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Xiang Zhili paused in surprise, but then shook his head and said, “Indeed! Since there is a spare spell formation, the ancient cultivators should’ve prepared an alternative means to control it, but the magic tool’s whereabouts were unknown. It is said to be hidden in an unremarkable place on the mountain. Only one of the descendants of the Kunwu Masters knew of its location. However, these descendants have long concealed their identity. What are we to do?”

Ling Long bitterly said, “Humph, those old fogies were too careful.”

Lin Yinping and Corpse Xiong wore worried expressions when they heard this. Han Li frowned and asked, “Was this tool also styled like an imperial seal?”

“No, it was called the Heavencrystal Stele,” Xiang Zhili casually replied, “With that, we’ll be able to use the reserve sealing formation.”

Han Li’s face changed, and in his surprise, he recalled the slab he acquired from the mountain gate. Wasn’t that name inscribed on it?

Ling Long’s gaze casually brushed past him as well when this was spoken.

Han Li felt his heart drop.

“Since there is nothing that can be done, let us first try to leave the mountain. The devil won’t be able to escape in a matter of a few days. Let’s take this opportunity to gather those near Nanjiang and place down a large formation to reseal the mountain for the time being. Afterwards, I’ll gather all of the sects of the Great Jin here. Although the devil will be immensely powerful with the devilish Qi, with hoards of cultivators attacking it, there is no reason it wouldn’t perish. As for the true devil Qi, we can turn the surrounding thousands of kilometers into a restricted area while we think of a way to contain it.” With Xiang Zhili’s experience, it only took a moment for him to come up with a plan. 

Corpse Xiong let out a long breath and he politely replied, “Fellow Daoist Xiang’s words are quite reasonable. I will return to Myriad Demon Valley and make a report to the valley lord. This matter doesn’t only concern humans.”

“Oh! If your valley were to take action, our odds of victory will be far greater. I’ve long heard of Fellow Daoist Che’s might in particular. Its a shame I never had an opportunity to greet him as he has always remained in seclusion!” Xiang Zhili spoke with a smile. 

Corpse Xiong dryly laughed and he eyes changed direction. He gave Ling Long a respectful bow and said, “Imperial Concubine, our valley lord said that he was an acquaintance of yours! He...” with that said, he sent the rest of his message to her through voice transmission.

Ling Long’s calm expression stirred and her eyes betrayed surprise.

“It’s him! I wonder how he knew it was I who was sealed here!” Ling Long muttered a few words as she mulled over the matter, a tired and aged look on her face.

Corpse Xiong sincerely said, “Since the Imperial Concubine already knows the identity of our valley lord, wouldn’t it be better for you to stay with us at Myriad Demon Valley for some time. With countless demons and variants, we’ll be able to select an appropriate body for you.”

“I have no interest in leaving Kunwu Mountain. In a moment, I will be returning to the ninth floor.” Those in the room thought they misheard her.

“The Imperial Concubine wishes to return inside? How can that be?” Corpse Xiong cried out.

“That’s right, but it won’t be me alone,” she pointed at Han Li and said, “He will be accompanying me. This person’s Divine Devilbane Lightning will prove useful.”

Han Li betrayed surprise, but that soon neutralized.

Xiang Zhili gave Han Li a strange glance and couldn't help but ask, “Senior Ling Long, surely you jest? Why would you do something so dangerous?” 

“We are different,” Ling Long coldly stated, “I originally came from the spirit realm in my true body. Even if my cultivation is restored to late Deity Transformation-stage, I will not be able to return to the spirit realm unless I retrieve my true body. Once that is done, I’ll return through a reverse spirit stream. This time, I’ll prepare to use the innate ability of the Silvermoon Wolves. By relying on this, I should have a half-chance of taking back my body.”

“This... please reconsider!” Corpse Xiong wore a hesitant expression.

Xiang Zhili urged against this as well.

Ling Long simply brushed the hair from her face and smirked, “I know that you’ve been wanting me to share with you the whereabouts of a reverse spirit stream. You fear that you’ll lose your chance if I go in!” 

