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A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: The Pirate’s Daughter

Volume I Chapter 3  To Survive by Mere Luck

“Do not withdraw! "

People were thrown in confusion and also tension when the chilly low sound made an announcement, everyone looked as they passed by.

“Right  now we can only  move ahead….-” 

Su Su was not finished with her sentence when the crew discovered that the person speaking unexpectedly was the sluggish youth who went to the sea for the first time with them, and they had no patience listening to him talk, cussing constantly.

“Move ahead? Do you want us to die! " 

“That is, this is not the time to escape but prepare to face up won't do. Hey, wimpy brat talking nonsense, if you do not know anything  better, stop getting in the way."

"Ignore him, quickly set sail. " 

In the armed forces, the military order cannot be disobeyed when the two armies confront against each other, even at prewar training and confrontations expectation level  to follow command was the same. Since childhood she was  influenced by her parents very deeply, Su Su in particular, this moment hears the crew having lively discussion among themselves and with everyone talking at once, the scene was chaotic. Her heart surges with anger but the thought of the ship  where everyone aboard were only common people making a living by fishing, although she also knew herself that she was not the leader of the ship, under her heart this was intolerable, this would not work, she was patiently explaining, "Just ahead the waters we will find on the left  a hidden reef group, if we hide in the rock forest, they should not be able to pursue us, even if they pursued, inside that many reef, we have a small hull compared to theirs, we are more nimble and we have the reef as shield, we may have a chance to escape and not to be rob. But running away like this, it does not need for two quarters of an hour, we will surely get intercepted by the pirates and when the time comes I am afraid that everything doesn't look positive, all points to disaster."

Clear voice said it in an orderly and thorough manner for everyone to hear. Looking down at the young man's directions, some distance away there was a large reef and reef forest, it was not very far but in that direction was almost towards the pirate ship, and that move will be very risky.

“Lao Yu say something to Xiaoshu… … ” he never spoke with Qin Qian and analyze what the young man said and calmly looked at the bow, and finally said, “There is some truth in it. "

“He’s a child doesn't understand anything, Missy is here, it is too dangerous, you and young master quickly go to the cabin.” All along he was accompanying Qin Qian, Yu Si face was full of worry, but he does not believed that a 14year old boy strategy will do much good.

Lao Yu was silent for a moment then but shouted, “Sail, right rudder.

   "–Lao Yu?"Qin Qian really isn't a stay home woman, not the inner chamber daughter either, naturally at this time she cannot hide behind cabin, if the ship was plundered by the pirate, hiding was useless. But she doesn’t understand  and flabbergasted why he wants the helm to go right?

Lao Yu also had all his life spent at the sea and he braved dangerous weather and storms. Regarding the pirates, the memories were about 20 years ago when they killed the villagers in the coastal areas, just the thought of it Lao Yu was sweating, speechless and shivering with fear, he was really scared! But now he was the backbone of the ship, at the moment he can only be strong and calmly replied, “We are a small fishing vessel,  there is nothing to be robbed, soon  also is a storm, they possibly just be rushing back to their lair, as long as we avoid, they not necessarily make things difficult for us. I heard only from Lao Wu the pirate ship's appearance; the two perhaps … …  not necessarily a pirate ship. Besides, Lao Wu can avoid last time, I probably can– "

"The intention was to take chances, try our luck and conduct, ten fights nine defeats! **" The sound of indefinite words like possibly, not necessarily, perhaps  and probably, after hearing them, Su Su burned with anger, now very annoyed and scolded fiercely, that was the aggressive trend that rattled group of people froze in there gawking at her, and even the Lao Yu was startled to say a word. 

** an idiom Miss Su was taking about  a soldier during Ming dynasty that lead the troop to war and won because of courage. Lao Yu’s strategy was pure putting their fate in the hands of the enemy but in the principle of battle engagement, risk and fate are relative, it was better to take a risk with one strategy  than sit and wait for luck on the hands of your enemy. This Mis Su I believed  learned  from war books that why she was able to quote the idiom.

