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“Elder Swift Crane and Fire Dragon Island’s Huang Kun? They didn’t die from a demon beast ambush at Green Spirit Island?” The old woman said with a start.

Wan Tianming coldly chuckled and slowly explained, “That is what we say to outsiders. In truth, according to our cultivators on Green Spirit Island, the two elders never made an appearance on the island on the day of the demon beast invasion. Rather there were people from Lightning Sky Island that reported a sighting of Han Li on the same day that Swift Crane and Huang Kun mysteriously disappeared. Their lifesoul tokens in the alliance’s possession were also extinguished. As for the demon beast invasion of Green Spirit Island, that was an unrelated affair that occurred after.”

The old woman remained stunned for a while and slowly said, “Even if that is the case, those two were partners to the death. Would it have been a difficult task?”

“It is true, we have no evidence that he was the one who did it. But if the cultivator who broke through the formation was truly Han Li, and he possesses the ability of a grand cultivator, then that guess should mostly be correct.” A cold light glinted from Wan Tianming’s eyes and his voice turned gloomy.

“If this person truly reached late-Nascent Soul stage and has the Heavenvoid Cauldron in his possession, and Brother Wan also only became a late-Nascent Soul cultivator recently...” As Old Man Long muttered this, worry was betrayed on his face.

Wan Tianming chuckled and spoke unperturbed, “Since I know this person, how could I not have a plan to respond? Be at ease. If he arrives, leave him to me. I won’t say that I have complete certainty to kill him, but I am confident I will defeat him.”

The two elders exchanged a glance and betrayed astonishment from their faces, but relief soon appeared on their faces.

Since this was said by the sect leader of a grand sect, his words should hold true.

“If you’re saying that, then we are assured. We’ll deal with the others.” The old woman wore a sinister smile.

Wan Tianming eventually turned around and wore an odd expression on his face. “I will feel at ease to hand over the ordinary problems and the formation core to you two Fellow Daoists. But do you plan on fighting with your backs against the wall? There will be many high-grade cultivators targeting the formation core. As such, I will request for assistance to help you two defend the formation core.”

Startled, the old man yelped, “Assistance? You mean...”

Wan Tianming didn’t directly reply, but rather raised his hand, releasing a giant fireball from his sleeve. It ruptured high in the air in a flourish of vermillion flame. This eye-catching scene was noticed by all the cultivators nearby the huge pillar, arousing some discussion amongst them.

As these people were bewildered, something happened above them. A charming voice spoke from a ten-meter-long that appeared. “Brother, Fellow Daoist Wan has summoned us! It seems the time has come to make use of us. It was truly boring hiding here for such a long amount of time.”

“Time has little meaning to cultivators like ourselves. Since Brother Wan had us reveal ourselves, it seems the time for battle has come, and no small one by any means. We should be able to kill enough this time around.” A deep man’s voice spoke from the boat.

Soon after, two blinding white streaks shot off from the boat, circling once in the air and landing on top of the huge pillar.

The white light vanished in a flash, revealing a male and female cultivator in front of Wan Tianming and company. The man had round eyes, long hair drooped over his face, and a tall sturdy body. The woman had pale soft flesh and an exquisite body, the makings of a seductive appearance.

After a brief moment of alarm, Old Man Long recognized the two that appeared and couldn't help but cry out in terror, “The Twin Lan Devils?” Even the overbearing old woman’s complexion turned pale.

The dainty woman glanced at Old Man Long and gorgeously smiled, “Oh? I didn’t think that there were still people that recognized us in the Scattered Star Seas. We’ve lived in seclusion at Devil Sin Island for many years.”

The old woman briefly hesitated and spoke with a fearful expression, “Weren’t you two exterminated by the Heavenly Star Sages? How can you be here?”

“It is true that in the past we were nearly done in by those two old bastards, but through some luck, we’re managed to make it out here today. What? You don’t mean to say you have some sort of grudge against us?” The large man swept a cold gaze past the two elders. Strangely enough, his lips moved, but his voice came from his abdomen, revealing a set of glinting white teeth from there as if there were a man embedded inside.

The old woman’s heart trembled at the sight of this and she unconsciously took a step back. Soon after, she realized she was showing weakness and couldn't help but step back forward, letting out a resentful snort.

