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Sharing something to fellow alike , who loved the same genre of stories… Google translate alone won’t do… it’s heart breaking to miss a lot of details.  I can’t go very far ahead and finished the story, I can only try to be faster. So, if you read Chinese story made by other translators, take time to appreciate and react.  I was reading a story this weekend, ” The General Fears the Maiden Escapes”, What happened was fascinating I could only laugh in the end. The story was not completely released for public consumption. For someone like me, seeing a thousand views I’m quite satisfied. Even for one reader I would share what I have… …for others may not be the case, my advice if you enjoy their works, please  inspire the translators, they do this work voluntarily and those who can afford, spare some change for coffee. -Mayo

Volume 1 Chapter 17 Taking Advantage of Human Favor 

Mo Yuan just glanced the letter quickly then took the bamboo tube and the letter inside his sleeve. Su Su suspected even more that Mo Yuan did not come to help the Huan Lang Island, furthermore what was Yi Dang Jiade looking for after then, even the whole island respected Mo Yuan. Did Mo Yuan appear in the island because of the "thing" that Sang Nuan was telling about?

 Su Su recovered from her self -wondering while Mo Yuan already walked far off. Su Su usually followed really closely . She hurriedly  caught up until they reached a log cabin. They saw in a distant place in the midst of galloping ocean waves stood straight a tall figure.

The man standing in the midst of the ocean waves, every wave hits him almost to his chest, a silver gun in hand, steady but not dead, live without slipping,  he does not fear the waves will corrode his gun, rays of sun shine on him, his gun like a dragon, the posture was vigorous.

 That was ……Sang Leng?

With him but not on the beach  was the beautiful purple form, calmly standing there. Sang Nuan had a warm beautiful smile and the smile on her face was simply more brilliant than the multi-colored sunlight on the horizon, these two facial features were similar, moves with quite elegance and talent respectively. Mo Yuan also gradually slowed down his footsteps and looked at the figure in the ocean waves holding a gun.

Su Su's appearance was also very earnest, marching like going to war, ( TL :day dreaming?) the long-barreled gun and broadsword were the commonly used weapons. Su family armed forces they have a lot of good marksman, too numerous to cite individually, deputy battalion commander Lu Daxu of Crouching Tiger Camp was the master of the masters, he submerged under like water dragon then breaks out on the surface. To join the fire arm regiment, soldier must be fierce like tiger because it was like entering a hole*, (meaning not just anyone could enter) and they should be sharp. Naturally, in   battlefield soldiers have to grapple with the enemy to come out to fight against the ruthless and tyranny however, ( back to reality!)  Sang Leng's marksmanship was exquisite, the style was nimble and smart, constantly changing, when the gun was discharged, the cunning angle was virtually impossible to guard against, but ….

Su Su squinted her eye, carefully looked towards the tall and straight figure, each move he made appears to have sincerity, the she looked him then did a second look as if confirming something. Su Su's eyes lit up, she thought probably Sang Nuan could owe her the first human favor, but how …   

After Sang Leng finished playing one set of marksmanship and moved toward Sang Nuan.  Su Su at that time also  runs up to Sang Nuan and she exclaimed , “Ah Nuan."

Sang Nuan then turned and she looks like to be in a good mood. Facing Su Su she smiled and saw Mo Yuan also following behind her unexpectedly, Sang Nuan's eyes flashes touch of mystery, but quickly restored the original mild appearance, Mo Yuan nodded towards them.

Out of the corner of her eyes, she noted that Sang Leng had arrived to  34 ten feet away from them, sighing, Su Su was a person capable making a very pitiful facial expressions, sighed and said,  " Sang Leng, this set of marksmanship although only 49 it was actually exquisite and incomparable, swift and fierce, but  …. …what a pity.” 

 “What to be a pitied?”  Sang Leng was angry, his hair and clothes were still dripping with water and the handsome gratified face instantly turned white and cold.

