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Chapter 154: The Defeat of the King of Rogue Cultivators.

Daoist Priest Daoyi disdained Li Changfeng even more upon hearing his words.

“Every living thing in the world eventually returns to the cycle of life. The birth, death, illness, and the old age of living beings are also a kind of fate. We cultivators should follow the will of the heavens and it…”

“Since ancient times, there has never been an everlasting general or an everlasting dynasty. Mortals only live for a hundred years, so no sovereigns are allowed to cultivate to follow that will.” Daoist Priest Daoyi coldly explained.

“Since the Emperor enjoys the worship of the common people, he should have the same lifespan as the common people. It has been a taboo since ancient times for the Emperor to live so long that he can be considered practically immortal.” Daoist Priest Daoyi added.

His master was the previous Mortal Realm Walker of the Primordial Chaos Dao Sect. In the previous era, there was also a God Dynasty that tried to escape fate and cheat the heavens.

Their emperors cultivated the Dao and surpassed the mortals.

Thus, his master assassinated nine emperors in a row, killing so many of them that the royal family of the Taichu God Dynasty no longer dared to raise one of them as the future emperor.

In the end, they chose a three-year-old child to ascend the throne.

Daoist Priest Daoyi was determined to inherit his master’s legacy and establish the same rule in this era on behalf of the Primordial Chaos Dao Sect.

Therefore, the Emperor of the Yuhua God Dynasty must never cultivate the Dao.

Any emperor who broke this rule must die!

Li Chengfeng looked at the fat Daoist priest riding the ox and said with an unhappy expression, “Your Primordial Chaos Dao Sect has quite a few schools of thought, each of them saying that they inherited the will of the Heavenly Dao…”

“Some people live in seclusion in the mountains and forests, wholeheartedly cultivating the Dao, while some have a foothold in the secular world, freely roaming the vast seas and the highest mountains.”

“Only you people of the Primordial Chaos Dao Sect have inserted your hands into a dynasty of the mortal realm and have been constantly interfering in the affairs of others. You bunch of hypocritical Daoist priests want to kill the emperor, but do you know what will happen to the common people who have been living peacefully under this big tree called the Yuhua God Dynasty if you really killed the current reigning emperor?”

“That’s right!”

“You guys never thought about the consequences of your actions…”

“In the eyes of you Daoist priests who cultivate the Dao, common people who only have a hundred years of life are nothing. If they die, so be it. You guys want to kill the Emperor just for yourselves!”

“Stop pretending to be so benevolent and righteous!”

“Don’t keep talking about the Heavenly Dao, it’s disgusting!”

Li Chengfeng stood in front of Daoist Priest Daoyi with a mocking look in his eyes.

He would never believe the Daoist Priest Daoyi words.

“The people of the world are ignorant. Even a person like you, the King of Rogue Cultivators, is like them. It seems that your comprehension of the Dao isn’t that good, to think that you would be that ignorant.” Daoist Priest Daoyi sneered.

“There’s no need for you to comment on my understanding of the Dao. I only know one thing, and that is that in the 20 years since I came into being, I have wandered around the world and explored the world in all directions…”

“Other than the Yuhua God Dynasty, the common people in other places are living a life worse than death. The quality of their lives cannot even compare to a stray dog in the Yuhua God Dynasty. All of this is thanks to Emperor De.” Li Chengfeng added.

“I’m a very direct person. I’ve only met Emperor De twice, but I know that I must come here to stop you,” Li Chengfeng said firmly.

“You’ve only met him twice, yet you dared to take such a big risk to come and see me. You’re really stupid and childish.” Daoist Priest Daoyi shook his head mockingly.

“If you killed Emperor De, the demonic creatures and ambitious people who secretly wished for the world’s downfall into chaos would all come into being. In the end, the common people will be the ones to suffer, so I came here to stop you,” Li Chengfeng said.

Just as he said before, he came for the sake of the billions of people in the world.

Not for Emperor De, but for the wise ruler and the peace of the common people.

“I didn’t expect that the King of Rogue Cultivators would actually have such thoughts. Ignorant and foolish, brainwashed by the secular world’s concepts.”

“You place a lot of importance on the mortals and the mortal dynasties, but if you stretched out the timeline, and stood by the river of time…”

“You can scoop up a handful of water and pour it out. Once you’re done, a thousand years would have passed since you crouched to scoop that water out.”

“After a thousand years, ten generations of the mortal beings you spoke of would have died. As for the Emperor that you spoke of, if he continues to cultivate, he’ll continue to exist.” Daoist Priest Daoyi gestured.

