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Chapter 2 Where Did This Beauty Came From The man’s hand was trembling so much; he raised his hand to put the knife's edge to Lou Chen's slender neck. Lou Chen right hand raised slightly and waited for the hand with a long knife to be closer to her neck then press the acupuncture point on the arm of the robust man, then a child's voice of weeping screamed, “Please, please don’t hurt my elder sister!"  The child’s voice was very immature but sharp enough that the strong man had a scare, he paused his hands then his eyes looked and immediately spotted the little girl in a distant place. He doesn’t know when and where the little girl came from and was now with the constable, she was mightily trying to escape from the man's arms, after some struggle she finally got down from his arms and stood at his side. The man’s voice was not deep, his tone was clear and delightful, his intonation will make people at ease, “Wang Si, you are surrounded by us, certainly you can’t run away, beside, you are still holding in your arm a woman, running away with her struggling, you will not be able to escape fast, presumably it is like your hand is tied and just waiting to be captured?" The little girl ran a few steps toward Lou Chen, her watery bright and  intelligent big eyes staring at the man, a soft sticky voice quickly said, “Su Tong is most obedient, I will listen to you but don’t hurt my elder sister, okay?" Wang Si stared at the girl for a while; he was looking and considering grabbing her later. The woman didn't fight and was spookily very calm and quiet, he was suspecting in his heart that something was not right, the man cried, "You want me to release this woman then give me that girl." Lou Chen has been quietly watching on the sidelines all the while but when Wang Si made a proposal to exchange with Su Tong, she has confirmed her speculation. In this dangerous and chaotic situation, men shouldn’t let the little girl on the fields, not to mention both of the other men saying nothing of it, every word every motion was trying to tempt the brawny men. Owing to the account that she was confident with herself in this critical situation to keep her and Su Tong safe, Lou Chen did not intend to stop Su Tong when she came closer, just like before she remained silent. She was very calm, but the others were actually unable to continue watching. Wu Yi, the youngest constable of the three, quickly shouted, "No way!" Wang Si moved the knife closer to Lou Chen's neck for a few minutes and demanded, “Let her through or I will kill this woman." “I will come. I will come! Don’t hurt my elder sister!” Su Tong was saying this and ran quickly towards Wang Si, the local constabulary appeared to be mad and reached out his hand to grab and seemingly wanted to block the little girl but the little girl ran too fast that he was not able to catch her. Little Su Tong ran up towards Wang Si, when she was about four ten feet far (ten Chinese feet=3.3m), she suddenly stopped her footsteps, turned around to run toward the two constables on the right rear. When he saw Su Tong had suddenly changed direction, Wang Si hurriedly asked, “Where are you going?" The little girl stopped running two or three feet, pointing to a little basket filled with herbs on the ground and replied with indignation, “The bamboo basket was full of drugs and medicine for my brother Su Meng, Mother said the deep bamboo basket cannot be lost.” Su Tong said as she carried the deep small basket and continued to walk towards the direction of Wang Si. Seeing that the little girl was obediently walking over, Wang Si relaxed, but when she arrived in front of Lou Chen, she suddenly stepped on something, “Ouch!” She let out a cry and fell down like splashed water, lying down on the ground she just lay there on her belly, she couldn't crawl. The little girl was under his feet, Wang Si was somewhat impatient and bent down to pull her, as a result, the long knife posted on Lou Chen's neck was away for a few seconds and was resting on her shoulder instead. When the long knife was down, that was when Lou Chen knew that this was the opportunity that the constable's suffering of untold  hardships ☆ wants to create. ☆xīn wàn kǔ  an idiom meaning with difficulty and some effort Sure enough, Wang Si hasn’t had the time to catch the little girl’s hand, when a sword thrust fiercely towards Wang Si’s shoulders, the sneak attack was from the most calm and carefree of the three men. Actually when Su Tong changed her direction to get the bamboo basket, he had quietly approached from behind. Wang Si was surprised and quickly step back. At this time he wanted to grab Lou Chen for a shield but was too late to grab her. The constable madly rushed and arrived beside Lou Chen and grabbed Su Tong from lying on her stomach and then prepared to embrace Lou Chen's waist. However, Lou Chen also took advantage of the opportunity earlier and moved to the side and broke away from Wang Si's control and put a distance between them. It looked like they have been rescued by the man, who initially wanted to grasp her waist but was no longer possible. The youngest constable finally broke away from initial shock, raised the sword to go forward and fought with Wang Si .  