 Su Su completely ignored his retort and his cold stare, Sang Nuan was at the side, looked at her and smiled, ” Ah Nuan,  you want my  first favor? "

 Sang Nuan narrowed her one eye and said smiling, “If you say something useful, even if you have one, naturally if it is useless, it does not count and as for its usefulness or if it is useless, let Sang Leng  be the judge if it will count. "

Gee, Su Su secretly shook her head, the deal was like buy and sell for it to be really counted.  However, fortunately she waited for this moment of goodwill and what she's going to say about Sang Leng was true, they won't be able to refute.  Su Su spoke with a measured tone and pointed to Sang Leng's silver gun, " it was of course a pity because the weapon of choice is certainly not right. "

Sang Leng hold on the silver gun tightened, the tip point trembling and pointed at her, she had to duck. “Where isn’t right?” His threatening stance was great and Su Su if she dared to speak irresponsibly, her poor life surely will have no more meaning.

 Su Su ignored the threat of Sang Leng and gently pushed the gun that was pointing at her nose tip then said,  ” You used to master a martial arts skill during the early time and it was not a silver gun. "

Sang Leng color turned cold, he was staring at Su Su coldly with look full of surprise.  Sang Nuan and Mo Yuan were wise people and the look on Sang Leng was confirming it was correctly guessed.  Sang Leng frowned and struggled for a while, replied,  “Indeed it is not  gun, it was … … a wooden stick. "

 Wooden stick … …Su Su snickered in her heart but only feared that Sang Leng could have an accidental encounter and was coached by the person of high skill, but this person of high skill does not  completely reached the responsibility of being his master.

Su Su was right most probably, Sang Leng truly when he was eighth years old, secretly gone to sea, in the island was a dense fog and he discovered a ship. He help brought that ship out of the dense fog and the man on the ship has given him this set of exercises. That master has taught him three times and then paid no more attention to him and left directly together with his apprentices.

 After returning to the island, he practiced this set of exercises frequently. His elder sister also showed him many military ancient books, the style that person was teaching, conformed to the spear play 'block, take and grip,'  characteristics, he then thought that it was a gun and picked the silver gun to carry as his weapon. Was she telling me that my first belief diverge off from the beginning?   

Silver guns accompany him for nearly a decade, Sang Leng frowned , ” You mean, the stick is not marksmanship? "

 “Naturally it is not the stick method.” Su Su did not bother to explain and left after a sentence," You wait.” She ran fast towards woods behind the beach and retuned in the nick of time. In her hand was a three inches bough and several withered yellow rattan.

Runs back in front of Sang Leng , Su Su puts out her hand and said, ” Give me the gun.” 

Sang Leng hesitated for a moment but still handed out his silver gun.

She took the silver gun and Su Su with agility sharpened the branches cleanly and put at the front of the gun like a pointer. She made a ring from the cane and wrapped it around the silver gun, tied it until it feel very strong and passed it to Sang Leng , “Try it again. "

 This is what she meant, this gun had one set of double helix head? Sang Leng took back the silver gun, pondered on the style, come to think of some moves, the body leaps about ten feet forward fiercely and he can't wait to practice.  

The gun point was a cutting edge, move from the waist and started shooting, then played to strike in the distance, on the account of the wooden spear head, the moves becomes natural and unforced, merely one suit of marksmanship practice and soon it would be over.  Sang Len can perceived that his marksmanship had added prestige and masculinity, great stability and will stir a potential trend like thunder and lighting.

Sang Leng was both excited and surprised, that callous face had the rare smile  and walked towards Su Su's side,  patted her shoulder and wasn't stingy with his praise and smile, “You did it! I could not see that you also of a little use.” 

 Su Su curled her lip.  Doing the modified weapon improvement, she does not know from infancy to maturity how many she had reformed and changed.

” Xiaoshu knows plenty of things.” Su Su's lips did not smile; Mo Yuan spoke in an indifferent voice said with leisure. After she heard this she was speechless for a moment.

 She had to find Mo Yuan's details, before he can find out her own identity.  Su Su said with smile, “Who told you that I was bashing, my father is a black smith, from small to large, wide variety of weapons I have seen them all, my father was crazy. If he sees special weapons, he would let others exercise with it for him to see.  I followed that long experience. "

 “I see your qing gong is also very good. ” From there, she ran into the woods, and came back, this is not a short journey down her was running with leisure and carefree, her breathing was not chaotic afterwards, she was only afraid that her qing gong was describe by this two characters, 'not good'

  Su Su lightly coughs and teased, “Frightened by my mother, so escape method became naturally good.”  At this point, Miss Su was not lying!

