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The countless flaming arrows overhead converged to form a thick pillar of flames, which struck the black light barrier. At the same time, the small child's hand made contact with the shield before him, and the thickness of the light barrier instantly increased by severalfold.

Following a resounding boom, an astonishing explosion of flames erupted on the barrier, causing it to tremor in an alarming manner. The Devil Essence Dagger up above also struck the tip of the light barrier soundlessly.

The dagger was able to slice a thin slit in the light barrier, through which it continued downward toward the small child.

However, right at this moment, the coin-like treasure that was enveloped in black Qi arrived just in the nick of time, clashing with the dagger to create a crisp ringing sound.

A peculiar light flashed once again and both treasures disappeared at the same time.

Han Li's heart jolted with surprise upon seeing this. Thankfully, the humanoid puppet informed him through a spiritual sense message that the Devil Essence Dagger hadn't actually disappeared. Instead, it had simply been trapped someplace nearby.

Han Li focused his attention back on the battle at hand and unleashed his other trump card.

Among the several tens of Fire Ravens who had been kept at bay outside the black light barrier, one of them suddenly spread their wings and let loose a loud cry. Its body swelled to several times its original size in the blink of an eye before a burst of white glacial Qi was blasted out of its mouth.

This was none other than the Greatyin Fire Raven that had absorbed a large amount of Profound Jade's glacial Qi in the Profound Jade Cave.

Without careful refinement over a period of months or even years, there was naturally no way that this glacial Qi could be converted into the essential fire of the Greatyin True Flame. However, a lot of it had just been released at Han Li's behest.

The white glacial Qi struck the light barrier, creating a stark contrast between the black light and the white Qi. A thick layer of translucent ice began to spread over the light barrier it took only a split second before a massive ball of ice was formed, sealing the black light barrier and the small child within.

A hint of elation appeared on Han Li's face upon seeing.

However, he was naturally aware of the fact that just an ice seal wouldn't actually be able to restrict a tenth grade demon beast. As such, he was only using this attack to try and temporarily immobilize him. At the same time, he immediately made a hand seal while pointing toward the golden swords hovering near the huge ball of ice. He began to chant as the golden swords flew into the sky in unison, circling around in the air before dispersing and beginning to vanish one by one.

Old Devil Che was proving to be a very troublesome opponent to deal with, so Han Li decided to set up the Aureate Sword Formation in order to slay this demon.

However, he only managed to set up half of the formation before the massive ball of ice began to shudder violently. Immediately thereafter, countless strands of silver thread pierced through the ice before slicing the ball of ice into slabs of different sizes. 

Through the semi-transparent layer of ice, Han Li could see that the black light barrier within had already disappeared. It had reverted back to the pitch-black shield, while the small child was holding a treasure in his hand that was emanating piercing silver light. The countless thin strands of silver threads were coming from none other than that ball of light.

Within that ball of light was the silver lock that was hanging in front of the small boy's chest. 

Han Li heaved a faint internal sigh upon arriving at the realization that he wouldn't be able to finish setting up his sword formation.

He immediately flipped his hand over with a grim expression to summon the green wooden ruler, before gently waving it at the small child from afar.

Spiritual light flashed above the small child's head as a silver lotus with a diameter of roughly a food appeared. The lotus spun in mid-air before sending a vast expanse of seven-colored Buddhist light raining down from above. The small child had just broken out of the ball of ice when the Buddhist light shone down upon him, momentarily stunning him.

Right at this moment, the humanoid puppet rubbed its hands together, upon which brilliant flash of silver light erupted and a spear that was several feet in length appeared in his hand.

The small child's eyelids twitched upon seeing this and the small grey flag in his hand flew up of its own accord before gently waving in the air. He was somehow able to ignore the Buddhist light's restrictive effect and activate the Myriad Demon Flag in his hand.

The space around the small child immediately began to twist and warp as a murky grey barrier appeared with him at its very center.

Right at this moment, the humanoid puppet also raised an arm.

The silver spear transformed into a streak of silver light as it screeched through the air. 

At such close quarters, the spear struck the barrier in front of the small child almost as soon as it left the puppet's hand.

A peculiar scene then unfolded. The silver spear was easily able to puncture the barrier, but somehow missed the small child by over 10 feet before puncturing the barrier again and emerging on the other side.

Han Li was rather taken aback upon seeing this. The humanoid puppet's spiritual sense had clearly already locked onto the small child, so how could it have missed by so much? However, he was soon struck with a sense of enlightenment.

This barrier manifested by the Myriad Demon Flag possessed the ability to warp space! This was not some ordinary barrier that could be dispelled in a minute or two.

Behind the barrier, the small child held the Myriad Demon Flag in one hand and the silver lock in the other as he glowered at Han Li with a cold expression.

Black demonic light flashed incessantly over his body, slowly repelling the Buddhist light as he tried to struggle free of the restriction.

Han Li's heart sank upon seeing this. It appeared that the opponent he was facing really was incomparable to a normal late-Nascent Soul cultivator. Furthermore, battling such a powerful opponent within the Myriad Demon Flag placed him at a further major disadvantage.

