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A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirates Daughter  Volume 1 Chapter 1     Going Out To Become Fisherman  Braving the city walls of Qiong Yue towards the east town, upon reaching the east town, she goes ten miles again towards the east, then into the final destination  the Eastern Sea coast. The Eastern Sea  beach  was broad, the sea was calm and rich  in aquatic resources,  that was why this side of the coastal border town  was busy, but also unusually vibrant, the huge catch of aquatic products  were marketed massively, needless to say, a crowd merchants waiting here early that the sizable inn was fully occupied. In the alley between a small inn at this time business was also booming, the lobby was full of people,  a young woman wearing a gray blue linen blouse  with a small felt boy hat walked from the crowded lobby, walking and stopping as she went looking around, look slack, and she just look like any young man strolling around, no one will bothwr to look at him twice.   This man was no other but precisely Su family’s only daughter, Miss Su Su. Of all the woman in this world, no one can effectively disguised as a man as vividly as her. All her days was spent mingled among soldiers in the military compound. If Miss Su dressed up as a man no one dared to recognize her first because soldiers normally  were uncertain . A common woman when they dressed as a man either intentionally or unintentionally and put on a rugged act or refined graceful look of a scholar, the act make them more noticeable and never realized this attracts greater attention. But for Miss Su Su, since childhood she lived in the General Government House, she grew up in military compound where men were piled in heaps, she never have to be deliberate in anything, gestures and walks was very natural like a man, nothing was artificial that would reveal that her gender was contrary. Anyone who would looked at her at this moment will not make second guesses and thought she was a just like border town young man. Su Su strolled on the streets for a while until she completely determines that the tail following behind was completely thrown off. She then turned around and ran towards the seashore. In fact, since getting out of the capital she already sensed that she was being followed, glancing at the tracking technique, no doubt it's Su military man. Disguise, costume changes, escaping, she’s a connoisseur and  getting  rid of them was just as 'easy as a hand's turn', if she doesn't have this ability, she could have lost them long time ago but she conveniently kept them close at first. If she lost them near the capital city, they could report it back and her mother would personally come out and caught her , drag her back and loses her chance to run off. Besides if she let the family know she was about to risk the leaving the city, they will worry.  Su Su's reckless achievement was excellent, for a distance of ten miles spent just stick of an incense *(i,e 15minutes), she has been running to the Eastern Sea. The endless appearance of sea and sky allows people's heart to have a wide-ranging goal. Salty sea breeze gently whipping her face and at the ebb of the tide's rhythm, every rising and receding washes her heart. It was very comforting and hard to resist not throwing one's self in its azure embrace.  Su Su took a deep breath, greatly stretched her lazy waist, really relaxing!  Since coming to the Eastern Sea, she certainly unwilling to only enjoy the magnificent ocean view at the beach,  Uncle Ao Tian said that the Spirit island boat exchange  information  and gathers food supply once every three months, in her calculation the next boat from Spirit Island will come after more than a month. The East Sea garrison camp certainly she cannot to go, now this period of waiting time how she was going to spend it? She raised her hand to cover some harsh sunshine, Su Su squinting, not far from a small harbor there  were few fishing boats docked there, one of the fishing boat was very large and next to the boat were many people moving to the ship , Su Su eyes glowed.   Qin Jia, in this small city was famous; they have about seven or eight big deep sea fishing vessels, which depends it’s operation on the crew. So, every night in Qin's family dinner there were  no less than 100 crew, but unfortunately Qin Jia 's old wife gave him only one son and one daughter. Daughter Qin Qian, although she can help his father to handle some business, but she it was with paternal aunt home and going with the ship to the sea was very inconvenient.  His son Qin Yan was just over fourteen years old and suitable to go with  the ship on the sea.   