 “Are you? "

 Su Su was laughing heartily uncontrollably (TL: probably recalling her misdeeds in the past) , Lord Mo, without even a  faint smile asked in the two words “are you” ? Her heart had lavished goose bumps. Such a mysterious and aloof man, doesn't even want a 'laugh'?

Su Su moved two steps towards Sang Nuan side then suddenly thought of something, her eyes was gleaming towards Sang Nuan , in the afternoon she had seen that sly and brilliant smile and Sang Nuan was avoiding it. Somehow, Sang Nuan got a hint, became restless and sure enough, the next moment that clear voice said, ” Ah Nuan, you see I have a favor, could you owe me another one? I have two quotas, anyway. "

   End of the Chapter

Volume 1 Chapter 18  The Mask

“Ah Nuan, you see I have done you a human favor, can you owe me one again? I have two quotas anyway."

Sang Nuan was watching her funny gesture, holding up two fingers, cheeky and shaking them brazenly on her face. People watching does not know whether to laugh or cry, this young man really doesn't allow any deficit and would used up every opportunity,  just a human, so impatient and  can’t wait to owe again.  By her conduct and attitude, only afraid that this “two” debt of human favor  will never have a day of paying off, but to tell the truth, Sang Nuan was also really curious, this crafty youth  will raise any request particularly in front of Mo Yuan.

 “You say it.”  Sang Nuan glanced to the nearby black person’s shadow, smiles even more gently, ” Even if I  could not help you, there is Lord zhao  Mo.” 

Su Su hurriedly waved with her hand, “No, no, you can certainly be able to help me! ” Saying that she moved closer to Sang Nuan  several steps, two words were whispered in her ear.

 Waves were tirelessly trying to beat the beach, the sound of the waves splashing like whip, Sang Nuan almost thought she misunderstood it,  staring  at Su Su in a weird way and asked, “Is that it? "

 “Well! “Su Su grinned, firmly nodded .

Sang Nuan stroked her silky hair that was disheveled by blowing sea breeze, said with a laughed, " My human favor is not easy are you sure this is going to owe me a favor?"

“Certainly, it cannot be just anything, I am satisfied with it. “Pointed to the side of Sang Leng, Su Su  ,” Let him take me to look for it. "

Sang Nuan glanced at Mo Yuan and said with a smile ,  "Good."

They were playing charades, Sang Leng look at Su Su  with  displeasure and asked,  “What do you really want? "

 Su Su rubbed her nose, coughed lightly  and say earnestly,  “Mask.”   



Sang Leng  looked at her with ' your mind really  have a problem look', even Mo Yuan lifted his eyes to look at her, his  eyes swept her face and stopped for a moment where that touch of purple mark was, then turned away, he said the words , ” You left early in the morning so return home early”, then turned back to the log cabin.

 Sang Leng went back to change his clothes to vigorous dark blue attire that he often wore, he left the silver gun behind, upright physique walked fast and brought Su Su to a big cave, the people guarding the caves quickly got up when they saw Sang Leng and  greeted him,  “Master Leng”. Sang Leng  did not correct them and  led her to enter right the first cave.

 He left for an hour and left her by herself then searched the cave, radiant and upright, Su Su was very happy about it.

This cave compared to the one on the left where prisoners were held was bigger. In the cave there were four pirates on guard, inside the cave were sparkling yellowish and shiny white thing, under the flame it flashed with dazzling light. Su Su was temporarily blinded by the brilliance. Her heart gave an admiration to the ampunt of gold and that was why they put four guards to keep the cave, but gold can corrode the heart and will of the people and sweeping eyes absolutely possible also to be pierced with blindness..

“Here it is, you find it. “Leaving a sentence, Sang Leng tried to walked away.