Su Su was really angry, in her understanding about battles; there is no word such as LUCK relative to enemy engagements, if you cannot attack at least defend the place and they could have done the preparation not just waiting for the other side to let you off. The opposite side's imposing manner, early on the two ships cloak as fishing boats but now they were like  hunters staring at the prey kind of manner, she cannot mistakenly recognize these. The two ships was directed at them.

 The people inside the fishing boat were frightened and their mood were wavering, that black ship has irresistible force, in a blink of an eye the black hulls were only thousand ten feet away from their fishing boat. The gust of wind blows the black sails sending out a flapping sound spreading to people's ear.

“Pirates is moving closer, right rudder, right helm, quick! In any case, try to escape!  ” No one knows who shouted, they were terrified by fear and more confused, suddenly,  deck was a whole mess,  nobody cares to listens to what Su Su wants to say anymore…

Su Su sighed to herself. She deeply felt that she was too weak, even though some of her tricks can find some countermeasures, but there was no chance to plan countermeasures and strategize like in a tent, these people doesn't have the same military discipline and morale, if  mother was in, certainly will not be this way at all.

The place now look like there was a bunch of headless chicken running around on the deck, Qin Yan holding the mast had also been knocked, scared to death  but always have the look like intuitive young boy.

Seeing his face was a little bit down, but pair of dark eyes was staring without a slightest fear at the pirate ships that was growing closer. In the midst of chaos he was so calm. Qin Yan could not help but came close to Su Su, tapped him on the shoulder with trembling voice and asked, “Hey, reef forest really work? "

Su Su watched the waves generated by two menacing ink boats, shook his head, “Now even turning the bow into the reef and forest, it will be too late, timing was already missed."

The fishing boat interception was just a matter of time, she doesn't know how the strength of the pirates, her martial arts skills  was not weak, but she was just one  person with a group of pirates, she thinks it was better not to show such ability.    

When she left home, she only brought the red copper scale fan which Uncle Ao Tian gave him. Inside the red copper scale fan frames were 108 dark needles hidden, all splitting frames could disperse the weapons completely, she thought at the time she will only use it in danger. She could discharge from the fan the concealed needles and adding to that with her Shiba lian steps , if she runs into their top master, she  can always escape. But here was the endless sea, even if her Shiba lian was very good, also there was no place to draw back.

While she was considering, her eyes glance at the middle of the deck was Qin Qian looking brave and pretty. Su Su brows tightly twisted up.

Grabbed him frantically  Su Su whispered to Yu Si who was directing crew sails , “Big brother, there is any compartment on the ship? "

Arm suddenly being pulled hard enough, Yu Si  come back to his senses,  seeing  the young man called Xiaoshu with less resistance,  with urgency in his tone, “a secret hiding spot. "

At fishing vessels where there was such a thing! “Yu Si broke away Su Su's hands, also saw that  Qin Qian  has been standing around and immediately understood the plain meaning of the words of Su Su, pondered for a while and said,” She can hide in the cabin closet or under the bed. "

“Those places you can’t hide. “Su Su rejected his proposal, as long as any search can be found in these places, Su Su carefully recalled  the fast few days they were fishing in the fishing boat layout, eyes brightened, the bottom of the cabin are few small cut off "

“Yes, but … …that place cannot hide people behind. “That was for loading baits or broken fishing nets, cramped and smelled very fishy".

“Until later. “Su Su brisk quickly walk towards the cabin, and into the door but didn’t hear the sound of someone behind, looked up and the three was still standing on the deck, Su Su frowned and wrinkled up, leading  a trail, ” Qin Jie, XiaoYan, quickly. “Said regardless of whether they will follow, walked towards the bottom cabin.

