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Volume III Chapter 86 Part I The Rivalry

Inside the “Kèjū” there were seven or

eight candles that were prepared which

made the room very bright. On each side of

the room were two pots of burning

charcoal used to which dispel the chill of

early winter. On the center is a tea table

with a few clean white cotton cloths on top

and a basin of water with dark red color.

Bajiao rarely behaves itself but today it

was comfortably curled up on the couch,

and the pair of teary eyes was staring at Su

Su. Su Su was also sitting on the couch and

the injury in her back was being cleaned

and dressed, also the wounds in her

shoulder and arm… only the arm.

Su Su look helpless watching the person

on her side whose mind was inattentive to

what she is doing. Sang Nuan has the

medicine ointment in one hand but she

looks absentminded. Su Su grinned as she

was rubbing the ointment at the same

place already for few times and the

rubbing pressure motion is getting

stronger each time.

 "You do not look right."

"What?" In the quiet room, although the

voice of Su Su was almost a whisper, Sang

Nuan was startled to the point that she

almost tipped ointment in her hand. After

getting back her senses, Sang Nuan looked

at Su Su only to find that she has already

been sitting straight staring at her with

helpless look while she was rubbing an

empty space with the ointment.

Sang Nuan put her hands on her face. Su

Su shook her head from left to right, "I

said, something is wrong with you." After

saying that, Su Su took the ointment from

her hands and neatly spread the medicine

herself and then picked up the next piece

of cotton cloth. After skillfully wrapping

her wound using her free hand, she quickly

put on her robe. They are dressing the

wounds for almost half an hour and it was

like a torture. If there are no fired

charcoals present at the moment, she

might have been frozen to her death.

Sang Nuan glanced at her as she sinks

herself inside the robe. Su Su was shivering

a little and even though she was still half

awake, she felt very guilty inside, “ Su’er,

I’m alright..., “ Right after seeing the Jade

key, you don’t look right, you are always


Sang Nuan was surprised and then smiled

how she can forget that this girl is very

observant. Under her chaotic situation, she

still found her strangeness and she did not

want to deceive her further. Sang Nuan

said while staring at her, “ I am searching

for that thing, that’s why I went to Mo


After tossing the whole day, Su Su felt

exhausted and she quietly leaned her back

on the couch and waiting for Sang Nuan to

tell her the whole story.

Sang Nuan did not take long to break her

silence. She suddenly turned indifferent as

in the past and said whispering, “ My

mother died while I was very young and I

did not remember how she even looked

like. In Huan Lang Island, nobody dared to

mention her name. However, mother was

always with me as I was growing in a very

special way because she has left me a box

with handwritten notes how to make

poisons and medicines and the rest of the

writings is about Mohism and Lingcao.

Sang Nuan pause for a moment then went

on, “I know you notice it that Mohism is

like an ice cave. The people inside are

selected and are saying that it is pleasant,

the heart is always is always calm,

peaceful and secure. To say plainly,

something disrupted its purity and turned

callous. Just because of one Mo, Uncle Mo

Bai, he was born with blue eyes and

extraordinary power not natural to

human, the heart of the people began to

resent him and fear him. It is just because

he resembled someone in the past, blueeyed

and have extraordinary power but

turned out to be a traitor. My uncle has

suffered a lot because of that. My mother,

who had found the key of Lingshi that was

stolen by the traitor that year was being

forced by some of the elders of Mohism,

who practiced divination to hand over the

key to Lingshi. They used uncle Mo for her

to divulge the whereabouts of the key.

They got into numerous discussions and

debate because even though they found

the key, they have continued discussion of

getting rid of Uncle Mo Bai. She rebelled

against Mohism because of that and they

even want her exterminated! I kept

thinking about it, that if Mohist has not

been so cold and callous, mother would

have not left, she and Ah Leng would not

have suffered so much growing up.

Su Su knew that Sang Nuan’s mood is not

right. She immediately grabbed her hand

and said, “ Ah Nuan don’t. It’s over.”

Feeling the sudden squeeze in her hand,

Sang Nuan, whose eyes is full of worries,

slowly calmed her heart. She managed to

smile and replied, “I’m fine. My mother’s

letter had repeatedly mentioned the Spoon

of the Lingshi, but I’ve searched the island

but I haven’t found it, so I tried to think

how my mother would think. It is possible

to leave the key in the Mohist and put

things under their very own noses, but

they will never be able to find them. I came

here to find out if there was any left in my

mother’s room. There is no clue left and I

did not expect that the mother would

actually give the keys to Tan Tai family."

The story of Uncle Ao regarding the

Mohism and Mo Sang was slightly different

from what she said. Perhaps, Sang Nuan’s

version is closer to the fact. This white jade

key… Su Su whispered, “ Did your mother

mentioned if there are few jade keys?

 “If there are a few?”Sang Nuan frowned,

wondering, “Isn't that one?”

It seems that Mo Sang did not mention in

her letter if there are several keys. After

contemplating for a moment, she looked at

Sang Nuan eye to eye and said frankly, "No,

I and Mo Yuan found a box inside your

mother’s tomb. There are two things

inside, something like Ling Cao and the

white jade key that looked exactly the

same as what Dan Tan Tai is holding. “Now,

how come Dan Tan Tai has come out with a

key, that is only to say that they are more

than one or the key Dan Tan Tai has is a


Sang Nuan’s face sank, “Where is the key

from mother’s tomb now?”

“It is with Mo Yuan and seeing Mo Yuan

demeanor, it looked like that he had no

intention of telling the Mohists about the

key.” She has guessed correctly that Sang

Nuan will be angry, but she believed she

should let her know because it concerns

her mother anyway.