“And so on. “Arm across at front of Sang Leng, Su Su's  face has cooled down,” I want a mask, not gold and silver jewelry, you look here, where could be a mask in this place? Don’t be so irresponsible, you let me help you point out the irregularities of your arms and make you improved Sang Nuan agreed to let you take me to find a mask, you’ll have to help me find the mask and before you leave. "

 She wanted a mask. The reason was her complexion of green 'birthmark'  have only 4 to 5 days left and it will  gradually fade away.  On this island for so short time, she didn't have a time to collect the various herbal medicines to make the grass juice. Another reason, she intend to take this opportunity to let Sang Leng brought her to the caves to explore and find the 'thing" that Liao Yue covets thoroughly. So, in any events he cannot be left alone.

 Early usually blocks in his front hand, does not let, the mulberry let somebody cool off or calm down the pupil to gouge early Soichi eyes, finally called four person gangs of guards to look together, six people looked for the most time, leafed through the treasure in this hole thoroughly, where had the shadow of mask. Su Su blocked him with her hand and did not let him leave. Sang Leng looked at her like he want to gouge her eyeballs.  Finally, he called the four guards to help look together, they turned the cave inside out looking for the mask.

Sang Leng left the guards behind who were looking  at each other in blank dismay. Without  saying a word he walked toward the second right cave. Su Su naturally followed closely. This cave was smaller than before and it has piles of silk and satin, porcelain and jades decorations.  Several people rummage the place upside down but found nothing.

 If the breath of a person’s body can be substantial and freeze people, within Sang Leng's ten feet wide radius should have been frozen into the ice. Su Su was smart to stay away from him, afraid because he was always angry. People feel impatient with this cruel man and had stopped to help. He continued to the last cave with Su Su, for this Su Su have changed her bad impression about him a lot.

This cave was the smallest of the three caves. Besides few silver coins and jewelry, some gold vessels and occasionally some unusual small gadgets could be seen. The things cluttered and chaotic. There are two persons that guard the mouth of the cave.

Several people were just  duplicating the movements, they kept flipping search. Taking a quick look around a moment ago, she knows that this cave does not have what appealing thing. Su Su absent-minded turned and  asked, ” All the things that the pirates of  Huan Lang Island plundered were piled in these caves?” 

 “No where else to pile.” After rummaging three caves they couldn't find a mask. They wasted their two hours. Sang Leng the mood was extremely bad, his words were very icy. 

 Su Su looked but did not sense that icy demeanor and criticizes him, “Filthy rich.”

 Looked forward to meet Sang Leng and to figure out, how she could ask about that "something"  he has the personality not to hold back anything, this was the reason Su Su brought him here, Sang Warm the woman was fine, is her brother “lovable”?

Near her foot were two big boxes, inside were full of gold vessels, Su Su  took one to looked appreciatively, shook her head, tsk..tsk.. and  sighed ,” Unfortunately, just some vulgar thing, such big island, did not have any priceless treasure or anything.”  

One the side of her  vision, Su Su saw that Sang Leng have no reaction, she added, “On the other hand, of course  the priceless treasure will not be in a place like this, I guess that these treasure definitely hidden with Dang jiade, the hero matches the treasure ……”

“Thud”  Sang Leng dropped a purple copper censer in his hand to the ground, “This sloping island was hiding what treasure? "

 Sang Leng said a word disdaining that not minced to let early be known as some surprised, this brother and sister and father’s relations, were very not it seems like good.  Sang Leng words had undisguised disdain. Su Su was a little surprised, this brother and sister relationship with their father, seems very bad.

If that’s the case, Liao Yue attack on Huan Lang  Island, surely not because Yi Dang Jiade told Sang Nuan, if he said it, then Sang Leng should know. Su Su pondering now Sang Nuan only said “something”, thinking that “something”,  the treasure was not in the eyes of everyone, it was not what everybody thinks, that treasure? What would that be?

"Actually ……" just as Su Su's brain was full of speculation for  "the thing" at the time, Sang Leng suddenly said  " Huan Lang Island there exist a treasure which that in the world only have ."

Treasure! In Sang Leng coldness concealed a pride making Su Su's eyes lit up, “What is it?”

“My elder sister.”

Su Su staggered, almost plant her foot on a nearby gold vessel.

End of the Chapter

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