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The scene was quiet for a moment, and the Inner Peace senior Taoist who had recovered didn't say anything perhaps because he had seen me stopped by my companions, just watching the development of the situation in silence.

Feeling the strength of the hand of Wu Jian's, I thought for a moment, but still said firmly, I wanted to go in alone, because I knew what the seeking-life meant to Wu Jian, and I was also very clear that even if we all left today, one day, Wu Jian would sneak into the palace again. Instead of coming to this strange palace again, it is better to finish things once.

When Inner Peace Taoist saw that I seemed to have a hard heart, he could not help opening his mouth: "Young man, listen to your friend's advice. You can't get a good deal by yourself. It's a devil of a thousand years inside."

I looked at the Inner Peace Taoist, and suddenly thought of a matter. From the mouth of Wang Bao I knew the role of this Inner Peace Taoist. He was definitely a sinister villain. But such a person who was always under the banner of good for me advised me not to enter the passage. Why?

There was really a danger in the passage and a fierce ghost of a thousand years? Or was there something in the passage that the Inner Peace Taoist did not want people to find? I thought the latter was more likely.

I looked at the Inner Peace Taoist with suspicious eyes and made him hide his eyes and then I said to Sister Hua and other people, "Well, since we can't get in, we'll come back next time, but the things that I promised the queen have to be done it by the way."

All eyes looked at me with a look of doubt. I was worried about who would say something wrong, and quickly answered, "Inner Peace Taoist, you have helped imperial concubine Xian kill so many people, and I have come to take your life at the queen's command."

The Inner Peace Taoist was shocked and stepped back a few steps, while Sister Hua and others were shocked. Although I told them the story of the queen and I didn't like him, but it didn't go to the point of killing him directly.

At this time the role of Huang Xiaolong had been reflected. He who had liked to show himself did not take off the clothes on the upper body, but directly tore the jacket in half, and then did not say a word, directly launched the killing evil.

Huang Xiaolong's hands quickly produced a few handprints in front of the tattoo on the chest, and then burst out several words one by one: "Those who fight in front are in the front, killing evil."

A startling beast roar appeared in my mind, and Huang Xiaolong's tattoo on his chest was like living, with Huang Xiaolong's hand prints swimming away. Then it suddenly flew out, straight to the Inner Peace senior Taoist.

The golden dragon was so fast, with the overwhelming force of the sky, making the strange flames shake violently, and the whole hall flashed with darkness and the senior Taoist was like being banished by a dog. He jumped directly over the cylinder on which he had just sat.

The golden dragon was fighting against the flame. Though not fast, the fighting was getting closer and closer to the Inner Peace Taoist, and the Inner Peace Taoist kept fanning from the bottom to the top. With the movement of his hand, the flames beneath the column kept rushing upward to replenish the flame consumed by the golden dragon.

I looked at Huang Xiaolong in amazement, and the other people's expression was almost the same as mine. I had no idea that Huang Xiaolong was doing it so fast. I just wanted to scare the Taoist to see if I could get some information from him.

Huang Xiaolong was standing still in the position of sending out the golden dragon, looking at the Inner Peace senior Taoist in the flame with a proud look, and quite disdainful said: "Oh, still too weak."

I didn't want to interrupt Huang Xiaolong's costume, but I had to say, "Well, why are you suddenly..."

Huang Xiaolong then retracted the posture to stand: "No need to thank me, and tell the queen also not to thank me. I should have done it. I have already been unhappy with this guy."

Well, forget my question. I could see Huang Xiaolong this time issued a more powerful golden dragon than the last time. It was estimated that the Inner Peace Taoist didn't have time to pay attention to me. So I pulled Sister Hua, the long shirt person, Yan'eraside.

I said my thoughts to the three people. When Sister Hua heard, she meditated up, her mouth incessantly saying: "Sky fire to refine bones and fierce ghost of thousands of years. He was afraid we would discover them."

I did not speak, quietly listening to Sister Hua, planning to wait for Sister Hua's answer. The long shirt person at one side but cried, and then whispered: "Sister Hua, it will not be soul borrowing, right?"

Sister Hua was obviously stunned for a while, and then the expression became very strange, as if there was something incredible happening again.

I was very strange to ask the long shirt person: "Borrowing soul for what?"

The long shirt person looked at Sister Hua and hesitated to answer my question.

Sister Hua took an uncertain look at the long shirt person, and then just nodded: "It should be soul borrowing."

My eyes looked to spend Sister Hua. Sister Hua also did not lose the public hope and explained: "The soul borrowing we say is different from the ordinary soul borrowing. In fact, This is the authentic soul borrowing. It's just because it appears not much. In addition, the name is easy to remember, so usually making other people's soul out of body to help themselves do things is called the soul borrowing.

Sister Hua paused for a while, the face with a trace of fear: "I don't know much about the real soul borrowing. I just heard people mentioned, first use a variety of ways, such as torture and so on to kill a person, so that it is called a fierce ghost. Then they are imprisoned, gradually losing their feelings in the passage of time, becoming a machine that only knows to kill, and then killing it in the cruelest secret way, frightening it out of his wits and collecting its soul.

Use the force of five elements to wash it, and finally get a pure and blank soul. If a blank soul is owned, whether by a ghost or a human being, the owner will have great benefits, just like this Inner Peace senior Taoist, who seems weak now. In fact, a very ordinary soul that can reach his level is already very strong. If, I mean if. If the Inner Peace senior Taoist gets the blank soul, then he will reach the level of the ghost king.

After I heard it, I understood what the so-called "soul borrowing" meant, and I was also vaguely sure. I was afraid that this Inner Peace senior Taoist also had this intention. But I still had lot of places that I didn't understand. So I asked Sister Hua: "Sister Hua, what is the power of the five elements and the ghost king?"

This time the man replied: "This sky fire is one of the force of the five elements. Gold, wood, water, fire and soil were combined as the force of the five elements. As for the ghost king, that is the call after the ghost power reached a certain level. Like the Ph.D. in humans, it's rare and tough. So it can be said that any ghost king can destroy the Fan Building in no more than 10 minutes."

"Ah" I couldn't help opening my mouth, but it was a ghost building. Let alone the fierce ghosts and the grudges on the third floor that I had not seen before, only the ghosts on the first floor and the second floor were already very strong existence. But probably in the eyes of the ghost king, they were mole ants.

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