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“Double the price? Fellow Daoist Wan is truly generous!” Han Li laughed and wore a mysterious smile on his face.

“Do you feel it isn’t enough?” Wan Tianming asked with a calm tone.

“Oh, it’s enough, plenty enough. It is a pity that I am fighting this war due to a promise I made many years ago, and I’m not fond of breaking my promises. But if you were to peacefully withdraw, I’ll consider your offer for the next time.” Han Li lazily replied with a clear mocking tone.

These words left the cultivators on both sides flabbergasted.

Wan Tianming’s smile disappeared to be replaced with a gloomy expression.

“Since Brother Han has made his decision, then we will have test our might. However, our battle will bring disaster to our juniors nearby. Wouldn’t it be better to fight somewhere farther?” Wan Tianming said icily.

“Yes, I had that in mind as well.” Han Li promptly agreed without the slightest consideration.

This had surprised Wan Tianming, but after he gloomily examined Han Li, he held his hands in an incantation gesture and turned into a purple streak, flying in the direction of Heavenly Star City.

Han Li turned around and took a glance at Ling Yuling and the others. He nodded with a smile and closely followed after him in an azure streak.

In the blink of an eye, the two late-Nascent Soul cultivators tore through the air and disappeared out of sight.

Ling Yuling and Old Man Chao exchanged a glance, both revealing a trace of worry from their faces.

Wan Tianming had already known about Han Li’s existence and took the initiative to challenge him to a fight. Could it be he had another plan in mind? However, Han Li didn’t hesitate in following him. This only added to their apprehension as dissuading him would only damage their morale.

The man from the Lan Devils extended a scarlet tongue and licked his lips before letting out a bewildering cackle. “Hehe, since Fellow Daoist Wan is gone, its time to take action. Let’s see how your abilities stand up, junior. Tch tch, it's been several hundred years since I’ve killed a Nascent Soul-grade cultivator.”

Afterward, he held his hands in an incantation gesture and spouted out a white bone band. At that same time, a blood mist was released from his body, filling the nearby hundred meters in an instant. Ghost shrieks loudly wailed from within it as it moved to engulf the Star Palace cultivators.

Following that, the dainty woman at the large man’s side let out a giggle of ecstasy and waved her sleeve, producing a fragrant pink fog. Those who smelled it would lose their sense of self.

Old Man Long and the old woman exchanged a glance before spitting out a golden ball and thirteen green blades respectively before sending it off in an attack.

When the Star Palace cultivators saw this, they didn’t dare to delay and made use of their own abilities, releasing their light in return.

Several of the Star Palace’s early Nascent Soul cultivators met the attacks of the mid-Nascent Soul stage Lan Devils. Various lights met the devilish Qi, followed by violent explosions. The attacks found themselves in a deadlock.

When the lower-grade cultivators saw this, they all shouted and rallied themselves, releasing their own magic tools and treasures as they charged forward, officially starting the melee.

Of course, these cultivators all kept their distance from the battles of the Nascent Soul-grade cultivators taking place at the center.

For a time, sounds of explosions and murder filled the air. The chaos prevented anyone from seeing which side had the advantage, and it was clear the battle wouldn’t end anytime soon.

Meanwhile, Han Li and Wan Tianming turned to streaks of light and traveled nearly five hundred kilometers in a single breath before eventually coming to a stop.

Han Li appeared from the azure light and observed him with his hands behind his back, not the slightest expression betrayed from his face.

With his vast spiritual sense as of current, he could tell if there were any cultivators hiding nearby. He wouldn’t have allowed Wan Tianming to lead him otherwise.

After sweeping his spiritual sense in a radius of fifty kilometers, he found nobody nor did he find any spell formation or restrictions. When he glanced again at Wan Tianming, he saw a calm expression on his face.

As thoughts churned in his mind, he found the situation quite funny.

It appeared Wan Tianming was the same as himself, with complete trust in their combat abilities.

Wan Tianming looked around him before turning his gaze back to Han Li. With a demeanor similar to an iceberg, he coldly said, “This should be far enough. If we use this as your gravesite, it shouldn’t disgrace your status as a grand cultivator.”

“My gravesite?” Han Li remained unshaken and simply smiled.

