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Knowing that Han Li’s foot was injured, Zhang Tie brought food into his room and began to prepare a meal for the both of them.

Han Li noticed that the inside of his room was a bit messy, so he fixed the chair and moved the table. He busied himself like this for a while until the food was ready to serve. Inside his heart, he laughed at the ridiculousness of it but was touched by Zhang Tie’s actions.

The two of the sat next to each other and began to talk about their lives in the sect.  After a while, they began eating and discussed the various tips they had picked up recently.

When Han Li brought up the Way of the Armored Elephant, Zhang Tie looked gloomy.

Although Zhang Tie had practiced it to the first layer, he still experienced much pain in his training, often at the hands of Doctor Mo. Sometimes he would also be called over to beat him to strengthen his skin and afterwards take a bath in some smelly medicinal juices. This smelly bath was supposed to strengthen and temper his bones and muscles.

Practicing this cruel method left him unable to sleep because by the end of the day his body would be red and swollen. Any contact with anything, even the bed, would make him grimace in pain.

As he described it, it was truly a terrible nightmare.

Zhang Tie was very envious of Han Li, whose training revolved solely around the chant..

He thought that Han Li was like a Buddhist monk, living a simple life of meditation and reciting chants. Hearing this, Han Li couldn’t say anything back at all.

Zhang Tie already feared the future layers of the Way of the Armored Elephant. Though Han Li knew that Zhang Tie was in pain, there was no way he could understand what he was going through without having experienced it himself. That such an experience would be several times worse than any pain he had ever felt in his life made him restless and worried.

But the simple fact that Zhang Tie had persisted and didn’t give up already earned Han Li’s reverence.

If he were to switch with Zhang Tie, it would be unlikely he would be able to practice such a tyrannical martial art.  Even if training in it made him a peak level master he still wouldn’t do it.

The two continued to discuss martial skills until dinner was finished, when Zhang Tie cleaned up. When he left the room, he told Han Li to relax and let his injured foot recover.

Han Li watched from the doorway as Zhang Tie left before returning to his own room. He tightly closed the door and only left a sliver of the window open. He took out the bottle from the bag and began to study it once more.

Since Han Li was only a ten year old child, he was always looking for interesting things to do. However, after looking at the unchanging bottle for so long, he soon grew bored. Not to mention his leg injury was also making him a bit tired. So he unwittingly put the bottle on his bedside and slipped into unconsciousness.

Han Li was unaware of how long he was asleep, but he somehow felt a strong impression of a fragrant smell while he slept. Suddenly, he became aware of a cold feeling coming from his hand.

Han Li shivered and with great difficulty opened his eyes. In a dazed stupor, he looked at his hand.

What he saw shocked him so much that any sleepiness he felt instantly vanished and his mouth gaped, without him noticing the drool on it from his sleep. He watched the scene unfolding before him with complete attentiveness.

A thread of white light emanated out from the only opening in the window and from the room’s skylight abruptly. It gathered in the bottle in his hand and took the shape of a single white grain as the bottle emanated a faint white light.

This white light was exceedingly soft and wasn’t too dazzling. The bottle felt warm, however.

Han Li gulped down his saliva and roused himself. All of a sudden, he tossed the bottle away as if it was burning hot and quickly scrambled away to a corner in the room.  

He vigilantly watched the bottle from afar, and after seeing nothing he carefully got back up.

The light surrounding the bottle made it look quite beautiful and gave it a sort of mysterious color.

Han Li hesitated for a moment and then poked the bottle. After nothing happened, he carefully picked it up. He placed it on a table and scrutinized it.

Han Li unblinkingly focused on the white light surrounding the bottle for many minutes.

This bottle was absorbing some of the white light that was hanging around it and the energy flowed into the interior of the bottle. No, it could not be said that it was absorbing the light. Upon closer inspection, it looked as if the light itself was trying to cram inside the bottle as fast as it could and seemed alive.

Han Li was a little curious and touched the mass of light.

Cold! This coldness was unusual and really couldn’t be found in other places.

Han Li raised his head and kept watching.

The white light incessantly flowed out of the window and skylight, showing not a single sign of stopping.

Han Li looked around and then sealed both his window and the skylight completely.

As if inspired, he gently opened the door and stuck his head out to look around.

Fortunately it was late at night and no one was outside, save for the faint rustles of small animals and hooting of birds. It was almost completely quiet and not a single person was around.

Han Li withdrew his head back into his house, stuffed the bottle into his pouch, and bolted out of the house like lightning.

When he came to a secluded area, he came to a full stop.

Han Li looked around to make sure not a single person was around, and then cautiously took the bottle out and laid it on the floor.

Originally the light was very bright and illuminated the area, but after he put the bottle in the pouch, the light began to disappear.

For a little while, Han Li felt relieved.

But as expected, once he took it out, the light began to gather again. However, this time the light came from all directions, quickly condensing into the bottle and forming one massive ball of light.

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