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Volume III Chapter 71 Not So Adorable When the man finished speaking, he turned to the crowd behind him, nodded and he walks not that far away, only about hundred steps when the figure mysteriously vanished in front of them. Su Su was stunned looking at the place where the figure vanished in front of her, and her heart was pounding. " Mo Yuan, is the Mohist village guarded by Mo strategy? "( or matrix ) Su Su remembered what Mo Yuan said. He did not say that they have to climb the snow-capped mountain to Mohist village but what he just said is that 'otherwise we will not reach it by night time'. Considering the strength of Sang Nuan, she estimates they will need 3 to 4 hours just to climb the mountain. So the mountain sierras before them are all a matrix of illusion? If this is the case, the Mohist strategy to guard itself is too frightening. Now, her curiosity is growing bigger who would be hiding behind this kind of enormous protection. Mo Yuan did not seem to deceive her and whispered back, "Yeah, behind that matrix of protection is the Mohist territory." Mo Yuan looked behind her back and said, “Sang Nuan, you take a rest first, otherwise you won’t be able to endure." Will not endure? Su Su is now frowning, is that matrix strategy that dangerous? It shouldn’t be. Isn’t the place of Mohism? These are its own people entering, how can it be dangerous? Is the matrix not recognizing its own people? If the strategy recognizes its own people, then it is she, an outsider who would be in greater danger. Su Su still trying hard to understand, however, Sang Nuan obediently sat down to rests to gain back her strength. Half an hour have passed, the evening engulfed the last sunlight, when the man who previously vanished appeared in front of everyone. “Young Master.” The man did a ceremonial salute before Mo Yuan, turned to Su Su and said in a humble voice, " The patriarch is in retreat and I did not have a chance to ask permission if he would allow an outsider. However, the madam is awake and she asked for Miss Su to be brought home and rest first." Su Su's eyebrows slightly rose. It seems that this madam has also very high status in Mohism, otherwise, how can she break the rules and norms and allow an outsider to come in. “Miss Su, please.” After the man came out of the Mo Village, he was very cordial and respectful towards her. Su Su noticed it but she continued to act naturally, "Then please, lead the way." Su Su pulled Sang Nuan, tried to keep up with the group when she suddenly felt that her left hand become suddenly tight. She looked to her side in surprise. Mo Yuan was standing on her side, his face has that steely expression as usual but his voice has some hint of dignified tone." Hold on to me very tightly." His hands were extremely cold; he was grasping her so tightly to the point of hurting. Su Su shook out her hand. The last time he held her hand was inside the tomb and now he suddenly grabbed her hand to keep her close to him. She asked unconsciously, “Is it really very dangerous? “ After asking Mo Yuan the question she felt little mystified herself. Why is she thinking that if there is a danger Mo Yuan will always stand by her? Why does she felt this way? No, let go of the thought. Su Su inwardly warned herself not to give herself to such an imagination, mother always tells her that be very vigilant at all times and she cannot rely on other people. Su Su wanted to let go of Mo Yuan and she promised him that she would be careful. But Mo Yuan would not let go of her hand. The little fellow hiding in her bosom seemed to feel the danger also. It stuck its head out of Su Su's cloak. She was afraid that it would fall out, so she quickly whispered, "Go back little darling and stay inside." Mo Yuan glanced at the little fellow that came out crawling with a darkened expression. Su Su is not sure, did it understand her right now or it is frightened by the look from Mo Yuan? Bajiao reluctantly withdrew. Now that the little fellow is safe, Su Su wanted to break away from Mo Yuan's grasps, only to hear a voice with some irritation," Do not move. You cannot make a mistake inside the path, even a single step." She paused for a moment, now she is afraid to move as if it is very dangerous. Su Su will not take that risk. Her right hand grabbed Sang Nuan saying, " Ah Nuan, you must be really careful. For reassurance, she made a request to Ao San, "Ao San, you look after Ah Nuan." “Yes.” Ao San answered, his voice was calm as usual, sounding like he did not fear the huge matrix that is before him. Sang Nuan warmly clutched her hand and smiled. “Rest assured, I will follow you closely.” The group of Mohist exchanged few words as they reached the edge of the matrix. Mo Yuan also without any introduction or instruction just went forward with them and enter the matrix of strategy. Su Su expected that this matrix will be like that of illusion in Mo Sang's tomb, making one to be deceived, go into a trance and follow an illusion. To her surprise, the current situation is not the case at all!
