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Just as her voice faded, Sang Nuan's heart jumped intensely because Mo Yuan's usual  calm  eyes at the moment,  the cold and dark pupils was like a deep pool, the thick darkness radiates as if flooding the darkness with such a cold light. 

Sang Nuan unconsciously step back, Mo Yuan coldly asked, "When did she began missing, where have you not seen her."

Sang Nuan took a deep breath stabilizes her  mind firmly and replied,  " I do  not know, I just returned to the medical shed and see Qin Qian in stupor in the yard, Su Su's room door was open, there are traces of fighting, Qin Qian injury is very heavy and now has not wake up until now, so I do not know the specifics of what really happened. "

Mo Yuan collected himself and no one knew what he was thinking making Sang Nuan very anxious, "You already figured out long ago that Su Su will be in danger, that was why you gave her the antelope grass to her? You are not saying anything, why don't you go quickly and find her? "

Mo Yuan did not speak again but from his waist took out a palm size gadget, similar to a compass but generally this was different from a compass because it must absorb some blood to be able work and aim for direction. Mu Yuan gathered his strength on his fingertips and stroke his right hand palm . In one stroke, the blood immediately came out. Mo Yuan's right hand clenched the compass and the blood flowed to wrap the compass in which after being soaked with the blood, the pointer indicator violently swings and then stopped. Sang Nuan hurriedly asked, " Did you find her?"

Mo Yuan stared at the compass for a moment and replied , " The people in the island do not need to look for her, I'll bring her back tomorrow , there is a fight to fight, you follow the arrangements and her deployment planned beforehand. If you want to become host of the island, you cannot let the island be thrown in a chaos because of little things that happens."

He was whispering in his chilly voice, that kind of coldness that will knockdown a people's will, however this made Sang Nuan calmed down. What Mo Yuan said was right , he said he would find Su Su in no time and she when she discovered Su Su missing she was really scared, now she has no reason to panic. Sang Nuan nodded," You look for her, bring her back."

Mo Yuan was holding the  compass tightly , it was seized completely by the palm of his hand, turned to walk away, just jumped out of the room  but he was blocked by a hand.

"Is she still in the island?" In the dim light of the night, Ao Tian's silver hair looked extravagant. He could see that Ao Tian also hurriedly came, his eyes were red in anger also proving that he heard the news about Su Su's disappearance.

"She is still in the island. I will find her." After leaving a few words, Mo Yuan did not give Ao Tian the time to think and in a flash took back his arm and quickly rushed to some direction and the black shadows quickly vanished.

Ao Tian stared at the silhouette that has long been away, looked down at the place where Mu Yuan stood moments ago, a few drops of dark red blood were on the ground. "He used the Mohist xuèguà ?"

(T/N: Xuè means blood, guà was one of divinatory trigrams from Ancient Book of knowledge', Mo Yuan was using a especial skill of foretelling only known to Mohist that required his own blood to be activated.)

After recovering his line of sight, Ao Tian did not pursue after him eventually.

"Ao San." His voice just fell and a man in black swiftly appeared behind Ao Tian, "Send people to defend the island around, do not let any one person have the opportunity to leave."

"Yes." Ao San's body shadow flash and disappeared in the night, he did not dare to delay, Miss Su absolutely must not have accident, otherwise ... ... he did not dare to imagine the consequences.

Ao Tian was about to leave, a clear female voice behind the called out, " Island Lord Ao , if Su Su now did not come back tomorrow, the face to face battle was her strategy and I am afraid to change anything on the arrangement, can you be of help?"

Ao Tian turned his head. It was the first time he actually look at this woman, she was really very young, looks very beautiful and also too delicate, but in this noisy sound, the calmness in the midst of the misfortune, her eyes have some tenacious ray was somewhat breathtaking. Ao Tian pondered and in the end replied, "Very well."

"Thank you. Please, come with me to the medical shed." Sang Nuan led Ao Tian to go to medical shed , his face was cold , his footsteps was steady, slowly the normal feeling of calmness returns after the sensation of being flustered, she knew Su Su was very important to Ao Tian, he came to the island because of to Su Su. At this time, he was not in a flurry or panic, but also complied with her request. Sang Nuan somehow was unable to believe that this was happening. Their difference was really far off and finally one day she will achieve to be just calm also and not panic!

