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A Mistaken Marriage Match: The Pirate's Daughter

Volume 1 Chapter 12  The Secret of Snatched  Recruits Part 1

Su Su got up very early in the morning, after some thought the night before, though such cold person, she decided to deal with Mo Yuan. Enthusiasm was the best way to approach him and get closer to him, thus get some opportunity to know more about his secrets. So when Mo Yuan when came out from the inner room to meet her, Miss Su has a bright shining smile on her face, “Good mornin'! “

Mo Yuan faintly glanced at her and replied,” Morning. “

This moment, the mountain man entered carrying two bowls of porridge; Su Su always decides to fill up the belly first.  Turns her head to stare at the man with a 'kiss up face' and fawning over as she ask, “What is your name? I cannot call you to hey, right?”

” Li Yang. “

“Li Yang, good mornin'.”

To see her bright smiling face like sunshine, Li Yang brows frowned and did not concerned himself about her and reached the front of Mo Yuan with the porridge.

Mo Yuan was dressed with the same clothes from yesterday, slender hands holding a spoon, gently stirred the porridge and the aroma of puffed rice instantly filled the room.

“Hmm, smells good! “Su Su sat beside Mo Yuan,  Li Yang icy stern voice fell at Su Su's ear,” You’d better know your position. “

Su Su's continually stared at the porridge not blinking an eye but the mouth was talking,” What is my position? A body guard? “
Li Yang just look at her with critical eyes,  Su Su was awkwardly tracing her fine nose, she get it, Mo Yuan  had him, if he does not need her as a bodyguard then… lightly cleared her throat, she thought for a moment,” Young male servant? "

Remembered Li Yang made her called Mo Yuan master last night, Su Su had a goose bumps and said right after, ” not …. …slaves right?”

Li Yang was now giving her the expression of ' you know your limitation look' and  'your smarter than that look'.  Su Su very much wanted to return his disdainful look, but not an excellent move under the situation. She had to bow her head and traces of emptied belly constantly reminding her, she said in gentle whisper, “Even a slaves wouldn't eat a meal.”

A slender pale hand holding a bowl of porridge was handed to her, Su Su’s eyes lit up, immediately took over, “Thank you. “

Porridge was soft, warm and delicious, small half bowl was gobbled fast, Su Su finally had the mood to chat.
“What’s your name? “

” Mo Yuan. “

” Will you let me go home? “

” I will let you go when I leave. “

“Really?” Su Su has not thought that he will say so.  The indifferent expression was not like commitment, but she could feel that he was not lying either.  Mo Yuan never said that she needs to do or handle certain things for her to be able to go home. She raised her head with a nit witted laugh, Su Su patted her belly and said, " That was really good, thanks to you, do you had anything to for me to do , say it freely in order for me to go home as soon as possible, I will make with every effort to complete it!”

“You follow closely at my side, Ok.”

” Oh. “With Mo Yuan, just asked a question and he will respond right away. Su Su suddenly discovered that this person and what he imagined him to be were somewhat different. She thought Mo Yuan was a man unwilling for people to be close, such as a dry well, cold hearted, indifferent to anyone and anything. But now it seems, she was a bit wrong, all over he’s insipid, 'his temperament was like water'**, seems to be natural, there was no need to break the ice, but such a person was really not truly close. Last night, the formula and strategies how to deal with him seems to be wasted.

** of the Earth, Water , Fire and  Air temperaments. Water was the type that goes with the flow, dark brooding and silent type.

” Eat it up. We are leaving.”

After leaving a sentence, Mo Yuan stood up and didn’t give a damn whether she would catch up.
Su Su sighed and reluctantly put down the bowl.

After the storm, the weather was extremely good, the sky was cloudless and deep blue. On the distant place, that piece of green and luxuriant jungle transmits what was likely the worker’s chant, there was a resounding roar, like doing something with joint forces. Outside the grove, there were 4 or 5 person in one group,on their shoulders they were carrying a big trunks and clinging it with their hands then piled them up neatly on the beach.

Why did they cut so much wood?

Mo Yuan did not walk that fast but Su Su looked around and he went out very far. Under the deep blue horizon, that black form forwards gradually.  She walked leisurely in the morning breeze, if not for one or two pirates with short sword on side that she often passed through, this tranquil picture made her almost forget that she was on the pirate' nest. Su Su searched for Li Yang but he has not come out. She grabbed to hold the hat on her head and she slightly trotted to catch up with Mo Yuan.
This road was not the same one she passed through yesterday, just for a moment, she saw a log cabin like Sang Nuan's but it was larger and outside there were four tall guards.

They approached the log cabin, Su Su heard noise and voices coming from people. Mo Yuan pushed the door and in the moment he pushed and entered, the sound stopped immediately.