Now is the season of fishing, business was very prosperous and Qin headed to lead the three fishing boats to the West Sea to hunt for fish. That dangerous territory, naturally he cannot take his son to go. Qin who manages the household commanded his capable assistant Lao Yu who has great experience to lead Qin Yan to go to the sea area that was gentle and deep to catch fish, also because he has little experience.    It was his youngest brother  first time at the sea, Qin Qian was not assured so she decided to accompany him, watching the crew in an orderly inspection of the vessel, preparing the tools, all in good order, Qin Qian heart was put at ease.   “The sister, you trick the crew to go sea fishing?” Behind suddenly sounded a refreshing laughter, Qin Qian quickly looked back and saw a fourteen-year-old boy standing behind himself, on a pair of bright eyes, Qin Qian’s heart slightly startled, that pupil of her eyes were are stunning, but after seeing the face of the youth, Qin Qian restrained her eyes and looked under. She softly replied, “We are going to the sea, but we do not recruit crew.”  Su Su eyes flashed a touch of sly with her appearance, and she looks like 'seven points similar to a young lady', although not dare to be stunning, but also will not disgrace the word beauty. If people have been staring continuously at her they can't help but see the flaws. Her mother deployed soldiers on the field with grass juice wiped on their cheeks to the end of the eye, that ink green marks however  cannot be washed away by water but  a month or so later will slowly fade. In this way, her face looked like she has such a terrifying ‘birthmark’, most people were embarrassed to have been staring at her face to see, and naturally they cannot because appearance of the body was that of a young man. At present before them was actually a young woman that looks like 17 year-old wearing a dark blue simple dress, lining her body petite, beaming and spirited.  The woman looks so beautiful, gentle soft eyes,  she should be good and as good as she speaks. Su Su  put a pressure on her hat and went on to say, “Sister, can you let me join?”   “You?” Qin Qian did not think this youth will make such a request, thinking about how to refuse,  then the man watching  laughed, “We are into the deep sea fishing, we would be at the sea at least less than half month, the sea is not a joke at young age how can you be of help, a burst of wind will be able to blow you away. ” The crew next to him also followed to laugh.   Su Su learned martial arts since childhood, actually she was not emaciated, but standing in a group of strong men around, she really seem thin and small. Secretly turned a supercilious, Su Su slightly bowed her head, in the good voice of the woman whispered, “I heard that deep sea fishing can catch a lot of precious fish, make a lot of money, if I can be your crew , and so become a full of time, I can get a good salary, like this I can richly get a medicine for my father and support our family."  Qin Qian somewhat touched, softly asked,” What happened with your father? “ “Father was a blacksmith when he sprained his waist, the family suddenly have no pillar, mother's body is also bad…… ” listening to side, the juvenile voice becoming smaller, Qin Qian also frowned, she was thinking all he wants were simply some broken silvers,  the look of plea in his eyes and pitiful life experienced of youth radiating , then he suddenly lift head  and said aloud, ” I  may look thin, but  my strength is big, if you do not believe, I will show you. ” With that,  Su Su ran to the side of the ship waiting for a large bamboo baskets being loaded on the ship. The bamboo basket  were filled with a fishnets, Su Su hold both ends  and carried the basket, and with force she slowly raised it up . “Oh! ” Next to an old crew cannot help but laugh,” Boy, he has a lot of energy! “Such a big basket even these burly men struggles to carry. Su Su deliberately staggered two steps and put the basket down, panting while Qin Qian smiled, ” You pass it?"  Qin Qian on the spot said,” We have to go home, are you not going to go home and  say goodbye to your parents……? “ ” No, no! I went out and my parents said if I do not make money, don't come back, so you don’t have to say goodbye. “ Looking before her was this eager juvenile, Qin Qian moved with true compassion, her thought was of his younger brother, having similar age and there was also that startling birthmark on his face, his family's circumstances was also bad, but he still cheerful and generous. Such dutiful youth, the silver money he was fearing not to get when he needed it right away. Anyway, so many crews but it will not hurt to add one more, said Qin Qian nodded, “Well, you’re going out to sea with us! “ *****Departure from the subject***** Yes, that’s right, Lu also have the person's manuscript! So touched, I have to keep two manuscripts for the day, hum …hum..


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