***   ***

Su Su woke up but she did not immediately opened her eyes, this was the result of mother's constant training at home, she taught to first find out the surroundings, if there was any person apart from her then wait for the opportunity to act.

Su Su feeling the surroundings, she was in a very steady place, not on board of a ship but her ears can hear the sound of water, but definitely not the sea, and there was no wind around, she almost guessed where the place was, had a passing water flow and the moisture was heavy, this must be a cave. But beside her was a person, whose line of sight was firmly fixed on her.


It was really Tantai Ye Lie. Su Su opened her eyes, first observed the surrounding, she just did not feel wrong, this was indeed a cave, but also it was very familiar cave, the previous time they were here, they were caught in the undercurrent below the pool.

Su Su traced her waist and calf, her heart sank because copper scales fan was gone.

"Are you looking for this? And also this?" Tantai Ye Lie sound like rejoicing but for her that sound does not made her happy at all. Su Su looked up at him and with his two hands, one was holding a mask and the other one was the purple copper fan.

Su Su face had no big response, if she could move fast enough she could take back her weapons but she felt her own internal strength, it was difficult to move and she could guessed rightly that Tantai Ye Lie blocked two of her vital points. She cannot use her qing gong but she can normally walk, she felt very insufficient and her whole body was incapable of doing anything.

Su Su was ignoring him, Tantai Ye Lie was not angry for her indifference however his hands were  playing the two spoils of war, proudly, "You look so beautiful, I was thinking of not bringing this mask, at least do not put it on when you are in front of me with." As for the purple scales fan, the concealed weapon was just too fierce. If you help me closely enough then I will give it back to you later. " 

Su Su glanced at him with face was full of doubt. Tantai Ye Lie intentionally sighed deeply hoping to gather some pity, smiled and said, "Do not you look at me, if I don't give back to you this fan, surely some people will ask this on your behalf, I don't want to provoke the people from Ju Ling Island."

Do not want to provoke Ju Ling Island people? This was laughable, he kidnapped her a while ago that was a complete provocation! Su Su was too lazy to engage in argument; she kept staring at the faint flow of water and analyzing the present situation. Tomorrow 's war, deployment,  the island started its deployment, if this time Tantai Ye Lie was able to come to the island and even took her as captive himself. If he was able to come on the island, certainly he had someone who made an arrangements to let him in, who is it? Also, by any means possible he caught her and she wondered why not take her away of the island but brought her here?

"What are you thinking?" She felt that warm breathe in her ear. Su Su was startled and hastily drew backwards; she turned around to see Tantai Ye Lie's face with faint smile.

Su Su eyes slightly turned her face towards him and gently smiled back, "I am a little hungry. Want to eat grilled fish?"

"Um?" Tantai Ye Lie was not aware that a smile was radiating from his eyes, he did not expect Su Su answer and it actually stunned him for a while.

"You do not want to eat?" Su Su slightly raised her eyebrows, "Then I will eat by myself." Then she sets out to go to the pool to catch some fish like the first time. 

Tantai Ye Lie looked at the beautiful back going towards the pool, and then suddenly the eyes showed a happy expression," If you roast for me I will certainly eat." 

Su Su nodded, "You light the fire, I will catch the fish."

Su Su just got into the pool, suddenly she felt her waist tightened, Su Su looked down, a black belt was tied to her waist and the other end was tied in the hands of Tantai Ye Lie. Su Su frowned, "What are you doing?"

Tantai Ye Lie tightened the waistband and pulled Su Su several distance closer to him, "I feared that you would run, you are still very slippery compared to the fishes in the pond."

"You already sealed my acupuncture points and I cannot beat you, where would I run." Su Su sighed enigmatically, Tantai Ye Lie was really meticulous, she actually wants to use the pool to get rid of him, but he was unexpectedly sharp.

"I am still uncertain, though I have sealed your vital points, I can not underestimate you." Tantai Ye Lie came to her side, Su Su simply was not in the mood to socialize with him anymore and asked him directly, "You lead me her for what?Do you want to go to the adjacent cave we have been before?"