” Lord  zong ren*” , Yi Dang Jia heartily greeted.

Lord zong ren? Su Su followed his footsteps and paused. Mo Yuan was a native from Jiang Hu** ?

Zong ren – *Mediator or middleman       Jiang Hu  ** Rivers and Lakes Country

Room was quite big and already packed with people, right in the center of the room stood a rectangular table, with three or four mahogany chairs on each side, sitting in the middle were the same few people from the cave yesterday, except for that young boy she despises, almost everyone was there. The small rectangular table has sand, wood chips and grasses put on like an island. Although very rough, but she can see that it has more images and more vivid than the map, it shows the topography, this kind of thing were plenty in Su family home. She didn't expect that the pirate’s nest also has it.

“Yi Dang Jia “Mo Yuan response was still indifferent. Dang Jiade looked like he was accustomed to it and seeing Su Su actually following he played with her to say hello,” Boy, you also came. “

Su Su stood behind Mo Yuan, generously grinned and in a loud voice,” Good morning, Yi Dang jiade! You call me a Xiaoshu would be nice. ” She saw the beautiful purple figure also sat around the table, Su Su waved towards her, smiled, “Ah Nuan, good morning. “

Sang Nuan responded with a smile and nodded gently ” Good morning. ” Su Su discovered that in that room she was called Ah Nuan, apart from Sang Nuan and Mo Yuan, others look very strange.

But before she could carefully analyze, that person together with the pirate chief that has similarities with him but however looked like his whole body was covered with vicious tendencies impatiently said,  ” People get ready to start.” He looked aggressive and domineering in appearance of being insufferably arrogant,  quite somewhat little jiade in imposing manner.

” Lord Mo said before to find 200 young recruits, now the number is enough, when do we begin. ” The man who spoke was in his early 20 ‘s, he stood behind the little jiade, look like they have similar status, but nothing like a personal servant. He was tall and looks very handsome, although there was no smile on his face, but  he inexplicably radiated with sense of integrity.

Who is this person?

She does not know the profound characters of Mo Yuan in this group of people, only in front of him was a cup of tea, he was holding the tea cup and took a sip and answered, “After the third day.”

"On the third? ” Mo Yuan's unhurried way seems to have irritated the little jiade,” The thick fog encircling the island will fully dissipate in 15 days, if we're not ready as soon as possible and finished before the 15th, how we will managed?! “

The  log cabin was quite big, but his roar echoed throughout the room, it was painful to Su Su's ear, perhaps time was really urgent because that little jiade 's appearance does not look very good.

Su Su cast a slanted sidelong glance at Mo Yuan who at the moment have a motionless mountain calm appearance. She can only secretly sigh to admire. “After three days at zi shi ( 11 p.m. to 1 a.m,) the night tide will retreat 50 ten feet ( Chinese 10 feet =3.3 meters), at that time we can find the eyes' proper position.”

Eyes? Su Su eyes sparkled with interest. Mo Yuan was possibly also an invisible gate numerical fortune teller?  A Jiang Hu natives specializes as zhong ren (intermediary or go between). Zhong ren have specialized skill technique or art of making invisible gates to open and making odd door number matrix making one 'invisible' . In Qiong Yue territory it seemed only the Lin Shi clans from mountain village together with Rong Jiabao clan were proficient in odd number fortune telling. Now, this man was becoming extremely mysterious. Mo clan was not heard of or he was not from Qiong Yue? She stood quietly behind Mo Yuan with an appearance like 'without the sense of presence', but her ears were 'vertically straight '.  (TL: I don't want to lose the funny way the author described her. Let's take it as is. Meaning she stood there like she doesn't exist, ears like antenna ready to pick up every sound).

“So when the time comes, it may really be too late, the Huan Lang Island (Called Wolf Island) in the Northern side and the entire hidden reef will be submerged, if we want to land on the island, it would be extremely dangerous, even if we are able to get to the island, behind that stretch are mangroves across the island and may take 5 to 6 days just traversing the groves.  My opinion I think that Northern side nobody will choose to scale and land, since the times are not enough, North was inferior to temporarily you set a battle array……”


Sang Nuan's voice was soothing and mild, listening to it was comfortable but unfortunately it was interrupted by the sound of a hand hitting the table. Su Su  slightly lifted her eyes to catch the little jiande's fist that pounded the table making that creaking sound. He stared detestably at Sang Nuan  and talked in a vulgar manner, the voice compared from moment  ago was louder and ringing, "Liao Yue Navy was famous in the world, Northern side although it has a lot of reefs, it does not mean they cannot scale and attack the island from there. Yi Sang Nuan, you were against the North array,  was this to deliberately leave a gap for the enemies. I can see that you are very anxious to see Huan Lang island compromised as soon as possible! “

