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"Oh? Are you interested in a share as well?" Han Li turned to him with a slight smile on his face.

"I can't say I personally know all of the renowned cultivators in the Scattered Star Seas, but I certainly know all of their voices or appearances off by heart, yet I've never heard of anyone like you! Eh? Wait, you seem to be a little familiar!" Patriarch Golden Flower responded coldly at first before carefully surveying Han Li again, upon which his brows furrowed and a hint of bewilderment appeared in his eyes.

Han Li's pupils contracted abruptly upon hearing this and a cold light as sharp as daggers appeared in his eyes.

"Seeing as you've claimed the treasures here, I'll leave Man Huzi's cave abode to you. Let's go!" After a moment of contemplation, a thought suddenly occurred to Patriarch Golden Flower, upon which expression changed minutely and he suddenly decided to back down.

The three Core Formation cultivators present were all slightly flabbergasted by this turn of events.

Golden light shimmered from around his body, sweeping up the woman beside him without any explanation, as he prepared to fly into the distance.

However, right at this moment, Han Li suddenly raised his hand without any premonition. A burst of azure light shot forth from his hand, crashing violently toward Patriarch Golden Flower's head in a flash.

As such, this Patriarch Golden Flower's attempt to escape was naturally thwarted. In his shock and fury, he let loose a loud roar as he summoned his golden shield again, which transformed into a barrier of golden light before him.

Following a resounding boom, a ball of golden light exploded in the air, emitting such piercing light that everyone was forced to reflexively close their eyes and hurtle back in retreat, not daring to stare directly into the light in fear of being blinded.

However, after the light receded, Patriarch Golden Flower's stumbling figure was revealed. The golden shield before him had been damaged, yet the woman behind him was completely unscathed.

He had managed to block Han Li's attack.

"What are you doing, Fellow Daoist? I've already left all of the treasures here to you, so why are you still attacking me?" Patriarch Golden Flower roared with an enraged expression.

"Why? You think I'll let you go after you've identified me?" Han Li chuckled coldly.

Killing intent welled up in his heart and he didn't waste any more time with words as he slapped the storage pouch hanging from his waist. A monk staff shot forth, disappearing in a flash before instantly reappearing above Patriarch Golden Flower's head. Han Li made a hand seal and began to chant something. Brilliant yellow light erupted from the monk staff as it swelled to over 100 feet in length before crashing down with devastating might.

It was like a small mountain falling from above. Even prior to its initial descent, the surrounding space had begun to twist and warp, and there was even a sharp ringing sound being emitted.

Following the major advancement in his cultivation base, Han Li was able to unleash far greater power when using the treasures of the three masters of Kunwu now than compared to before.

Below the monk staff, Patriarch Golden Flower's face was twisted with shock and fury!

Only then did he realize that Han Li was an extremely vicious and decisive person. He was intent on killing Patriarch Golden Flower based on some assumptions alone, and he didn't allow Patriarch Golden Flower any chance to explain himself. Furthermore, the treasures that he had summoned was far more powerful than what Patriarch Golden Flower had imagined, and there was no way that the damaged golden shield overhead would be able to keep such a fearsome attack at bay.

In this dire situation, Patriarch Golden Flower didn't summon any more treasures. Instead, he flipped his hand over and a golden talisman appeared between his fingers.

He waved a hand through the air and uttered a peculiar chant before spinning on the spot, upon which large swathes of dazzling golden light immediately erupted from his body.

The monk staff came crashing down and the golden light transformed into countless fist-sized flowers, creating a dense canopy that completely submerged Patriarch Golden Flower and the woman.

Yellow and Golden light clashed, resulting in an earthshattering boom. Immediately thereafter, all of the light faded, leaving only a massive crater in the ground.

Patriarch Golden Flower and the woman were nowhere to be seen.

Han Li faltered slightly upon seeing this before giving a cold harrumph as he released his spiritual sense in all directions around him.

He then abruptly slashed a hand behind him, and a massive streak of azure light was sent hurtling into a certain spot in the air.

A dull thump rang out as golden flowers appeared from thin air. Patriarch Golden Flower emerged from space while hugging the woman to his side with one arm. The golden flowers before him were shuddering sporadically, yet he had managed to ward off Han Li's sword Qi attack.

Han Li raised an eyebrow as he carefully assessed these golden flowers with a hint of surprise in his eyes.

Due to the fact that he had cultivated the Azure Essence Sword Art, his cultivation base was far superior compared to that of normal late-Nascent Soul cultivators. As such, even a burst of azure essence sword Qi that was unleashed as an offhand attack was devastatingly powerful.

However, this Patriarch Golden Flower was able to block it with ease through the use of a talisman. That was rather perplexing to Han Li.

"Impossible! How did you detect my location? Even a mid-Nascent Soul cultivator shouldn’t be able to do that!" In contrast, Patriarch Golden Flower was far more surprised than Han Li.

"Hmph! Your talisman is rather interesting, but you're dreaming if you think you can sneak away right under my nose," Han Li said in a cold voice. He then raised his hand toward the monk staff in the distance, the treasure immediately hurtled toward Patriarch Golden Flower again at his behest.

A vicious light appeared on Patriarch Golden Flower's face upon seeing this. He waved his golden talisman through the air and transformed into golden flowers again to evade the attack, reappearing nearby in the next instant.

He then abruptly cast the woman aside he let loose a thunderous roar. "Han bastard, I've been making concessions this entire time, yet you still insist on killing me. Do you really think you can defeat me just because you have that Heavenvoid Cauldron? I'm going to show you my true power!"