After the peaceful moment in a quiet and still snow, with just one step, in a flash, there was a blizzard surrounding her. The snow was floating all over blocking the view of the sky. She only felt that the last moment was still a quiet snow, just with one step, everything changed around her. The snowflakes were flying all over the sky blocking almost all her vision. If it wasn't for Mo Yuan that clutching her hand tightly, she felt that she would have been carried away. It felt that they have been walking for like a quarter of an hour and the wind whistling in her ear, but she did not know it was an illusion because she felt that her breathing was becoming difficult. She felt that her face is being cut by a knife in the midst of strong wind, not to mention the pain. All around them is covered with snow, the ground and the sky is all covered in white and she could not help but cried to the Mo Yuan's ear, “Is this not a Mo's protection? How could this happen? Is there something wrong? “ The wind around her was moving so fiercely that she couldn’t hear her own words. She thought the person beside her wouldn’t hear her clearly. But who knew the man beside her was slightly bending his waist to protect her, replied, “If someone who is not a Mohist leads the way, what you see will be another scene, this place will be of death. If the Mo ancestors left an instruction," If the mind is not firm, even in this bitterness, if they won't endure, then they do not deserve to enter the Mohism. “ A wry smile appeared on her lips, Mohist is really not the average people, others set the matrix method to make it difficult for outsiders' invasion, but normally it would let their family come back home safely? But for Mohist, they even put their own their own people to an ordeal?
The snow has grown so big and there is no way she could turn back. Looking behind her, visibility is very bad and she could not see anything. Feeling her right hand, Ah Nuan was still tightly clutching her hand. Su Su calmed her worries, with a deep sigh of relief and continued forward. Another quarter of an hour past, as sudden as it came to them, the dizzying blizzard also instantly disappeared. Then she heard a voice declared full of ease, "We are here." Su Su also breathes a sigh of relief, that is too much for a person to endure. She can still hear the whistling sound of the blizzard in her ears. Su Su looked back at San Nuan who was following her behind, nevertheless, she tightly protected by Ao San in his chest, her face is pale, eyes were almost closed and it looks like she is about to faint, “Ah Nuan, are you alright?” “I'm okay.” Although her voice is weak, Sang Nuan opened her eyes, except being exhausted, it seems that nothing is serious, with the calm heart she began to look around. After seeing the scene, not from her sight, she was speechless, "This…this is the Mohist…"
In about two or three hundred feet in front of her is a tall gatehouse standing before them. Calling it a gatehouse is not a proper description, it ought to be called a tower. Attached to the gate tower is the surrounding city wall, that place is inhabited by families; behind that gate is actually a town… … After the start of the initial shock, Su Su calmed herself down. After all, the Mohist have alienated themselves from the world and lived for hundreds of years in seclusion, the population was certainly not small, and building a town is certainly normal. When Su Su came back from her initial shock, Mo Yuan has already released her hand and walk in front of her to lead her. Su Su helped Sang Nuan and they followed him. She is not sure if it is just her imagination but Mo Yuan doesn't look joyful coming back home. It was a tower, but no one is guarding it. It was dark and the gate was not even closed. It was wide open. The town seems to be no different from the ordinary town. There are shops and houses, but it is strange. Although the time is not too early, it has just passed the xūshí (7-9pm), the town is very deserted, the shops are closed, there is no one on the street. As they stepped on the snow, it made a creaking sound on an extremely quiet and empty town, the feeling is very creepy. They entered the town and went east all the way. After a short while, they ended standing before a household. Su Su in just one glance felt like that this is Mo Yuan's home. The doors of this family are very simple. The general entrances are made of wood. This house was built of stone. It looks primitive and desolate. The threshold is also made of stone. There is only a large Mo word on it. It does not look like it was carved out using an ax, but in fact, it was probably carved using some extraordinary kind of force. Looking at the stones, it looks like it is ancient. It should be left by the Mohist ancestors. Su Su did not have the leisure to appreciate the entrance when she was led into the house.
