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This was a strange demon beast with the appearance of a seahorse, but it also had four arms. All four of its hands were cradling an azure storage pouch, and there was elation on its hideous features.

Han Li's pupils contracted minutely upon seeing this.

Right at this moment, the blue demon beast that was hovering in the sky began to converse with the four-armed demon beast through voice transmission, following which an excited look also appeared on its face. Its body flashed through the air and it flew toward the four-armed demon beast as a streak of blue light.

After witnessing the joy on the eighth grade demon beast's face, the final hint of hesitation disappeared from Han Li's heart.

He immediately relinquished his concealment technique and a thunderclap erupted behind him as his Thunderstorm Wings appeared on his back, following which he abruptly disappeared.

After flashing through the air several times, Han Li appeared over 10,000 feet away as an arc of silver lightning.

A booming thunderclap rang out and he abruptly appeared above the four-armed demon beast.


The four-armed demon beast was also quite alert. Upon arriving at the realization that it was being attacked, it immediately opened its mouth, from within which a dense expanse of yellow light came surging forth. At the same time, it transformed into a streak of yellow light and changed directions, skirting around Han Li in the air and flying directly toward the eighth grade demon beast.

It appeared that this demon beast knew that Han Li was far too powerful for it to handle, so it showed no intention of engaging in battle with him.

However, this was but a mere sixth grade demon beast, so there was no way it was getting away from Han Li. Thus, he immediately ignored the thunderous roar of rage from the eighth grade demon beast as he swept a sleeve through the air, summoning a vast expanse of azure light.

The spots of yellow light, of which there were over 100, were easily brushed aside by the azure light, and they fell from the sky as thin yellow needles.

At the same time, Han Li raised his other arm and feigned a grabbing motion toward the four-armed demon beast.

A scene akin to how the Golden Wyrm King had handled the blue-robed man ensued.

Azure light flashed above the demon beast's head as a huge azure hand was manifested. The hand came crashing down like lightning and ensnared the demon beast in the blink of an eye, making it feel as if its soul were about to escape its body from sheer horror!

Golden light flashed violently and erratically over its body as its four arms abruptly transformed into four sharp blades, which he used to hack viciously against the large azure hand.

However, a technique unleashed by the late-Nascent Soul Stage Han Li certainly wasn't going to be broken by a mere sixth grade demon beast.

The blades were attacking the azure hand relentlessly, yet the latter remained completely unscathed.

Han Li raised an eyebrow as a cold expression appeared on his face. He brought together the five fingers on his outstretched hand and the huge azure hand also clamped its fingers together, upon which a howl of anguish abruptly rang out.

The four-armed demon beast had quite a sturdy body for a being of its level, but there was no way that it would be able to defend itself from a late-Nascent Soul cultivator's attack, and its body was forcibly clamped into several segments.

Almost at the exact same moment, Han Li disappeared on the spot as an arc of silver lightning again. In the next instant, he appeared beside the demon beast's mutilated corpse before grabbing its azure storage pouch. He then quickly swept his spiritual sense through the contents of the pouch and a delighted look appeared on his face.

"Leave that spirit stone!"

A rumbling roar erupted from nearby. Han Li had appeared out of nowhere, killed the four-armed demon beast, and taken the treasure that the entire demon beast army had been searching for. In the aftermath of all this, it wasn't difficult to imagine the rage coursing through the eighth grade demon beast's heart. As such, it immediately let loose a roar of thunderous fury.

Furthermore, it had injected its magic power into the roar, making it audible to all of the demon beasts in a radius of several tens of kilometers.

Han Li's brows furrowed as he turned toward the demon with an expression that was cold to the extreme, as if he were appraising a dead man.

Blue light flashed and the demon beast was drawing close to Han Li. However, the glare that Han Li directed at it made it feel as if it had been plunged into a glacial pit.

The demon beast was extremely alarmed and immediately stopped cold in its tracks. Only then did it remember to assess Han Li's cultivation base with its spiritual sense, upon which it abruptly drew a sharp breath.

"You're a late-Nascent Soul cultivator? Who are you?" The eighth grade demon beast took an involuntary step backward as it hurriedly flipped a hand over, summoning tow shell-like treasures. It held the treasures up in front of itself as an expression of shock and horror flashed through its eyes.

"Who am I? Why should I answer to a dead person?" Han Li turned his gaze from the demon as he surveyed his surroundings.

It appeared that the roar it had unleashed had taken effect. In the distance, two metamorphosis stage demon beasts were locked in heated battles with a male and a female cultivator, yet they immediately ditched their opponents, transforming into two clouds of azure demonic wind as they rushed toward Han Li.

Even further in the distance, golden light was flashing amid indistinct thunderclaps. That Golden Wyrm King was also on its way back. With that demon beast's fearsome speed, it would only take it an instant to return to this place.

Han Li contemplated the situation as a cold smile appeared on his face. He put away the storage pouch before flipping his hand over to summon a green wooden ruler.

Upon seeing this, the eighth grade demon beast immediately activated its shell-like treasures without any hesitation. White light flashed over the surfaces of the two shells, forming a resolute barrier of light that shielded the demon beast within. The demon was feeling quite relieved after adopting those defensive measures.

However, a deriding sneer appeared on Han Li's face upon seeing this. He gently waved the wooden ruler through the air and green spiritual light flashed as the sound of Buddhist chants erupted from above the demon beast. A silver lotus that was several tens of feet in diameter appeared, from which seven-colored Buddhist light came raining down in a frenzy.

