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This one is for ThinaZaap. She will still help us with the editing  the fourth book. Woo hoo! This too, for happy followers and readers . I heard your screams … after pondering since I want to read it too, I can do computer translated edited version one page a day.

 Volume I  Chapter 2   Is It  Really A Pirate Ship? “Hey, young lady! ” Woman and young man frowned immediately, almost by impulse she was about to respond but was able to restrain herself right away, instead Su Su shrewdly laughed out loud,” Thanks, Jiejie. "  Jiejie* Chinese  polite address for elder sister “Who’s your jiejie?! ” The voice bellowed came from the ship , Su Su looked up to see a young man, half of the body leaning out of a boat, fierce eyes were looking at her, face was childlike but the voice was not small,” Who  do you call Jiejie? You call Qian,  jiejie!   ” Qin Qian and  Su Su cannot help but want to tease him, slightly nitpicking her eyebrow yelled back, ” Calling her jiejie ? This … … not good, isn’t ? " “Sister, Qin Jie look! ” The young man were more angry, pointing and cursing at Su Su, “I am watching you smooth talking scoundrel .” “Ok , little Yan, do not say anymore troubling words . ” My goodness, this  young man wanted to cry and hoot aboard, Qin Qian  facing Su Su whispered,” Embark. “With that Su Su took the lead and climb on the boat. She was really a gentle and kind-hearted woman. Su Su in just a few minutes had many favorable impressions about her. Following Qin Qian behind, saying sincerely , “Thank you, Qin Jie, I will do well. " Qin Qian smiled and didn’t say anything. Soon as they stepped on the deck, they were greeted by the young man's shout, walking towards Qin Qian and the man beside her happily cried, " Jiejie,  brother is here. ” The corner off his eyes drifted off to Su Su's body and did not forget to give her some condescending look and a humph,” My sister, who is this person? " Qin Qian look at Su Su, and only now she remembered that she doesn’t even know her name, laughed and asked. “What’s your name? " “I…” Su Su trying to turn and said, ” at home, everybody called me a Xiao*Su. " (* this she meant Little Su)  Definition of terms: Xiao means little or small;  Lao meaning old and   shu means  tree. Xiaoshu meant little tree or shrub.               “Xiaoshu?  ” As soon as Su Su finished speaking, the young man laughed and ridiculed until his face turned dark,” this name is so strange, then in the future when you grew up you will not be called Xiaoshu but Laoshu! " The crew next to them who heard and also laughed, Qin Qian said in a whisper, “Qin Yan! Don't be rude. " After he saw his sister was angry, Qin Yan dare not say anything more, he tried to compress his laugh, Su Su smiled and generously replied, ” It doesn’t matter, Qin Jie, but … … I also feel like a little tree this time, the name really is a bit weird. ” Laoshu , Xiaoshu or  Xiao Su   like a boy’s name, a shrub, a tree, whatever it was  only for a month, she doesn't really  care if they called her that. Qin Yan was still laughing but Su Su's face doesn't show a slightest displeasure or discomfort while being ridiculed and that gave more good impression about her.After a few minutes, Qin Qian directed her to an old man around and said, ” He is not just old but he is very rich in experience about the sea and the helm of the ship. " Su Su took one look at the old man, his old face appeared to have survived the harsh weather of the sea, straight back and his eyes reveals a sophistication and shrewdness. Su Su bent down from her waist like giving  a military ceremony, Qin Qian apparently satisfied, pointed at the old man saying, “Lao Yu, this Xiaoshu , just joined as crew. " Lao Yu examined Su Su with one eye, said nothing, just nodded his head and continued to busy himself with his own thing. Qin Qian was already accustomed regarding this. Pointing to the men around him said, "This is Yu Si, LaoYu’s son, you just listen to his arrangements.”  The man was in his early 20's, dark, tall and of strong build, a look like a vigorous person 'who can expel winds from his body', although in front of man it looks like she was being ridiculed, Su Su's temper has always been straightforward, she doesn’t mind and generously gave a military ceremony greeting and smiled, ” Elder brother Yu, is there anything for me to do? Yu Si, his patience was good, not to embarrassed him, he pointed at the sails in the distance and told him, “You go, sort the out sails. " “Okay. ” Miss Su  was happy, everything was going so smoothly! Finally, she got her wish to set foot on a trip to the hearts of the sea! ****** …Floating at sea for more than 10 days and finally to the deep sea, but they have no catch. Every day trapped in small deck and before her eyes were raging waves, Su Su thought this scene was plain boring. But today’s waves was much larger than before and came a mass of clouds on the horizon seems to be coming their way, and looking at the sky that was seemingly usher a heavy rain or even a storm.  