The large man sinisterly grinned in response and released waves of baleful Qi from his body, covering his face in a layer of faint blood Qi.”

Wan Tianming snorted and sullenly said, “Enough, our enemy has arrived. Fellow Daoists, I had you remain hidden until today for this very battle. Humph, did you think I didn’t notice that the Star Palace had a spy infiltrate the higher ranks of our alliance? Now let’s see who has fallen into our trap.”

The others startled and quickly turned their heads in the direction of the spell formation.

They saw a violent storm of windfire in wide the azure-red mist. Inside it was a huge carriage being pulled by four green flood dragons. Countless cultivators followed after it and in a blink of an eye, several thousand cultivators could be seen.

The Star Defying Alliance cultivators nearby the pillar had long prepared for this moment. When they saw enemies approach, they flew into the air on their flying tools. Soon, the two sides found themselves in confrontation at the huge pillar of windflame.

The old woman and Old Man Long paid no further heed to the Lan Devils, focusing instead on the Star Palace cultivators in front of them, particularly on the four cultivators riding the carriage.

When the old man saw this, his heart trembled and mouth turned dry.

He saw a confidently posed Han Li inside the carriage.

At that moment, Han Li hadn’t taken notice of the old man. Rather, his eyes immediately fell on Wan Tianming and examined him with a sharp gaze.

“The Twin Lan Devils!” The large purple-robed man let out a yelp similar to Old Man Long.

Han Li didn’t react to the name, but Ling Yuling and Old Man Chao were strongly startled.

Ling Yuling asked with an urgent tone, “Elder Ma, are you not mistaken? Weren’t the Lan Devils exterminated long ago by my esteemed mother and father?”

“How could I be mistaken? I followed the two palace lords when they personally pursued the two devils after such a long period of time. After that, the two palace lords jointly advanced to late-Nascent Soul stage.

Absolutely baffling! If the two devils truly managed to survive, they should’ve already reached the end of their lifespans. How could they have survived until now. However, their cultivation was about the same as in the past, in the realm of mid-Nascent Soul stage.” Obvious confusion appeared on the large man’s face.

“That isn’t anything strange,” Han Li explained, “I know of several medicines that can extend one’s lifespan well over two hundred years. It is possible for them to have consumed one if they were lucky.”

“That is the only possibility! In any case, the two devils were just as famous as the Star Palace lords in the past. The sheer mention of their name could turn people pale. The man is fond of killing and once slaughtered two small islands overnight, laying waste to a thousand cultivators and over a hundred thousand mortals. The woman cultivates the renown Womanly Yang Pilfering Art. She is particularly fond of extracting the life essence of young male cultivators and sadistically killing them. After the two reached mid-Nascent Soul stage, they became inseparable. United, they can survive against even late-Nascent Soul cultivators. Were it not for the Star Palace Lords taking the risk to fight them, I fear they would be running rampant today.” With gloomy complexion, Elder Chao gave Han Li a rough explanation.

Han Li stroked his chin and said, “So it was like that! It seems they’ve prepared this for a while. Even if I battle with Wan Tianming, you don’t have a high chance of victory with those two present.”

Ling Yuling grimaced, “In truth, I originally thought to suppress them with overwhelming force with the elders that I’ve brought with me. But now that these two fearsome characters appeared, I fear it will take all our power to not be defeated. A stalemate would be a good result.”

Han Li smiled, but before he could speak, a person from the giant pillar began to slowly fly towards them.

As soon as he saw him, he shut his mouth and coldly glared at him.

The person flying towards them was Wan Tianming!

Wan Tianming flew to the middle before he paused and smiled at Han Li, “Fellow Daoist Han, I didn't think that your cultivation would make such progress in becoming a grand cultivator since we last met in Heavenvoid Hall. And if I’m correct, you aren’t a person from the Scattered Star Seas. Why are you taking part in the battle between our alliance and the Star Palace? How about this? Regardless of what that girl pledged you, I will double whatever price. And I won’t even need you to do anything, so long as you agree not to fight in this war.”

When those from the Star Palace heard this, their expressions massively changed. Han Li was shocked.

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