The sky is already dark, and there are a few small lanterns in the house far away. Su Su cannot see the surrounding scenery but she has a general feeling, it is bleak and desolate. The men took them to a lobby with brightly lit interiors.
The room is simply decorated. There is a woman sitting on the seat of honor. She looked like forty years old. Although the dress is not gorgeous the material and workmanship are excellent. There is a faint smile on her face and it does not make people feel distant. The whole person exuded an aura of being dignified and fair. Beside her stood a maid,; there is no group of slaves, but it still made people feel that nobility in her. This woman to her estimate should be the head of the Mo family. Sure enough, the man who led the way walked to the woman and said, “Madam.” Mo Yuan bowed and whispered, “Mother.” Madam Mo smiled at Mo Yuan and said, “It’s good to have you back.” Her smile is just right, it only reflects her warmth and tenderness, but not overly enthusiastic. Su Su secretly sighs, this is the style of the head Mo family? Su Su thought of her own mother and started to long for her…her mother's style of doing something …… Well, Su Su thinks, mother's style of managing the household as the Madam of the General Government, once her words are out, not even a high ranking general dare to disobey… “This young lady is the miss from Su clan?" When Su Su heard the inquiry, she quickly straightens her body, walked to meet her and bowed. She bowed ceremonially like how one meets an elder. After the salute, she softly answered, "My family calls me Su Su and my father is Su Ling, and I took the liberty to visit. Forgive Madam, my intrusion. Although Su Su is actually sluggish on ordinary days to do all these ceremonies, however, by the influence from the demeanor of the group of men in the family, she learned to practice some forthrightness but also with outstanding courtesy, her etiquette is also very comprehensive. Madam Mo nodded, smiled and replied, "The Su Clan and the Mo Clan are very closely related, and they have always had good relationships for thousands of years. The girl doesn’t have to be so prim and restrained.” Such politeness Su Su naturally doesn't care, but she responded with smile and nod.
Madam Mo's eyes fell on Sang Nuan's face, and she looked at her face. In her eyes crossed a touch of sadness. Her voice was more cordial than when she first talked to her. "You should be the daughter of Ah Sang? You really look similar.”
Sang Nuan slightly nodded, only a replied. “Madam.” Properly speaking Sang Nuan should have called her 'Aunt' but called her madam instead. Obviously, she alienated herself from Mo. After discovering that she is a descendant of Mo, Su Su found out that Sang Nuan has a look of coldness, but in here observation she has a bit of feeling towards Mo clan, but she would not dare mention it to Sang Nuan, lest she becomes angry. Madame Mo naturally felt Sang Nuan's alienation but she did not say anything, “You journey is long and hard, I’ll arrange two courtyards for you…”
“It is not necessary, I will live in the same courtyard with Su Su ."
Sang Nuan interrupted Madam Mo but she did not take offense. She just nodded and said to the man behind her, "Chen Wu, take the two ladies to rest."
"Yes."The man led Su Su and Sang Nuan together and Ao San naturally followed behind.
“Ah Yuan, Doctor Pu Shan already set to meet you tomorrow, at chénshí (7-9 am). I beg you to pay him a visit okay?”
When she was almost out of the door, she heard these words of Madam Mo. Suddenly, her heart is relieved. She heard Dr. Pu Shan from her aunt and it seems that the poison of Mo Yuan can be cured.
