Liang nor the young man from the demon race would be a match for Xu Tian.

However, both of them were also well aware of this, so they immediately teamed up to combat Xu Tian together. In doing so, they managed to gain a slight upper hand over their opponent. All of a sudden, a crimson river intertwined with grey winds and golden light up above, while incessant explosions rang out on the battlefield down below.

A blue streak of light flashed through the air as a massive sword of light came crashing down, destroying a dozen or so massive stone giants in one fell swoop.

Meanwhile, a massive crimson hand appeared among the Spirit Tribe forces, descending toward the humans and demons with devastating might. Several human cultivators didn't have enough time to evade and fell into the grasp of the crimson hand, where they were incinerated into ashes.

One of the humans in the battle flew into a thunderous rage upon seeing this. He made a hand seal and his body swelled drastically, transforming him into a giant that was over 100 feet tall. He brandished a pair of glistening black iron fists before swinging them viciously through the air.

This was none other than the brawny man with the Jin surname, and as a top-grade body refinement warrior, he had unleashed a secret technique to drastically increase his own size and strength.

Several gusts of black wind erupted from his fist like giant black pythons, howling through the air with immense power. All of the wooden birds and stone giants were forced to take evasive measures in the face of his brutal attacks.

However, at the same time, a loud roar erupted from among the ranks of the Spirit Tribe, and a silver humanoid figure suddenly began to expand at an alarming rate.

Soon, a silver humanoid figure that was even bigger than the black giant had appeared among the Spirit Tribe Army.

This was none other than Tie Ren from the Metal Spirit Tribe.

The ground tremored violently as the silver humanoid figure rushed over to the black giant before swinging his gargantuan silver fists wildly through the air.

The black giant was unwilling to back down, and he retaliated with his own fists.

A series of earthshattering booms immediately erupted as a result of their exchanges of blows. All of the humans and demons nearby felt as if they were being deafened by the commotion, and all of them hurriedly sped away from the battlefield between the two giants.

All of the other Spirit Tribe cultivators and demonic cultivators were also beginning to reveal their abilities.

A black flaming phoenix suddenly shot forth from within the demon beasts, sending black flames sweeping through the air that incinerated over 100 wooden birds into ashes.

The black phoenix then swayed as it abruptly disappeared. However, in the next instant, it re-emerged at the entrance to the Chaotic Valley before revealing itself to be the young woman in palatial robes amid a loud phoenix cry.

As soon as she reappeared, she immediately flew into the valley as a streak of black light without any hesitation.

City Lord Lan was struck by an overwhelming sense of urgency upon seeing this.

He took a deep breath and the seven shimmering blue flying swords around him suddenly unleashed over 100 streaks of sword Qi toward the stone giants that were attempting to keep him at bay. Thus, he managed to carve out a path for himself, and he also flew into the Chaotic Valley as a streak of blue light.

The seven or eight humans and demons nearby also took advantage of this opportunity to fly into the valley after them.

The last of them to enter the valley was a young man whose entire body was enshrouded by red light; it was none other than Han Li.

Even though he possessed no magic power in his current state, he was somehow able to summon powerful fire spiritual Qi that allowed him to fly into the valley at an alarming speed.

As soon as Han Li entered the valley, he immediately discovered why this place was known as the Chaotic Valley.

The sky up above, the ground down below, and all of the mountains were of a murky grey color, as if a permanent grey veil had enshrouded the entire valley.

Han Li abruptly came to a halt.

He looked on at the humans and demons flying deeper into the valley, and he narrowed his eyes as he abruptly made a hand seal. Immediately thereafter, he opened his mouth to blast forth a ball of silver flames.

A crisp cry erupted from within the fireball before it transformed into a Fire Raven that was roughly a foot in size, circling around Han Li's body in an agile manner.

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