With that in mind, he turned his attention to the four black holes that had appeared near the sea of fire. Even though the small child had been temporarily immobilized by him, the four black holes were still gradually expanding. Furthermore, the sound of indistinct beastly roars could be heard coming from within, as if there were some types of demon beasts that were about to emerge.

Han Li's brows furrowed as he harrumphed coldly and he immediately decided on a course of action.

He put away his Eight Spirit Ruler and made a hand seal.

All of a sudden, the fire cauldron, Fire Raven, humanoid puppet, golden swords, and all of the other treasures tremored violently before hurtling back toward him. Only the Greatyin Fire Raven remained, flying in circles around the spatial barrier as it unleashed one breath of glacial Qi after another. Even though most of the glacial QI had been diverted elsewhere by the spatial barrier, the remaining glacial Qi that actually struck their target was still able to seal the small child within ice again.

However, the silver threads from the silver lock in his hand were able to immediately sliced through the ice again, so the Fire Raven's efforts weren't bearing much fruit.

At this moment, the Greatyin Fire Raven also flew back toward Han Li.

At the same time, a yellow talisman suddenly appeared in his hand. There was spiritual light shimmering from the runes on the talisman, and it was none other than the Worldbreaker Talisman that Fairy Ling Long had given to him prior to her departure.

This talisman was extremely effective for breaking through restrictive spaces like this, but Han Li didn't want to waste such a valuable talisman so he didn't use it from the get-go.

However, he didn't know what other troublesome abilities the Myriad Demon Flag had, so he finally decided to bring out this talisman.

What he intended to use this talisman for was not to break through that spatial barrier, but instead, to escape from this space.

After all, his opponent was still able to use the Myriad Demon Flag so even if he could break that barrier, it would still be a difficult task for Han Li to kill him. As such, it was a wiser decision to escape from this restrictive space first.

Thus, he pinched the talisman between two fingers and waved it toward the empty space right in front of him.

Piercing yellow light erupted from the talisman as a burst of spatial fluctuations emerged. The space before him immediately began to twist and warp before revealing a transparent white ball of light.

Han Li was ecstatic upon seeing this and he immediately summoned all of his nearby treasures to him.

The flying swords, Fire Ravens, and humanoid puppet all began to attack that spot in the air.

A resounding boom immediately reverberated throughout the space as an image of the Spirit Void Hall in the outside world became visible through the white hole.

In the distance, the small child was still struggling to break free from the restriction placed upon him and an urgent look appeared on his face as he caught sight of what Han Li was doing.

He immediately injected his power into the Myriad Demon Flag as a pillar of grey light shot forth from the flag, crashing directly into the silver lotus in the air above.

The two clashed amid a muffled thump, upon which both dissipated into nothingness.

As soon as the small child freed himself, a burst of azure light erupted around Han Li's body. He had already transformed into a streak of azure light before disappearing into the white hole. All of the nearby treasures followed closely behind him.

The small child held the small grey flag in his hand with a thunderous look on his face.

The azure light receded and Han Li appeared in mid-air in the outside world. Right at this moment, the sound of thunderous explosions suddenly traveled into his ears.

Han Li hurriedly summoned his flying swords to him to create a barrier of golden light before surveying his surroundings.

What he saw made him draw a sharp breath.

The main hall of the Spirit Void Hall was extremely vast, appearing to be over 10,000 feet in length and width. Several hundred feet away from him, there was a gargantuan object over 2,000 feet in length hanging in mid-air, and it was completely identical to the small grey flag he had seen in the demonic Qi space.

The only difference was that this flag was countless times more massive. Furthermore, demonic Qi was tumbling incessantly over the surface of the colossal flag, and there were also flashing demonic runes of different sizes inscribed on the face of the flag. The entirety of the entrance that he had just passed through had been enshrouded under the Myriad Demon Flag.

It was no wonder that Han Li had been drawn into the restriction without any chance for evasion as soon as he had entered the hall.

This was true Myriad Demon Flag, while the small flag wielded by Old Devil Che was most likely just a manifestation of a wisp of the flag's spiritual nature.

With shock surging through his heart, Han Li turned his attention to the very center of the main hall, where an extremely fierce battle seemed to be taking place.

Most of the hall over there had been transformed into a glacial land.

Howling white glacial Qi was almost omnipresent in the air and the tall pillars on the hall had all been covered in a thick layer of ice. There were also a series of ice mountains ranging from several tens to several hundreds of feet tall lined up next to one another around the battlefield.

In the air above the glacial land, there was a pristine white Ice Phoenix over 100 feet in size. Its entire body was covered in white glacial flames and it was wreaking havoc to its heart's content.

It was facing off against a beautiful middle-aged woman and two white-haired elderly men from the North Night Palace. All of them were wielding their treasures as they fought desperately to withstand the Ice Phoenix's attacks. The cultivators were all extremely powerful in their own right, but in the face of the Ice Phoenix's devastating power, they were still firmly on the back foot.

Han Li's heart jolted with shock again as he looked at the layer of white glacial flames all over the Ice Phoenix's body.

These glacial flames were extremely similar to Bai Mengxin's Glacial Phoenix Flames, except they were countless times more powerful.

Even after cultivating the Glacial Phoenix Flames to their most powerful extent, there was no way that it could be this fearsome.

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