Tantai Ye Lie finally put away the smile on his face and answered," You and Mo Yuan were in that cave to find the Lingshi right. And yes, I just want you to take me there again. "

"Why?  Now that you know that Mo Yuan had taken away the Lingshi then what do you want to do in the cave? Besides, have you forgotten about the toads? If we go there now, are we not courting death? "Su Su already suspected that he may want to visit the cave again but she would like to understand why they must go.

"Naturally, I want to go there for a reason, as for the toad." Tantai Ye lie full of disdain sneered, "You do not have to worry about them, and there are no toads inside."

He was so assured ... did he ... did he enter the cave again after that day?

"Didn't you say you wanted to catch fish?" Her waist was hurting as Tantai Ye Lei pulled that waistband badly. Su Su fiercely glowered at him and walked towards the deep pool, she was walking deeper into the pool and then suddenly vanished from the surface.  Tantai Ye Lie coldly looks and immediately pulled the waistband, then dive in the water to follow.

The underwater undercurrent was surging, but after a while it returned to its normal calmness.

After a quarter of an hour, at the edge of the same pool, standing were two figures, one of them was holding a compass, eyes staring at the deep pool, the cave was very quiet, the blood slipping from his fingers were obviously dripping into the water.

Li Yang secretly looked at the direction of the compass and said, "My Master, they went back to that cave?"

Li Yang did not know what his master was thinking but only to hear the master holding the compass's fingers issued a sound of the bone creaking.  Li Yang scalp tingled, he had a creepy feel. He has not seen Master so out of control? He does not have the time to make him consider carefully because Mo Yuan quickly step towards the pool then dive. Li Yang followed him hurriedly.

  "Cough... cough." Because her vital points sealed, Su Su's physical strength was really weak, she was more distressed than the previous time and came out of the water with great difficulty, and she did not have the strength to walk towards the shore.

Close to being in trance, Su Su felt that little pain on her waist and then forced to drag herself forward. After awhile, she finally climbed up the shore.

Su Su who was wearing a light blue clothes, was now all soaked and the fabric was completely pasted after on her body exposing her curves. This was worse than wearing the gray shirt before, this was even more obvious. Very rarely,  but Tantai Ye Lie did not take this opportunity to ridicule her but pulled her out of the water and untied the roped that was tied to her waist. Without looking at her but turned his back, busied himself  by examining the periphery of the cave in all direction.

Su Su immediately wrings out water from her hair and lower hem of her clothes, while being simultaneously vigilant watching the surroundings. Just as Tantai Ye Lie said, there was no toad, even the toad corpses also disappeared, all  the traces were vanished by fire. She guessed that was right, Ye Lie has certainly visited the place beforehand and he could not find the entrance to that halidom chamber.

When Tantai Ye Lie back was behind her, she was thinking of rushing back to the water and swim away but she knew that she did not have enough physical strength. She reckoned that she will not be able to swim upstream against the strong current. So, escaping using the old route was not possible.

Su Su stood up in despair. Tantai Ye Lie was also standing in front of the only channel, looked back at her and said, "The entrance is behind this channel?"

Su Su tidied herself up until the clothes were no longer clinging in her body, although she was still dripping with water. Su Su replied, "Yes, go." Anyway, since she cannot escape, Su Su temporarily decided to follow Tantai Ye Lie to have a look, she was also very curious. If Tantai Ye Lie came here many times, he must be looking for something.

Su Su walked with Tantai Ye Lie into the channel, after a short while, she traced the big stone wall, fumbled few times and tried to find the markings of the mask. Su Su said in a low voice, "Bring the mask here".

Tantai Ye Lie without hesitation immediately handed the copper mask. She fitted the mask and just like the last time the cliff opened slowly to reveal a chamber inside.

After the stone wall was the circular pit hole and the light from above was very weak because of it was evening time, the circular spots on the ground was gleaming faintly, it also look that it can be accessed by human. Tantai Ye Lie asked, "How do you past this?"

