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The pegasus had been chasing the Fire Raven for so long, so it was naturally unwilling to give up. As such, it hurriedly spread its wings and also flew upward toward the surface.

Both of them were fire spirits, so they were naturally unobstructed by the thick layers of earth that stood in their way.

Moments later, the two fire spirits emerged from the ground one after another, appearing right within the massive cage of light.

As soon as the Puresun Flame Essence appeared, it sensed that something was amiss. However, it was already too late. The humanoid puppet was already prepared in advance, and it abruptly stomped down onto the Celestial Blue Cauldron beneath its feet. A burst of blue flames immediately shot forth from within, transforming into a blue glacial wyrm in the blink of an eye.

The Greatyin Fire Raven also launched a counterattack, turning around before opening its beak to expel the Snow Crystal Pearl.

At the same time, the entire formation was activated by the humanoid puppet.

The Puresun Flame Essence immediately attempted to flee back into the lava upon seeing this. The volcanic crater where it and the Greatyin Fire Raven was the only area that had been left intentionally free of blue ice. However, as the formation was activated, blue ice was also beginning to seal up that crater.

However, the rate at which the ice as spreading over the crater was far inferior to the speed of the Puresun Flame Essence's retreat.

Just as the miniature pegasus was about to disappear into the ground, a horrified look suddenly appeared in its eyes, and it abruptly spread its wings, vanishing before appearing again over 200 feet away.

Almost at the exact same moment, five pillars of light of different colors shot forth into the air from the ground below.

Five bursts of greyish-white devilish Qi then emerged, transforming into five ghostly heads, each of which was around a foot in size. They were none other than the Unbroken Cinque Devils!

Han Li was also slowly rising up from the ground.

At this point, the entire crater had been covered in a thick layer of blue ice due to the effect of the formation.

Han Li stood upon the blue ice and raised his head with a serious look on his face.

The glacial wyrm manifested from Celestial Blue Flames, the Greatyin Fire Raven, and the five ghostly heads were all converging toward the pegasus.

However, just as Master Arctic Dragon's memories had revealed, the Puresun Flame Essence was extremely nimble and agile, flashing through the air as a completely untraceable streak of silver light.

The Greatyin Fire Raven was the only one that could match its speed, while the five devils and the glacial wyrm were clearly unable to keep up.

However, on this occasion, the pegasus was the one being debilitated by the glacial Qi emanating from the cage of Celestial Blue Flames, and with the enhancement of Han Li's Snow Crystal Pearl, the Greatyin Fire Raven was now slightly faster than the Puresun Flame Essence.

If it weren't for the fact that the pegasus' movement techniques were truly extremely agile and unpredictable, it would've been captured by the Fire Raven long ago.

Even so, the pegasus was still struck on several occasions in a short period of time by the crimson light being blasted out of the Fire Raven's mouth, thereby inflicting a few minor injuries upon it. However, the pegasus would rather allow itself to be struck by attacks rather than retaliate, as doing so would force it to slow down, thereby giving the five devils and the glacial wyrm a chance to chase it down.

Han Li stood down below with his hands clasped behind his back, seeming content just to spectate. Meanwhile, the humanoid puppet was maintaining the function of the formation while expressionlessly manipulating the glacial wyrm.

All of a sudden, the pegasus identified an opportunity and came hurtling down toward the ground after allowing itself to be struck by another one of the Greatyin Fire Raven's attacks. It reached the ground down below in a flash without any premonition, then attempted to unleash a movement technique to flee the scene.

However, the pegasus' body faltered as soon as it came into contact with the blue ice down below.

During this split second of delay, a streak of crimson light and a burst of blue glacial mist suddenly hurtled toward it. At the same time, a strange unsettling cry rang out.

A flash of horror appeared in the pegasus' eyes, but it was clearly too late to evade. However, it managed to react extremely quickly, flapping its wings desperately to create a series of silver flowers. These flowers instantly enshrouded its entire body, and it appeared that it was planning to take these attacks head-on.

Two muffled thumps rang out, and the crimson light and blue glacial mist struck the silver flowers in quick succession.

Much to Han Li's surprise, the pegasus borrowed the power from the impact of the attacks, flying rapidly through the air to appear over 100 feet away in the blink of an eye. It stumbled slightly to arrest its momentum before escaping toward another direction in the cage as a streak of silver light.

Even though the pegasus was still traveling extremely quickly, Han Li was able to identify using his Brightsight Spirit Eyes that it was clearly missing a chunk of one of its wings, and a section of one of its legs also appeared to be have been dismembered.

A smile appeared on Han Li's face and he finally sprang into action.

Azure and white light flashed behind him, upon which a pair of wings appeared on his back. He gently flapped those wings and a light breeze was swept up, following which he completely vanished.

The Greatyin Fire Raven was also throwing itself at the Puresun Flame Essence again.

However, the pegasus had already opened up some distance between them by borrowing the momentum of the attacks from earlier, and it unleashed its maximal speed as it reached the border of the cage after a few successive flashes of silver light.

A pillar of blue light stood in its way, so the pegasus decided to fly around it.