Yi Sang Nuan? Sang Nuan surname was Yi, therefore she … was the pirate's chief's daughter?! Impossible…

Wait a minute, she has just heard a moment ago “Liao Yue”, Liao Yue State is it? Su Su’s heart sank, previously she was caught in pirate's den, nevertheless her heart was to uncover the mystery of Mo Yuan's identity, she was right, since it was her first time going out alone and also it was first time she was meeting such strange, weird and wonderful things, she was curiously excited and thought it was a good experience, but  if it involved engaging Liao Yue State, that was greatly different.

End of the Chapter

A Mistaken Marriage Match: Pirate's Daughter

Chapter 13   The Secrets of the Snatch Recruits Part 2

Qiong Yue country was strong and rich country. Given their common people were also prosperous and were honored as the head of six countries. The first of the two of the countries were also strong. First was Liao Yue, whose national strength was also powerful. Both countries were powerful rivals even in the past and all these years Liao Yue's submission was more superficial, in fact their petty actions was unceasing, particularly  when the Seventh Prince, Bai Yi, ascended the throne ten years ago. Liao Yue's seemed to have a growing tension regarding its relationship with Qiong Yue, when borders have the conflict, the Qiong Yue have Su Family army to guard that was why on land it can be said that Qiong Yue was invincible.  Since Liao Yue was nearer Eastern Sea , more than half of their regions occupies the geographical territories bordering the  sea, therefore  Liao Yue  were world famous for its naval forces.

By rights, due to its location, the call for Huan Lang Island recently to become domicile of Qiong Yue's territorial waters was also growing than with Liao Yue which was further away. Liao Yue by distance was further away and has to cross the seas to attack the Huan  Lang Island, what were they doing? Su Su faintly feel, Laio Yue's call of attacking the Huan Lang Island there must be some  map of scheme, she must certainly figure out Liao Yue's planned scheme, whether if it would threaten  Qiong Yue and endanger her parents.

Because of the reasons of Liao Yue, Su Su's heart was listening deeply to the discussions, carefully and attentively to the deliberations of the pirates.

Yi Hu's threatening and imposing manner, Sang Nuan slightly raised her eyebrows, the sound of her voice was still mild and the expression actually somewhat provocative, ” I , if I really wanted to help an outsider to attack the Huan Lang Island, even if there was a battle array, I can still betray you…" end tone was gently dragging, the  unspoken word or statements, the smart individual will not speak rashly, what a pity, the great temperament and not the smart individual in the person of little jiade, Yi Hu exclaimed 'hastily set a fire and burn ', ”  And what kind am I? You have the original story. You get it straight.”

Sang Nam chuckled and actually ignored him. Yi Hu was just about to act crazy when Yi Meng Jiade coldly said, “That's enough!” Looked at Sang Nuan with a heavy warning and discontentment  in his eyes, ”  The North side, Sang Nuan, you remain alone to not defend, I presume you should have other plans, if you have anything  talk clearly and don't be so mysterious.”

Sang Nuan was smiling but her eyes did not looked at Yi Meng Jaide , answered in a tone neither arrogant nor humble  , “Mo Yuan is proficient  in the art of making oneself invisible using odd door number  matrix strategy, under battle array it is surely mysterious, however among Liao Yue troops, it is nothe a guarantee that there is nobody who is equally proficient in  odd door number matrix  technique,  just think of the style of ink and wash painting using varying thicknesses of ink for contrasting effects,  few of  Master Mo’s matrix is not naturally easy, but if the elite naval forces find the vulnerability and attacked forcefully,  among Huan Lang Island people nobody thoroughly understand the mysterious odd door matrix making one invisible and if were encircled in all sides with matrix, we would want to run away to exit from such mysterious matrix, feared that wI’ll  not  be easy.”

Su Su slightly squinted her eyes, it seems like Sang Nuan was not optimistic with this battle against Liao Yue, now she wants to give the Huan Lang Island a way out. If the opponent was Liao Yue, Su Su also thought that this battle victory and defeat was already determined from the beginning, it was not because she was looking down at Mo Yuan, but the pirates' strength against Liao Yue differed too much! Mo Yuan furthermore hasn't given his all-out effort. It was not like he had come for somebody as a token of goodwill or affection. In this case, if the four sides were under the cover of the matrix method, battle strategy were entirely under the control of others.

Su Su finally understands why that pirate chief looks like does not like Sang Nuan, actually on various occasions , it is estimated that he also knew that his daughter’s ability, wisdom and scheming was better than his reckless sons.

