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Ling Long vanished the crystalline light from her finger when she saw the devil’s change of appearance. She faced Han Li and sternly shouted, “The devil forcefully used a technique to reach the pinnacle of her strength. If you do not lend me your cauldron, then we will all die.”

As soon as she finished speaking, a deafening roar shook the black mist and a dense streak of black light launched towards Master Sable.

In his alarm, he waved the Soaring Heaven Sword in a circle, releasing countless yellow sword streaks to block it. It was for nothing, as the devilish Qi violently roamed as the giant three-headed devil emerged, only for it to disappear immediately after.

As the old man’s gaze was still focused in the direction of the assault, a black streak appeared above him without a sound.

Having experienced countless battles, Master Sable instantly reacted as soon as he sensed the devil. He quickly swung the sword behind him, then launching himself opposite in a streak of light as he attempted an escape. The left and right heads of the giant devil sneered when they saw this and opened their mouths to spit out two beams of black light, dissolving the sword Qi that Master Sable had earlier released and easily overpowering him.

The barrier that Master Sable created from his eight trigram mirror and jade ornament was rapidly melted away, leaving him entirely defenseless.

In his fright, Master Sable wildly flailed the Soaring Heavens Sword in all directions, surrounding him in layers of blinding light.     

The yellow light flickered from the resulting black explosion, vanishing it entirely. All that was left of Master Sable was a miserable cry before his voice was completely silenced.

The black light lingered in the air after striking the body, scorching his Nascent Soul and its magic treasure until they were utterly destroyed.

When the others saw this, they were dumbfounded.

Master Sable had fought throughout the battle, only for him to meet such a sudden end.

Now that they could clearly see the three-headed devil, they felt their blood run cold.

It appeared to be a transformation of the black-armored woman.

Right now, she was twelve meters tall and her middle head was completely the same, possessing her original vast beauty. Her other two heads, however, were the size of barrels and had the frightening appearance of two jet-black wolf heads.

Most of her body was covered in armor with black fur exposed from whatever was left bare. Her six arms were also covered in pitch-black scales. While they didn’t hold any weapons, they did have incisive claws shining with a cold black light.

Be it her appearance or the absolute slaughter of Master Sable, they were both causes for terror. Despite the great vitality she had consumed from her actions, her two wolf heads still appeared well, but her human head was completely pale and the purple light shining from her eyes was nearly dim.

Additionally, the two winged devil Qi incarnations she originally released had disappeared after her appearance as a three-headed giant. It was likely she wasn’t able to sustain them after her transformation.

When the others saw how the devil had weakened, they exchanged a glance at one another and quickly resumed their assault.

As fearsome as the devil may be, they were unwilling to stand idle and be culled.

Crimson, silver, and red light enveloped the devil in a continuous barrage, leaving not a moment of respite for the creature.

After its previous display of power, the three-headed devil seemed incapable of launching another attack on that caliber, and could only blow out mouthfuls of black Qi and waved her arms to forcefully block its attacks.

“Something’s wrong!”

Ling Long shouted with concern. Her body then blurred and arrived above the altar surrounded by devilish Qi. 

She stared down at the devilish Qi below and raised her brow after a moment of examination. Then with crystalline light wrapped around her, she dived inside.

Han Li was somewhat surprised by this.

He was previously able to refuse Ling Long because he gambled that she couldn't attack him. He could still faintly sense the existence of an artifact spirit inside his flying swords. It appeared that after the two fused their souls, the result was still partially his artifact spirit.

Although Ling Long’s spiritual sense was immensely powerful and he had no control over her, he had no fear of her attacking him.

If she truly injured and killed him, who could know what would happen? After all, a portion of her soul is his artifact spirit. It was a circumstance that few could possibly fathom.

Now, however, Ling Long had completely abandoned her desire for the cauldron, Han Li was puzzled but nonetheless turned his attention to the pitch-black devilish Qi coiling around the altar. He frowned when his Brightsight Spirit Eyes weren’t able to see through it. He looked over at the three-headed devil, who assumed a completely defensive stance, then glancing over to a pillar that was faintly shining with spiritual light. A thought struck his mind with realization, and he immediately clapped his hands together, summoning roaring lightning at his fingertips.