Lou Chen and Su Tong moved away from Wang Si, the other ruffian constabulary was mad that the other man who unexpectedly did not come up to help fight because right now, on the contrary, he was leisurely and comfortably guarding the two women on the side. Two to one, Wang Si lost, the long knife in his hand was quickly knocked out and the young men jerked forward in excitement, overwhelmed Wang Si and neatly pulled the rope on his waist to quickly tie him up. Wang Si was kept down to the ground, nose and mouth full of grass and soil, even though he was all tied up, it couldn’t stop him from cussing angrily, “You cheated me! I knew it, the official is not a good guy. I’m going to kill you, kill you!" One side was still clamoring but on the other side the man turned a deaf ear, kicking up the most charming smile on his face he asked Lou Chen, “Miss are you all right? By the way, how do we address you?” Lou Chen was taking the pulse of Su Tong and has not given him a glimpse, not even a tiny bit from the corners of her eyes. The little girl noticed that the bad person was held finally, one can see in her eye that she was completely excited, said with a smile, “Big brother, did I do okay?” The man gently pinched her rosy cheek and praised her, "You did very well, absolutely good. " Wu Yi tied up Wang Si's hands tied with the rope and stood to hear the little girl takes undeserved credit, was slow to react, finally after sensing something from the response, Wu Yi stared at his colleague, saying angrily, “Jin Yanhen! You went to far, how can you let a kid take risk, after going back, I will truthfully tell the superiors!” The local ruffian constable was mad but Jin Yanhen just shrugged, nonchalantly replied, "Now the person was caught already, the child and the hostages are all right.” Wu Yi did not stall, contrary to expectation his whole face had an expression of righteous indignation, shouted, “What if there was an accident, can you take responsibility?!" Jin Yanhen put up a hand, “Okay, okay… you go back and ‘truthfully’ tell the superiors how wrong I was.” Lips had said it but how pity to see his indifferent look. Wu Yi just hummed and did not bother himself with him again and then coaxed Wang Si to walk down the hill. The beautiful woman look straight at the moment but not at him. Jin Yanhen was more courageous with each setback, gather around Lou Chen and continued to chatter, “My name is Yanhen, you can call me Ah Hen. Such a beautiful girl like you, climbing the mountains to pick the herbs was really too dangerous, you might as well let me protect you, how about that?” Lou Chen just finish taking Su Tong's pulse, checked both her knees and legs and after determining that everything was alright, she didn’t hold her and whispered, “Come on.” She then took the bamboo basket carried by the girl in her back, continued ignoring him then walked down the mountain. “Oh,” Su Tong was cute and clever, she turned her head to blink at Jin Yanhen, then stick out her tongue, then followed Lou Chen’s footsteps. Common woman, even if they were indifferent but at the time they were being pestered, neither do good or evil, at least will stare to one's eyes to express their rage? If he remembered correctly, he was neglected and probably ignored thoroughly? This was really a whole new experience, Jin Yanhen cracks into a grin, umm, this time a beautiful woman was very different from the common ice queens. “Jin Yanhen,” Mu Yan screamed out and Jin Yanhen withdrew from the gridlock and glanced over the beauty.  Mu Yan said in a whisper, “The woman is very suspicious.” Luoshui is a very small town, although very close to Qiong Yue, there were many interaction between people, but he was absolutely sure that  this woman was not from the town, when she was being held hostage, her expression did not change from beginning to the end of the ordeal and wad terribly quiet. Jin Yanhen nodded, “Umm”, replied with seriousness, “Really suspicious.” Mu Yan just wanted to say it something again, when Jin Yanhen suddenly lift his arm and put his arm around Mu Yan's shoulder, his eyes looking back intently on the road, “Gee", he said, “Too suspicious! I have not seen such an outstanding, beautiful, and indifferent woman, I wonder who and where this beautiful woman comes from.” Mu Yan choked back his words, unable to reply. Jin Yanhen eyes was staring blankly and pressing hard his arms on the shoulder making it too heavy, Mu Yan decided not to get involve in this silly talk with this fellow, for all these years he had not seen him act properly. Fortunately, his conduct can still be considered reasonable and proper that he can be relied on. Jin Yanhen followed Lou Chen and Su Tong behind with slightly drooping pupil, his vision swept on the dark green embroidered shoes that Lou Chen was wearing, like dancing on the breeze and for every step it was not stained by the fine dust. This beauty was indeed beautiful and Jin Yanhen pupil had a spark of amusement and interest.  End of the Chapter  ☆☆☆☆☆

Love at first sight. Good thing for Su Su, she was able to hide her identity for some days and enjoyed being crazy… …  Too bad for Lou Chen, the bee won’t leave the flower.– ☆☆☆☆☆Mayo ☆☆☆☆☆

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