Su Su secretly acclaimed Sang Nuan and support at heart thoroughly,  she noted Yi Hu on the other side said  precisely saying over and over again, " Greedy for life, afraid of death” , Yi Hu's countenance was full of contempt,  Sang Nuan pretending not to notice, smiling calmly, ” Keeping a escape or retreat route is not  good.”

“You want to run away, go flee. I am not a coward, when they fall into the matrix, I will have them fight each other and destroys them in one fell swoop and the naval units in Huan Lang Island cannot be bullied.”

Su Su  secretly felt funny, Yi Hu  was surely fierce and biting and more than stubborn, but his intellectual strategy was  insufficient, fit to be a piece of pirate material! This Lang Island if it finally fell into his hands, it will just be ordinary pirate’s den, the fear of insufficient, if it fell to Sang Nuan's hand … …

Su Su once more singing praises for Sang Nuan, from beginning to end she sits there gracefully, her voice was soft and gentle, to says the irony to come, the might nevertheless was not the least bit weak, “Do you know the matrix strategy? What is parallelism? Only feared that people not annihilated others,  but you can get caught in the matrix too. “

You!”  Yi Hu stands up fiercely, if not for the man behind him who blocked, it only feared that he would rush to  Sang Nuan, but Sang Leng sat before Sang Nuan did not say a word, just stood up quickly , the silver gun in hand  severely hit the ground with a thud.

“All just shut up! “Seeing two people would fight, wears him,  Yi Hu although stopped, venomous look was very profound.

Yi Dang Jiade stared at Yi Hu and Sang Leng eyes maliciously, these two good-for-nothing things! He took a deep breath  looked to the Mo Yuan and  asked, " Lord Mo Yuan  may we hear your respected opinion."

Mo Yuan was carrying a tea, blows on tea leaves floating gently, as if the quarrel beforehand if it  turned this house into the smell of gun powder, it had nothing to do with him, " Mo is invited to help you keep and defend the island, the matter of line up of course will naturally  do what is possible, as to how the island decided to, Mo is more than inconvenienced.”

“Such being the case, Yi Hu, you are responsible for fully coordinating  with Lord Mo to protect with every effort  the east, south and west, as for north ……according to Sang Nuan as you deem fit .”The Yi Hu countenance was gloomy, obviously was  very mad, actually  not be angry with Mo Yuan, feels suffocated, throws down a few words, then left the log cabin.

When Yi Dangjia left, they naturally do not want to stay, in particular, Yi Hu, was almost easy to charge up, he went out in a hurry, along the way, and all the way until the man spoke standing behind him, the way that men of having high opinion and always relied on.

Now what was most important was to find out why Liao Yue wants to call an attack to Huan Lang Island.  Asked Sang Nuan, by her intelligence, she may not necessarily able to get to know the answer, asked Mo Yuan ……Su Su immediately denied this stupid idea, that with Yi Hu around the young man side although there have been many words, actually the whole body was not passing one share strength but he was not reckless like Yi Hu, maybe from him she can find information. Su Su hesitated for a moment, goes forward several steps and arrived at side of Mo Yuan, pointed to the group of men at the distant place moving woods and asked, ” Can I help them?”

Su Su was worried Mo Yuan will disagree, but he calmly responded with a phrase, “Go ahead. "

Su Su think Mo Yuan's attitude towards her was very strange, just right now also, she doesn’t understand. Mo Yuan nodded and Su Su ran towards the sea shore.

Su Su left Mo Yuan lingering behind, a black figure appeared, that of mountain man Su Su thought did not come, Li Yang, big tall figure move up, shaped like a ghost.

(Tl note: Was Li Yang under that that invisible odd door matrix? He was there all the while but nobody could see him?)

” Ask anything .”

Li Yang look weak and his complexion changes, his hand formed a fist, he tightened his fist and  finally could not bear and asked,  “Master, why did you make that boy follow your side?”For all these years, except for him, the master never let anybody close, he really could not see the merits of this youth, but the master keeps him to his side unexpectedly.

Mo Yuan stared at the figure who was running faster and farther, and usually the quiet black pupils has  waves of light, ” In her body is a halidom*  and the inner vital energy. "

*Halidom meaning something sacred or holy relic ( TL: I wish I could translate faster to know what is this)

Li Yang's eyes opened wider, if master was not in front of him, he wanted to ran after him and catch that young man and take a closer look. No wonder the master brought him around and even arranged to sleep with him in the same room. Everything was related to the halidom, truly he cannot be taken lightly. The master looked nearly for one month on this island but haven't heard of the sacred object. He could not understand why the halidom that was missing nearly hundred years will be associated with this boy?

End of the Chapter

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