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The several Qi Condensation cultivators in the room were either vagrants or from small clans. When a cultivator of profound stature appeared before them, they felt their breaths turn shallow.

They weren’t able to see through his cultivation, meaning he was at Core Formation stage at the very least. Under normal circumstances they didn’t have the qualifications to speak in the direction of such a high-grade cultivator and could only look at them from a distance.

Han Li’s expression relaxed after hearing that he was still in Nanjiang and he swept his sleeve, releasing several azure streaks that entered each of the cultivator’s bodies.

They silently fell to the ground, powerless to resist.

Han Li then silently waved his hand, summoning one of them into his grasp. With his fingers wrapped around his skull, azure light began to shine from it.

A short moment later, the light faded and the cultivator dropped from his hand. He then did the same to the rest of them.

After the time it took to finish a cup of tea, Han Li was finished with his work.

When the last one fell to the ground, he glanced at them and muttered, “It would be so much simpler to just kill them, but I’m not that ruthless. They are fortunate to trade memories for their lives.” With that said, Han Li made certain of his bearings before shooting off in an azure streak.

Two hours later, the cultivators all woke up. Realizing they had fallen unconscious, they all screamed. Although they had no memory of what happened, their lingering fear remained and they departed from the mountain as quickly as they could.

At that moment, Han Li was already tens of thousands of kilometers away, flying at a leisurely pace and casually probing the white jade slip that Ling Long had gifted him earlier.

Not long after, he sighed and put away the slip, silently sinking into thought.

He now had two different types of information. One was an introduction to reverse spirit streams and a profound grand spell formation that cultivators from the spirit realm used to open them.

The spell formation was complicated beyond belief, and would require top-grade spirit stones to activate. The quantity that it mentioned left him at a loss for words.

Even if the formation was unsuitable for use in the mortal realm, if he strenuously researched it, it could be possible for him to create a simplified version of it. He would be able to put this knowledge to use in that way.

The other portion of information was the spatial nodes in the mortal realm.

Not only did it mention the areas where they could be easily found, but there were over a dozen spatial nodes mentioned that existed in the past with each of their locations noted in exact detail. Xiang Zhili and Corpse Xiong were only given information on a few of them.

As he continued to ponder, a faint smile appeared on his pensive face.

Regardless of how important the contents of the slip would be in the future, his most pressing concern would be to raise his cultivation to late-Nascent Soul stage.

After all, the spatial nodes can only be used if he was at early Deity Transformation stage. It was then that a Nascent Soul would be condensed to the point where one wouldn’t have anything to fear from the nodes’ spatial disturbance. Otherwise, one would face certain death.

Now that he acquired the Nascent Cultivating Pill and the method to dissolve the Soul Curse Seal, all he needed now was a supplementary medicine pill to dissolve the curse. The Profound Ice Pill was an ice-attributed medicine much like the Snow Soul Pill, but its primary ingredient was the Profound Ice Flower. This difference is important as the flower was incredibly rare.

It solely grew on myriad year profound ice and would melt soon after being picked, completely eradicating its medicinal strength.

In addition to how rare they are, they are also in vast demand. Many of the sects that grow them use the flowers as soon as they appear. It is virtually never seen in any auction.

While the medicine to dissolve the curse wasn’t present on Old Devil Qian’s body, it was sure to be found somewhere in the Yin Sifting Sect. However, Han Li wasn’t confident that he’d be able to charge into the base of one of the greatest sects in the Great Jin.

Not to mention the number of cultivators inside, the sect’s grand restriction alone would stop him from going alone.

After all, there were immense differences between some unmanned formation and a cultivator-controlled one.

According to the Profound Ice Pill’s formula, the flower could be substituted with other ice-attributed medicines, but it would cause a massive decrease in effectiveness. Since Han Li decided not to leave matters to chance, he decided to take a trip to a glacial area.

As such, he planned on heading to Bai Yaoyi’s North Night Palace. The palace was located on North Night Island, a place renowned for its unending cold. Surely he would be able to find Profound Ice Flowers there.

In addition, he was curious about the Glacial Quintessence and wanted to see if the palace somehow managed to acquire some Puresun Flame Essence. After all, the sect has held Glacial Quintessence for countless years. If they didn’t have any, they should at least know of its whereabouts.

Of course, Han Li wasn’t about to head straight to North Night Island. He wanted to find a place to lay low until the murmurs of Kunwu Mountain came to pass.

Furthermore, he had pressing matters to attend to, which could take several years.

With that thought, Han Li came to a decision and turned north.

Along the way, he passed through a dozen provinces, eventually arriving at the immense Shuang Region.

Although the region wasn’t the northmost in the Jin Empire, it might as well be as the land was filled with snow as far as the eye could see.

As a result, it was a region that was sparse with people and had even fewer spirit mountains or spirit veins, with quality that was inferior to other places.

As a result, the Great Jin sects rarely established themselves in the region, leaving it to a few clans and many vagrant cultivators.

Although the region was of poor quality, it was extremely large in scope and ranked in the top five for size out of the twenty-six county regions in the Great Jin.

As a few famous ice-attributed materials and medicines grew there, it was also where those with ice-attributed cultivation techniques gathered as well. By drawing support of the constant glacial Qi, they could increase their cultivation. And if they fought cultivators who used techniques of other elements, they would find themselves at an advantage.

In previous places Han Li have been too, whether it was the Heavenly South or the Scattered Star Seas, they had four seasons spread throughout the year. He rarely went to areas that only had one type of climate.

But having reached his current stage in cultivation, his body now reached a level where he had nothing to fear from the cold. In fact, he was even excited to see the vast expanses of snow at the very start, but that wonder soon grew dim.

Along the way, he came across a few others, but he kept at a distance to avoid being detected by them, a trivial task.

Within five days of entering the Shuang Region, Han Li stopped at a desolate and unremarkable mountain range.

Although it was small, it had a spirit vein of acceptable quality.

As he floated in the air, he sensed the mountain’s dense spiritual Qi and nodded with satisfaction.

Then with a cold snort, he flew down with great momentum and entered the top of the mountain.

Han Li’s action led to huge impacting trembles that faintly rode down the mountain. A few small beasts were even thrown into the air and fell unconscious.

Even the few cultivators that were cultivating on the mountain were thrown into disarray and screamed in panic. They sensed a huge pressure weighing on their bodies with a few finding it difficult to even lift themselves from the ground. Those that were stronger even found it difficult to breathe as if they were under a restriction. Soon after, three streaks of light flew up from different areas of the mountain and directly flew in Han Li’s direction.

When Han Li saw them come, his body flashed with azure light and his appearance blurred, soon turning him into a fiendish old man with a goat’s beard.

Because his body was glowing with light, he had no fear that the approaching cultivators had seen anything.

The incoming streaks faded to reveal two black-robed old men and a large grey-robed man. The younger and larger man stood in front with the two old men close behind him.

Han Li raised his brow, but he didn’t find anything out of the ordinary. The large man was at mid Core Formation while the old men were late Foundation Establishment. The three also practiced the same cultivation technique.

Before Han Li spoke, the grey-robed man furiously examined Han Li with his spiritual sense, but his expression changed and his fury vanished, immediately changed with a submissive smile.

“This Junior is the Li Clan Master, Li Zhongtian. Do you have any commands? I will do my best to assist you!” The large man spoke with great respect. Trepidation lingered in his heart after he saw Han Li’s fearsome appearance.

“I care not for your clan. I have my sights on this mountain. Get off of it. I’ll give you half a day to prepare.” Han Li spoke with a hoarse voice and an icy tone. His words were almost colder than the biting icy winds.

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