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As Archsaint Six Paths split into two, the two-headed serpent spat out a torrent of inky liquid beneath it, creating a toxic mist that enveloped everything thirty meters below it.

Explosions relentlessly exploded. Black light and the knife struck and erupted in a ball of blinding black light.

It was unknown what treasure Six Paths released, but it managed to block the Devil Essence Diamond knife.

Silver light flashed and the puppet strangely appeared at the old devil’s original position. The roiling toxic mist enveloped it completely.

Following its appearance, the two-headed snake rocked its head and dived at the puppet.

But in the next moment, a silver lotus appeared above the serpent’s head without warning. It was a foot-large and glowed brightly with seven-colored Buddhist light.

The black serpent’s movements immediately slowed as the Buddhist light trapped it and stopped it immediately. Only its two pairs of green eyes were moving.

Immediately after, two silver threads swiftly cut through the green mist and wrapped around the serpent’s two heads, only for them to topple off.

Then as the green mist roiled, the human puppet slowly flew out without displaying the slightest damage.

In truth, the serpent was actually an interesting animal. The toxic mist was on par with the Ten Absolute Poisons of the cultivation world. If common cultivators touched it, they would immediately perish.

But this wasn’t the most vicious part of the poison. Rather, it is able to penetrate most elemental barriers without any warning or sensation. Any Nascent Soul cultivator that didn’t guard against this would meet their end.

This was the reason the old devil labored over nurturing the spirit beast.

Contrary to expectations, the puppet didn’t possess any flesh, thus making the poison ineffective no matter how powerful and allowing the serpent to be killed with ease.

One of Six Paths’ phantoms had a mental connection with the black serpent; Having immediately felt when the serpent died, he betrayed a trace of fear on his face.

Without even turning around, he pointed to the bone banner and then fled with all his might.

The banner trembled before black light brightly glowed as if about to take to the sky.

It was at that moment, an arc of azure lightning flashed above the phantom as Han Li came into view.

With blue light flickering from his eyes, he looked down and waved his hand, creating a net of lightning underneath him. Then, he summoned a small azure cauldron with a flip of his other hand, releasing countless azure threads in a simultaneous barrage off.

Although the old devil had a miraculous doppelganger technique displaying hardly any difference in their spiritual sense, Han Li’s Brightsight Spirit Eyes were able to see right through them and instantly recognized minute differences, as well as which was true Archsaint.

Both of the phantoms loudly yelled with trembling shoulders upon seeing Han Li launched an attack. The attack arrived right before one of the phantoms in an instant.

At this moment, the phantom appeared much dimmer and vague than just a moment before.

The true Archsaint shook his sleeve and summoned a blue jade umbrella over his head.

It quickly expanded several times its original size in an instant, protecting the old devil entirely from above.

Several thuds sounded as the cauldron’s azure threads struck Six Path’s phantom. The threads paused for only a second before piercing cleanly through.

Shortly after, arcs of golden lightning burst struck, immediately wiping away the phantom without any resistance.

Soon after, the lightning and threads fused together with dazzling flashes, and in a blur struck the top of the umbrella.

Following a bright storm of light, the umbrella remained unscathed. The umbrella hadn’t moved the slightest inch from the atta

When Han Li saw this, his expression sank and he reached his hand out, summoning a golden meter-long sword in his grasp.

Soon after, the wings on his back stirred and dived down, disappearing in a white line.

The old devil was quick to react and attempted to dodge. But before he could act, golden light flashed from the surface of the umbrella. Zap, the center of the umbrella was cleaved through the center.

“Ah!” The old devil shouted. He immediately surrounded himself in black light as he fled.

But just as he took off, the space in front of him warped where a white thread appeared, coiling around the old devil like lightning.

His escape denied, the next thing he felt was a chill on his back. In a flash, a pale of purple flames broke through his barrier of devilish Qi and pierced through him from behind.

The treasure armor that wore close on his body wasn’t able to block the attack in the slightest.

Apart from sharp pain, the old man could only hear a faint sigh from behind him. Then, he looked down to find a palm of purple flames jutting out from him, soon quickly spreading a layer of purple flames all around him. In the blink of an eye, it covered most of his body and sealed him in ice.