He then patted the storage pouch hanging from his waist, and a burst of black Qi containing a certain spirit beast emerged from within. Soon, the spirit beast was revealed to be a strange bird over 10 feet in size.

The bird had black Qi coiling around its entire body and a pair of green eyes. It had a fleshy crest that was bright red in color growing on its head and its appearance was extremely hideous. As soon as it appeared, it began to utter an extremely unpleasant noise as it stared viciously at Han Li, seemingly possessing enough intelligence to identify the fact that Han Li was the enemy.

"A Ghost Dove? You keep things like this around?" Han Li clicked his tongue in wonder, but he wasn't panicked nor flustered in the slightest.

He also patted a pouch hanging from his waist and cries of an ape rang out from within. A black streak of light short forth before spinning in the air, revealing a small monkey with gleaming black fur.

It was none other than the Weeping Soul Beast.

The beast rose to its feet in an unsteady manner, seemingly still a little dizzy and disoriented. However, its eyes immediately lit up with elation at the sight of the Ghost Dove nearby.

Black light flashed and the beast's body swelled drastically, transforming into a massive black ape over 100 feet tall in the blink of an eye. Its mouth was filled with sinister fangs and its eyes emitted a cold light as it thumped its massive fists into its chest. A thunderous roar then erupted from its mouth and it was as if it were a fiendcelestial descending upon this world.

Patriarch Golden Flower immediately drew a sharp breath upon seeing this.

In the face of the giant ape, the aggressive Ghost Dove's wings tremored erratically as an extremely fearful expression appeared on its face. It was circling in the air above Patriarch Golden Flower's head, and it didn't dare to attack.

At this moment, Han Li nonchalantly swept his sleeve through the air, from within which two small golden swords short forth. The swords transformed into two streaks of light around 10 feet in length each, before flying through the air toward Patriarch Golden Flower.

At the same time, the monk staff began to crash toward Patriarch Golden Flower again at Han Li's behest.

Patriarch Golden Flower's heart sank upon seeing this. He gritted his teeth and blasted a small golden clock out from his mouth. He then patted his storage pouch again and two bursts of green light emerged, transforming into a pair of green jade hooks after revolving in the air.

Green light flashed and one of the jade hooks flashed past Patriarch Golden's hand, soundlessly slicing off two fingers, yet no blood was drawn.

Patriarch Golden Flower cast an incantation seal in his heart, and the two fingers flew toward the Ghost Dove as two bursts of crimson light.

The Ghost Dove let loose a ghastly cry before accepting the crimson light into its mouth.

Upon doing so, the black Qi all over its body surged and its body swelled to twice its original size, taking it to 20 feet. At the same time, its green eyes lost their former clarity and instantly turned into a crimson color.

Following its transformation, the bird no longer feared the Weeping Soul Beast, and it spread its wings as black Qi poured forth from its mouth, taking the initiative to instigate a battle with the giant ape.

As for those two green jade hooks, they had transformed into two streaks of green light that were keeping the two golden flying swords at bay. At the same time, the small golden clock tolled to send a golden soundwave surging through the air, thereby warding off the massive monk staff as well.

Patriarch Golden Flower heaved an internal sigh of relief upon seeing this. However, right at this moment, a hint of a deriding sneer appeared on Han Li's face.

As the Ghost Dove reached the air above the massive ape, it blasted forth two bursts of black Qi from above. The massive ape harrumphed and a burst of yellow light suddenly swept through the air from its nostrils.

The light flashed once before wrapping the Ghost Dove within it.

The light then tumbled violently and the Ghost Dove was only able to utter a howl of anguish before it was reduced to a ball of black Qi, which the massive ape gladly swallowed.

Patriarch Golden Flower was petrified upon seeing this.

He had anticipated that the Ghost Dove wouldn't be able to match the giant ape in battle, but never would he have thought that it would be eaten after just a single exchange.

He had bred the Ghost Dove according to a ghostly cultivation secret technique that he had obtained by chance, and only managed to refine it after expending a vast amount of time and effort.

It was said that this bird was born with a pair of ghostly eyes that could repel Yin spirits and evil ghosts, and that it was proficient in a captivation secret technique that could launch invisible attacks against the enemy.

In the case of normal cultivators, as long as the Ghost Dove was able to fly above their heads and blast out a burst of Yin Qi, the victim's soul would suffer severe backlash.

The loss of the Ghost Dove dealt Patriarch Golden Flower an extremely heavy blow.

Before he had even managed to recover from his astonishment, bursts of brilliant golden lights suddenly erupted from the two golden flying sword, following which the two jade hooks were shattered and reduced to nothingness in an instant.

Without any obstacles standing in their way, the two streaks of golden light immediately came hurtling toward Patriarch Golden Flower.

Patriarch Golden Flower's heart jolted with shock and he was just about to summon another treasure to defend himself, when he suddenly heard Buddhist Chants ring out from above.

A chill ran down his spine as he hurriedly looked upward.

Immediately thereafter, all of the color was drained from his face.

Buddhist chants had suddenly erupted from the monk staff and at the same time, seven-colored Buddhist light was released, making the monk staff impossibly heavy.

The golden soundwaves that were initially able to keep the monk staff at bay were immediately vanquished, thus allowing the staff to descend and at this point, it was only around 30 to 40 feet away from Patriarch Golden Flower.

"No!" Patriarch Golden Flower let loose a cry of shock and horror as he waved hi golden talisman again.

He immediately transformed into a vast expanse of golden flowers and disappeared on the spot.

However, on this occasion, Han Li had summoned his Thunderstorm Wings in advance. A loud thunderclap erupted and he disappeared almost at the exact same moment as Patriarch Golden Flower did.

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