However, the humanoid puppet up above immediately made a hand seal upon seeing this, and brilliant light erupted from all of the pillars as strands of light shot forth, creating a dense net the cut off the pegasus' route of escape.

The pegasus was startled by this development, but it was too late to turn back. As such, it blasted several tens of silver flowers toward the net while continuing to fly full speed ahead.

It was planning to puncture the net through brute force.

However, what the pegasus had failed to notice was that two clouds of white mist had already appeared above its head. The white mist suddenly surged as two gusts of white glacial winds swept forth. Immediately thereafter, two snowy white centipedes shot forth like lightning.

These were none other than two of the Six-Winged Frost Centipedes Han Li had set up in advance.

As such, the pegasus could only evade the two gusts of glacial winds and fly toward another direction. At this moment, the Fire Raven, five devils, and glacial wyrm converged toward it once again.

However, as soon as the pegasus had changed directions, black light suddenly appeared before its eyes, and a glittering and translucent black blade instantly flashed through its body.

An expression of shock and horror appeared in its eyes as its body was sliced cleanly in half.

The two halves of its body reverted back to their silver flame from before instantly merging back together to form a miniature pegasus again.

However, its body was quite blurry and insubstantial, clearly indicating that it was unable to immediately take on its original form again.

It was quite apparent that the surprise attack from the Devil Essence Dagger had proven to be very effective. Right at this moment, a dull thunderclap suddenly rang out overhead. An azure arc of lightning flashed, following which Han Li abruptly appeared and immediately flicked his 10 fingers in quick succession.

10 fiery threads hurtled through the air, puncturing the pegasus' body in a flash.

At the same time, Han Li began to chant something, and the fiery threads instantly bound the pegasus tightly.

It was completely powerless to resist against Han Li's surprise attacks.

Han Li was naturally ecstatic upon seeing this.

He flipped his hand over to summon a stack of restriction talismans that he had prepared well in advance, and a dozen or so streaks of light of different colors flew toward the Puresun Flame Essence as he flung the talismans through the air.

If these restriction talismans could plaster themselves to the pegasus' body, it would definitely be unable to escape, despite the fact that it possessed the body of a fire spirit.

However, a surprising turn of events unfolded!

The tightly-bound pegasus suddenly let loose a desperate neigh as brilliant silver light erupted all over its body. The fiery threads detached themselves from its body, flashing toward the oncoming restriction talismans instead.

Loud explosions erupted as all of the talismans were reduced to dust, while the fiery threads continued to hurtle toward Han Li.

Even the perpetually calm and collected Han Li was quite startled by this development. However, he immediately decided on a course of action, raising an arm before waving his hand toward the fiery threads.

The threads immediately stiffened before disappearing into his hand in a slightly reluctant manner.

Meanwhile, the pegasus was taking advantage of the situation to try and escape again.

Han Li's expression darkened as he harrumphed coldly.

Upon hearing his harrumph, the pegasus suddenly shuddered as its body plummeted involuntarily toward the ground.

Han Li had unleashed his Spirit Stun Thorn secret technique!

Han Li flapped his wings and abruptly vanished, appearing directly below the falling pegasus in the next instant. On this occasion, he merely made a grabbing motion toward the pegasus rather than rely on any treasures. A large hand constructed from purple flames appeared out of thin air, forcibly locking the miniature pegasus in a tight grasp.

Brilliant purple glacial light erupted as a massive block of purple ice sealed the fire spirit's body within.

At this moment, the Greatyin Fire Raven and the glacial wyrm also finally arrived. Both of them plunged into the purple ice without any hesitation, quickly fusing as one with the block of ice amid flashes of spiritual light.

Almost at the exact same moment, the pegasus within the block of ice seemed to have recovered from the effect of the Spirit Stun Thorn, and silver flames immediately erupted violently all over its body as it attempted to escape.

However, with the infusion of the Greatyin True Flame into the block of ice, there was no way that it would be able to escape in a short period of time. The blue glacial wyrm and the Greatyin Fire Raven were like fish in water as they surrounded the pegasus, blasting out gusts of glacial Qi from their mouths to forcibly repress its silver flames.

The five devils also arrived at this moment.

Each of them blasted a type of glacial flame out of their mouths, which then converged to form a five-colored glacial flame that hurtled toward the miniature pegasus. Upon coming into contact with this five-colored glacial flame, the miniature pegasus immediately became extremely slow and sluggish. On the contrary, the glacial wyrm and Greatyin Fire Raven were seemingly completely unaffected even though the five-colored glacial flames had also washed over them. Instead, the glacial Qi billowing out of their mouths had become even more powerful.

The Puresun Flame Essence was unable to withstand such a ferocious assault, and it gradually began to slow down even further as its aura became more and more feeble.

Han Li immediately swept his sleeve through the air upon seeing this, summoning a dozen or so talismans. These talismans immediately punctured the block of ice before plastering themselves to the pegasus' body.

The fire spirit finally relinquished its resistance with a look of despair on its face. The silver light emanating from its body dimmed, and it was unable to maintain its pegasus form any longer as it reverted back to a ball of shimmering silver flames.

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