The last time they came in, Mo Yuan said the battle array was in the position of the Lingshi. Now that  Lingshi was taken, the array was also broken, it is reasonable to believe that that the array right should no longer exist. But she did not plan to tell Tantai Ye Lie those things, " I do not know. Previously, Mo Yuan lead me to pass."

"You are wait for me. I will go and have a look."  

Su Su gawked for a moment, she thought ... ... Tantai Ye Lie take her to try array.

He came Tantai Ye Lie treads slowly step by step and discovered that he has not triggered any hidden array, carefully he took another step being careful all the way and finally surprised to come across.  Tantai Ye Lie took a deep breath and look back to see Su Su's thoughtful look watching him,  "It seems that the array has been broken, come over."

Su Su nodded, walked quickly and came in front of the spring, the semi circular luminous stone was still there, giving out a soft light, Su Su pointed to the luminous stone, said, "Originally the Lingshi was placed in that position."

Tantai Ye Lie touched the luminous stone and attempted to take it out, but it remains in place. He tried to rotate it, there was no movement. He did not gave up and tried a few times, with the greatest strength, he was able to rotate it to the left then the earth slowly moved. Along with the rotation of the luminous stone, the water in the mouth of the spring began form a whirlpool and the water fell downwards.

Is it really shrouded with secrets? Su Su stared at the mouth of the well on that side of the spring. She had both anticipation and worry, this spring emit any poison, right?

They consider staring at the spring mouth, but somehow touched something that triggered the array around the stone walls, suddenly countless of arrows projected towards them.

"Be careful." Su Su felt a hand to severely pushed her to the ground, the sound of the shooting arrows were piercing her ears, the sound was unceasing, after a while, everything was peaceful.

Su Su smell of the scent of blood, she looked up, Tantai Ye Lie was protecting her with his arm, when an arrow suddenly shot out, drawing a deep wound,  his blood  flowed to her neck, warm and sticky.  Su Su twisted her brow, watching Tantai Ye Lie, "You ... ..." She was only able to say a word, then do not know what to say next, ask him why did he save her?

Tantai Ye Lie just swept the wounds on his arm like it was not a big deal, considerably vague said after, "Such a beautiful woman, I cannot bear to let you die."

Su Su clad in his gaze, "Can't you be more serious?"

Su Su truly cannot die in this, not to mention he was also reluctant to die here, even if she die here the situation in Su Clan will not be affected. In Su new generation, there were three men of splendid abilities and skills. If Su Su dies in his hand, it was really a huge trouble for Tantai home. Su family cherished this woman and surely cannot die in the hands of Tantai or Tantai family will die forever. But these he was not prepared to tell the young beauty, Tantai Ye lie leaned slightly forward, almost pressing on Su Su's body, laughed and whispered, "You like the sort of Mo Yuan? How dull."

Su Su was trying to refute, a strong strength force hit towards Tantai Ye Lie's direction, Su Su pushed him by the hand quickly, anxiously, "Watch Out!"

Tantai Ye Lie clearly felt the energy force coming, it was really dangerous, if he was late half a second and was hit by that energy again, it could absolutely  blow his head out, listening to that energy force that was infiltrating the cliff, he heard the "puff" sound and knew that the energy force was coming in a big way.

Tantai Ye Lie turned around and saw the shadows in front of the cliff, cold light flashed from those eyes, with a voice full of madness, "Gee! Indeed there was no way of telling that there was really a person behind. "

Su Su also raised her head and saw that familiar black figure appeared unexpectedly before them, in front of the figure standing on his side was Li Yang and it should be Mo Yuan right! Su Su did not had the time to cheer, a deep voice sound cold, "Why did you help him?"

Su Su was startled a bit, in the darkness she could not see the expression of Mo Yuan, but she can only feel that he was staring at her. But that sound was Mo Yuan? The cold voice made her shiver.

"When I ... ..." Su Su was speechless for a moment, she did not know that he could be this ominous, so fierce and strangely scary...

Su Su thought of getting up, she felt her waist suddenly a tightened, "Ah!" Su Su only had time to scream, Tantai Ye Lie hugged her and jumped into the mouth of the spring. Almost instantaneously, two shadows rushed to the spring at an extremely fast pace in hot pursuit. 

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