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Chapter 2 Dismiss (Part I)

On the second morning, Zhou Han began to work hard in the rising sun.

Previously when he practiced to level five, he had achieved the force of 1,500 kilos. Zhou Han's training curriculum included weight lifting or firm stance with more than 100 kilos weight. But now Zhou Han's force was less than 100 kilos. His practice fell back to the original stage.

Running, push-ups, leapfrogs...

After less than an hour's practice, Zhou Han felt very tired already, his limbs felt no strength at all.


Zhou Han's legs were too weak that he fell onto the ground, slamming on the ground with his hand, till both fists got bloody and fuzzy "Why, why is this?"

In the depths of Zhou Han's heart, there was a story of humiliation that no one knew about.

As the son of Captain Huyi. Tiger Wing was from a poor family, but he was promoted to the commander at young. Then he became the captain at his middle age, being very well-respected in the capital city.

But Captain Huyi always had a regret, that was, he had no sons. So he had to adopt one son, named him Zhou Liang.

However, in the second year after Captain Huyi adopted Zhou Liang, Huyi's wife got pregnant. In the third year, she gave birth to a boy, which was Zhou Han.

Zhou Liang and Zhou Han had a good relationship in their childhood. Captain Huyi treated the two sons the same, giving them the same love.

Zhou Liang was born with talent. At the age of twelve, he was admitted by Fuzong as his disciple. Fuzong was a sect that ranked higher than the dynasty. A Fuzong disciple, even if dogsbody of Fuzong, would be honored and respected by the nobles of the dynasty.

Zhou Liang had distinguished talent. In four years with Fuzong, he was promoted to an inner disciple, which was incredible. With this identity, even the King had to be polite to him.

Usually when a man achieves the Dao, his poultry and dogs rise to Heaven. Since Zhou Liang was getting such a high honor, Zhou Han and Captain Huyi could also benefit from him.

However, to people's surprise, Zhou Liang actually turned his back on his father and brother. Not only did he ignore Captain Huyi's grace, but also took away Zhou Han's love, Princess Jianning.

Princess Jianning committed suicide in order to protect her chastity. Captain Huyi was pissed to death. Being forced to the corner by Zhou Liang, Zhou Han had to join the army.

Even if the hope of revenge was slim, Zhou Han had never given up.

When he first joined the army, Zhou Han stood out quickly with his knowledge in military art that his father taught him since he was little. Zhou Han quickly leveled up his strength with the resources he got from victories. This let Zhou Han see the hope of revenge.

However, about half a year ago, his strength suddenly collapsed like a deflating balloon, dropping from 1,500 Kilos to less than 100 Kilos.

But Zhou Han did not give up. He still insisted on practicing every day. His physical condition still continued to worsen day by day. How could Zhou Han not be annoyed by this?

"Deputy battalion commander, the battalion commander wants to meet you." A soldier ran over and reported. The soldier also felt sorry seeing Zhou Han's current condition. If Zhou Han's there hadn't been any problem with Zhou Han's strength, he probably would have been able to reach the strength of 2,000-3,000 kilos and have been promoted to regiment commander.

"Okay, I got it." Zhou Han slowly stood up, wrapped the wound on his fist randomly and walked toward the camp.

The battalion commander of the No.3 battalion is Luo Cheng. He and Zhou Han had started as soldiers and fought with enemies together. They had the unusual soldiers' bonding between them. Even if Zhou Han's strength was collapsing, it didn't impact their relationship. If it wasn't Luo Cheng's help, Zhou Han would probably have been removed from the position of deputy battalion commander.

Don't underestimate the role of deputy battalion commander. Most people joining the army in exchange for the cultivation resources.

The initial training of martial arts focused on the strength. If one wanted breakthroughs in their strength, they had to constantly go beyond the limit of their body.

However, such type of challenge to one's physical limitation was a crush on the potential of one's body. If one could not get supplements in time, then the body would be hurt by excess strain, which would not only negatively impact the cultivation but also hurt the body.

Therefore, in the process of physical training, one needed herbs to nourish his body, in order to continue cultivation.

But the victories were not easy to pursue. One might sacrifice his life. Hence, the salaries in the army became the second goal of many people. Zhou Han's salary was about five golden coins per month, which were enough for him to buy few low-level herbs.

Zhou Han walked to the outside of the camp. He heard the pleading of Luo Cheng before getting into the camp "Regiment Commander, don't we have any room for negotiation? Zhou Han's strength is indeed plummeting. But he has got the knowledge of military art. He could still lead the war. Regiment Commander, no matter what, Zhou Han had led the army to win dozens of battles. He never disappointed us. Just for this, you can't withdraw him from the position of Deputy Battalion Commander…"

"Battalion Commander, you can't do this. The central office has issued the military regulation. The position of officers has nothing to do with individual strength or contribution. You know what if the deputy battalion commander don't have enough strength, then he will easily be killed in the battle. The consequence will be very serious if the whole troop loses its leader…"

"Shut up Wei Cheng, you bastard. You are human garbage. You still owe Zhou Han favors. After he lost his power, you may pretend not knowing him. But you stick a knife on his back. Are you still human beings? " Luo Cheng cut off Wei Cheng's words in anger.

"My battalion commander, you misunderstood me. It was because I didn't want you to make mistakes. A little enemy could easily kill Zhou Han at the moment. If you continue to let him lead our Battalion three on the battlefield, it would be irresponsible to the thousands of soldiers in Battalion three…" said Wei Cheng.

"Fuck off. In the past six months, Zhou Han had led the soldiers on the battlefield for four times. Did anything go wrong on the battlefield? You bastard. You'd better wait and see. Don't you ever let me get the opportunity to punish you…"

"That's enough, Luo Cheng. It is your fault not reporting the fact that Zhou Han's strength had beaen plummeting. If it weren't the report by Wei Cheng, I still didn't know about it. Let me tell you Luo Cheng, I will take care of you after finish the business with Zhou Han!" An angry voice interrupted Luo Cheng's words.

" Regiment Commander …" Zhou Han walked in when Luo Cheng was about to continue pleading.

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