Lao Yu was indeed a worthy experienced boatman and was very sensitive to weather changes, quarter of an hour ago he already asked the crew to lay down the canvas and fixed objects on the ship and got ready to prepare for the storm. Many sailing crew that's been working for so many years, when they saw the group of thick clouds have surfaced some gave a worried look , some even went down to the cabin early. Su Su stood on the deck while the sea breeze was blowing, with grand smile on her face, for the upcoming storm her heart was very excited and flowing with great anticipation. She was looking forward to see the magnificent grand sea but also want to understand its fierceness and violence. What it was like when its frenzy? This kind of things for restless and not so law abiding Miss Su… it was a big amusement… a big attraction. Su staring at the thick cloud spellbound watching its unpredictable churning, inadvertently she cast a side long glanced at the sea in the distant horizon, and two black sun spots attracted her attention. Qin Qian walked out of the cabin and her eyes swept over the deck, and sure enough she saw her  little brother  deathly paled look with both legs trembling, stubbornly clinging to the masts barely standing to look, her eyes also swept towards the bow and bravely standing on it was the young man. Qin Qian’s gaze fell to the boy called Xiaoshu , a few days ago still appear to be somewhat lazy person, now at this moment actually stood  in front bow of the ship, she leaned slightly forward, watching his bright eyes looking straight ahead, don't know what he was looking at but he had a serious face. Thinking that she was out of the sea for the first time, worried and walk towards him,, ” Xiaoshu, are you all right? " “Me?”  Su Su surprised and recovered back her sight, smiled and replied,” I am alright. My body is good, Qin Jie need not worry. " Looking at him spirited and energetic, Qin Qian nodded and didn’t say anything more. She had no choice but to look to the face that was obviously blue and white, standing unsteadily, however Qin Yan still need to dry the deck of the boat, Qin Qian sighed, and advised, "Yan, it is really uncomfortable, why not go rest in the cabin. Bitterly staring to the young man standing by the bow similar to his own age, his body compared to him was thin and weak yet not at all affected by waves and winds. Su Su was like thin silk thread stirred greatly by the moving storm and Qin Yan refused to accept, struggled to straighten his body, desiring to save face, he gathered his courage, "I am not uncomfortable!" His expression showed a deathly face of suffering, Qin Qian doesn't know if ‘she would laugh or cry.’* *Meaning: to be in an awkward situation; something both funny and embarrassing Su Su ignored the siblings behind  her and once again her attention  fell towards the  distant horizon in front of them, the  two dark spots  was gradually  approaching  and she could  already vaguely  identify … two ships, the hull seemed  to be bigger than their fishing boat, in the midst of reckless strong winds, the full sail was moving fast unexpectedly,  as if two threatened black hawks, speeding towards their direction, then swiftly revealing its potential trend which was very strange indeed Su Su turned around facing   the Lao Yu who was  directing people behind she called out, ” Lao Yu Sir, there are two big boats coming in our direction, what ships are they? " The sea was not theirs but there were some strange ships. After hearing Su Su 's shout, Lao Yu turns his head and casts a sidelong glance, only this one, his entire body was stunned for a moment, he gained back his composure and  in a flash walloped to the bow, he took the binoculars and two the eyes  wide opened  staring at the two black ships, extremely panic-stricken and with the shaking voice nearly blown off by the sea breeze, "Is ….is ….Pirate ship?!"  “Pirate ship? “Su Su knitted her brows, since 20 years ago, Eastern Seacoast, there emerge pirates which killed and plundered the fishing ports and coastal towns.  The Eastern Sea  garrison forces was increased from its original 10,000 to 50,000, and the yearly they were acquiring new warships, there were also a lot of  naval  and warfare skill training and her parents was required every five years to inspect the Eastern Sea. She had never heard of pirates in Qing Yue waters, today it suddenly appeared?  Lao Yu can also recognize it? There was something suspicious?" “We sailed away from Qiong Yue  territorial sea border? " Lao Yu was fearful and restless but hearing the youth’s calm voice, unconsciously replies,  "Just recently, this piece of sea territory was peaceful during ordinary days, also we did not account this as other countries' territorial  sea  because all these years we come to this piece of sea area to do fishing." “Fishing boats already encountered the pirate ship before? " “Yes……”  Lao Yu thought the young man was excessively calm and cool-headed. He turned to look, just in time to see his eyes dark blue birth mark, coupled with the sharp meaningful glance, he can feel his heart was fair and reasonable. Su Su brows tightly twisted together, “Why did you not report this to East garrison? People listening on board about the pirate ship their hearts  were already restless, now seeing the two black boats pushed closer, fear in their heart increased all the more, Lao Yu and the young man  were still continuing to talk, people around the Lao Yu hectically cried, “What do we do now? Pirate ship had been coming towards us! " “Quick, quick, quick, jerked the bow and put the sails up, withdraw! ” Lao Yu gathered, to command the crew of the ship to set sail."            ” Do not withdraw!" *****Departure from the subject***** This pian* was probably around 10 to 11 o’clock in the morning.    TL note: *Pian was a set of bamboo slips used for record keeping during the olden times. Why I am having this weird feeling that Su Su has a shadow guard that reports everything back to her mother.  End of the chapter


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