“Think about it! That is a kind of existence that can destroy the balance of the world…”

“The Emperor is an existence that enjoys everything in the world and is a supreme being that can live practically forever. Don’t you think that it’s a sin to allow a lone emperor to monopolize all the good stuff?” Daoist Priest Daoyi added faintly.

“What you said might make sense, but that’s from your point of view. You think it makes sense, but I don’t.” Li Chengfeng shook his head.

Li Chengfeng remained steadfast. He wouldn’t be swayed by just a few words.

“Then let me ask you. In the previous era, when the Taichu God Dynasty was still around, my master killed nine emperors in a row. Where were you when that happened?” Daoist Priest Daoyi questioned.

“The Taichu God Dynasty is different from the Yuhua God Dynasty.”

Li Chengfeng shook his head.

“What’s the difference?” Daoist Priest Daoyi asked coldly.

His expression was cold.

He couldn’t stand seeing someone who said such words.

If he wanted to save the people, where was he in the previous era?

“The difference is that the people of the Yuhua God Dynasty could eat well and dress warmly. As long as they work hard, they will be able to provide for their elderly and their young. Furthermore, they will be able to enroll in the Martial Temple and its many branches for free.”

“Emperor De is doing his best to nurture talented children. This has never happened before in the history of dynasties. It’s only logical that I support the Yuhua God Dynasty and not the Taichu God Dynasty.” Li Chengfeng looked directly at the Daoist Priest Daoyi.

“Those are just small favors to the common people,” Daoist Priest Daoyi said in disdain.

“It doesn’t matter what you say. If you want to continue heading for the Imperial Capital, you must step over my corpse!” Li Chengfeng’s clothes fluttered in the wind and his hair flew in the wind.

He stood alone in front of the big green ox.

“Then, I’m afraid that you will be disappointed…”

“I only said so much to you because you and my master are from the same generation. But now, it seems that it was all in vain. What a waste of your powerful cultivation base,” Daoist Priest Daoyi said coldly.

He raised his hand and formed a mudra.


A huge mountain appeared out of thin air and directly smashed down.

Mountain Overturning Seal!

This was an offensive technique in the Dao sects.

It was very powerful.

The charm contained with it a hint of the Dao.

Then, it condensed into a huge mountain and instantly smashed down.

It was like a huge mountain that was as tall and vast as the sun, moon, and galaxy.

It smashed down fiercely.

Li Chengfeng wasn’t surprised.

The image of a vast mountain range appeared behind him in response.

This was his domain, the Sea of Mountains Domain.

The Mountain Overturning Seal smashed down and was directly absorbed by the Sea of Mountains Domain. There wasn’t a single ripple on its surface. Meanwhile, Li Chengfeng’s body was like a willow catkin. He floated behind Daoist Priest Daoyi and raised his hand to strike.


The ground shattered, everything collapsed.

Even a black hole was blasted out from the void as the attack was executed.

Behind Daoist Priest Daoyi, space itself collapsed.

The void itself seemingly wanted to devour him.

“My heart is like fire, my body is invincible!”

Daoist Priest Daoyi shouted coldly.

His entire body ignited.

The raging flames burned continuously, coloring half the sky in an inferno of flames.

Even the Sea of Mountains Domain was burned down.

This was Daoist Priest Daoyi’s Heaven Burning Domain, and what burned inside was the True Qi of Connate Energy. The move burned Li Chengfeng’s Sea of Mountains Domain, causing his expression to change drastically as he hurriedly retreated.

“Thou shalt be confined!” Daoist Priest Daoyi shouted.

He spread his fingers, and a charm containing a hint of the Dao flowed on his fingertips.

They spurted out and inserted themselves into the ground, sweeping up the earth’s veins.


A huge array formation appeared and trapped Li Chengfeng inside.

He found himself unable to move at all.

Daoist Priest Daoyi didn’t kill Li Chengfeng, but he used an even more humiliating method to deal with him.

“You are in my traps. I won’t kill you for now. After I dealt with that Emperor of the Yuhua God Dynasty, I will show you that your so-called perseverance isn’t worth mentioning in front of the Great Dao and the passage of time.”

Daoist Priest Daoyi said, wanting to destroy Li Chengfeng’s faith.

Not only did he want to kill someone, but he also wanted to destroy the Dao that Li Chengfeng held dear in his heart.

Li Chengfeng’s Sea of Mountains Domain was injured.

He found himself unable to even muster the faintest struggle.

He was stuck in the same spot where he stood before the formation activated.

He frowned and looked at Daoist Priest Daoyi who was already on his journey to the Imperial Capital.

At this moment, Emperor De’s life and death were no longer just about the common people.

It now also involved the superiority of both Daoist Priest Daoyi and Li Chengfeng’s ideals.

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