She opened the bottom of the cabin access wooden clapboard, a fishy smell came immediately. Su Su took the lead to jump down; bottom of the cabin was not high, stood only half of his body. She helped Qin Yan and Qin Qian down,  Su Su stopped  to think then went to Si Yu and argue, “Brother Yu, you keep guard here don’t let people find  Qin Jie and Xiao Yan was hiding here. "

Yu Si without a hint of hesitation, simply replied. “Yes. "

Su Su, watching him, his mind was pure and also relieved that this man was truly helps for the sake of Qin Jia siblings. 

Really down to the bottom of the cabin, the stench was more intense and revolting, Qin Yan was seasick and was squatting, stunned by the stench and the small space of fishing vessels minimum side, Su Su saw that the space was narrower than she first thought and there were piles of debris at the side, breathing gives out unpleasant taste. Qin Qian did not vomit but her face was already faint white, “Really … … we are hiding here? "

“In the entire cabin, this is the safest, you cannot fall into the hands of the pirates. ” Otherwise the consequences were worse than tragic death. Su Su's last sentence makes Qin Qian apparently also thought of it, her face grew paler and she tightly pursed her lips, and nodded.

Su Su squats in the small place to find the most suitable place to hide, rummaging for a moment, hidden in the dark corners was a black box and it caught Su Su's eyes, she pushed the debris from the box, open the lid, the space inside was very small, stuffed with a pair of worn-out fishing nets, but fortunate good enough for hiding. Su Su drag the nets out and waved at the two people, "Here, hide inside. "

Qin Jia siblings came near to Su Su, staring at the little black box, heart cannot help but complain, will it fit two people? Qin Yan blankly gathered his composure and said, ” Jiejie, you go hide in it, I am not afraid. "

“No!” “Qin Qian fiercely seized Qin Yan to the wrist, anxiously,” You are the only son in the Qin family and absolutely cannot have an accident, if you die, sister should die in front of you. "

“Shut up, squeeze in. “Su Su took the two cleanly, push them inside. Fortunately, both are very thin, though difficult they barely squeezed into a cramped black box.

 She watched Su Su closed the lid of the black box, Qin Qian suddenly grabbed her sleeve and worried, “Shu, what would you do? ” it was not for his own that Xiaoshu has to go out to the sea , he would not have meet this misfortune , Xiaoshu was still so young …

Su Su patted Qin Qian hand, pulled back her sleeve, smiled and said, “I’ll be fine, you hide, no matter what happens, don’t come out, even if you did not hear anything, don’t come out. " 

Qin Qian stared young confident smile on his face, a little shocked, in such a case, she laugh out, and that smile with a touch of cunningness and a hint of … … excitement? 

Qin Yan huddled in corners, the twisting of the body and the ubiquitous stench, made him reluctant to stay in the box for a minute, “When are we going to come out? "

Su Su thought for a moment and replied, “After the storm. ” She also ignored the siblings and quickly covers the lid and dragged out the broken fishing net to cover the top of the small black box, once satisfied only then she left.

“They are hidden? ” Su Su  opened the partition and came out. Yu Si extend his hand to support him up but his hands barely touched Su Su's shoulder with one hand, the emaciated boy with one light jump was already out. Using his backhand also covered the clapboard quickly but without making a sound.

“Well, let’s go out quickly. “Su Su notice Yu Si's surprised reaction,  there was a mystified look in his eyes,  she quickly escaped toward the deck. They were in the cabin for almost quarter of an hour, with those black ships speeds they already very close to fishing boats.

Yu Si look at the back cover of the partition, then look at the young man walk away secretly biting his teeth, eventually kept up in his footsteps.

Two people returned to the deck, looking at the scene, Su Su was normally very courageous in her heat  however she couldn't help but feel the thunder  that happened in a flash.

 *****Departure from the subject*****

End of the Chapter

Miss Su maybe lazy only ‘alive’ when world is in chaos,  but truly the influence of a general and military strategist mother was coming out.

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