Su Su thought that since the mother and son didn't see each other for so long, there should be a lot of catching up with each other. She did not expect that only after few distances away. Mo Yuan unexpectedly followed. When she saw Mo Yuan, Su Su rubbed her flat hungry stomach and whispered, “Mo Yuan, when is your family dinner?” The sky is already dark. Wouldn’t you have dinner tonight? In the darkness, Mo Yuan's lips slightly raised and replied." Someone will bring it your room later." She breathed a sigh of relief. She did not forget the time when she first met Mo Yuan, she went to bed hungry and was up all night.
The Mo home was very large. They were walking for few minutes and they have not reached the courtyard yet. Naturally, Su Su did not think that Mo Yuan lives in that courtyard. After making it certain that they will eat dinner, she smiled at Mo Yuan and said, "You do not need to bother yourself sending us, go and dine with your family." Mo Yuan is well aware of Su Su's loved for food, he explained," Later, a food will be sent also to my room. Do not worry." Su Su was astonished. Looking at Mo Yuan asked him in surprise," You do not eat your dinner together with your family?" Mo Yuan was away from home for almost three months and just came back with much difficulty, shouldn't they be eating together as a family and catch up with the happenings. Just now, Madam Mo also has not aroused any enthusiasm and just cordial. She only assumed that since she is an outsider, his mother is just keeping up with the demeanor, not to reveal too much, she couldn't be that… Mo Yuan at her face without a change in his expression but in his eyes, it was clearly written, puzzled also,' why should we have dinner together?' As she thinks more of it, their family did not separate even after younger uncles got married. Younger uncles and their wives and children still live together with them and have a lively dinner every day. She thought that was the norm, a family should eat together for dinner. She did not comprehend why they eat in the privacy of their own rooms? Is this also called a family? The mansion was deserted. After their guide has left for a long time, they finally saw someone coming over. Looking at the stature and the figure, it is that of a child.
As the figure draws nearer, Su Su continues to watch, to discover that it was indeed a child.
The child also saw them but in his eyes, he only seemed to care about Mo Yuan. He walked up to Mo Yuan and bowed respectfully and cried. “Eldest Brother.” Mo Yuan just faintly replied, " Hmm.." Su Su looked at this bright young boy about 7-8 years old. He was dressed in silver-gray clothes and a black cloak and he had a small crown on his head. He was fair-skinned, looked very handsome, on board of that little face is also a cold look, indifferent and just simply deadpan. Su Su felt funny inside because it is like looking at the small version of Mo Yuan. " Mo Yuan is this your brother?"
Mo Yuan pointed to him and nodded, replied “Mo Yu.”
Su Su squatted down and smiled brilliantly at the smaller version of Mo Yuan. "You are Mo Yu, by the way, I’m Su Su."
The child looked at Su Su with cold indifference. Su Su swear to herself, this is first look is absolutely the same look she got from Mo Yuan when they first meet! The boy just glanced at her and turned to Mo Yuan and whispered, “I will return to my room.”
After that, regardless of the reaction of others, he just passed by them.
Su Su is still squatting and the smile in her mouth turned stiff, watching every step of the boy moving forward steadily and calmly. Su Su has an urge to catch him and beat him. If any of Su family's brats to dare to do that to her. She already lost count how many she had beaten. Obviously, the children are just following their adults. She wonders then how the Mohist teaches their children! Recalling the family’s three younger boys, although they all differ in personality and character, they are the masters of a good mess, especially the youngest of uncle’s family, who is only a year or two older than Mo Yu. She thought he is simply a demon incarnate. Previously, she used to think of the headaches they caused but after meeting Mo Yu, she felt very fortunate now. Making a person go through that layer matrix of protection, the eccentric little town, watching the cordial and indifferent Madam and the impolite kid… On the first day of their arrival, Su Su already concluded in her heart, Mohism is not so adorable! ∼♥♥♥∼          


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