 "It looks like that tomorrow I will go to

visit and see the young master." Damn Mo

Yuan, he trespassed mother’s tomb, took

away something and dared not tell her! “

Sang Nuan’s face turned gloomy. So, the

two of them will go to find Mo Yuan and Su

Su anxiously answered, “ No. not at the


Sang Nuan’s eyebrows raised slightly, Su

Su explains hastily, "No, I am not saying

that you cannot visit him. What I meant is

that those white jade key and the messy

dispute about the Mohist family, wait until

three days. Ask him about it, three days

after. Let him recover from his poisoning


Deeply afraid that Sang Nuan will not

agree, Su Su grabbed her hand and

solemnly emphasized. "Just for three


Sang Nuan’s hand was tightly held by Su Su

and knowing her personality, she knew

that if she doesn’t agree, she won’t let go of

her hand. Sang Nuan chuckled, she just

wanted to go and visit Mo Yuan, she just

wanted to clarify what is going on. But the

hand was tightly held by Susie, and she did

not agree, and she would not let go. Could

it be that she is responding to Mo Yuan

now? This Miss Su looks so nervous and

Sang Nuan smiled faintly at her and said, “ I

just wanted to visit him, he is my cousin

after all and why are you so irritated? Do

you care about him dearly?”

"Nonsense! I ... ...why I would that be?" Su

Su stares at Sang Nuan and just a matter of

fact said, “Because he went to search for

me and I felt responsible how he is like

now. It is natural that I should not let

anything happen to him again during his

detoxification, which would be


Tsk..tsk.. it seems that the hero saves the

beauty is a wonderful trick to capture the

heart of the beauty. Afraid to stand, Su Su

probably did not realize that her tone has a

hint of irritation. Sang Nuan smiled softly,

shook the hand of Su Su that is tightly

holding her, “ Ok..Ok. Miss Su, I know you

are always clear minded. Then can you let

go of my hands now?”

The smile on Sang Nuan’s face has a

strange meaning. Su Su doesn’t want to

continue the topic of their conversation

and hurriedly let go of her hands but not

without taking the opportunity to change

the topic, “Ah yes, something about Mr. Pu

Shan and Tan Tai Feng, when they first saw

you, both were excited. During those early

times, were these two captured by your

mother’s beauty and elegance? Do they

have deep feelings and beseech her but


Sang Nuan snorts to interrupt Su Su’s

assumption and said coldly, “ I don't know

what happened in the past, but the words

'having a deep feeling', maybe Fe Qing is

worthy of it and not Tan Tai Feng.”

Su Su gawks and did not pursue the topic.

She seemed to understand the meaning of

Ah Nuan and it doesn’t matter what year,

staying in the Mohists guarding Mo Sang’s

residence, the person who has not gotten

married is Feng Yi Qing. Tan Tai Feng on

the other hand as far as she knew, he has a

wife, a concubine and sons. He is also in

the deliberation halls influencing the

course of the event and a hero in the eyes

of the world. Not to mention, the white

jade key is so important to Mo Sang, he

finally chose to use it for the benefit of his


Su Su yawned and said, "Okay, let not talk

about them, love rivals or enemies, it's all

the past generation. Let's take a rest


Sang Nuan nodded and before leaving, she

did not forget to confess. "Well, sleep, be

careful of the wounds, make sure it doesn’t

get wet."

"I know I know." Su Su answered, She has

wrapped herself up very well and it would

be difficult to get wet in this!”

Su Su laid down and slept through the

night in her stomach when it was almost

dawn, the little fellow started to become

restless on its blanket. Bajiao was moving

and squirming out of its quilt. When it was

about to run out, it felt a tight hold on its

neck, felt its feet hanging on the air and a

lazy grim voice spoke, “Little fellow, do you

think you can run away under my bed

again and again?”

Bajiao lifted its front paws and covered its

eyes and dared not to look at Su Su. It was

funny but she remained to appear

deadpan.”I told you the last time; do not

give me a reason, otherwise…”

The little fellow shivers in fear for a

moment. Su Su was very satisfied with its

response, whether it understands her or

not, it is good enough to at least know that

it dreads!”

After Bajiao was thrown back inside the

quilt, she decided to sleep more when she

heard a call coming from outside the

courtyard, “ Young Miss Su!”

Su Su has some doubts but she still got up

and dressed before opening the door.

“What it is?”

Standing at the front door is a young boy

who heard her asking. The boy replies

whispering,“ My master asks for you to

visit Sang Shang . “

Who is this boy? Su Su remembers that it

is the young pharmacist apprentice that is

always around Feng Ye Qing. Su Su doesn’t

understand when she heard some

movements outside. Sang Nuan pushed

open the door to come out.

When the young apprentice saw Sang

Nuan, his appearance look more

respectful, that he even gave her a ritual

salute, “ My master said, Sang Nuan doesn’t

need to come today.”

 Su Su gave Sang Nuan a quick look. Sang

Nuan nodded and Su Su smiled, “I have a

trip to make, you go first to Mo Yuan and

wait for me.”

 "Good." Sang Nuan did not say anything.

She just nodded.

Su Su followed the boy to the small

courtyard that was almost destroyed the

night before. But when she saw the

courtyard was intact and clean. She

couldn’t help but admire the Mo family.

For just one night, they were able to

restore everything back to normal. It made

it look like the previous fight the night

before was just a dream.

"Master, the girl came." The boy led Su Su

into the small door and saw the people in

the small courtyard. Su Su cannot help but

sigh, Feng Ye Qing medical skills were

really good.

"Xiao Shu, we met again."

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