Despite having his face sealed in ice, he twisted it into a grimace and gritted his teeth.

A muffled boom sounded. The bottom half of his body that had yet to be frozen suddenly exploded.

As a cloud of blood and gore sprinkled the air, crimson light flashed. The blood ignited and charged towards Han Li.

At that same moment, a ball of green light shot out from the corpse and flickered over a hundred meters away.

The green light wrapped around a pitch-black Nascent Soul. Its hands were holding tightly onto a green jade bottle.

Han Li shook his sleeve, releasing a torrent of purple flames that promptly extinguished the devilish flames. However, he took no further actions to chase after the old devil.

Han Li’s calm demeanor only caused the old devil’s Nascent Soul to flee in a panic.

After flickering from view several times, the Nascent Soul appeared hundreds of meters away and turned around, stunned to see that Han Li remained completely still. He couldn't help but stop.

At that moment, the air above the Nascent Soul flashed, followed by the silent appearance of a pitch-black knife.

It was only when the knife arrived right above its head did the Nascent Soul discover it.

By that time, it was already too late. A black streak flashed and the Nascent Soul was cleaved into two.

Then with a bright flourish of silver, Han Li leisurely made his way over.

When the human-like puppet disposed of the two-headed snake, Han Li had it remain in position nearby. Then with his command, it intercepted the Nascent Soul’s escape.

Following that, a strange scene followed.

The Nascent Soul hadn’t disappeared after it was cleaved into two. Rather, it turned into clouds of roiling black Qi, separating into six lines that show off in different directions.

The puppet was alarmed and immediately flicked its fingers.

Suddenly, thunder clapped and a dozen fine arcs of lightning were quickly released, striking the black Qi in a flash.

Several muffled claps of thunder followed a chain of golden explosions.

The black Qi was evaporated.

The devil cultivator known to shake the Scattered Star Seas for hundred of years met his end.

The human puppet took a glance at the area of the explosions. After making certain there were no more remnants of the Nascent Soul, it promptly reached out summoned small bottle into its grasp.

It didn’t immediately open the bottle, but instead slowly floated towards Han Li.

The old devil was truly out of luck.

The secret technique to turn a Nascent Soul into a ghost was incredibly rare. Against an ordinary cultivator, one of the ghosts formed from the Nascent Soul may have been able to escape, allowing him the opportunity to return again.

But as it so happened, Han Li experienced such a technique once before during his time in the Moulan Plains and was prepared for such a thing to happen. As such, the human-like puppet made use of the Divine Devilbane Lightning from the bamboo arrow to strike down all the ghost fragments.

If there was even a single moment of hesitation, it would’ve been greatly troublesome. After a ghost fragment hid itself, it will be incredibly difficult to find.

When the human-like puppet flew up to Han Li, it tossed the green bottle over to him.

Han Li caught it and examined it for a moment before revealing excitement on his face.

But before he opened the bottle, ghostly cries shrieked from the distance.

Han Li raised his head and looked over to the Unbreakable Cinque Devils.

Without the old devil controlling the bone banner, its power greatly decreased, allowing the cinque devils to regain the advantage. However, the three skulls embedded on the banner belonged to no ordinary cultivators. Although they were no match for the cinque devils, their desperate flaming rage appeared exceptionally brutal.

When Han Li saw this, he frowned and ordered the cinque devils with an incantation gesture.

Suddenly, three of Unbreakable Cinque Devils flew off, returning to their original skeletal form. The two devils that were fighting with the mist flood dragons also withdrew.

Before the flood dragons and the three skulls from the banner could resume their attack, the cinque devils all formed incantation gestures and opened their mouths.

Five differently-colored icy flames rushed out and fused together, creating a torrent of rainbow flames.

The flood dragon of black Qi was the first to meet the flame, and the result was as expected.

Under the rainbow flames, the black flood dragon’s movements slowed. In the blink of an eye, its movements gradually grew increasingly sluggish until it became nearly still.

The cinque devils then let out a long whistle. Countless palm-sized blades of rainbow ice leaped out from the flames, shredding the black flood dragon until it was only black Qi, only for it to be burned away by the flames.

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