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Volume 1 Chapter 45 What is Good, What is Wicked Part 1 “Why?”Su Su  looked at her with faint smile, her feature was gentle , every single word or phrase was emphasized and asked, ” Why, the murderer's hand  was actually yours?” Sang Nuan's facial expression was unchanged, no trace of slightest surprise, she laughed even more and gentle as usual, and even her tone reveals some hint of pleasure, "You concluded that I was the murderer? According to time of death how did you infer because when Wu Mu died, I am with Mo Yuan.” Regardless of Sang Nuan's expression, Su Su remained cool and composed as she approached her,  she has to say what she has to say , "Correct that we have come to talk about it, to prove that you do not have the time to kill people, you intentionally went to Mo Yuan's cabin  and you even deliberately left the white jade tassel in his room.  In fact, regardless of the time of death, it was of no effect because that afternoon, to suit you, your witness was not entirely true but to manipulate, because owing to the account that afternoon, the one that started fighting with Wu Mu  was not you. I looked at the corpse, apparently on his neck and arms were marks of woman's fingernails. During that time, he came to challenged me on that day, he doesn't have this finger nails marks on his neck, if you personally have to go out , it would be impossible for you to leave traces and person who therefore made the move to Wu Mu was Qin Qian, right?.”   Sang Nuan raised the tip of her brow and said with a smirk, ” You say this to your  Qin jie? You are blaming a woman who even lacks the strength to truss up a chicken.“  “You make her use the poison, Sang Nuan, the poison doesn't separate or live afar from its family. You used your medical knowledge and technique to poison,  and it was even better than your medical skill to heal.” Su Su was cold and expressionless, Sang Nuan in a happy tone with smile on her lips, "What made you think so? Was it depending on your guesses?” Su Su lowered her eyes, she cast her attention on Sang Nuan's hands, her look was full of intensity, sighed and refute, “Your finger betrays you, and it was extremely white.” Sang Nuan looks down on her finger of jade, her face slightly crumpled. Staring at her hands, Su Su manner of speaking was unhurried and relaxed, softly spoke in a low voice, “You are a doctor, every day you must get in contact how with so much raw materials for medicine, must air-dry, mill and also dispense, no matter how careful you are, no matter how clean, under the finger tip stain will accumulate over a long period of time, so it is impossible for your hands to be so white, like the jade and it does not have a slight stain. Let me tell you the reason, it was because on account of you making drugs you also need to use toxic substances, and the long exposure with poison and toxic substance will make your finger stained dark, therefore everyday you boil water and endure to clean both hands with shu cao *(summer grass) and wood from Yan Yue  *(flaming moon)  for inflammation,  am I right?”  Su Su became aware of this, because of Second aunt , the Ghost doctor in medicine, even though he had three apprentices,  he wants her to follow and learn from him, particularly the uses of toxin. Second Aunt was his last disciple, because, above all everything else she was very interested in poisonous substances and she was extremely knowledgeable. When she was young, she would always come to their house to play with Sister Ning and often she would watch Second Aunt fiddle with various poisons, but cannot they approach her, only after she washed her both hand with a certain juice, she would hug and pat us to sleep, she thought at that time it was very mysterious. The thick black water can make the hand of a person instantaneously become white and creamy.  She has seen before that Sang Nuan's hand was very white , because she had not thought she will use the poison, plainly she did not took it  seriously … … After listening to Su Su , Sang Nuan slender fingers tightened, but did not refute. Her.  ” Do you still remembers this?” Su Su took a small pouch and shook it gently, the strip of black cloth  floated and  fell to the ground together before the foot of Sang Nuan. Sang Nuan's the brow wrinkled tightly,  Su Su kept on focusing on her, was frowning, the face became more gorgeous face and continually  explained, ” it only needs a little blood clot,  my fish as big as my arm was jumping and swimming died.  I don't think that the toxicity of these frogs was that strong, perhaps it is your blood that itself are poisonous? This morning when I came, there was a strong smell, the smell of blood is very strong If I have not guessed wrong, the reason why Sang Leng can survived so long was that because your blood was very strong, you have been using it as anti -toxin remedy for him, you take the medicine with your blood and detoxifies Sang Leng, that's why your complexion was  paler than him.”  