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Chapter 877: Untitled

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“He is indeed extremely cute,” Ye Ningyuan smiled. The atmosphere was very lively. Ye Wei pulled Ye Ningyuan over to be her dance partner, and Ye Ningyuan did not reject her. Mo Xiaobai shouted even louder and kept calling out brother and sister.

Ye Ningyuan was also extremely good at dancing, and his dance matched perfectly with Ye Wei’s. It made Mo Xiaobai want to dance. He asked Mo Chen, “Let’s dance together.”

Mo Chen said, “There’s no beauty in us dancing. Dance when you grow up.”

Mo Xiaobai started to look forward to growing up…

Cheng Anya walked over and smiled at Xu Nuo. “Nuo Nuo, walk with me.”

Xu Nuo looked at Ye Ningyuan who was dancing happily with Ye Wei. She nodded. To be honest, she liked Cheng Anya. Although they did not spend much time together in the Ye family, she was an elder whom people liked easily.

The two of them stood on a high spot and could see the men and women dancing. Cheng Anya asked her, “When are you and Ning Ning getting married?”

Ah… Xu Nuo did not expect Cheng Anya to suddenly ask her this question. Anya smiled sweetly and there was nothing out of the ordinary. Xu Nuo wondered if she really did not mind Hailan’s incident. This incident was ultimately a knot in her heart. Although she promised Ye Ningyuan that she would never leave, she felt even more pressured when she thought about facing his family.

“Do you mind about Hailan?”

Xu Nuo nodded and Cheng Anya said, “Xu Nuo, the incident with Hailan has passed. Our family has always believed in being forward-looking. We are already very sad to lose Hailan. If Ning Ning is unhappy, as parents, we will be in a terrible mood. I have lost a daughter and I do not want to lose a son. It is enough that you can make my son happy.”

She had heard from Ye Ningyuan that his daddy and mommy did not mind Hailan’s matter. Xu Nuo thought that Ye Ningyuan was probably just consoling her, but she would be lying if she said that she was not touched.

Xu Nuo was extremely touched.

Her fingertips were trembling, and an irrepressible pain in her heart slowly spread. Cheng Anya’s comforting made her feel guilty. Perhaps, she could tell that there was a knot between Ye Ningyuan and Xu Nuo.

Some things were not as convincing as hearing it from Cheng Anya’s mouth than from Ye Ningyuan.

Like Hailan’s matter.

“I’m really sorry,” Xu Nuo said.

“Ah Chen and I don’t blame you, and you don’t have to apologize either. But since you feel sorry, we will accept it too. So, Nuo Nuo, if you really feel sorry, treat my son well in the future,” Cheng Anya said. “After you died, he was always unhappy. He trained on the island alone for so many years, and we did not accompany him and let him endure everything alone. You should spend more time with him and love him more in the future. The person who was lost and regained is always so precious. I know that he will never let you go, so please do not let him go for other reasons. He does not have much time to be happy in this life, so please return the happiness to him a thousandfold. This is my only wish as a mother.”

As she watched the woman walk towards the bonfire party, Xu Nuo’s eyes turned a little red. Her words lingered in her ears. Her only wish? Wasn’t that her wish too? How could she not know that her Stone did not have many happy days left in his life?

Everybody hoped that Ye Ningyuan would be happy.

He had met her too early, and had experienced the taste of love too early, but he lost her too early as well. He endured the separation of life and death. Those who had not experienced that kind of pain would not understand. Her heart ached. She had seen his hesitance the past few days and he was probably very afraid.

He was afraid that she would leave.

She had never been a hesitant person since she was young. She was decisive and never tortured herself for the survival of others. However, there was always one exception in the world—one person…


She saw him walk out of the crowd and look around for her. Cheng Anya pointed behind her and he quickly ran over. His forehead was covered in sweat after he completed the dance.

“You don’t like this occasion?”

“No!” Xu Nuo smiled. “It’s too noisy down there. I can watch you quietly from here.”

Ye Ningyuan was taken aback and suddenly smiled. It was as though there were countless bubbles of happiness in his heart that burst into cherubic voices. He was surprised that Xu Nuo would say something like that.

After the deed, Xu Nuo was out of breath. The two of them hugged each other for a long time to calm their thumping hearts and heavy breathing before they collapsed on the grass. Xu Nuo could not believe that she would do such a crazy thing.

“Come out quickly,” Xu Nuo nudged him away.

Ye Ningyuan played dead. “I’m exhausted after cumming.”

F***, who are you trying to fool?

She was about to hit him when Ye Ningyuan grabbed her waist. “Nuo Nuo, please stop moving. I want it again.”

Xu Nuo became obedient.

The two of them hugged each other and did another round before they tidied themselves up. Xu Nuo hated the way they looked after the deed. Cheng Anya and the rest could tell what they had done.

Ye Ningyuan was thick-skinned and did not care.

“What did Mommy tell you?”

“Nothing.” Xu Nuo, of course, would not tell him. She turned her head and slapped his face. “Stone, did you say that you would cook for me for the rest of my life?”


“Hmm, can I start exercising my rights now?”

Ye Ningyuan was stunned for a moment until she took a few steps. He decisively caught up to her, held her face, and kissed her lips…

Nuo Nuo really felt like a goddess.

I met you in my best years. Although I was disappointed and lonely, I still gave you the best of my everything to you.

This is the proudest thing that has ever happened to me.

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