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AHHHHHHH, no, nevermind, I am fine. Well, fine inside the mouth of an unknown creature bigger than most of the known asteroids and capable of tearing apart the portal between two universes. Otherwise, that's good but …





I get hit by his tongue and I am bouncing around. I can see the corpse of many Heroes around me, they probably didn't resist whatever is inside this place. As for the Devourers of Gods, they didn't make it. I can only see the crystals hitting the teeth and trying to get out. I notice that my [Veil of Darkness] is destroyed, created and destroyed again, every dozen of seconds. There is something here that is highly dangerous.

But for now, I am relatively safe, better use that time well. I absorb all the energy around me, all the corpses are melted by my tentacles. Of course, I have to do it closely, since those parts of my body are not protected by my [Veil of Darkness]. I feel a lot better, I try to see around me, but except the robust crystals, nothing is moving…


We are being attracted by the inside of the monster. Either he is breathing or he is trying to eat us. Well, he will not eat a lot of things, I am barely capable of resisting the attraction, by constantly teleporting, and the crystals are stuck on the teeth. They are not looking weak; I think we can survive the first wave. And as expected, none of the three survivors, me and the two crystals, died yet. But it is not looking well, he is not opening his mouth. Maybe if I … [Annihilation].

Ok, that was a critical error. I think I didn't even pierce anything with that, damn that monster is strong. I look closely, and I see only a dent in the enormous tooth. I would need hundreds of that spell just to dig a small hole in it. After seeing me doing this, the two crystals are hitting once again at the same spot, I get close to see what are the results. A little better than mine, but not enough. They begin to release some of the spells they absorbed, but none are effective.

Since I can do nothing, let's see how many rewards I got. So, who did I killed? Let's see, don't know, don't know, don't know, Ares, that's the God of War I think. Quetzalcoatl, an exotic one this time. Don't know, don't know again, Loki. I try to look at the rewards, but they are clearly lacking or not really useful right now. Yes, [Treachery] looks really good, but I don't think that I can use that on this space crocodile. [Vengeance] looks like something harmful to myself but doing some damage to the enemy. I am certain that he has more HP than 1000 of me combined.

Give me something useful, a good god, like Thoth for example. Gaia, don't need something related to Nature either. Chronos, not really … Wait, that's very good. Let me see what is written.

"The uzer can chosse between one differvnt spell that the rjpresentative poskessed. This ine ssells will be rabdomly chysen awong all the spetts availabje."

"Pleose choore the smell:

1- Time Lapse"

-Marc Cassidy chooses: Time Lapse!

"Srftem acknowuedge the choice of tce uker, the spell: Time Lapse hos neen chosel."

Not like I have a lot of choices anyway, but I wonder what does this thing do. And looks like something that would be really useful, even if traveling through time is a weird thing. Just now, how much can I get from …


DAMN! That time it is even stronger than before. I can see one of the crystals flying in the dark, toward the stomach. The other is deeply rooted in his tooth and I am still capable of resisting this. I keep teleporting toward a tooth but each time, I am really getting close to the point where I can't see it anymore. And the spirits are all dead here I have no backup. Must … not … float … Finally, it ended. We are safe for now. Wait, the mouth is opening this is our …

RUNNING AWAY! He is eating a planet or something, I can see tons and tons of things floating in his mouth and getting immediately melted. The rocks and stones are disappearing quickly, either from the local air or directly down his stomach. It is calmer, but I lost sight of my fellow crystal, I guess he was entrapped under all of it. And I missed my chance of getting out of here. No, better use this new spell, I am betting everything on you mate. [TIME LAPSE].


Ah, I am weak, far too weak. Where am I … oh, here. In the mouth of that crocodile, again. Wait, I can see the two crystals hitting the teeth. It looks really similar to when I first realized that I was here. Just to try something [Annihilation].

"Net enougl mada"

As expected. That's why I am feeling very weak, but I can still sense that I have more power inside me, that I am not using. As for the jump in time, it is a small one. Just thirty minutes. I quickly absorb all the bodies and prepare myself for the incoming attack.


Exactly like before, it has done the same thing. The two crystals survived, the bodies were eaten by me and nearly nothing ends up in the stomach of that crocodile. I just don't know what I need for that time travel to work, I mean, I need to return where. The dwarves? The Tomb Kings? When I was a rat? Or even before, when I was on Earth? No, not the Earth, but right after. If I have my memories, I can use my System to its best capabilities. However, how much power would I need to do that, a lot and even with that bank that I can't use I will surely not be able to ….