Sang Nuan slightly stroke her sleeves to wrap her solid arm, shook her head and with self-ridiculed laugh, “I know that you are very keen and also extremely observant, I have not actually thought that your observation is possible to this degree, contrary to what one might expect, I underestimated you.”  “If not for your use of poison to the corpses, that toxicity strange, it made the corpse not be stiff for a long time, I would not have miscalculated the death time. You don't see my keen and observant characteristics, therefore after killing Yi Wu, you arranged that good performance of burying of the shoes to shift the blame, finally also directed that Yi Hu go to the room full of sandalwood aroma.” Su Su's eyes were still firmly focused at her, from beginning until now, and she did not want to miss even one tiny bit of expression on her face.  Su Su gaze was intent and meaningful, it was compelling. Sang Nuan was not afraid and also met her gaze, eyes was shining, “No matter what, Yi Hu dies, me and Sang Leng, was with Qin Qian continuously in the medical shed, his death and you are together with me on that jungle pass, how can I pull it off? Even if I might put poison the sandalwood before, but that day sandalwood as I heard, has not been poisoned.”  Since she has been identified as the murderer, so what but she surely has an alibi, why would she acknowledge? How can it be! She wants to know about it.  “Because, you have an accomplice.” Su Su paused, she did not miss that eyebrow movement and continued saying,”Poison was not mixed with the sandalwood, Ye Lie gave Yi Hu that white hand towel. I have examined their mouth and nose, in Wu Mu and Yi Wu noses, although also has the blue black, not as obvious as that of Yi Hu, it was because Yi Hu covered his nose with the white towel directly, therefore his nasal cavity was corroded seriously by the toxic gas. Ye Lie, was your accomplice, he has the ability to do it for you as you watch, you worked together and most likely it is not anything like an ordinary business transaction, right?"  Her always relaxed look now was covered with indifference, Sang Nuan's complexion finally changed, Su Su was looking at her with cold eyes,"  Why are you so explicit that it is Ye Lie.”She must know where they lost in the end.    “This morning, Qin Qian gave me a white towel for me to use. Su Su lifted up her injured hand , opened her palm  slowly  and the clothes was awfully  soaked of her blood  but  Su Su did not mind and continued her attack, " Ye Lie may not look like to be  from the leads and evidences, also not the one like to carry a towel around. But when I looked at the white towel it was very simple, I would have not cared about it, but the design of the towel that Qin jie  gave me was unexpectedly also the same towel design he was using. This felt very strange, I was with Qin Qian on the ship for several days and she definitely doesn't customarily use a towel, only then maybe if someone gave it to them." As a result of this entire speech, what was there that was currently unknown, Sang Nuan laughed, gently patted her hand and her crisp laughter resounded inside the peaceful medical shed, listening to the sound was actually vexing, “Splendid. It was just too splendid. The progress of how you revealed it layer upon layer and how everything was linked together was truly annoying.” She slowly pulled back her hand and Sang Nuan and step forward, she bend her body and whispered to Su Su's ear, ‘Unfortunately, the use of Qin Qian was indeed a flaw, if not for her scratch on Wu Mu and giving out that hand towel, I’m afraid you will not so easily figured it out completely, the person was really stupid, forever to mess things up and so insufficient, she did not even succeed to complete the tasked. Even then, I did not put the poison in her hands, I did not force her, it was her choice." At present her speech before was very soft but doesn't have that warm feeling, like a sharp blade, it can easily cut the eardrum, even if there was no feeling of warmth but fairly gentle eyes was full of coldness at the moment, she brought that gloomy aura and even an evil person will be scared.  Su Su’s heart felt like it was crushed by a giant rock, she felt helpless and powerless to toss away what she felt, she could only sigh deeply, ‘Sang Nuan, right this moment you are the real you. Why? Why do you want to do these? Why must you also use Qin Qian? ‘ ‘Why?’ Su Su eyes cannot hide her distress,  it was like there was a fine needle piercing her. Sang Nuan  just sneered and was already cold and numb to the feeling for this murder. Right now her heart was saturated, with pain, this kind of experience was indeed not bad for herself. Sang Nuan eyes displayed a new level viciousness and her mouth curved a wicked smile," Why? You asked me for what reason, well it is easy for me to tell you, but for what!"  ☆☆☆☆☆ ☆☆☆☆☆ Volume 1 Chapter 46 What is Good What is Wicked Part 2 Sang Nuan 's criminal craze was overflowing,  her eyes was brimming heinous look and  wickedly smiled, You like to ask me why, for what good, what? What?!    “That noon, after Wu Mu left, Qin Qian woke up and  I told her, that Wu Mu challenged you for a fight, and it it is the fight for life and death. If Wu Mu will not die, it was you that will die. I also told her, her that Qin Yan had a severe inner wound because of  Wu Mu.  After your death in the fight, there was no guarantee that he could live for another month without experiencing the same humiliation she experienced, on that day more men would like to get your charm. She does not want you to die and she doesn't want to go through that kind of humiliation, she asked my advice at that time, what she can do? I gave her the poison,  she took the poison but she doesn't want to go." Suddenly Sang Nuan raised her eyebrows, smiled then became ecstatic, "You asked me why I used Qin Qian?  I want to watch her, what thing was the  so-called humanity really is, she also has a younger brother, when she wanted to protect her younger brother,  to protect themselves , what will she do? Finally, I am very satisfied, this is the display of human nature!” Su Su frowned with eyes still on her, ” They, what did you do?” "Did I do anything?”Sang Nuan gawked  at Su Su  and suddenly  laughed  like she asked her something  funny or  just told her  the world the most laughable joke, “Human is really laughable, forever is finding an excuse, do you want to help  me find the excuse? Some people are just simply damn, this is the reason!”  “I will not find an excuse for you . I will not find you a reason to be excused to kill  people, no matter what, the truth was you killed people.” I want to know what they did to you! The last few words, Su Su wants to say it but it won't come out  and just kept it down her heart, Sang Nuan now was hoarse from laughing , hearing her heart throbbing.  “Murder … …” Sang Nuan whispers word, her eyes was brimming with viciousness again and then she gradually went crazy, “Where do you think this is? Here is the pirate’s nest, men who died at the hands of Wu MU, Yi Wu, Yi Hu, do you know how many? Those bones would pile up enough to drown you! The dead cry, can they hear you? You could not imagine that the things that happen in Qin Qian, always happened to me, if not  for Ah Leng.  I was eight years behind than Qin Qian brutalize hundred times, if not for Ah Leng who came to rescue me that he almost got killed himself. Why do you think I could accurately guess,  Yi Hu followed you to Yi Wu’s house looking for evidence, because even the faint opportunity, Yi Hu wanted to freeze me to death! “ And sure enough … … Su Su secretly sighed, the cruelty of the pirate's den, as early as the first day on the island, she was obliged to experience it?  I presume what Sang Nuan said at the moment I’m afraid is just one in ten thousand. Su Su took compassion on Sang Nuan's indifference, she sympathized and understood her , again feeling  the deep stabbing pain.  She rather sees her disgusted not shame and she does not need anybody to feel sorry.  Her heart resembled  a white lotus, her whole being was covered with a mire, at this moment, why Sang Nuan do not understand was the surge of  inexhaustible hatred. She reached out her hand fiercely and caught Su Su 's wrist, called out furiously, ”  Su  family military, big and small, even the woman, your hands have you never contaminated human life?  Su family armed forces are invincible in the battlefield and swept away all obstacles, the souls under sword how many?  Your high above emperor uncle, eliminates the government opposition parties, how many stumbling blocks was taken out? How many people were caught and beheaded, even the innocent person were implicated to the ninth generations? How many are those clans?  Oh yes, that thing on your hand , the red copper scale fan granted to  you by Lord  Ao Tian , how many human lives died  in his hand? The custom of Spirit Island ,  if  you  do not know, human life  was tag with a price,  there is nothing that could not be bought! What’s wrong?  People massacred on the battlefield are not life, was treated as the commodity to chop the person of head generally is not the life?  Are you saying, the people who died in your hands deserve to die, dies in my hand actually cruelly harms human life? You tell me then, what is good and what is evil?!”  