A dozen bolts of golden lightning leapt out, all striking at the dozen pillars of black Qi that had taken form. Golden light flashed and thunder rang with each strike, immediately evaporating the black pillars without any resistance.

The cultivators all examined this with shock. At nearly the same time, Ling Long’s icy voice shouted from within the altar, “Yuan Cha, your true self was here?”

“Hehe, my Heavenly Devil Incarnation Arts are quite good, right? His aptitude is quite high and it was well worth employing the technique on him, but as I could only infuse the perfect devil Qi in him for a short time, he wasn’t able to turn into a true three-headed Jialun War Devil. However, when combined with my incarnations and devil armor, his full-powered strike rivals that of a Deity Transformation cultivator. It is a pity that there is a limited supply of perfect devil Qi, else I could’ve killed all of you myself.”

Those fighting the three-headed devil stopped attacking when they heard this. At that moment, black Qi surged around the devil, causing its heads to change in appearance.

The middle head turned into the face of a horned-man whose eyes flickered with red-purple light. His face clearly belonged to the large-headed eccentric. As for the other two heads, they belonged to the winged devil Qi incarnations. These three different entities had been forcibly merged together.

When they saw this fearsome display, the vastly experienced cultivators were appalled and slowed their attacks. 

With its true appearance revealed, the middle head shrieked and its face wore an ugly scowl. The black armor it wore on its body violently grew in size and completely covered its body ands heads. At the same time, it waved its six arms, summoning two black sabers, two spears, and two swords into each hand. The devil growled with killing intent before pouncing towards the cultivators. Meanwhile, the devilish Qi surrounding the altar let of muffled echoes, followed by the sounds of explosions.

“Yuan Cha, what do you think you’re doing!?” Ling Long furiously shouted from the altar.

“As long as I can destroy the seal, my mission will be complete. Without any interference from the spirit realm, this world will soon become corrupted by the perfect devil Qi, and it will only be a matter of time before it becomes another portion of our holy races realm.”

A mocking laugh sounded and the devilish Qi nearby suddenly rushed into the altar in a vortex. Then, the nearby devilish Qi had completely disappeared, leaving only the black-clothed woman in view, Yuan Cha’s soul fragment. She no longer wore her devilish armor, but she did hold up a fist-sized ball of black light.

The ball shined with black light and its body fluctuated in size. Upon closer inspection, it seemed to shine like a rainbow.

It appeared to contain all of the devilish Qi that had been absorbed moments ago.

When Han Li saw this, a thought sparked in his mind. He suddenly recalled the Keen Spirit Peacock’s rainbow light that had been gathered by Yuan Cha’s main soul. Could this be it?

With devilish Qi stirring around her, she began to chant an incantation and grasped one of her hands in an odd gesture. Light and shadow emitted slowly above her body.

Ling Long’s figure gracefully floated to the side of the altar. She was looking at the sky with an expression of furious alarm.

Han Li strangely followed her gaze and discovered that an astonishing change had occurred in the confrontation between the two divine spirit treasures. The flag’s python form had changed into that of a pitch-black sphere of wind that was the size of a small building. It contained countless black vortexes that mesmerized those who saw watched, but it didn’t produce the slightest sound.

As for the many silver talisman characters released from the Eight Spirit Ruler’s lotus form, they disappeared into the sphere as soon as they touched it.

With the appearance of the black sphere in the sky and the black sphere in Yuan Cha’s hand, Han Li felt a strange sense of foreboding.

He didn’t know what she was planning, but within the two black balls contained fearsome amounts of devilish Qi and spirit power. He couldn't allow her to continue.

In the blink of an eye, Han Li came to a decision and he waved her arm to the human-like puppet at his side. It then released a deep black flicker, releasing it towards the huge ball of black wind in the air.

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