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Published at 26th of August 2020 08:02:30 PM
Chapter 85

Translated by Boo 

At this time, no one in the entire hall noticed the difference with Lin Xinxin and Li Haorui .

Everyone was expressing their  shock and little wonder . One could imagine that if this was in a game, the world channel would have been bursting with news already .

The most excited were obviously the girls . Many girls talked in groups of three or five with shocked expressions and whispered, “It’s S God?”

“Oh my god, it’s so handsome too!”

“I did think he was good looking, but this … this is too much, God’s face…”


The young man standing by the stairs twitched at the corners of his mouth amidst a crowd of whispers .

He took one look at Lin Xinxin beside him, then decisively let go of his hand and walked towards Su Yanbai .  

When he reached the person, his expression became a bit apprehensive, hesitating, he still whispered, “Brother Su…” he turned to Yu Chu who had an appalled expression beside him and smiled pleasingly, “Sister-in-law…”

Yu Chu was slightly surprised and looked back at the person behind her, seeing that he didn’t seem to have any reaction, she couldn’t help but ask the young man in front of him, “He is older than you?”

“No,” the young man’s attitude was simply too different from just earlier, smiling and explaining while taking a glance at Su Yan Bai, “Brother Su .   We grew up together as brothers, that’s what we call him . ”

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Growing up together?

Metaphorically, Chu oh-so-cleverly .

The Great God’s family really wasn’t ordinary . This young man in front of him seemed to be afraid of him… .

She then remembered something, so she looked at the person in front of her with a raised eyebrow and a slightly smiled, “I’ve been thinking about that account…”

“Don’t, don’t . ” The young man waved his hand frantically, “That’s all a joke, sister-in-law…Cough, don’t take it seriously . ”

In the meantime, the young man’s expression became even more tense as he looked over at the young man with cold eyes, “When the joint service is completed, sister-in-law’s matter is our A glorious thing . When the time comes, if your sister-in-law needs anything, just tell me…”

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Yu Chu endured a smile and was also convinced .

She wasn’t much attached to the game itself, and now that the tasks of gaining the Lord’s approval and fulfilling the original owner’s wishes had been completed, an account really didn’t mean much to her .

She eventually just nodded and smiled, not mentioning anything about the fact that she had just been threatened to, in front of the Great Spirit .

The young man seemed relieved and gave her a grateful glance .

Su Yanbai only faintly swept past him, then dropped his eyes, gently wrapped around the waist of the girl in front of him, and whispered, “Aren’t you sleepy? Go to your room, it’s noisy here . ”

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Hearing him speak so thoughtfully and meekly, the young man on the other side looked at him slightly surprised, and then rather admiringly at Yu Chu .

Nodding her head, she walked with him towards the stairs, and as she passed by Lin Xinxin, Yu Chu saw Lin Xinxin’s lips tremble, as if she wanted to say something .

But Su Yanbai didn’t notice her at all, looking aloof and just passed her by .

Yu Chu didn’t look back .

As you could only imagine, that dude just now, I’m afraid he doesn’t cherish her much anymore .

In the end, it was no one’s fault but her own that she had ended up where she was .

It was herself, who had lost the one who loved her the most .

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