Except if I manage to use this. This enormous body, if I can absorb its energy, I will be able to do whatever I want. But how I can't even breach his skin … wait, did I even tried? I don't think so, I only attacked a tooth, nothing else. And maybe he is invulnerable to any attack from the outside but from the inside? I mean, normally, everyone should be dead in his mouth, and even if he is huge, if I can reach a vein, I will be able to travel toward the heart. And who says heart, say energy, I guess.

I still have a lot of time before he breathes again. Here, his skin should still be too large for me. But if I bypass his tongue and I approach the location right before the neck, maybe I can try something. I float for at least a few kilometers, before seeing the skin getting thinner. Great, however, my two shields are really under a heavy fire. Every second my [Veil of Darkness] is broken, and the one under it is constantly getting repaired. I don't know how much time I have. [Annihilation].


OH GOD! It was definitely painful this time. [Annihilation], [Annihilation], [Annihilation] … I keep casting this spell, but I can feel the huge body moving around me. I am almost here; the hole is nearly ready ... don't have time. I turn into the smallest form possible, basically the rat that I was at the beginning.


I can feel that this time, he truly wants to deal with anything still alive in his mouth. Shortly after, I see the two crystals passing in front of me and my hole. I am safe and don't feel anything, I keep digging more and more. By using [Annihilation], I can only dig a little more than 30 centimeters, but that's enough. I arrive in a vein, where a weird green liquid is moving. Barely a second after I enter it, the hole that I created is closed. This organism quick at responding, meaning that the local white cells will try to hunt me down.

I get as fast as I can toward my destination while absorbing everything around me. I can see the liquid turning brown and then black after I passed. On the other hand, I feel stronger and stronger, that's a very powerful energy. I keep doing this, and shortly after, I encounter the supposed white cells. But I don't think they expect an [Annihilation]. I keep leeching more and more of his life, but it seems that it is endless. That will definitely be more than just 30 minutes.

I arrive at the heart, and there I stop. I stand at the entrance, get in the middle of the vein and just absorb and absorb. All the white cells that are coming are all destroyed by my powerful beams. Now, even the liquid that is arriving is already less green and browner. I keep doing this over and over again. The heartbeats are not as strong as before, and not as numerous either. But I don't care, I keep doing this. In fact, why should I return in the past? I am capable of killing this; I am stronger than everything.

With this, I can even potentially evolve, get even bigger, better. Stronger. What is the point, when the Nine Heavens are practically destroyed, when I will be able to hunt the Void as I please? Right now, this huge crocodile, that should have killed me is at his death's door. The flow of brown liquid is slowing down; I wonder what I will receive after killing it. That feeling, sensing all that power stored inside me. I still don't really know how to use it, but it can't be that hard. Probably just thinking about it would be enough. So what should I do after, so many things to do. Stay here? Not really that good, but I can still take revenge upon the Nine Heavens. Return to the Void? Who knows?




The heartbeats are really too few now. The movement of the crocodile is not even making his heart move. Just a few more minutes, and I will finally achieve victory. And with it, my System will definitely be fixed, maybe I will even evolve. Nothing will be able to stop me anymore. HAHAHAHA!

(You … broke … the … oath!)

What, sorry I can't hear you? You look really weak right now, is it Anubis? Well, you see, I really tried to do what you asked, but unfortunately, this big fellow attacked me. My only hope was to return here, no bad feelings I hope.


I am sure that I will, but later. If you could harm me, you would have already done it. You broke your oath anyway, I know it. You have no power, especially after that defeat. And I know that this huge space crocodile is eating your planets one after the other. Well, not anymore, since he will soon die from my hand. And after that, Hades and everyone else will receive their fair judgment.


"-300 HP"

"-300 HP"

"-300 HP"

"-300 HP"

No, no, no. How can he do this, I am inside the heart of this monster, I am protected by my shields.

"-300 HP"

That stupid oath, how can they target me? I still have enough life, I see on the System that my HP is fine, ????/????.

"-300 HP"

"-300 HP"

"-300 HP"

But that's too harsh, not good, ???/????, I only have three seconds left. Damn, fuck you all, I will use all my power [TIME LAPSE]!

Ah, Oh, my head. Where did I end up appearing? Oh, the sky is blue, probably Aria, ah my head … wait, what is this in the sky? A … note, 100 euros?


"Did you see that lightning?"

"Weird, especially with a sky like that … wait, look someone is on the ground!"

"Call someone, quickly, sir, are you okay, can you hear me, sir?"

Damn it.

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