When they heard this, Corpse Xiong appeared embarrassed, but Xiang Zhili remained unphased and denied her claim.

Ling Long carelessly stated, “Enough. Although there are many humans and demons that descended upon this world, likely none of them know the details of reverse spirit streams. Even in the spirit realm, they weren’t something those of common cultivation could touch. These reverse spirit streams possess no fixed position or existence.”

Han Li’s eyes flickered as if he were paying attention to what was happening before him. However, his spiritual sense was focused on the Heavencrystal Stele in his storage pouch. To the side, Lin Yinping’s attention was completely enraptured by their secret conversation about the reverse spirit stream.

“What do you mean they have no fixed existence?” Xiang Zhili quietly asked with a grave expression.

“It’s quite simple. Reverse spirit streams are temporary passages that we created using the power of heaven and earth. The passage that has brought us here has long ceased to exist.” Ling Long coldly said.

“Impossible!” Corpse Xiong quickly shouted, “I clearly saw people who were returning to the spirit world after the war. Without reverse spirit streams, how could this have been done?”

Ling Long indifferently said, “You forget that the ancient cultivators of the mortal realm contacted the spirit realm for assistance during the invasion of the Elder Devils.”

“...Realm Whisper Incense!” Xiang Zhili furrowed his brow.

“Yes, when those people returned, they ignited the incense to inform the spirit realm to open a passage. Even if you somehow managed to acquire the ritual, would you know anyone in the spirit realm willing to open a passage? A vast amount of peak-grade spirit stones are used in the creation of a reverse spirit stream. Even if the humans and demons joined hands, it will be an impossible task to accomplish.” Ling Long’s words dashed Corpse Xiong’s last hopes.

“But then, how does your Imperial Highness intend on returning to the spirit realm?” Xiang Zhili calmly asked.

“I am the concubine of the Wolf Monarch Tian Kui and the high princess of the Silvermoon Wolves. My circumstances are different. My body and spiritual sense have the imprint of a Star Defying Plate. So long as I can take back my body, I can activate the power of the imprint. An elder in my clan placed down a formation that is activated by the power of the Star Defying Plate, even across realms. This would forcefully open a small-scale reverse spirit stream to take me back. The passage will be for me alone. If others attempt to take it without the imprint, their bodies would immediately be destroyed by the passage’s spatial distortions.  Were it not for the sudden possession of Yuan Cha’s soul fragment and the separation of my soul, I would’ve long since returned to the spirit realm,” Ling Long spoke with a bitter tone.

Corpse Xiong glanced at the plate in Ling Long’s hand and bewilderedly said, “An imprint? The Star Defying Plate in your hand isn’t its true body? I suspected that this legendary treasure was far too weak.” 

Xiang Zhili’s smile faded and his expression turned grim.

His hopes of several hundred years had been completely crushed.

At that moment, Han Li grew vigilant and stealthily took several steps back. He didn’t know if anything would soon happen.

Corpse Xiong sighed and asked with a desperate tone, “Could it be that unless one reached late-Deity Transformation stage, there are no other methods to ascension? 

Ling Long saw their earnest gazes and smiled. With a particularly charming bearing, she said, “Of course not. Apart from reverse spirit streams, there is only one other method, but it is only feasible in theory. Few have ever succeeded with this method as a vast majority dies in the attempt. Do you want to hear it?”

When Han Li saw this, he felt his mouth grow dry, and he immediately utilized the Great Development Technique in his fright, stabilizing his shaken mind.

“Of course I want to hear it,” Xiang Zhily hurriedly answered, “Even if there is a danger, I’d rather take the risk than to wait for my death staying idle.”

Corpse Xiong repeatedly nodded his head.

“I can tell you, but there is a price. I will need you two to lend something to me to help me reclaim my body!” A sly expression appeared on Ling Long’s face.

“Lend you something?”

Xiang Zhili and Corpse Xiong were stunned.

“That’s right,” Ling Long muttered, “The Devil Dragon Blade replica and Fellow Daoist Xiang’s two Worldbreaker Talismans.”

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