There goes her identity,  being discovered was no surprise, that copper scales fan was a world treasure and it fell on her hands for nearly a decade, everyone knew it was possible. Sang Nuan expression in her both  eyes was full of venom, if the madness she held will  not be released from her chest, her gorgeous face and thin red veins  will be bursting with blood.  Su Su was calmly watching her, she did not dodge one iota. Her hand was tightly pulled, cool voice answered with   unprecedented composure, "As for the Emperor and Lord Ao Tian that I cannot appraise but for Su Family, I can answer you. “ (Dang! Miss Su knew the role of the Su Family existence. Admirable for a young lady)-. Mayo  ” Su family armed forces   opposes the enemy,  always ruthless with its offense, but actually never kill or   mistreat the prisoners of war above all  never harmed  common people.  Su Family for thousands of years,  were not loyal to somebody or to some dynasty, only selects and differentiate the  enlightened ruler, Su family army slaughters just like a spear.  As long as the people can peacefully sleep, even if in the hand was stained with blood, and swords are full ghost, one day we will not to hesitate to greet and accept the penalty of heaven. My family clan member can look up and not stoop, because they deserved and are worthy of their calling, on their death on final repose, we will dare to shoulder crime and wrong doing!  Sang Nuan, what about you, did you care for somebody like your own , where do you put yourself , in Huan Lang Island, even Sang Leng brought all kinds of circumstances? He supported you,  but the center of your thoughts was hatred and craziness?”Su Su holds Sang Nuan's wrist, under the red copper mask that she now feels, cold as ice  and pokes the will of the people. The evening sunset in flamed her form, that tall and straight and tenacious physique, like a treasured sword out of sheath, made a great show of one’s talents, is this the Su  family daughter? Sang Nuan sighed and  throws a fun smile, she has tricked  around all day long, was this her real appearance? Su Su gradually tightened her fingers, Sang Nuan was likely burnt by something, forced her hand to break free from Su Su's hand, her vision dodges, unwilling to see that pair of firm and sharp eye, she twisted her head to the side, ” You clearly knew me to be crazy, also did not dare came alone, should I say you are naively stupid, you did not fear that I would poison you? “  “You should rejoice that they did not used the poison to me,  I will die of poisoning  and die unknowingly, but you, for certain would have been beheaded.” Su Su vision swept at the door that was ajar, his eyes was more aggressive, cold and fierce, ” Hiding behind was listening secretly for a long time that person, will never have the opportunity to save you.”    “Ah Nuan you take care.” She left behind these words,  Su Su again  did not looked back at Sang Nuan's eyes, turns around to leave. This “Ah Nuan”, made her heart startled and warm, following with her eyes the clear figure gradually walks away.  Sang Nuan felt a stabbing pain  and stinging in the eyes but cannot shed a drop of tears, that type of luxurious thing had gone long ago.  Sang Nuan was left behind. A tall man came out from the inner courtyard, impressively just as what Su Su has said that the accomplice was Ye Lie. Staring at Su Su’s back, his eyes was burning, "Really worthy of Su’s daughter, I am tempted to … …" You should better not touch her!" Sang Nuan's crazy eyes already faded with the exception of her indifferent appearance.. Ye Lie chuckled with smile,” Gee, how? Do you want her?  You want to also want to protect her, you will be unable to?’ Ah Nuan,~ Ah Nuan~ " That last syllable was said with dilatory end tone, full of sarcasm. Suddenly, a white powder coming to Ye Lie's face, Ye Lie's dark eyes became gloomy and he held his breath and windswept, the powder was sprayed and he back out at the distance only marginally avoided the danger. Sang Nuan's cold voice resound along, ” Ah Nuan words, still not up to you to call. You’d better remember that, you and I are according to each need only. “ Sang Nuan said no longer pays attention to him, turned around the inner courtyard.Ye Lieqing humph, also with the past, only has not stared at that already not to have the person’s shadow front door, a flick of sinister eyes, made a clear determination to win. Su family’s young lady, this also really is a good harvest, great!  Xiaoshu, you will be mine.

End of the Chapter

I accidentally released Chapter 47 for public , unedited and unchecked while posting it for the editors. I felt this spiled the story for some of you. I decided to to released even the unedited copies to catch up what happened before the 47th.  ☆☆☆ Mayo☆☆☆
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