Wan Tianming snorted and asked, “What? Do you feel that I am talking too highly of myself?”

Han Li chuckled unperturbed and leisurely said, “No, I only feel that there is something amiss with your recent cultivation. You might’ve progressed your magic power so quickly that you damaged your head.”

“We’ll see if my words hold true when I scatter your soul. But before that, there are two people I wish to introduce to you.”

Han Li coldly smiled and replied with a blunt tone, “Do you think I am a child? There is no one here apart from you and me. I’ll have your head and give it to you as a gift.”

Wan Tianming narrowed his eyes, “Is that so? Then it is my mistake. These two aren’t considered people after all.”

With that said, he didn’t wait for Han Li to respond. He took a black leather pouch at his waist and tossed it into his air. Then with his hands in an incantation gesture, he began to chant.

Suddenly, the bag opened itself, spitting out a black mist. A tall and a skinny silhouette appeared there, drifting erratically in the mist as if they were ghosts.

“Refined corpses?” Han Li frowned. As experienced as he was, he immediately recognized the mist before him to be an extremely potent corpse Qi.

Wan Tianming coldly smiled when he heard it and cast a spell seal.

The two silhouettes raised their arms, absorbing the nearby corpse Qi in great force, turning the mist into snakes that burrowed into their bodies.

In the blink of an eye, the black corpse Qi disappeared and the corpses' true faces were revealed.

Han Li glanced at the two corpses with indifference.

This was to be expected. He was rather unfamiliar with the appearance of these corpses.

Of the two corpses, one was tall and had a tense expression. It appeared over forty years of age, but its arms had an extra extension and reached down to its knees. Its palms were exceptionally large as well and they sparkled as if they were carved from fine white jade.

The smaller refined corpse was a woman of about thirty years. She had a slim face, deep eyes, and a rough brow. One of her shoulders had three differently styled swords nailed into it, creating a warped appearance.

When Wan Tianming saw Han Li disregard the two refined corpses, a harsh expression appeared on his face.

He took a deep breath and his hand gesture changed. Suddenly, frightful sounds of breaking bones snapped from his body and he promptly grew several inches. He then opened his mouth and violently spouted out mists of purple Qi, enveloping himself in a ten-meter-wide cloud in the blink of an eye.

Soon after, the cloud fiercely turned and began to shine of ever-changing colors.

When Han Li saw this, he stroked his chin and he broke into a smirk. He dropped his hands, summoning a three-colored fiery streak from one of them and a green light from the other.

Han Li remained indifferent. His plan was to use pure force and a full-powered assault to beat down the enemy, no matter what methods they used. First, he would use the Eight Spirit Ruler to trap him, and then approach closer to him, finishing him off with a full-powered attack of the Triflame Fan.

Having thought that, blue light flickered from his eyes and muffled thunder rang from his back, summoning a pair of azure-white wings.

Just as he thought to use his wings to approach him, he was stunned by what he witnessed!

His appearance completely changed within the cloud and the sounds of snapping bones came to a stop. Afterward, astonishing devilish Qi pressured the air and the cloud turned sinisterly grey and icy cold.

Han Li’s pupils narrowed and his heart thumped.

Wasn’t Wan Tianming the sect master of the Myriad Gates of Enlightenment? How could he cultivate Devil Dao Arts? Rather, this devilish Qi was quite familiar and was somewhat similar to the Elder Devil’s true devil Qi. Soon, something came to mind, but he couldn't fully recall as he wasn’t in a position to take his time.

As Han Li was bewildered, a series of wild laughs echoed from the devilish Qi as a silhouette warped in front of him.

Behind this person was six distinct phantoms that appeared solid, each with a horn on their head or fangs. All of them were frightening to the eye and had scales on their body, appearing like the devils that once appeared in this world.

“The Six Apex Devils Art!” Han Li cried out.

“Oh? You recognize this lord’s devil art? You aren’t so stupid after all!” His laughter came to a stop and he coldly looked at Han Li with an attitude of complete arrogance, derision clear on his face.

He still wore Wan Tianming’s clothes but his face was completely different.

When Han Li saw his face, he couldn't help but betray his shock.

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