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Chapter 287: Sad! How pathetic!

"Sorry, my name is not Lin Xueluo. You all have recognized the wrong person! "

Xueluo answered quickly, then turned and walked quickly towards the school gate. He couldn't wait to grow a pair of wings and fly back to his dorm.

"It's her! It's this woman!" From the van behind him came another man's growl of affirmation.

"Someone, help!"

Xueluo had only run a few steps when he was stopped by two men. Everything happened so suddenly, Xueluo was not in a hurry to react, he was dragged up to the business car.

"Where are you taking me?"

"Go to the Feng Group!" Rest assured, we will not hurt you! "

"Why are you bringing me to the Feng Group?"

"As long as you show your face in front of the shareholders! Your husband Feng Lixin is here too! "

The kidnapper's last sentence made Xueluo quieten down.

Lixin will also be here? Which Lixin?

Suddenly, Xueluo realised that it was not appropriate for him to call Feng Lixin the close 'Lixin'.

Before she didn't know the truth, she had already treated Feng Lixin as her husband, so calling him "Lixin" in such a cordial manner was purely a normal term between husband and wife!

But now that Xueluo knew that his legal husband was Feng Xinglang and not Feng Lixin, he felt that calling Feng Lixin "Lixin" wasn't really appropriate. Regardless of whether Feng Xinglang recognized her as his wife or not, she was still Feng Lixin's legal younger brother's wife!

Who exactly was the Feng Lixin that the kidnapper was referring to?

And the real Feng Lixin? Or was it Feng Xinglang who had disguised himself as Feng Lixin?

According to the care and love Feng Xinglang had for his big brother, he was definitely unwilling to see Feng Lixin in public.

The woman's sixth sense told Xueluo that Feng Lixin, who was currently holding the Feng Group's general meeting, must have been disguised by Feng Xinglang.

However, why would these people kidnap him? Would it harm the Feng Brothers?

With Feng Xinglang's guile, Xueluo believed that he would definitely be able to take care of those shareholders. Therefore, Xueluo felt that it would be better not to cause trouble!

Furthermore, she did not want to face Feng Xinglang!

Seeing that there was a public toilet in the Central Park not far away, Xueluo thought about it carefully.

"Stop the car! "I'm worried!"

"Let's pee on ourselves!" The man in the lead sneered.

"..." Xueluo really wanted to piss on his body, smelly them to death. The point is, there's nothing to pee on right now.

"There are three of them!" You treat a weak girl like this, aren't you being a little too unmerciful to her? "

Xueluo began to reason with the kidnappers. Since they were able to tell the exact reason for her kidnapping, it meant that they would not harm her.

Protecting the safety of the little boy in his stomach was a prerequisite!

The man did not answer, but produced a spray from a black canvas bag.

"This is filled with hallucinogen. If I spray it on your nose, you'll be a good girl!"

The leader of the kidnappers threatened them while shaking the bottle of spray.

"Then I'll just wet myself! Only you two do not mind! "

Xueluo chose to be a wise man. Regardless if the hallucinogen in the spray was real or fake, Xueluo would never use the child in his stomach for an experiment.

She wanted to keep herself awake.

Furthermore, they brought him to the Feng Clan to see Feng Lixin and the group of shareholders. It was simply a fight over money, it wouldn't pose a threat to her life and safety.

The front door of Feng's group was filled with reporters. Xueluo was led into the Feng Group from the back door.

It was enough to infer that these kidnappers were Feng Yiming's men. Otherwise, they wouldn't have been able to easily bring a living person like her into the Feng Group.

In the meeting room, the two sides were at loggerheads.

Seated on a wheelchair at the end of the long oval table was Feng Lixin with a ferocious expression. Even though he had a crippled appearance, his domineering aura seemed to have intimidated all the shareholders in the meeting room.

Until Xueluo!

With just a glance, Xueluo could recognize that the man at the head of the long table was Feng Xinglang! and not Feng Lixin!

Xueluo immediately regretted coming here. He immediately turned around and wanted to leave, but his escape route was blocked by the poker faces.

Feng Yiming had already stood up from his chair and approached her.

"Don't go, nephew's wife! Since you are here, wait until you return with Lixin! "

As Feng Yiming spoke, he dragged Xueluo, who was attempting to leave, along.

"Don't touch her!" Feng Xinglang let out a low growl.

The voice was ancient and hoarse, because of the miniature voice modulator that was affixed to the vocal cords. However, it had a heavy deterrent power.

Feng Yiming seemed to pause for a moment. And then he laughed sinisterly.

"Lixin, don't be so agitated! Your legs are not nimble, so don't lose your body from anger! "

Xueluo could tell that Feng Yiming was purposely provoking Feng Xinglang.

Feng Xinglang was disguising himself as Feng Lixin. If he stood up in anger, he would expose his weakness and fail.

Therefore, Xueluo raised his own handbag and fiercely smashed it towards Feng Yiming's arm, which was tugging at her.

"Don't touch me! "As an uncle, you should have the appearance of an uncle. Don't touch my daughter-in-law!"

When Xueluo activated it, it really looked like a hedgehog with thorns all over its body. Feng Yiming was caught off guard.

By the time those kidnappers rushed forward to capture her, Xueluo had already seized the opportunity to rush to the head of the conference room, and leaned on Feng Xinglang's wheelchair.

Feng Xinglang, who was under the leather armor, slightly narrowed his eyes.

It had only been a few days, why was this woman in such a sorry state? She looked like a refugee.

"Aiyo, daughter-in-law, saying that would distort my concern for you!"

Feng Yiming's sneer was very cunning. "Everyone says that your family is ugly, but as an uncle, I really can't stand watching it go on!"

What was so repulsive about it that it couldn't be made public?

Xueluo was inexplicably shocked. She seemed to have felt that Feng Yiming was about to say what kind of shame he had!

"Uncle, you're getting old, don't worry about it! Take your share of the money from the Feng Group and live your life in peace! "Don't waste your time trying to get what you want, it's not worth it!"

Feng Xinglang called him "Uncle" so loudly that it seemed as if he wanted to tear Feng Yiming apart.

If not for the fact that he was pretending to be big brother Feng Lixin, Feng Xinglang didn't even want to look at Feng Yiming.

"Pathetic! How pathetic! Lixin, you are really too pathetic! Even uncle feels sorry for you and feels that it's not worth it! "

As Feng Yiming spoke, he took out a stack of photos from his briefcase and tossed them onto the conference table.

The photos immediately dispersed. Someone picked up the photos and looked at them.

Xueluo's prediction was not wrong, these photos were indeed of her and Feng Xinglang.

Someone had carried her, Lin Xueluo, on his shoulder.

There was, who was at the porridge shop, sitting her on his strong legs.

There was even one where, from the half-opened Ferrari door, she could be seen wearing only a small outfit …

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