The eighth grade demon beast's body swayed as it reflexively attempted to evade the Buddhist light.

However, a horrifying scene then ensued. The air around it suddenly tightened as an immense invisible force descended upon its body, making it unable to move so much as a single finger. After being enshrouded under the Buddist light, its spiritual power also congealed, rendering it completely unable to use its power.


The demon beast only had the chance to cry out in shock and horror before a streak of golden light around 10 feet in length came hurtling toward it. The golden light only flew in a few circles around the barrier of light, upon which the light barrier emitted a cracking sound as it completely fell apart.

The golden light flashed past right before the demon beast's horrified eyes.

In the next instant, its body had been sliced in half and the two halves plummeted directly toward the ground.

However, a ball of green flames suddenly shot forth from the mutilated body. A loud thunderclap erupted as Han Li abruptly appeared near the two halves of the body before pointing a finger at the green flames.

The green light shuddered slightly and was forcibly locked in mid-air by Han Li's immense spiritual power.

With his other hand, Han Li summoned an azure jade vial, from within a burst of white light emerged.

The white light surged through the air before sweeping up the green flames and drawing it into the vial.

Right at this moment, the other two demon beasts had also drawn quite close to Han Li, but their hearts shuddered in unison upon witnessing him making short work of that eighth grade demon beast before taking its soul.

The two demon beasts hurriedly stopped in their tracks before turning to look at one another, seeing their own horror mirrored in each other's eyes.

At this moment, the figure approaching from the distance was becoming clearer and as expected, it was indeed the Golden Wyrm King. There were also clouds of demonic mist of all different colors approaching from other directions; it seemed the other powerful demon beasts were also rushing back.

Han Li contemplated the situation momentarily before murmuring to himself, "Seeing as I've already obtained the spirit stone, it's best not to take any unnecessary risks."

With that in mind, a smile appeared on Han Li's face and he flew into the distance was a streak of azure light.

"Stop him!"

The Golden Wyrm King was still several thousand feet away, yet it had already issued an absolute command. 

The other two demon beasts couldn't just stand by idly any longer. If the top-grade spirit stone were to be taken right before their very eyes, they would be punished severely.

As such, they could only follow the order, making hand seals to summon two azure wind wyrms that threw themselves at Han Li in a vicious manner.

However, Han Li chortled boisterously as he disappeared on the spot, appearing over 200 feet away in the next instant as an arc of silver lightning. Only then did he continue to fly through the air as a streak of silver light, and the two wind wyrms were completely unable to match his speed!

"Leave the spirit stone behind!" A vicious light suddenly flashed through the Golden Wyrm King's eyes as he hurled his golden spear from afar.

Han Li faltered slightly upon seeing this. A thunderous boom erupted and the golden spear flashed several times in quick succession, taking it to less than 400 feet away from Han Li.

When the spear disappeared once again, Han Li had already reverted back to his normal expression. His fleeing figure stall momentarily as he flipped his hand over to summon a small silver shield, which then rapidly expanded to around 10 feet in diameter.

Almost at the exact same moment, the golden spear appeared around 10 feet away from Han Li. Lightning flashed and the spear struck the silver shield at an incredible speed.

A loud clang rang out as golden and silver light intertwined, and neither side was able to overwhelm the other.

The Golden Wyrm King also stopped in mid-air as he hurriedly cast an incantation seal. A silver lightning snake shot forth from the spear amid a rumbling thunderclap, circling around the shield and heading directly toward Han Li.

"Hmph, what a pathetic little trick!" Han Li harrumphed as he reached out with his bare hand.

He didn't appear to be moving all that quickly, but his hand managed to grab onto the silver lightning snake's neck with unerring accuracy. At the same time, an explosive boom erupted from his entire arm, following which golden arcs of lightning began to appear.

The golden arcs surged down his arm in a frenzy, destroying the silver snake in one fell swoop.

In the distance, the Golden Wyrm King's expression changed slightly upon seeing this. However, Han Li didn't stop there. After destroying the lightning snake, he slammed a palm into the silver shield before him.

A layer of piercing silver light immediately surfaced over the shield, making it as smooth as a mirror.

The golden spear tremored and was repelled by the silver light as it was sent flying over 80 feet away.

Han Li took advantage of this opportunity to fly toward a certain direction as a streak of azure light. However, he wasn't conserving his spiritual power in the slightest this time. After unleashing his maximal speed, the streak of azure light covered a distance of over 1,000 feet in the span of a few breaths.

Coincidentally, there was a black streak of light containing a demon beast flying directly toward him, and it was none other than that demon tortoise that had accompanied the Golden Wyrm King.

Han Li was traveling far too quickly for the demon tortoise to get a clear look at his appearance. However, it had witnessed Han Li slaying an eighth grade demon beast before blocking an attack from the Golden Wyrm King with ease.

As such, the demon tortoise's expression changed drastically upon seeing Han Li flying in its direction.

It immediately changed directions in an attempt to avoid Han Li.

A cold light appeared in Han Li's eyes upon seeing this, and the azure light around him suddenly flashed violently before vanishing.

The vast expanse of space before him suddenly became completely empty.

The demon tortoise couldn't help but falter upon seeing this, and it slowed down slightly in the process.

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